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An awesome sequel that further expresses the Afro Samurai character
ozerob26 January 2009
Not for the faint of heart, this latest entry in the Afro Samurai series continues a tremendous effort in line drawing style animation, and may by some be seen as frequently a bit too abrupt in frame-to-frame action, but it manages to be so well aligned within the graphic novel genre (so that if you blink during sequences what you retain may be a panel by panel view of what the story needs, and what a comic reader wants). I give it the 10 of 10 full rating as a classic piece that works very well without the usual massive CGI effects most folks seem to expect these days in anything considered 'animated'. Yes, it is more than a bit bloody in nature, but contains a message 'of honor' and more fundamental - the message to carry on if you believe in something. Very well done, thank you Samuel Jackson for the terse comments from a no nonsense character. I highly recommend this film, but it is not for young kids...
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Gets cool-points for style but the story is so-so and the content prevents you getting lost in the slick presentation
bob the moo26 March 2009
Reading the reviews of others it seems that the Afro Samurai film is one that people tend to either love or hate and personally I can see both sides because I think that the film is somewhere in the middle as it is effective for what it is but not without problems. The first thing to note is that, as with the series proper, Afro Samurai delivers what the target audience are looking for with hip-hop, violence, cool animation and excessive fight sequences. It doesn't do it as well as the series does though and I think this is why some viewers will have been disappointed in it. I did like it but cannot ignore the problems that come with it.

It seems unreasonable to complain about the plot with a product such as this but it is hard not to in this instance. The film mould means that the plot is more obvious than in the series (where the overall quest was stretched out) and it is a bit daft, with zombies, cyborgs and the like all coming into play. The relationships and motivations are a lot more complex (confused?) as well and the downside of this is that the film feels cluttered and too busy to get involved in. It still works in regards creating action sequences though and this is where the film delivers. OK so the final fights are slightly spoilt by the robotic aspects but up till then there are plenty of attractive and stylish moments including one in a busy carnival that I found really well done.

It is not quite as cool as the series though because the use of music is not as good. The hip-hop comes and goes but is rarely used well. Also missing is, and I hate to use this phrase, the sense of "urban cool". The series felt "black", it felt tough it felt cool. Here that is not so much the case. Partly this is down to the plot line that tries to do something with the main character that the delivery cannot produce but the main thing is the way that Ninja Ninja is annoying. I know the point of him is that he talks so much but it is meant to annoy those within the film, not those of us watching. It didn't annoy in the series but his dialogue grates here. Credit to Jackson for doing it though because his cool presence is a good fit, but he pushes Ninja Ninja too far one way while taking Afro too far in the other by being too gruff. Liu, Hamill, Lowenthal and a few others all do good work but don't have the material to make a difference.

