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Still great after all of these years.
xeropopular5 May 2010
LMAO funny, these guys have always been good at making me laugh, and they have not lost their touch with this. Death Comes to Town is a great mini-series that I hope is not the end of Kids in the Hall now. I hope this is a restart of the wonderful comedy these guys are really good at. They have just a slew of wonderful characters in this comedy as well as few guest appearances from old favorites.This is a must watch for any fan of the show. Scott Thompson, Dave Foley, Scott Thompson, Mark McKinney, and Bruce McCulloch are all back and a bit older. I am a little upset that the only way I can watch this right now is online.
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adamzenwine22 January 2010
Just watched the first 2 episodes, this show is hilarious. Nice to see the original KITH characters all on board for this series. Unlike their previous work, the show revolves around a small Canadian town and its residents, instead of doing random sketches. Laugh-Out-Loud comedy ensues at every corner. There are hidden jokes as well as episode long running jokes and a complete story that kept me interested for the whole episode. The story takes place with "the devil" coming to the small town to run havoc on the simple town and its people. I just hope a US network picks this up so more people can see it. Right now its just on CBC.
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Great to see them together again.
rabid_halfling27 January 2010
Very funny show, A little Cerebral, but not enough to push away fans of their comedy, and not their tribute movies ( "Sausages" for example). Great writing, and directing, nice to see old actors fro the show making the walk on appearances. Hopefully, we'll see more mini series from them in the future. I do have to say, it is in the vein of Pyschoville, by the League of Gentlemen. Not a bad feel either way. Again, they could have introduced a few female comedians/actresses. As the boys are getting to old to pull of the women characters. But again, to each their own. I wonder who will be next to go?? my Money is on the Orphan. Viva KiTH!
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I'd go to the 2028 Olympics at Shuckton!
InzyWimzy16 September 2010
This caught me by surprise..even more so than when I was in line at the Halal stand and Flying Pig came out of nowhere saying "Wow, what a lineup. But don't worry, look at me! Hey hey!!".

It's just a blast seeing the guys doing what they do best. KITH sets the stage and introduces an array of new characters with that great humor with a dark edge. What's great about their brand of comedy is they really never held any punches. This can be seen throughout the series. The interactions really cracked me up: the Mayor and Marilyn, Marnie & Ricky, Crim & Sam Murray, Death and...everybody else! How about the Breaking News crew...Levon's facial indifference is priceless (thanks to Dave of course). And how can you beat a name like Rampop! The only downside with this is it's brief length of 8 eps...but I'm not complaining. Bruce really shines as Ricky Jarvis who's probably my fave character. Crim in his hazed out germ gel state is also a blast.

Hey KITH, keep them coming!
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It's a mixed bag with some real goodies in there
megavenganceman24 April 2010
The long awaited return of Canada's second greatest comedy export (second maybe to SCTV-arguably) sees the middle aged "kids" in a murder-mystery- miniseries of occasional outrageous proportions. Like the Kid's previous spin-off (1995's critically lambasted "Brain Candy"), it is an uneven affair with almost as many virtues as flaws and therefore is most recommended to the troupe's hard core fans. Still, if you're attuned to it, it can be a real scream of political incorrectness with such taboos as necrophilia, abortion, murder, closet homosexuality, drunk driving, capital punishment, unplanned pregnancy, (animal) euthanasia, child mental retardation along with its' theme of murder and comic mayhem all put to their unique form of comical skewering. "DCTT" is pretty funny overall even though unlike the more clever "Brain Candy", it doesn't have much of a point when all's said and done. Some episodes fare better than others all leading to a rather limp-ish finale with the final revelation of the killer being no revelation at all. Still, at its' much longer running time, it is inevitably funnier than "Brain Candy" with some good performances and some really funny characters. My personal faves include Foley's friendly town abortionist, Macdonald's boom operator (Shaye), McCulloch's arrogant City Lawyer, Thompson's sad closeted coroner and of course McKinney's Death played as the scuzziest drug dealer/skater type you knew post high school only pot bellied and snaggle-toothed with a penchant for redheads. Love that "Got a job to do" song.
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Welcome Back to my TV KIDS IN THE HALL.
Christie Neely21 September 2010
As a long time fan of the KITH, I was so excited to find their show on IFC. The writing and the characters are totally hilarious!!!!! I only wish the series could keep going. My husband goes around the house singing "got a job to do" and we have laughed so much at these characters from Death Comes to Town.

KITH should be writing comedy all the time. It is innate for them. I always have trouble trying to decide which one of these five amazing guys makes me laugh harder. Any true KITH fan will love the Death Comes to Town series. It made my Friday for those weekends the new episodes aired. Yes those episodes are taking up space on my DVR and I don't care. Please give me more KITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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dowbyhuz19 February 2010
Oh, my, how sad this show is.

It's the ultimate indignity when ANY entertainer doesn't know when to call it a day, but this many? Neither the cast, nor their brand of humour, have aged well.

Puffy, bewildered and lost; virtually every scene made me cringe in embarrassment for the once edgy Kids. They certainly can't be accused of vanity. To see a cut of this program and say to yourself, yep, this is good, let's show it to everyone; that takes balls.

Horrible beyond imagining.

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Must See For Any KITH Fan
Flick_Montana10 May 2014
Well, I finally managed to get my hands on this mini-series (thanks, Netflix!) and I couldn't be more pleased.

I had my concerns that this would be some crappy half-hearted plot with a bunch of cameos from Kids in the Hall characters no one had seen for 15 years. Sure, a couple characters make cameos and I did roll my eyes at them, but the show still had a very fresh feel to it.

There's no point in me trying to dissect the series here, to be honest. If you're a KITH fan and you just found out this thing even existed (especially if you're in the States like me and it took you 4 years to stumble across it) then you need to watch this. The guys (especially McKinney) are in their old form. While there aren't a lot of laugh-out- loud moments, I sat through 4 episodes in a viewing without getting bored or feeling like the show was wearing thin.

If you've never seen KITH, you should probably watch the original show first or this might put you off. Personally, I felt the guys aged well. It didn't feel like a bunch of tired old has-beens trying to make a come back. It felt like a group of friends and talented comedians doing their best to keep putting their work out there.

Kudos to the guys and here's hoping they keep making more!
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Funny Stuff!
Gene Smith20 November 2016
This show is funny stuff, I love it because it reminded me of the old days when CBC used to care about what kind of programs it was making, like the original Kids in the Hall series. They just don't worry about quality or the audience (our) experience any more, or what they waste our tax dollars on.

This show is about a small Ontario town called Shuckton (all of the town's inhabitants are played by members of the Kids in the Hall sketch troupe and they do a great job like they always did). The mayor is murdered in the first episode which sets up where the rest of the mini-series goes.

A lot of laughs and a decent story, as I said good performances from an older Kids in the Hall troupe. The writing isn't quite up to snuff to where the original series used to be but it's obviously a very different show.

Worth seeing! You can watch it online.
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