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A decent thriller...
shaunpiersonx6 February 2011
The Roommate is one of those films, that when you first the trailer, you think to yourself, "This is gonna suck". But only when you actually see the film do you realize that you were only partly wrong. The Roommate's premise is simple enough. A young pretty girl is being stalked and obsessed with by her roommate. The film revolves around Sarah (Minka Kelly) who is on her own, going to college and learning new things. Little does she know that she has a stalker roommate, Rebecca (Leighton Meester). As soon as Rebecca and Sarah become closer to each other, strange events begin to occur. Each of Sarah's close friends or allies becomes hurt, or sometimes even killed. I wonder who could've done this?

The good thing about The Roommate is that it is a pretty decent thriller. Even though it doesn't even come close to meeting the standards of a horror movie, it still delivers some chills and even some cheap jump scares. The acting is good as well. With the exception of Minka Kelly. Cam Gigandet delivers a solid sometimes annoying performance as Sarah's new beau. Even though he is not in the film for long, he lifts our spirits when things are going rough, which is pretty much every 10 minutes. But the real scene stealer here is Leighton Meester as the crazed roommate. Meester delivers a believable potent performance, psychotic one moment and sweet the next.

The bad things about the film are that in the very beginning it moves far too fast. Jumping from one thing to the next in the blink of an eye. Also, the writing really could've used a makeover. I mean, the dialogue in this film is ridiculous. All in all, the film is at times stupid and the deaths aren't very well executed, if executed at all. But the acting and characters keep you around for the show. Overall, The Roommate is a film I would recommend, but only to open-minded movie watchers.
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johnjohnsemails7 February 2011
Wow this movie is bad. The writing is terrible and the acting is not much better than terrible. If you took any kid in school sat them down and told them to write a scary horror movie that is set on a university/college campus this is pretty much what they would come up with exactly. It is very predictable and you can see the attacks coming a mile away. Basically without ruining any of it I can say this is a girl who is obviously stuck with a roommate in college who she does not know but the chick turns out to be completely insane and tries to take over and keeps attacking and scaring her to death, almost literally to death. The movie is so stupid you will laugh at different places but it is not meant to be at all funny so this is just a terrible movie.
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Put this in the trash can
iansmom997 February 2011
I went to see this movie expecting a good thriller, but man was I wrong. The opening comes right out of the blue. Its too fast paced. There is barely any storyline structure or memorable performances. NOT scary. NOT suspenseful. Pathetic and infested with forgettable acting. I can't even recommend this movie for a one night rental. The atmosphere is lifeless. The ending is so last minute thinking. The climax????!!? The climax had no ability to impress me. I regret ever spending my money on this disaster piece. There is not one unique thing this movie has to offer. I'll be surprised if anybody mentions this film's name in the future.
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G version of Single White Female. Not worth your time
bka00059 February 2011
It's nice when you're presented with a thriller that the majority of people can relate to. Moving off to college, nervous with jitters, and not knowing who your first college roommate might be. You ask yourself questions like, "Will my roommate be clean and neat? Will we get along? Will they respect my property? " It's a role of the dice that doesn't seem too disappointing for most. What most can't relate to is the question "Is my new roommate a demented psychopath who wants to steal my identity?" Then finding out it's true. That is the case in this rainbow version of the 1992 classic film 'Single White Female.' The film starts with our main character Sarah Matthews (Minka Kelly) moving into her dorm. Sarah is starting to build relationships with other housemates, but they seem paper-thin. Still in the opening credits the acting starts becoming awkward from introductions that are in no way realistic. If you're shopping at Wal-Mart and someone drives they're shopping cart into yours, I don't think everyone will smile then introduce him or herself happily.

