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Forget the haters
thedottedlion26 January 2010
Just watch it for yourself. I was drawn in by Amy Pohler, someone I didn't really like before I saw this show, and i stayed because of the beautifully drawn characters. Because they're deep characters, they're not gonna slam you over the head with comedy. This ain't My Name Is Earl, people. The show's funny, but in a real, get to know everyone kind of way.

Even though I loved it, I'd say the first season stumbled a bit, but the second season gets funnier with every episode. Try it out, I bet you'll like one character right off the bat, and if you're like me you'll end up loving them all.
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Funniest show on TV (surprisingly)
kosmiche7 November 2009
I was lukewarm on this show throughout the first season and for the beginning of the second, but the last few episodes have made this the funniest show on air for me. The humor is not always laugh out loud, but I can watch each episode a few times and find new things that make me laugh each time.

The mayor is one of the funniest characters I've ever seen on a show, and April the intern is funny even when she isn't saying anything. Some of the cameos aren't very funny, but all of the basic elements are fantastic and improving each episode. The Office seems to be (very slowly) running out of steam but this show is definitely making up for it.

There's quite a few bad reviews for this show, but I can't suggest it enough. It is the opposite type of humor from My Name is Earl (which it replaced), and I consider that a very good thing.
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Cute Where The Office is Awkward
jbs001-19 July 2010
This show is basically a cute version of The Office. If you haven't seen The Office, it is a hilarious show that is filmed like a documentary. It has a weird vibe because all of the characters seem to know that the cameras are there. They also give asides to the camera which are always funny. The asides in Parks and Recreation are funnier than those from The Office. They seem to be more of a showcase for the actors to show off their comedy, not additions to the plot.

One thing that turns some people off about The Office (that is to say, what sets it apart from other shows), is that it gets incredibly and hilariously awkward. What sets Parks and Recreation apart is that it is incredibly and hilariously cute. Where The Office makes your jaw drop before you burst into laughter, Parks and Recreation gives you a warm smile before you burst into laughter. It makes it a lot of fun to watch.

Another subtle difference from The Office is that aside from Jerry (Parks and Recreation's version of The Office's Toby), is that all of the characters care deeply about one another.

The cast of Parks and Recreation is far better than the admittedly stellar cast of The Office. Amy Poehler lights up the screen every time she is in view. Rashida Jones has much better on screen chemistry with this cast than she ever did during her stint on The Office. This show is incredibly lucky to have Aziz Ansari before he becomes a worldwide phenomenon, because he is well on his way. Don't even get me started on how perfect Nick Offerman plays his role as the motivated slacker, libertarian boss.

In the end the haters will say, "Oh they just stole The Office's idea and put it in City Hall." That is a far to shallow of a response to such a deeply funny show that stands wonderfully on its own.
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Very endearing, while absolutely hilarious!
mattyschreck20 July 2010
There is no doubt that one of the main inspirations of this show was The Office - you will realise this in the first minute of the first episode. However, instead of trying to copy the main points of that show's success, Parks and Recreation has come up with its very own recipe. Amy Poehler is amazing as the lead actress, she plays an extremely enthusiastic city official in a department filled with bludgers and lazy bums.

What sounds a little lame actually becomes very endearing very quickly: all supporting characters have great story-lines, and grow quickly with a light yet sometimes strangely moving plot. The dialogue is fantastic, every show will make you laugh out loud plenty of times, and the roughly 20 minutes of each episode are over way too quickly.

I found myself re-watching the whole two seasons immediately after I had finished them for the first time, and the show holds up easily. Each character gets enough screen time to stay interesting, and very quickly, the show establishes a Simpsons-like range of in-jokes and extras who add even more depth to the story.

Before you know it, you wish your own city had such a department, and you will fall in love with Amy Poehler's stellar performance. An absolute must-watch!
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Really Good Stuff
velocityboy-228 October 2009
I'm surprised at how many people wrote negative reviews of this show despite it being my most-looked forward comedy of the week, followed by the Office, Curb, Sunny in Phily, and the Peep Show - a great British comedy.

