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Another case of false advertising
Neil Welch8 August 2014
Hercules and chums are mercenaries, pressed into service for Lord Cotys to put down a rebel uprising which looks likely to overthrow the throne.

The trailer teases this movie as being a myths and monsters movie: it isn't. It's a fairly routine swords and sandals actioner, and the mythical critters teased in the trailer all come before the opening title, and are either tall tales depicted, or things seen unclearly from a distance. What is left is a rather dark film with a lot of battle action, pitched uneasily at a level which is too graphic for family viewing and not graphic enough for those who like blood and dismemberment.

There is a single F word - unnecessary and out of place.

Dwayne Johnson does this stuff well - he looks good, has great physical presence and, even when the part is somewhat darker than usual, he remains very likable. The supporting cast are all quite good - it was interesting to see Rufus Sewell playing a goodie for once (kind of like a young Ian McShane even though McShane was also in the film, with all the best moments of humour), and John Hurt gets to play both ends of the spectrum, meek and scenery-chewing.

I quite liked this - it is certainly a lot better than this year's previous Hercules offering - but felt that it was a missed opportunity: they promised me monsters and then didn't deliver them!
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Surprisingly good
zaphodalive31 October 2014
A lot of people went into this movie with expectations that this would follow the mythology, and I think that's what let them down. However, as an artistic representation of not only the myths, but a possible truth behind the myths, this was an entertaining watch.

I'm only vaguely familiarly with the mythology, but I know enough to know the way it was represented. This film represents that mythology in a different way - more genuinely believable, and less fantastic - but blends the original mythos in in a way I found very interesting. A lot can be forgiven for an intelligent, new look at an old story, and I don't think this film needs to be forgiven very much at all.

The story was fairly well rounded with a some light/moderate complexity to it which was nice, and it was much less far-fetched than I thought it would be. The acting was - in general - excellent, with only one or two instances where I thought it was a bit too cheesy or overdone.

Dwayne Johnson was fantastic; having seen him in several films I was expecting a less solemn, more caricatured, performance. But he was excellent, and I have gained a little more respect for him as a serious actor (though I wouldn't cast him outside head-bashing quite yet).

Overall an underrated movie in my opinion, and definitely worth a watch if you like a good story.
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Liked the message
oldgirl18 January 2015
For those wanting a 'genuine' mythology Hercules; this is not the movie for you. For those wanting a dark and realistic take on Hercules; this is not really the movie for you. For those hoping for popcorn fare, a little gory for a ten year old but just about right for a 13 or 14 year old, for those hoping for solid acting performances, well-choreographed fight scenes, and pretty high production values, then this is your show. And it's got a strong positive message that even those put off by the occasional splash of blood, the fleeting glimpse of bare female bottom, or the single comic use of the 'F' word would agree is something the American public occasionally needs to hear. Is it sort of formulaic? Yeah. So what? There are plenty of formulaic movies that have risen above stereotype into archetype. This isn't one of them, but it was worth the price of admission and the time spent. I'm glad Johnson got this movie done, and glad that I watched it.
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A real surprise
Anthony Zappia30 December 2014
This film was a real surprise to me. I was expecting something that was a cross between Kevin Sorbo's TV show and Wrath of the Titans. But the producers chose a completely different direction for this re-telling. Aside from the shorts at the beginning we see no monsters. Nor do we see beautiful gods and goddesses. Hercules' greatest enemy in this story is the very real (and human) threat of betrayal and treachery. And rather than a one man- show, we see Hercules aided by a band of loyal friends who are every bit as skilled as the demigod. The film raises the question what is more important: what others believe of you or what you believe about yourself? The film has a bevy of great actors including John Hurt, Ian McShane and Rufus Sewell and I think Dwayne Johnson is perfect for the main role.
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Gets better after 20 minutes, tries to be different
kuuk330 July 2014
Firstly, the film has a slow start. We see almost motion comic footage of Hercules doing his 12 labours in slideshow form, with Hercules face hidden in silhouette. So I felt a little cheated. Then we have a scene which tries to set up what makes this version of the main character different than any other version we have seen before. I wont give it away, as its basically what the film is about. But it tries to play with our knowledge of him.