The Afro Samurai movie will mostly please those that have come for the style, since this is what it is all about. The plot negatively affects the film, almost getting in the way of the style and the flow rather than allowing it to happen. It still does enough to satisfy fans of the genre but it is not as enjoyable or as effective as the series was.
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Subpar sequel to the original blaxploitation chambara anime
chaos-rampant22 February 2009
Brooding, laconic badass Afro Samurai and his wisecracking alter ego Ninja Ninja (both voiced by Samuel Jackson) once again return to walk the path of demons as a sultry villainess (voiced by Lucy Liu) steals Afro's Number One headband and plots her revenge that involves resurrecting Afro's dead father. The refreshing and intriguing combination of blaxploitation, samurai culture, anime and hip hop (soundtrack by usual suspect RZA) that made the first one such an infectiously cool hack-and-slash yarn is pretty much of the same standards but this time it's let down by a silly story and disappointing ending that was clearly not very well thought out. How easy Afro loses his headband at the beginning of the film left me scratching my head in disbelief but Teddy Bear's change of heart at the end was downright lame. Whereas the first worked so well exactly because of the very simple revenge story - Afro, wearing the Number Two headband, looking for the man who killed his father, all the while having to defend his headband from an assortment of colourful villains, not very different to a video game logic and very enjoyable for that matter - Afro Samurai: Resurrection throws everything and the kitchen sink in the plot and hopes it all makes sense somehow. I also had the impression the gore and blood geysers were less this go around. Fans of the first will probably have a good time as the funky and bloody style are good enough for 90 minutes of brainless fun but take it any more serious and you might be in for a let down.
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Onderhond doesn't know what he's talking about.... kinda.
alotz200213 February 2009
First off this movie is WAY better than the first. If you've never watched Anime, this will get you hooked! The soundtrack is PERFECT! Simply on point with every up and down, RZA did a great job. Koike had nothing to do with this series. At all! Also, what do you (Onderhond) mean Afro's sidekick is a "pain in the ear"? Ninja Ninja is great! He's Afro's inner voice and being that Afro is the strong silent type and doesn't say much through out the series makes Ninja Ninja an awesome balancing act. The ending is not vague! What movie were you watching? It's the cycling of the headbands,players,and roles. Nothing vague there. This movie does appeal to a wide audience. Why do you think it got picked up for a second season when it was just scheduled for one. Millions of viewers is why. All I gotta say to who ever has not seen either s1 or s2, go out and pick up both and see for your selves!
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A poor excuse of a sequel to a great original series
mumukenny30 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed Afro Samurai the Original. The animation was great, the story kept your attention rapt the entire time. I feel that this sequel did not live up the the original at all. The only aspect that did was the animation. The attempt to delve deeper into the character of Afro leaves a lot to be desired. Overall it portrays him as much weaker than in the original series; physically and mentally. It introduces historical happenings that don't make any sense and introduces characters that weren't mentioned at all in the first series. For instance there is a scene where Gino and Afro meet up with Gino's sister (never mentioned before). Both Gino and Afro are wearing swords and Gino introduces Afro as being like his brother from the sword master's dojo. Immediately after they receive their swords in the original series Afro challenges the sword master. During the next scene Gino is mortally wounded and everyone else from the dojo excluding Otsuru is killed. Therefore, this scene with Gino's younger sister is impossible. Overall this sequel was a disappointment. The plot was not up to par, the ending was mediocre, the fight scenes weren't as well done, and the discrepancies made it less enjoyable than it could have been.

Animation good. Everything else not very good.
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Great animation but awful story.
juran-alcoholix27 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry for poor quality of this comment but English is not my native language. In some places I intended to be senseless.

This movie is simple awful. I loved Afro Samurai but this isn't continuation this is abomination. I Just can't describe how bad this movie is without telling a plot, and I don't want to recall this ridiculous story. I only wrote this comment because I fell responsible to warn potential spectator. This is extremely short abstract I try not spoil vital parts: possible SPOILER's In the end of previous movie Afro got he's revenge. Now he trying to live in peace BUT... some idiot on motorbike break his home and drag his body to new number one. This new enemy takes Afro's father bones and leave to resurrect him. Afro must chase after number two head band because he think that resurrected father is a real one. Samurai journey is bloody and full of bodies. In the end he kill resurrected father. I can write this even shorter: Hero meet almost every character killed in previous movie + few new and kill them. Hmmm ...I think this movie is a mindless butchering with a lite story about how every bad deed made by Afro return to him.
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Afro Samurai - Still just a lil' dude wit' a head full of hair...
dee.reid3 February 2009
"Afro Samurai: Resurrection" has finally landed on DVD!

As a fan of Japanese animation (Anime'), hip-hop, future-tense technology, martial arts movies, samurai movies and (sometimes) blaxploitation flicks, I was instantly enthralled by the 2007 pseudo-style Anime' "Afro Samurai" two years ago when I was able to catch parts of it during its short run on Spike TV. Like its predecessor, I missed the first of many sequels, "Afro Samurai: Resurrection," during its run on Spike TV.

"Afro Samurai" and its sequel remain strong personal favorites because they blend all of hip-hop, Anime', future-tense technology, martial arts movies, samurai movies, and blaxploitation flicks into one explosively entertaining and violent piece of Japanese Anime'-style slice-'em-up.