The characters are unique and the comedy comes mostly from subtleties such as intonations, gestures, and camera glances. It's high-end comedic stuff in my opinion. Though Arrested Development was untouchable in this regard. Boy AD was good.

I suppose if you like trite predicable comedy, you wouldn't see it as funny, but the thing about this show is that's it's also fun to watch, the characters are very charismatic on screen, I think the casting was great. Is this 10 lines yet IMDb?

A really great show.
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Better Each Time I Watch!
moooovieman23 April 2009
There was a lot of anticipation for Amy Poehler's new series, at least around here there was, and after eagerly tuning in to the pilot episode and every episode since then, I can honestly say that it has lived up to my expectations!

Parks and Recreation has a sort of dry humor, where the really funny parts are the awkward moments between Leslie (Amy's character) and other characters. It is truly Amy's strong point, as we saw during her (too short!) run on SNL and in movies like "Blades of Glory" and "Baby Mamma". Amy absolutely steals the show, but it might be just because that's how the show has been written; the supporting cast are all strong actors, and, with the right material, could all bring in huge laughs for the show.

It is obvious when watching "Parks and Recreation" that there has been a lot of effort put forth to put out a great show, and I believe they have pulled it off. The show leaves me not only laughing hysterically but also rooting for Leslie and her committee. The show is a welcome addition to my weekly TV schedule, and is worth checking out more than once.
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Fantastic, A Classic In My Book
karyuu8 July 2015
There are always a few television shows that seem to "define" a genre every decade or so, and considering Parks and Recreation finished its final run several months ago, I feel it important to revisit the show and the impact it left. Many times it was spurned as "The Office Rip-Off" in its starting days, despite it being more of a brainchild of the writers than anything. It seems safe to say, that after more than seven years on the air, Parks and Recreation has carved its own spot amongst the quirky and well-loved comedies that are hard to come across today.

The show stars hard-working public servant Leslie Knope (played by the amazing Amy Poehler) and a cast of humorous and memorable characters that navigate through bureaucracy and red tape in the local city government to complete projects. The most notable--and perhaps most powerful--asset of this show is its lovable and unforgettable characters, some that will leave you rolling your eyes and chuckling while others will simply make you smile in the most joyous kind of way. The cast has obvious chemistry amongst one another, and this certainly breaks through into the characters in ways that will make a viewer grow more attached to them.

The humor of the show itself also sets Parks and Rec apart from other television shows. While it's apparent the first season struggled to differentiate itself from The Office's "awkward humor", Parks found its stride in the simple "cute humor", the kind that is so innocuous and dumb and simply "cute" that it becomes hard not to laugh at the bumbling antics of the Parks and Recreation branch of the city of Pawnee. The episodes are mixed with the right amount of comedy, wit, and actual drama and storytelling; each character is crafted with the perfect amount of depth, that really separates from other comedy shows that rely on cardboard characters with running jokes to spew the funny. Even in its heartfelt moments, there is always room for laughs, but it never pushes aside the rest of the characters or their development. If you find yourself immersed in Parks and Recreation, it is almost certain you will find yourself immersed with one, more, or maybe all characters.