It doesn't ignore the back story of his wife and kids, but glosses over those parts until it becomes necessary to divulge that information. Again, i think it would have been better to see it, rather than be told what happened. I knew his history and so was wondering if they would portray this properly. Instead they do something to set-up a villain for the end which I wont give away. Just know that they do tie up all lose ends as needed, but a prior knowledge of who this character is and what he has done does help the viewer understand his motivations and his life up to this point.

Its when the big war starts that you really sit up and start paying attention. Somehow watching the Rock talk doesn't interest you, but when the fighting starts with the epic 200 people battle sequences, you suddenly see where the budget went, the fights are fantastic!

What is really great is how Hercules and his band of merry men (and woman) use smarts to outwit the enemy rather than simply use strength each time. That was clever. From the moment of that first fight the film moves up a notch and becomes excellent entertainment.

Its a historical film and tries to be serious about its overall message. Dwayne does a good job but he's not going to win any awards for this. The other cast members actions are predictable and sufficient. But don't really add much to the plot. They could have been written out and it would have changed nothing.

The running length is long enough to feel satisfied and not so long that it overstays its welcome. The plot twists you see coming a mile away but at least it tries to do them. Other than one characters actions near the end which was so obvious it was stupid to include.

In conclusion, its worth watching. It takes it times to grab you, but once it does it doesn't let go. There are a few stretches of how strong Hercules is, but not enough for you to hate it. The 3D has its moments, but like most films I would rather have watched it in 2D as I don't think it made a major difference and its more comfortable not having to wear those glasses with my head upright the entire time.
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A Self-aware, Hilarious Summer Flick
p-genoff25 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see Hercules with little to no expectations. The main reason was that I needed some cheesy summer flick to laugh at, and the movie's trailer did promise this kind of stuff. Well, the movie did not disappoint - indeed, it was cheesy, but in such a self-aware way, that it falls out of the "so bad that it's good" category and gets into the "simply good" one. Irony is dominant through the whole 98 minutes, and there are plenty of minor and major plot twists, albeit not a single forced one. And the story is delivered in an entertaining way without any unnecessary melodrama or heroism - a nice change from most of Hollywood big-budget action flicks.

The movie opens directly with the story of Hercules and the twelve labours. We see him battle the Lernaean Hydra, slay the Erymanthian Boar, and kill the Nemean Lion with bare hands - and that's in the first two minutes. Just when you'd think this flick would be nothing but Dwayne Johnson, bare-chested and tough, slaughtering stuff, it's revealed that the narrator is actually the nephew of Hercules, exaggerating the story of his uncle, trying to convince a bunch of pirates not to execute him by putting a stake through his bottoms. There are plenty of similar absurd situations in the movie, and there's never a pun to fall flat.

Character-wise, "Hercules" offers more than a bunch of heroes with big muscles and tear-jerking back-stories. While Hercules' family being murdered plays somewhat big part in the movie, the drama never feels forced (if anything, it actually feels a bit underwhelming). Also, I do have problems with Atalanta being the typical strong female action character but this isn't as much of a drawback - just something that could've been improved. All actors, from the cheesy Johnson and Fiennes to veteran John Hurt, reprise their roles in a great, fleshed-out way. The main antagonist of "Hercules" is indeed portrayed a wee bit over-the-top, but after all this is a comic adaptation and that's the proper way to portray comic villains.

The story doesn't disappoint either, presenting Hercules as a man with incredible strength who enjoys the rumors of him being the son of Zeus while being self-aware that he's still a mercenary who is most likely born to a mortal father. The legend of Hercules itself plays a large part in the story, and serves for a source of great jokes and puns. There's a major plot twist that I honestly didn't see coming, and neither did any of my friends with whom I saw the movie. "Hercules" receives bonus points for NOT including the obligatory love interest, and there's actually a reason for the main character to return for the final act (other than "he's the hero and it's heroes' job to safe the day").