As you remember from the first series, Afro Samurai (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) had embarked on a lonely, lifelong quest of vengeance to obtain the Number-One Headband, after witnessing his father die in a fight against newly-crowned Number-One Justice (voiced in that series by Ron Perlman). Well, Afro eventually cut down his adversary, after being trained years earlier by a legendary sword master and obtaining the Number-Two Headband.

In "Afro Samurai: Resurrection," Afro's reign as Number-One is cut short when he is ambushed by Sio (voiced by Lucy Liu), a shapely assassin who is on her own crusade of vengeance against Afro because he killed members of her family while on his mission to become Number-One. Together with the diabolically twisted Professor Dharman, her older brother, the teddy bear-headed cyborg swordsman Kuma (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal), their three cyber-enhanced siblings and a slew of disposable, bargain-basement ninjas, Sio plans to resurrect Afro's slain father, for an apocalyptic final battle between father and son. So Afro, together with his sidekick Ninja Ninja (also voiced by Jackson), must again walk the path of the warrior, the path of violence and bloodshed, and once again become Number-One.

Now here is a sequel that lives up to its predecessor, and doesn't disappoint in delivering full-on, animated samurai action. Unlike most sequels, it actually lives up to expectations in being a great follow-up to a recent classic. Most importantly, it's a sequel that's on equal grounds with its predecessor; a few marks in terms of storytelling and characterization keep this second entry from being superior. And it's still way too concerned with style over substance. However, these are only minor grievances in what is a mostly superior second outing.

But there is a lot to like in "Afro Samurai: Resurrection." Series creator Takashi Okazaki expands greatly on the futuristic, feudal Japanese world he unveiled for the first time two years ago. Director Fuminori Kizaki has greatly improved the animation from the first film, which here, more heavily combines elements of Japanese culture and hip-hop culture. Here, both the animation and picture are also very crisp and crystal-clear, giving the "Afro Samurai" universe a few eerie, beautiful shades of vibrant color that reminds one of looking at a Japanese painting.

I've always thought that because Afro Samurai is such a stoic, one-dimensional character, the baddies are usually far more interesting, and here they don't disappoint. "Afro Samurai" and "Afro Samurai: Resurrection" are most notable for having one of the most impressive rogues' galleries in any animated piece I've seen from Japan. There is absolutely nothing sexier than Lucy Liu's purple-eyed Sio, who is not only very deadly in her own right, but she also displays enough ample cleavage that it's a wonder her chest doesn't bust out of her kimono at any given moment. And then there's also her tragic brother Kuma, now more machine than man, doing his best Darth Vader impersonation as a tragic and sympathetic villain wielding two swords, instead of one, and riding around on the most awesomely bad-ass chopper I've ever seen in this series.

The last great thing about "Afro Samurai: Resurrection" is its soundtrack. Like the soundtrack to its predecessor, it was produced by hip-hop producer The RZA (also co-founder of the Wu-Tang Clan). It blares up during the most intense action, and features songs by legendary hip-hop greats such as Ghostface Killah and Inspectah Deck (both of the Wu-Tang Clan), Kool G. Rap, Rah Digga, Wu-Tang Clan affiliates such as Christ Bearer, Killah Priest and Prodigal Sunn, and finally The RZA himself. There's also more music from R & B crooners Stone Mecca, Thea van Seijen, and the legendary Sly Stone. And don't ask how or why, but an appearance on one track by System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian rounds out this killer soundtrack.

To sum it up, "Afro Samurai: Resurrection" is not better than its predecessor, but is on equal grounds with it. It successfully expands on the universe created in "Afro Samurai," one that's full of colorful characters, animation, great hip-hop songs, and vicious violence.

At the end of the day, Afro Samurai is still just a lil' dude wit' a head full of hair.

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Afros, samurai, technology, gore and weirdness
Onderhond10 February 2009
2007 was an important year for Japanese animation. Not only did the first American director cross over to direct a big anime (Tekon Kinkreet), the Japanese were allowed to make an original, high profile series for American television. The result was Afro Samurai, a creepy mix of black culture, samurai and technology. Afro Samurai hit it big and a year later Afro Samurai - Resurrection was born, the feature length TV sequel.