The simple genius, the style and passion this show was borne of, really marks it as a one-of-a-kind show, one that may not have had all the high ratings or prime-time slots or huge important newspaper reviews, but it became its own, and that's really what mattered in the end. After struggling in the shadow of The Office, and finding its stride in later seasons, Parks and Recreation became its own kind of wonderful recipe, one that delivered its own style of warmth and humor not found in many television shows. It may even define the style of comedy itself; after all, both Parks and The Office made famous the "mockumentary", "talking heads" sort of humor that others are sure to try and replicate. What gave Parks and Recreation a "name" per say, is the fact that the characters were so much larger-than-life, the stories so innocuous and believable, that the avid viewer can begin to believe them too, and find that this show is as heartfelt, funny, and enjoyable as I found it. 10/10
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Brilliantly Hilarious -- and Hilariously Brilliant! Fantastic!
LeonardOsborneKael17 May 2009
I've been a big fan of Amy Poehler ever since she played Andy Richter's pigtailed, dental-retainered little sister (with the huge crush on Conan!) on Conan O'Brien's late night show. That first appearance is still the most amazing performance I've ever seen on TV. The addled but adorable Leslie Knope is the absolutely IDEAL character for Amy to play! I'm also thrilled to see Rashida Jones, another of my favorite super-talents, doing a thoroughly delicious characterization as Ann Perkins. Word was that the network was worried about the similarity to The Office. What's to worry? Two genius shows just might be better than one!!! The writing on this show is breathtakingly original and deeply enjoyable. You won't find a better cast anywhere on Earth. This is just another case of "a perfect storm" of comedy excellence on NBC -- along with The Office and 30 Rock. It's well known that the best TV comedy derives from complex, fascinating characters. Along with the creators and scribes of those other two shows, these writers are the absolute best at devising characters that are equally lovable and horrifying -- you can totally revel in their triumphs AND their tragedies!
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Very Funny
nicappa3 May 2010
I never saw the first few episodes which I intend to get to at some point. Got into Parks and Recreation somewhere in the middle of the first season. It has quickly become one of my favorite shows on television. Up there next to Family Guy. I never really got into Amy Poehler's humor on SNL, but Parks and Recreation showed me just how talented she really is. She is an incredible comedic actress, her timing and expression are dead on and she is sooo cute! I'm glad her talent is showcased so well on Parks and Recreation. The other actors on the show aren't too shabby either. Very talented people on this show, Nick Offerman, Paul Schneider, Aubrey Plaza, and Chris Pratt are my other favorites. And yes, it is "laugh out loud" kind of funny. It is smart humor too. Great characters, great stories. I can't wait to see how it develops.
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Outstanding supporting cast nearly sunk by Poehler's Knope
adamrm13 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I watched every episode of every season. This is not some hit piece, but a thought-out explanation of what was rubbing me wrong this whole time... rubbed raw by the end of it.

The comparisons to The Office are fine and well, especially in the first two season, but those two seasons were actually the best in the series... should have stuck with what worked. First the good: nearly ever single major supporting cast member. Pratt was Fantastic and lovable. Plaza was good weird. Ansari took many episodes and made them epic, especially whenever Ben Schwartz and Jenny Slate were involved. Ansari and Retta were also perfect together (treat yourself). Rashida Jones was the girl everyone wants to marry in real life. Rob Lowe eventually got going and really had some good moments, I never knew how funny he could be; his new DirectTv commercials take what he mastered in Parks and Rec to a whole new level. There are so many other supporting actors no one will read this if I list each one... so onwards and downwards.

Now the bad. The root of all issues lie with Leslie Knope, but I will come back to her character in a moment. Jerry/Gary/Larry - love this guy and how Jim O'Heir played him, I wish he was in my family... now why all the putrid bullying? If this character was a woman would anyone stand for this? It was out of left field many times with no reason given, just wrong. I thought maybe they were trying to find a "Toby" character to beat up on, but unlike Toby Gary/Jerry/Larry did NOTHING wrong EVER aside from being clumsy. It was strange and I think if the character was played by an overweight woman someone would have lost their job over the meanness of it all, what a double standard. Just go back and watch some of the bullying of him and mentally replace him with an overweight woman, you will see what I am saying.

Ben Wyatt. I have been a fan of Adam Scott since Party Down, and I think he did a good job here... but again Leslie Knope. The closer his character got to the Knope character the more emasculated he became, by the end there was no doubt who wore the pantsuit and who wore the pants. Too bad, I liked the board game obsession, the smart quirkiness, the general unique qualities to his character. It seemed all stripped away by the end and he was just some odd political husband without meaning. Also the entire romance was so unbelievable, absolutely zero chemistry.