Unlike most fantasy action-adventures, "Hercules" uses special effects sparsely and mostly for the scenery. Apart from the opening sequence, Hercules never has to battle absurdly huge foes or mythical creatures. The only moment he's fighting a CGI enemy did actually leave me a bit disappointed, but it was still OK. The writers creatively decided to go against the "overpowered supernatural creatures" cliché and instead opted for a huge army of ordinary men. It does emphasize Hercules' superhuman strength a lot more when you see a horse being thrown into the air, instead of a harpy or the minotaur being slain.

All in all, "Hercules" is a great movie to spend ten bucks on this summer. It doesn't break the boundaries of modern fantasy adventure flicks, but it does go against a lot of the tropes and clichés. It delivers an entertaining story while being self-aware of its own cheesiness. While I'm not familiar with the source material, "Hercules" does remind a little bit of "Asterix and Obelix" and provides solid 98 minutes of pure Hollywood entertainment, comedy and carnage.

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More Braun than Brain
coltsfan1828824 July 2014
Look, I know going into a Brett Ratner film starring The Rock as Hercules shouldn't have expectations high, but I expected more from this. Right from the start of the film we are immersed into a world without character development and rushed story telling.

The action scenes are all very well shot (by PG-13 standards) but everything else is subpar. Besides Dwayne Johnson most performers range from hammy to awkward, and the special effects are nothing special.

If you are capable of 100% turning your brain off, I'm talking Transformers level, you may be able to enjoy this film. But all others need not give this myth any more life.
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8512222 November 2014
Grettings from Lithuania.

"Hercules" (2014) is entertaining pop corn flick from start till finish. Turn your brain off and enjoy it. It has cool action, bigger than life Dwayne Johnson as Hercules and good supporting stuff. I was laughing each time regarding running gag about Ian McShane death - funny stuff. This flick is miles better than bad movie that came out also this year "The Legend of Hercules", skip this one and watch "Hercules" instead - it's not the best summer movie of this year, but it's worth spending 90 min. on evening with some friends and beer.

Overall, "Hercules" isn't great art, it's not even very memorable popcorn flick, but it does it job well for while it last, it entertains you - not in the most sophisticated way to the least, but it's a fun movie.
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Try The New and Improved"Hercules"! Now Completely 'Mythology' Free!
soundwave865 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you're a fan of the Mythology of Hercules in any way, shape or form and expect to see it in this film, you will be sorely disappointed. This film has pulled a complete "World-War-Z" and left absolutely EVERYTHING about the original mythology out except for the fact that it is called "Hercules".

But what about all that awesome trailer footage? You know, of Hercules and his amazing feats of heroism? Surprise! Nothing but trailer fodder that is all over in the first 2 minutes of the film. The main focus and theme of the film is how Hercules is NOT the Hercules from myth and legend. So right off the bat the trailer has straight up lied to you.

But don't worry, what they leave out from the actual mythology of Hercules they more than make up for in plot points that are VERY BLATANTLY stolen from every other medieval/ancient era epic film made in the last 20 years. Everything from beginning the film with the ever popular "you think you know the story of Hercules? Here's the REAL story of Hercules" narrative, to timeless cliché classics like "sidekick leaves due to differing views but returns during climactic battle to save the day".

Even if you aren't looking for a true-to-its-roots Hercules movie, this movie is so completely generic you could substitute just about any other epic of the same genre and you'd swear it was the same movie. Right down to the costumes and battle sequences. The story is painfully predictable, the jokes are hammy and don't fit the tone of the genre, the characters are stock, wooden and forgettable, the fight scenes are boring, the action is unsatisfying.

Bottom line, if you aren't a Hercules fan looking for actual Hercules action then you'll be less disappointed than I, but I would still recommend skipping it and saving your money by simply watching Troy/Braveheart/Kingdom of Heaven/Beowulf/Robin Hood/300 instead; the experience will be the same, I promise. However, if you have ever enjoyed the mythology of Hercules and want to see some of it brought to life then this is not the film for you. It is the cinematic equivalent of biting into a chocolate chip cookie only to find out they're actually raisins.
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Not as advertised
mike_culligan2226 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Hello fellow movie lovers. This review contains spoilers.

The trailers I saw for this movie made me believe it was going to focus on Hercules and his legendary battles with monsters from his labors.