After a while we learn Sarah is a design major. Unlike her other classmates she has style something that all the money in the world can't buy according to her Design 101 instructor. Moving along, Sarah goes to a frat party with some of her new friends to get a feel of life away from home without a curfew. She meets a guy whose pick up lines in the real world would come off as lame and stalker like, but for some reason it's acceptable here. After the party, some of the guests are too intoxicated to make it home alone, so they're escorted back to their dorms. This is where we meet the ROOMMATE Rebecca (Leighton Meester.) Rebecca comes across innocent at first with no real reason for you to think otherwise. While the plot centers on Rebecca being obsessed with Sarah wanting to steal her identity, art is one thing they genuinely have in common. So Rebecca can draw art very well and that's all we get to know about her character other than she lives 20 minutes away and her parents are filthy rich and they don't get along. While Sarah and Rebecca are getting acquainted as roommates, Sarah begins to display her particular taste in life and Rebecca is taking mental notes. It feels like a friendship is starting to build until little by little Rebecca starts to mimic Sarah's behavior from illustrations of Sarah's favorite movie to copying her hair color. After a while, like any normal person, Sarah rations her time away with other friends from the college. This is where the s*^# starts to hit the fan. Rebecca of course doesn't like this and starts to become envious of everyone that is taking the time of her so called BFF. Like I said the psychotic behavior is starting to erupt but this is also the main problem of the film.

Rebecca is becoming jealous so she starts doing every SHE can think of to gain Sarah's attention again for her own psychotic gain. They range from body mutilation, harassing Rebecca's friends, and harming animals in a way that can't be imagined. I can only count a number of incidents towards Rebecca's insanity and in doing so her actions are left unresolved. There's really no aftermath to any of her behavior except one occasion where she manipulates Sarah's design instructor, but that was completely justified. It does take away from the point of the film. I wanted to be thrilled and turn in my seat, but I hardly moved. So much was left unanswered regarding Rebecca's behavior and back-story that instead of being scary the film turned into a comedy. When individuals lash out it's more entertaining to know where they came from and what exactly sent them over the edge. Jason was drowning while campers had sex, Freddy was burned alive for being a pedophile, and "The Count of Monte Cristo" was imprisoned for 13 years for crimes he did not commit. Those were justified. Why is Rebecca so crazy? It's not because her parents didn't love her. We're just told she's bipolar and takes medication. That by the way was brought up so remedial as if it was just saying, "make sure you guys buckle up, don't want a ticket." Scene by scene there are attempts to make Rebecca seem more sinister. Instead, I'm screaming, "GIVE ME MORE!" and that request is clearly ignored.

The climax came out of nowhere and it's build up jumped around like a king on a checkered board. Even so, the acting and reactions of someone trying to harm another person flew out of the window making me rationally clock out of the film. The roommate is barely entertaining and may make you say, "WOW" once or twice. The whole time I couldn't think of anything more than, "If this or this happened, it would've been much more entertaining." It's something that we have all seen before but a blessing none of us have to go through. There's a bad taste left in my mouth knowing how entertaining this film could have been if it didn't have the tight collar of a PG-13 rating. Not at all a must see in the least bit. There are plenty of films that surpassed this one in a foot race of the same genre leaving this one in last place. With all that being said, IT'S STILL JUST MY OPINION!!! 5/10 - Brandon Keith Avery
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An embarrassment on the face of horror
StevePulaski24 June 2011
Lacking in suspense, answers, and any enjoyment from its "horror" label it's boasting, The Roommate is easily one of the worst thrillers in recent memory. It provides no backstory or any chemistry from the cast, and manages to drag on for ninety-one minutes. When a movie makes you think a ninety-one minute run time is insufferable, wow is it bad.

The Roommate's biggest problem is that it is one big tease. It is stamped with a PG-13 rating, when it could've passed for a PG in 1982. There is a shower scene that is incredibly drawn out, and desperately wants to show below the waist and higher than the stomach but can't. It doesn't want to be racy or good. The makeout scenes could very well win the worst sex award as well.

The plot is a girl named Sara (Kelly) is starting College and gets a new dorm. Simple enough. She seems normal; tattoo of her deceased sister on her breast (wouldn't be surprised if when she was having sex with someone they screamed out "Emily" by accident), wants to learn, make new friends, simple. Much to her surprise, she returns home from the club to find she has a new roommate named Rebecca (Meester) an uneasy adolescent who becomes increasingly fascinated with her roommate. She begins to go through her things and be very overprotective about her. Then Sara discovers why she is the way she is.