Ron Swanson. He was great, Nick Offerman was great. The storytelling was awful. Ron is supposed to be the Anti-Knope. The libertarian/conservative reasonableness to the progressive pushings of Leslie Knope. But in every single standoff Ron Swanson gives in to his values and bends to Knope's wishes because she "really believes" or "really fights" or "really tries" to do something. I am sorry, but if you believe in the opposite of someone else, just because they are "really trying" hard doesn't mean you forsake all of your own beliefs. This was no more evident than the end when he gives in to Knope one last time to work for the Federal Government to essentially be a park Ranger. The Ron Swanson I would have liked to see would have somehow finagled the land from the Federal Government and opened up his own Wilderness park to teach kids not to be such sissies and depend on themselves and each other for survival, all the while respecting what he loves most... nature.

So let's get this over with... Leslie Knope was the biggest bully of them all. She bullied every single character to do her bidding, relentlessly, degradingly, sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a tantrum, sometimes in "their" best interest... but it got annoying real fast. If the series would have shifted away from her as a central character and instead someone they all had to deal with, that would have been ideal and would have let the truly exceptional characters shine. I could handle the antics 5 minutes an episode, way too many other characters I would have preferred seeing.

Keeping the Knope character in the spotlight quickly turned this series (which would have been great with the true ineptitude of government bureaucracies as a backdrop for hilarious people doing hilarious things) to a huge progressive love-fest with every progressive cliché and politician making a cameo.

Towards the end (seasons 6-7) it was very formulaic writing and was basically reduced to a bunch of small skits to get each one's shtick in, absolutely no effort or thought was put in to the overall story. The giant take away is that government rules best when ruled by people who really want to rule you...
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PopCultureJunkee27 April 2009
So far, since there's only been three episodes of the show, it's been pretty great. The third episode has definitely been the funniest so far, i feel like it's going to gain momentum and really prove to be just as funny as it's cousin "The Office." P&R has gotten generally positive reviews, and as for the negatives i say let the show grow. it's only been THREE episodes, "The Office" was NOT an instant classic if you all recall, it was on the chopping block a few times (and also had to try and crawl out of the massive shadow of it's brilliant British original). Amy Poehler is one of the funniest comedians right now and deserves her own time to really shine. Aziz, from the hysterical one-season sketch show Human Giant, is definitely a scene stealer, as well as Poheler's scowling, anti-government boss. It's got all the right ingredients to become another comedy gem. Give it a chance, relax, and let the best Thursday night (8:30-10) line-up on NBC pump you full of awe-smacking awesome. oh, and lighten up ;)
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Not what it used to be
annaD28 June 2012
I browsed through the reviews, probably seeking a reinforcement of my opinion that the show has lost its previous charm. Most of the reviews are pretty old, so I still don't know if it's just me.

I must start by saying that I loved the first seasons, with the often awkward and politically incorrect Leslie. I loved "the Office" type of humor, but done more humanely and with a lot more charm.

In the latter seasons I noticed that they began transforming Leslie from the often inadequate and clueless leader to a model to all women and girls alike. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but now the jokes are not quite the same, I do not recognize the character and from my point of view the humor has taken a bit hit.I cannot help but feel a little betrayed.

On the other hand, there are characters that, instead of benefiting from some minor changes which could make them less annoying, they are actually devolving: Andy Dwyer is such an example. How much more stupid are they going to make him? And April - her passive-aggressive and detached behavior has transformed into pure aggressivity aimed at Ann Perkins, most of the time for no good reason at all. I do not find that funny.

Perhaps people still like the show as it is today, maybe more. But for me, while I do like to see some evolution in the characters, as one cannot laugh at the same things over and over again, I do not appreciate when they do a complete 180... Or when their negative traits are exaggerated more and more until they lose any humanity they might have had.

The first two seasons would get a 10 from me, but as it is, I settle on a 6.
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A rare gem
Critic13581 May 2017
Parks and Recreation is a rare gem in the comedy business. There is never a dull moment.