However, they quickly gloss over those monsters in the first few minutes, then say "this is the story of the real Hercules," and the movie doesn't contain any Gods, magic, mythological beasts, or demi gods. Instead, the movie says there was only a man, a mercenary, who happen to have people spread myths and legends. That he also was never alone, but pretty much always had the backing of his friends in battle.

As a huge fan of Greek mythology, I went to the theatre expecting what the trailer advertised, and was hijinxed by another "Brothers Grimm" that didn't even make up for it by adding some magic later, but left one wanting... The story was way too easy to call as well. I'd love to have seen another "Brothers Grimm" after seeing its value upon rewatching, but if they make a sequel to this Hercules, I think I'll pull an Autolycus, only I won't be returning.

Only surprise to me, was them chaining up the "animal" at night because he suffers PTSD, then having him unchained at night in another scene helping Hercules with his "ptsd." Pretty sure they just missed the error but it still made no sense.

All in all, I gave it a 4/10 because it was watchable and had some nice action. The advertising for this movie lost it a few points alone since it wasn't what was advertised, the acting was OK but who in their right mind would ever have cast the baker who moved to Germany in "How I Met Your Mother" as a fighter...also her scenes seemed like they just wanted to add a Legolas character as well as a female to the ensemble of characters. I love Atalanta, but wow what a waste of her myth.
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A great twist on a classic story...and the rock!
Derek Erickson4 August 2014
"Hercules" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson absolutely delivers on its promise to be entertaining. I went into this film with half-hearted expectations, thinking that Dwayne Johnson wouldn't fit the part well, I fully expected this to be an entire film of blood and fighting. This is far from correct. The writers of this film are fantastic going for almost "A knight's tale" vibe to it with a ton of comedy. I honestly found myself laughing out loud much more than I found myself getting drilled with constant WWE style fighting like there was in "The legend of hercules", mind you this is a very good thing. The laid back style of this film is what makes it so great, sadly this film failed in the box office, hopefully folks can see the potential and eat it up on bluray/DVD.
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So many things wrong with this movie
Nick Robinson27 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First review I have written. I have never been so moved to review a movie until now. I am not sure if the movie has more clichés or plot holes in it, but there are a ton of both. I would have preferred a movie just showing Hercules defeating his 12 labors. The highlight of the movie was the first 5 minutes summarizing the 12 labors Hercules faced. Instead we are given a ridiculous story of Hercules as a mercenary after his family's death. He is hired to lead an army against rebels. The reality the rebels are the good guys and he was fooled. Cliché? Ergenia, the King's daughter could have simply paid Hercules to kill her Father. That would have been a simple task, seeing as he had no army at that point. Anyway I could list a ton of issues with the movie but the biggest one I would like to point out is the appearance of King Eurystheus at the end of the movie. The man turns out to be the murderer of Hercules' family. He is nowhere in the movie at all except for one flashback which showed him briefly. Yet this "King" shows up at the end of the movie when Hercules is captured. So you are telling me...Sometime after returning that day from a major war and during celebrations King Eurystheus showed up to Thrace knowing that Hercules wouldn't leave with the gold? This King traveled to Thrace with just 3 murderous dogs? None of his own soldiers to protect him? What King does that?

If you ignore all the plot holes you are still left with a movie without much character development or narrative at all. Honestly I had to check the character list in IMDb because I didn't know the names of any characters after watching the movie.