The original OAV series was a pretty particular beast. The story is extremely simple but the setting is a strange mix of influences. At the base lies an A to B tale about a samurai trying to find the number 1 headband, which will put him in the top spot. There is some background info about his motives but none of that is too interesting.

More fun is the fact that our main hero is a black samurai with a huge afro, voiced by Hollywood's favorite black guy, Samuel L Jackson. Even cooler is the setting, where old-style samurai antics are mixed with science, technology, Japanese myth and plain and over-the-top weirdness and action.

Resurrection leaves the concept of the OAV pretty much intact. Afro loses his headband and is forced to get it back and that's about all there is to it. Again some background story is added to keep things rolling and to give everyone enough motivation to start killing each other, but apart from some die hard fans I don't think many people will be to interested in all of this.

Main attraction of the film is still the artwork. From the start it was Koike's input that gave Afro Samurai its distinct style and appeal. Koike, one of the best animators today, was launched by partner in crime Katsuhito Ishii (Trava Fist Planet and the intro of Party 7), but most will probably remember him from his Animatrix short.

His distorted, larger than life, shadow-infused style is instantly recognizable. And even though I couldn't confirm his involvement in this film, the result just breaths Koike. It seemed they spared no money either, keeping in mind this is a TV film the animation is actually splendid, especially during the action scenes.

Character designs are still pretty cool with some outrageous figures popping up. There seems to be a bit more focus and technology in Resurrection which only adds to the fun. And there is of course the ending which is marvelously animated and is actually a little bit similar in effect to the ending of Tekon Kinkreet. It's all pretty vague and surreal.

Sadly, Resurrection still suffers from the same shortcomings the OAV had. The voice acting is terrible. Afro himself is OK and Liu's acting skills are on par too, but Afro's sidekick (also voiced by Jackson) is a pain in the ear from start to finish. He adds little to nothing to the whole film but is ever present. A real shame they didn't cut him out. And while it was doable in short bursts of 30 minutes, it really starts to irritate in a full length feature.

The soundtrack (by RZA) is not all that good either. Somehow the music and images rarely seem to flow together well. A little too poppy and a missed opportunity because with a little more effort Resurrection could've really outdone the OAV. Enough solid hip-hop that would've fit this film a lot better.

Luckily, the rest is still as cool as ever. It is not a film that caters for a wide audience though. It's core appeal is very simple. It has samurai, gore, technology, machine guns and a weirdness surplus. It's all about cool and action and apart from that there is very little, nor does the film seem to care about that. In that sense, it seems to owe a lot to films like Dead Leaves.

So if you're up for some good solid fun and don't have too much trouble neglecting the grating dub and soundtrack, there is plenty of amusement to be had from this film.4.0*/5.0*
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Better than first
Whiteninjaz887 May 2009
i thought that this title was more entertaining than the series because it went all out and just dumped awesome moment after awesome moment on the viewer in a constant barrage of flying limbs and blood. if you want more of the same from the first one, this movie will satisfy.

As for the plot, like the first one it's somewhat lacking, but that can easily be forgiven due to the wicked-stylish animation, great voice-work, and action that impressed me more than anything sense Equilibrium. i give it a solid 8, if the plot was more cohesive it could easily receive a 9 or 10. I bought the special edition DVD for 20$, if you liked the first show it's definitely worth the money to buy the second. i really want to find the soundtrack to this because the RZA did a really good job with the music.
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grantss20 July 2020
Pretty lame. Good animation, but the story is fairly random. Pretty much an exercise in style over substance.
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Stupid and plot less blacksploitation anime for young teens
Namfoodle31 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Samuel L. Jackson's adventures as a boring guy with a big afro, hip-hop music by RZA and a funny stereotypical-black-guy-sidekick and other completely shallow characters in a completely plot less and stupid anime movie, that is probably the worst of the kind that I have had the misfortune to sit through.

Now probably this would have been at least a bit better if I had seen the show and I don't intend to, thanks to this. I know that the series is supposed to be a lot better than this. Now this had nothing interesting, expect for the great and smooth animation and some nice fighting scenes.