Parks and Rec is highly amusing and addictive to watch. You won't be able to stop watching after you watch the first few episodes! The story line is funny and full of plot twists. With seven seasons you are sure in for a ride!

I rate this a 9 out of 10
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Does not live up to the hype (spoilers)
Audrey_L28 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
For starters, I've had big expectations of this show but in the end I was disappointed. First season reminded me of Modern Family (because of the shooting style, camera zooming in and out)and Leslie kind of resembled Phil Dunphy from M. Family. The second season was hilarious, especially the first couple of episodes but basically I've had a lot of laughs during 2nd season.

From 3rd season things started to go downhill and seasons 4, 5 and 6 were just getting worse by each episode. Leslie's character evolved to a control-freaky, clingy, bossy and over the top caring persona in a very annoying way. All the scrap-booking and special gifts for special occasions and basically every day was a special occasion / anniversary of something trivial and mundane just made me think that I would never like to have a friend like that in my life. April became obnoxious although she was my favorite character in the first two seasons. Ann dating Tom was just pointless and unconvincing.

Regarding Ann, she annoyed the hell out of me during her pregnancy, I was kind of relieved when Rashida Jones left the show. Also, Ben and Leslie are not believable as a couple, there's no chemistry between them and often times I felt sorry for Ben as he was constantly bullied by Leslie's overzealous dedication to work. The characters basically became caricatures of themselves. After the Pawnee / Eagleton merger things got too absurd for my taste and I didn't like the new characters. I really don't get why this series got such high ratings and excellent reviews. I give it a 5 because I liked the 2nd season and 'cause it had a few funny moments later on, but even this rating is a bit of a stretch.
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Easy and fun to watch
JuliusPizza22 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really loved this series. The thing is that I tried to start watching it a couple years ago and I hated it.. I watched like 2 episodes. Out of the blue I decided to give a second chance I finished all seasons in 2 weeks.

I really liked it because is was really easy to watch, no complicated a story just a really funny down to earth comedy.

In terms of the end, well I got mixed feelings but it was not horrible, but definitely better compared to The Office. For some reason I thought that Michael Scott or Dwight were going to pop up at any moment for some reason. Ron rules ! Tammy, this is Diane. Diane this is a piece of human garbage named Tammy, who is also my ex-wife."
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Amy Poehler's Great!
Syl10 December 2009
I have been a Saturday Night Live fan for too long. I like Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, an idealistic parks and recreational director, for Pawnee, Indiana. The show is based about the parks and recreation department in a small Midwestern town. Amy Poehler should be on the list for Emmy nominees for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. She shines as Leslie Knope. I only wished that Lorne Michaels would start developing sitcoms with his Saturday Night Live alumni like Poehler and Tina Fey. It's worth the investment and we need to laugh in times like this more than ever. The show has a quirky, offbeat sense of humor and a supporting cast that doesn't seem familiar yet but I'm sure I'll recognize them in time. Anyway, guest stars like Megan Mullally is worth watching.
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I can count on one hand the number of shows that make me laugh out loud when I am watching alone and this is one of them.
mummychic1229 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I started Parks and Rec from a recommendation since I love the Office. I was hesitant at first because it seemed like it was almost a rip off with the whole fake-documentary style comedy where characters break the fourth wall and speak to the camera (and thus, the audience), and it does take place in a different kind of office: the Parks and Recreation department for a town called Pawnee, Indiana.

But let me tell you, I was wrong. I found I enjoyed this show just as much as the Office. While the style was similar, the characters make this show so enjoyable. Every single character is so well developed, unique, and funny. They are caricatures of different people that we all have in our lives, and yet each one has qualities that make you like them. Unlike the Office, you don't have to worry about secondhand embarrassment/super uncomfortable situations, which is a plus.