Don't waste your money on this movie.
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An enjoyable B-movie hampered by abundant dumbness
Adam Peters21 August 2014
(58%) A movie that could have quite easily dipped into crap territory is saved by well directed and plentiful action, good production values, Mr Johnson being a perfect leading man, John hurt calling Hercules a "filthy bastard" and "Atalanta" (bow-girl) looking uncannily like Nicole Kidman from the early 90's. The fact that it doesn't take itself too seriously is a benefit, but I'd have liked the script to be a little stronger and the humour to be sharper, as it does stop this from being a full recommendation from me. That said it's still a decent little watch that gets better as the plot thickens in it's second half, but before that arrives it's just a little too dumb to grab my full attention.
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Really poorly done with every imaginable cliché trotted out and thudded across the screen.
lbhurt26 July 2014
I went into this movie with high expectations as I've enjoyed most of The Rock's movies and I am a huge childhood fan of Hercules (the old movies, not the Kevin Sorbo series) and I hoped this would be a return to the glory days of Hercules. Instead we have tired old cornball stereotype a la Steven Spielberg at his most nauseating with the smarmy kid, the athletic girl, the wise old cornball, the loyal dog-boy, and the capable friend. There is a suggestion of Hercules being a fraud and his "disciples" around him being the root of his mythic status with the little PT Barnham kid endlessly hocking everything Hercules does. The fights scenes are a couple steps back in technology as I have no idea how you could release this movie in light of the stupefying fight scenes delivered in say the "300" movies. The Rock wears what looks like a child's training bra for a chest-plate for nearly the entire movie despite the fact that the chest muscle rests somewhere around his collar bone. Everything about this movie is superficial, adolescent, and about the level of a low budget Saturday morning cartoon... on public television. This is career ending bad. The kind of bad that sticks to you and follows you around. Brett Ratner's feeble direction in this crap-fest succeeded tremendously in ruining everyone's career involved in it. Ishtar should thank God this movie was made as now it can rest peacefully knowing some unfortunate incompetent souls have somehow managed to save it from being the worst movie of all time.
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Trailer misleads badly- the movie's not bad at all
Alex Cutler (acutler)26 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK the trailer said this wasn't the legend we had heard. But the trailer did showcase mythical creatures and implied we would still see "The Son of Zeus"

And here lies the film's problem. And it isn't really the film's problem at all - it is the trailers!

It simply means that the entire audience start watching the film and within 5 minute experience a massive downer on the film as it appears Hercules is a fraud, a common mercenary living off his fake tales.

If the trailer was done properly this would not be a problem, because if you can put the trailer and the marketing out of your mind, what you actually have is a decent popcorn flick that is by far the most compelling telling of Hercules on-screen since the animated Disney tale, and in many respects it surpasses that tale in a much more satisfying manner.

The trailer should NOT have shown any of the mythical elements, which belong to dream sequences and tales within tales, barely 5 minutes of the movies running time.

Forget the trailer, enjoy the movie for what it is. It is not first class, but for Brett Ratner it is surprisingly coherent story-telling, and The Rock and his fellow actors sell the rather predictable twists with surprising humanity. Much worse is offered at the summer box office.
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Action Hero Movie with Swords and Shields...
P L1 November 2014
This is my first review ever. I had to start because i want to give good movies justice! This Hercules movie is refreshing and a new take on Hercules. It is a TRUE hybrid take of Hercule's as a man and a "god"...not just your typical demigod, clash of titans, gods beaming in and out, angels flying down to help... type movies. If your expecting those, you would be disappointed. Instead this takes a look of Hercules as a man (I am trying really hard not to spoil the movie here!). It is promoting good morals, that often times how we are is what we make of ourselves.

It is full of action and highly entertaining and the story was decent! So if your into action, sword and board... type movies you will definitely enjoy this one. One of the better action war movies i've seen.

Don't get too hung over by what your current thoughts are about Hercules and what you expect of him already. Keep an open mind and watch this movie as a hero action movie and you will enjoy it much more.

As a side note... I hate critics saying things like, this Hercules movie is not good and no one has made a good enough Hercules movie thus far...well maybe your damn standards are too high. I feel like this portrayal of Hercules is one of the best one out.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as i do.
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OK but not the best .
diazm121130 December 2014
Now I know a lot of people are bashing this movie apart. Basically people are going to see this movie thinking that its following the mythology of Hercules. That's what most people were let down by,its more close the mythology but this flick is based on a comic book (I never read the comics but I know this because it was on Wikipedia,its called Hercules : The Thracian wars by Radical) The story was well paced and good, maybe goofy at sometimes but it was well put and solid.

