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  • A vampire clan led by Von Griem (Mark Dacascos) is attempting to resurrect Lilith (Yancy Butler), the first and most powerful of vampires. To do this, they need to retrieve six amulets into which Lilith's powers were transferred over 400 years ago. The amulets were hidden, and Lilith was subsequently banished into oblivion. The Nine (minus four) must now prevent Lilith from regaining her power and ruling the world. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Wolvesbayne is a sequel to Dracula's Curse (2006) (2006), both of which were written by American film maker Leigh Scott. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Nine is the name for an elite vampire hunting team that was introduced in Dracula's Curse. Only three of the original nine return in this movie. Rhett Giles reprises his role as Jacob Van Helsing, great grandson of Abraham Van Helsing. Jimmy "The Kid" D'Amico (Derek Osedach) and the character Sadie MacPherson also return, although Sadie is played by a new actress, Taylor Roppolo. The Three are joined by Alex Leyton (Christy Carlson Romano), a werewolf who has learned to control her powers, and Russel Bayne (Jeremy London), a newly-turned werewolf whom Alex takes under her wing. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Russel's great-grandfather Eric Bayne was once a part of "The Nine." Eric was one of those charged with hiding one of the amulets, and both Jacob Van Helsing and Von Griem believe that Russel may have knowledge of its whereabouts. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Now that Von Griem has obtained the fifth amulet, Lilith's powers are growing stronger. The first thing she does to cement her rule is to inform Von Griem that he no longer has a clan and that all vampires are subservient to her. The second thing she does is to kill Zafira (Stephanie Honoré) for revealing the location of the fifth amulet. Third, she takes a bite at Alex's neck. Just as Lilith is about to go for Sadie's neck, Jacob, Russel, "The Kid", and the rest of the team burst into the room. In the melee that follows, Russel destroys Von Griem, and Jacob finds the spellbook that engages the sixth amulet, traps Lilith's powers, and sends her back into oblivion. After retrieving the other five amulets, Jacob gives one to each team member and orders them to hide and guard them well so that Lilith cannot be resurrected in the future. In the final scenes, Russel quits his job as an urban developer and joins the vampire hunting team. A contract is drawn up to banish Lilith and signed by Jacob, Sadie, Jimmy,Alex, and Russel. Just as Russel kisses Alex, a thunderclap is heard, a portal opens in the sky, and the team springs into action. Edit (Coming Soon)


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