Parks and Recreation is a show that you will find yourself quoting constantly, which to me is it's own metric of success in anything that I watch. And as the title of this review states: it will have you laughing out loud like an idiot even if you're watching by yourself. Parks and Recreation is fresh, original, funny, and has some great emotional moments even though the circumstances are sometimes outrageous. I will admit that I teared up over a memorial concert for a mini-horse called "Lil' Sebastian". There is also some really great satire for anyone interested in politics, or like myself, has little time for politics. Either way, the comedy there is undeniable.

As an aside, for any Chris Pratt fans out there like myself, this is a good show to watch for him alone (though as I mentioned before, all of the characters are great), and it's really neat to watch because he does transform physically throughout the show because he clinched Guardians of the Galaxy towards the end of the series (in case you are like me and enjoy that sort of tidbit).

Highly recommend.
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Hilarious show with a great ending tribute
aidanratesmovies27 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Parks and Recreation is a funny show that started out slow but tuned into a hit sitcom that was extremely addicting to watch. I know myself because I binge watched the series. Amy Pohler did a terrific job starring and producing in the show as well as making people laugh. Nick Offerman personally my favorite character on the show had over 50 different quotes that made me laugh. Christ Pratt and Aubrey Plaza made a hilarious and terrific couple on the show which also took them to further stardom for the actors. Rashida Jones Leslie's beast friend in the shows had the perfect reactions. Aziz Ansari another one of my favorite characters on the show had a fun amount of swagger and was enjoyable to watch him. Rob Lowe also did a perfect job at being a crazy healthy boss to the characters as well as being Bens friend. And for Jerry he was obviously always being made fun of and hilarious to watch. Parks and recreations final episode was a touching tribute to the shows previous episodes and personally my favorite episode. All in all Parks and Recreation is a hilarious and touching show with a great cast and shall be treasured for years to come.
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I hate every character.
H P24 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The whole show is about nothing, not in a Seinfeld way, and when it's not it either doesn't do anything with it or tries to over use the plot setup making it seem amateur and sloppily written, in other words, boring. I have yet to see a witty twist, or an episode the whole plot isn't revealed within 2 minutes. Even while watching it gives me zero interest in the characters and this is why....

None of the characters are very likable, besides Mr Offerman, and he is barely in the show except for one rant about how the gov sucks per episode or how manly he is. Rashida and Aubrey are characters I hate in real life, except when I see them in interviews I realize they actually are people I just want to punch in the face. Amy isn't annoying to me, but she can't make me laugh because her acting is so forced, or is it just that poorly written... Aziz is just totally out of place, like a comic that has to do a set but always has to go after the least funny person ever. I often feel Aziz does improv because he goes from "trying" to be funny to having the Aziz Anasari charm.

Overall the chemistry of the characters is about zero. The acting is mediocre at best. I think they got them together just like how Top Gear US did. I used to DVR this for backup when I am bored and nothing is on, but after season 2 I gave up altogether finding I'd rather watch reruns of other shows before I wanted to watch Parks and Recreation.
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If you haven't seen parks and rec, you really need to
Tom Williams9 October 2015
Parks and Recreation is am extremely funny and emotional journey through 7 seasons.

through out this show we you get to know the characters and they start to grow on you and with every passing episode you love them more and more and thats something that a lot of shows forget about is that for a show to be good the characters need to be sold in there world and not go over same plot lines over and over again, i was very upset that the 7th season was there final but it the finally was very true to the show and how it's progressed.