My only problems with this movie were the short run time (1hr,38 minutes) and the 3D. The runtime could have been extended so we could have more things explained in a better time frame but it had to be 98 minutes long which I thought was disappointing because I wanted to see more of the movie but I never did. I mention the 3D was bad and not too good. It was basically good at some points but not all the time and I was let down with 3D because my cousin pressured me to see it IMAX 3D the IMAX format worked well with that awesome crystal clear imagery and kickass surround sound but 3D was bad. We paid $40.00 bucks to see it in IMAX 3D besides it would be better if it was just in IMAX 2D or regular 2D. So all in all this movie is not the best but it is a good attempt from Paramount and MGM and kudos to them for that. Hell, its better than the Summit version with Kellan Lutz ewww.
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Don't bother
Gummybear201224 July 2014
I had zero expectations but my sister forced me to accompany her to watch this. It was literally worse than I thought it would be.

Utter waste of time and money. Don't do it! Wait for it to come out on DVD or stream it online.

The movie is filled with weak acting, cheesy lines, over use of background music, poor storyline, predictable ending. Really such a waste of talent for John Hurt and Joseph Fiennes.

I wasn't the only one laughing hysterically in the cinema.

2 stars that saves this movie (for the scenery, set design and costumes).
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Good entertainment with something to say about the sons of god
Tyson1431 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If this had been headlined by anyone other than Dwayne Johnson then I'm not sure I'd have turned up at the cinema. Even then it was a bit touch and go. What could this sword and sandals flick offer that wasn't already covered by many others the last fifteen years? It turns out Hercules is pretty unique in its attempt to say something important about the world we live in, layered beneath the many coloured imagination of director Brett Ratner and the needs of a PG12 rating.

Hercules is one of the great legends of ancient Greece, the half human son of Zeus. The slayer of mighty beasts and a single man able to face down whole armies. Or so the legend says.

It has been three years since Hercules was banished from Athens for the alleged murder of his wife and children. He now roams the lands around the Aegean sea, a mercenary for hire, along with his small band of loyal soldiers. When a beautiful princess asks Hercules to save her father's once proud kingdom from marauding centaurs, the offer of payment in gold to Hercules weight is too good to refuse. As Hercules trains the rag tag army of this beleaguered nation and leads them to battle, Hercules and his men realise not all is it what it seems. When Hercules's past turns around and confronts him face on he has to also face the reality of his own legend.

Despite an often flat first half carried on the very broad shoulders of our man Dwayne, we realise at the mid-point a quite interesting premise has been played and the second half is quite something. Dwayne is always charismatic if not possessed of the ease Rufus Sewell and Ian McShane have in front of camera, both of which almost steal the show. Hercules small band of warriors work well together although Ian McShane in particular has all the best lines and moments, memorably towards the end.

Ultimately this is very watchable, a good way to spend a few hours on a Friday night. It has a very worthwhile message, is underpinned by great actors and is clever, at least in the second half. But there is something missing. This is a PG12, which means for all the violence, of which there is a lot, there is nothing to ground it as real violence. Hercules has heart but it's a long way short of Conan (1982) and a league apart from Gladiator (2000). By giving it such an unrealistic context, violence without reality, to achieve a younger audience it detracts from the core message, so painstakingly woven through the story.

Hercules is good entertainment with something important to say if you're willing to overlook a few shortcomings, mostly around catering for a younger audience.
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Simply excellent entertainment
iepw123 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I give this film ten simply because it was way up there for sheer entertainment, with no over the top blood and gore , something I find mostly completely uneccessary. It made me laugh when it was meant to and it had that 'Saturday morning pictures'(sorry all those under 60years old) feel of excitement without any of the cheap sensationalism which so many films seem to employ these days.Maybe others call it cheesy but I actually like it when the good guys win(a certain George Lucas made quite a success of that). So if you like the poster(Dwain never looked better) you want to be entertained for 98minuites without having to work too hard, I'm gonna say this is an excellent (maybe great) movie and I will check back in to see it again tomorrow. Oh yes and it has two movie moments which are superb in my view, I leave you too work out what they are but they both involved the 'Rock' at his best even if he did need to swear for one of them, it was worth it, and the other, well Heros always have to emerge from clouds of smoke or flames or some such and given how hard the man worked to get himself looking right I reckon he does one of the best emergence ever, go and enjoy it, and watch Tinker ,Taylor, Soldier, Spy another day.
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Another UN-Directed movie!
shlomikalfa7 August 2014
Seems like this movie had no director and the actors weren't that much in the mood as well!!!

