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Life in East Germany
coyets3 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The film covers the lives of some people in East Germany and the difficulties that people could have with the authorities there. It covers some of the undemocratic ways and transgressions of human rights committed by the German Democratic Republic, its official name, and the effects this had on some of its citizens. In particular, it covers the forced splitting up of a family with young children. The early part of the film was a fascinating and informative portrayal of the difficulties of living in a country split into a less-than-perfect but democratic state and a state that rides roughshod over the rights of its citizens supposedly in order to maintain an ideology, but which was actually maintaining its own people in power and riches.

The main character was played by Henriette Confurius, at least after the character had grown up, and she played this difficult and emotional role very well.


The film ran into difficulties as it started to cover the fall of The Wall. From this point on, every character was a winner, and there were no negative aspects at all of the reunification. Of course, it was very positive that the unjust government of East Germany fell and that East Germany was absorbed into the democratic West, and were even able to take over a complete constitution and law book which had all been set up in a democratic country. To cover such historical events without even suggesting that there were also some negative aspects makes for boring films and reminiscence of propaganda films. It makes one think where the funding for such a film might have come from, although I hasten to add that I know next to nothing about film funding in general and absolutely nothing about the funding of this film.

The whole ending seemed unrealistic and written simply to further the image of the newly united Germany.
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