all in all one of the best shows i've ever seen and easily my favourite TV show of all time
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"Park & Recreations" Aren't Funny.
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like this show, but after watching the first 3 episodes (and one episode with the wife who didn't care for it), it's safe to say that this show is not "The Office". It really seems like it's trying to be similar to it, but it's just not funny. It's not Amy Poehler's fault. The scripts are just poorly written. It doesn't help that her surrounding cast aren't the greatest comedians in the business either. Besides Aziz Ansari (Tom) character, most of the other members just aren't that funny. Where as "The Office" scripts are written well for each character/actor on that show, what's written for the casts of P&R seems like force entertainment. You can see Amy is struggling as she deliver her lines and then thinking to herself, (this doesn't sound all that funny). Watch the show and the expressions on her face and you'll see what I mean. It's like they need to fire their writers and hire Tina Fey. Not sure what Rashida Jones was thinking. She should have stayed on "The Office". She does make cameo appearance from time to time on that show, but I honestly don't expect P&R to be around much longer unless they get new writers. The Pilot wasn't bad, but it seems like it's going downhill every episode. The last episode with Leslie on a date she wasn't aware of was terrible. Ann getting angry about Andy cast being on longer then it needed to be, did make the episode any more enjoyable. I haven't see anymore episodes on T.V. Either the show has already been canceled or it's on hiatus for the summer. I'll give it another shot if it returns, but if it still isn't great, I'll unschedule it from my DVR.
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Likable, but not lovable
hrigby-195-60325125 October 2011
I've watched a fair share of episodes of Parks and Recreation, hoping that it would grow on me. While it has some golden moments, the show as a whole consistently fails to get any real reaction out of me-- no big laughs, no tears, no knuckle-biting suspense. The early seasons of the Office (the big brother show of Parks & Rec) managed to give me all of these at one point or another, even though it too took place in a seemingly boring setting. So where does this show go wrong?

I think the problem is that they're not willing to take things far enough. Some of the characters (Tom and Ron Swanson, for example) are reliably funny and have the potential to be truly outrageous, but they always seem to stop short for fear of seeming too dark or unlikable. Others are boring and have no depth to them, like Ann, who might as well carry a sign around that says, "I'm the sane, charming, pretty one who you're supposed to root for!" And others are downright obnoxious, like Andy, an even more cartoonish loser than Seth Rogen's character in Knocked Up.

We all know Parks and Recreation was created in the wake of the Office, which is OK. But it should be taking steps forward from there, not backward into lukewarm sitcom territory. I hope that in the future, they give their characters a little more pathos and put more thought into their story lines. Too much to ask?
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glance_left27 February 2011
A shameless regurgitation of almost all of the comedic mechanics executed in The much so that I simply couldn't look beyond it. This alone cast a pallor upon the felt contaminated....not from a principled perspective...but from more of a "been there, done that" perspective which made the humor seem flaccid...without flavor.

The bottom line is, I wasn't laughing. A few smiles here and there but...that's about it.

I won't be watching any more episodes, sad to say. I simply don't have the time to give for this show to try to redeem itself...which seems impossible from the onset.
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Thoroughly Enjoyable
blue_lotus20092 May 2009
I am a big Amy Poehler and Tina Fey fan. I absolutely love '30 Rock' and when I heard that Amy Poehler was also going to be starring in her own show, I was psyched.

'Parks and Recreation' is definitely a show similar in style to 'Arrested Development,' 'The Office,' and '30 Rock,' so if you like any of those shows, I would definitely recommend it. Yes, I agree with some of the other comments that described the pilot as a little slow, but all shows take a bit to get into.

I absolutely adore dead pan comedy shows with no laugh track and I highly recommend this show. Amy Poehler's work is great and I support her 100%!!
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Amy Poehler ruined this one
bill73822112 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When it begins it is a considerably less funny version of The Office but is still decent. Somewhere in the middle of season 2 It switches from a poor man's office to a very thinly veiled ego trip for Amy Poehler, which is sad because she is a decent actor and doesn't really need to do that. for the entirety of the series we see that she is hardworking but still mostly inept at her job for mostly comical reasons. But in between her failing they make sure to try and force the opinion on the viewer that she is the most valuable member of the local government, while at no point in time showing her have any value, outside of a one time Harvest Festival (Which also had a large amount problems and did little to help the city). She won city councilwomen, but at no time did they show why anyone would vote for her short of one trailing statement at the end of one episode, yet in each episode she was higher in polls.

In summation, every other character is great and enjoyable, sadly they only exist to talk about how amazing and infallible Amy Poehler's character is while they fail to show her do anything remotely worthwhile.
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