Propably good for 14-year-olds.
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The only way that this movie would be good is if you were stoned and even then I don't know.
dussaultjulien10 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly, we all know that Afro Samurai should have ended after season 1, its first and only season. This movie was not necessary, and honestly does not have the same offbeat style comedy and action that made the first season so binge-worthy and great.

Although this movie does still have that amazing and fun vibe that only Samuel L Jackson can bring with the character, this movie unfortunately doesn't do the character any justice or really even sticks to the character. Afro Samurai becomes what he hated most, Justice. If you don't know who Justice is, do yourself a favor and go and watch the first season of the show. You won't be disappointed and Ron Perlman is amazing as Justice. If you don't want to, I'll give you a short version of it. Afro Samurai's father was murdered by Ron perlman's character. Afro Samurai was only a child when this happened to him and of course that traumatized him and caused him to want to seek revenge against the man who murdered his father in Cold Blood in front of him. That's what made his character so great and that's what drove his character, this movie completely retcons that and makes afro into Justice himself. He murders the man who has the number two headband, who subsequently has adopted an orphan, and rolls his head right to the little boy, thus becoming the exact thing that he set out to murder in the First season. Some people might not agree you saying that Afro Samurai was I'm order to begin with, and that this is just a part of this character, but that breaks the whole moral code it is character followed in the first season. He is no longer Afro Samurai he's just a cold-blooded killer.

This movie should have never been made oh, and the ending is not only lackluster but is extremely disappointing. This whole movie is disappointing, even Samuel Jackson's fun and upbeat afro Persona character can't even save this movie. It felt forced, it was forced and it was boring and if not the Afro Samurai that I grew up watching. The Afro Samurai that I remember actually had a moral compass that he followed, and his story should have ended after season 1. In my mind, his story ended at the end of season 1 and this movie is nothing but a fever dream that never existed. Don't bother watching this movie because it is not Afro Samurai. It's just a needless cash grab and not true to the character whatsoever.
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Oh, there couldn't be a third!?
totalz7 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I was happy when Afro was killed at the end in this one, which is probably a better ending imho! It actually makes me think "Good, there won't be a third, cause Afro is dead!". But like the title, he has to be resurrected too... This one is such a drag, the theme of hatred and revenge is no fun when guilt has a part. Or the silly conscience that suddenly comes back from a "brain dead" droid, though creating another tragic feeling of "my time is wasted".

In a psychology point of view, this one does fit its original intend, a TV movie. With all the silly ads u have to watch in between, you may want to think more about your life, how educational!! Watch the Afro Samura (DC, the movie, 2007) by all mean!! But this one, u may as well take a dump while watching... now i wish i have a psp!!
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cornishgringo28 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Very good anime sequel but no tentacle scene so fail!

See the thing is when i watch an anime i expect a few things these things are.

Cute Japanese girls in school uniforms.

Some kinda Cyborg who his a killing machine.

Plenty of sword fights with limbs flying everywhere and faces sliding off.

A hero who has to avenge the death of any member of his immediate family.

But more than anything i want to see a good tentacle rape scene no anime is complete with out one.
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It is a little worse than the series.
guy77878778712 April 2020
The film is mostly filled with violence and just boring dialogue - like the series, but just copies the series badly and with no purpose. Do not watch this film unless you really enjoyed the series.
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Fantastic Anime
MedleyAndrewMedley8 December 2014
I thought Afro Samurai was a Fantastic Idea for a Anime/Animation Movie. as in the way Of Violence & Revenge as well as the Storyline based on such Early Times of the Samurai Generation. I would Love to see this Animated Movie As well as the Original as a Movie.. I believe the Settings, Storyline & Characters would be Fantastic to see on the Big Screen, by Bringing A Comic Animation Book To Animated Movie Life not to mention the Movie Screen is something these days not shown as much as Earlier Years.. Samuel.L.Jackson is Great as Afro's Helpful Helper along the way LOL.. The Revenge Story/Saga Could be based around or as close to the Kill Bill Story Movie Saga.
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