A complete and utter disrespect for the audience, as if they're not even expecting us to be there and watch the movie...

Everything is cheesy, the plot is ridicules and the whole thing is just awful! Wanted to get up and leave after the first 20 minutes but stayed cause I had nothing else to do at the moment and I like the rock...

Perhaps for 10-13 years old kids it might be 'Nifty' but not for a grown- up who like theater, especially when they are guiding you and letting you know whats coming next... Most definitely one of the worst movies I've seen.
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Bit disappointing
aharmas4 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
At first I didn't think "The Rock" would make a good Hercules, but once I saw the film I couldn't say anything negative about him. The demi-god is after all not big on words, and this is not Shakespeare. Plus, he's got the physical attributes and the persona to pull off this job. The movie producers did a good job putting on the screen what this historical period must have looked like, and the effects are not bad at all. It was also a pleasure to see some good actors playing nasty: Fiennes and Hurt were very effective, and they chewed the scenery when required.

So what happened? If you are a fan of mythology, you will be disappointed because the film only addresses the myths in reference, and we barely get a chance to see them. The film deals with a completely different "period" of Hercules' life, and it wasn't the best the writers could come up with. Once again, heavy on the effects and looks and not enough care going into the writing.

Maybe if you are willing to sit through some barely amusing battle scenes that are easily surpassed by some of the thrills in the less seen "Pompeii", a film that at least had some respect for its source and spent more time in the choreography of the gladiators' fights and took care to focus on the destruction of the city. Yes, I was impressed by the destruction of the big statue here, but I would have liked to see more of the demi-god powers than a last minute turn of events to prove a point.

Leave your brain outside, sit and enjoy the air conditioning and get ready to get in "Transformers" mode, and you'll be pleased with the loud effects and the thin storyline.
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yhprum198530 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Bad acting, like watching a production at the local school, slow and drawn out deaths and fight scenes. The story line is very predictable, the one liners made me vomit in my mouth a number of times, that was unpleasant. Hercules himself is not that god like, just looks like a guy who has been to the gym a lot lately, and he almost died a number of times at the hands of average solders. You should have had someone who was at least bigger than everyone else, and since when was Hercules a drunk? As for the killing of a women and her child, yuk, unnecessary. Please, dear lord, do not allow a sequel to be made. Awful, awful, awful, awful, awful.
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we walked out of this movie
daniel_rece20027 August 2014
If you've seen the trailer of Hercules and think "I must see this' .. well think again.

The trailer is pretty much the first minute of the film. Those aren't even full scenes.

Looks like they spent half of the budget of the film on a few seconds of CGI and then the movie continues with some low budget skirmishes and people talking.

You could sum this movie up as Trailer + an episode of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" TV series with the Rock instead of Kevin Sorbo.

People were walking out of the mostly empty theater and so did we.
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"In order to be a hero, you must first believe you are a hero."
transkohmer26 July 2014
《Hercules》Rating: 6 per 10 "In order to be a hero, you must first believe you are a hero." -Muscular Dwayne Johnson is Hercules.

Which kind of characters haven't portrayed by the charming Dwayne Johnson. He used to be a tooth fairy, a good cop, and even a stern football coach.

I walked into cinema with a thought this would be a fantasy-adventure film with a demigod fighting all sorts of evil monsters. It turns out to be a comedy-action flick. Nonetheless, it is still okay for me.

Surprisingly, there are no gods, evils or humans with magic in this film. What we have are spears, arrows, swords and roars. The movie doesn't turn into what we see in 《Clash of The Titans》and 《300》.

There are only humans, just normal humans. Perhaps the names of Greek gods and monsters are just metaphors. Cerberus symbolises Hercules's own inner demon from his past and centaurs are not any creatures but true horsemen who are loyal to their land.

And Hercules is a symbol of strength, brave and warriorship.

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