My one question to the people behind this - why don't we get backstory on Rebecca? Why doesn't the film focus more on her? She is easily the more interesting one, and when we do find out the secret, we assume more backstory will brew. Negatory. None. We are just as clueless as we were. The minor clue towards the end doesn't help matters, and only turns them into a convoluted barrage of questions.

There is an animal murder, and like in Drag Me To Hell, it's horrifying. Why do horror movies these days portray an animal in danger or helplessness? Why do even the crazy harm animals? Let alone why is it incorporated in the film? She could've just let the animal loose and things would still play out the same. Nope. We have to witness another dreadful and upsetting animal murder for no apparent reason.

No character in this movie is likable either because no one is developed to that point. The main character's parents aren't even mentioned, or called once in the film. But her dead sister and her ex boyfriend get mentions. Plus I can tell right now Minka Kelly, a beautiful woman, is sporting too much of a Jessica Alba/Megan Fox look. Her hair looks darkened and her lipstick looks like a Fox tribute. Her Alba-like face is natural, obviously. I'm pretty sure she is aware of it too.

The Roommate is exactly what is wrong with modern day horror movies. There is no contrived suspense or anything to make this even the slightest bit likable. Even Billy Zane who was good in The Final Destination can't make this miserable mess any better. If had an R rating it may have been a little bit more tolerable, but I'm doubtful on that. It is Fatal Attraction mixed with Single White Female, and it creates a disastrous and lame film.

Starring: Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet, Billy Zane, and Alyson Michalka. Directed by: Christian E. Christiansen.
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The (schizo) Roommate
gpxdlr3 June 2020
So-so...SINGLE WHITE FEMALE is a much better film of the same kind of obsession. Fairly good script and acting but not worth your time unless you have nothing else to see. Or unless you miss the college dorm life.
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Rip off to Single White Female
NatashaJAmos20156 April 2020
Don't bother seeing this. It's off to Single White Female.
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Good Flick....Not a fantastic Movie
xJags17 February 2011
I wanted to go see The Roommate....I was hoping it wasn't a typical, predictable movie. The acting was good...I think it was believable for the most and the actors a up and coming so it was nice to see a new set of faces. As for a new plot,I don't think so. It a pretty predictable movie, there is nothing new or fantastic about the movie. However its good for what it is which is a teen-thriller flick. There is definitely more that could have been done and it could have been a little more be honest it wasn't that scary! Its not really a barely classifies as a Thriller. If you want to go see a teen-thriller/psycho movie, this is a good choice however if youare in the mood for a possible Oscar movie or something to blow you away....this is definitely not for you!
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Effective thriller without all the blood and gore and nudity.
NuthinSpecial6 February 2011
I just saw "The Roommate" with my best friend, who is not into scary movies at all. Myself being a Gossip Girl and scary movie buff absolutely had to see this movie.

Although this film was not necessarily scary, it was quite... disturbing. Disturbing in the sense that this movie was realistic. Leighton Meester was effective as a stalker obsessed friend from hell, and would have even freaked out Jennifer Jason Leigh. "The Roommate" was not gory, or very sexual, but had enough cringes and off putting parts to make you say "ooooh!" out loud.

my only real issue is most of the best scenes were shown in the trailer, and that by the end i felt sympathetic for Rebecca.

all in all "The Roommate" is "Single White Female" for teens, and is a great PG-13 thriller.
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The movie fails on almost every count but it's still mildly amusing.
Hellmant8 April 2011
'THE ROOMMATE': Two Stars (Out of Five)

New variation on 'SINGLE WHITE FEMALE', this one revolving around two college freshmen living on campus together at ULA. It stars 'GOSSIP GIRL's Leighton Meester as the psycho student and Minka Kelly as the good girl. The film is directed by Christian E. Christiansen and written by first time writer Sonny Mallhi. It's mildly amusing at times but for the most part it's routine and devoid of thrills or any real action.

Kelly plays Sara Matthews and Meester plays Rebecca Evans. When the two first meet in the dorm room they've both been given they immediately hit it off. What Sara doesn't realize is that she's made too much of an impression on Rebecca and she quickly becomes obsessed with her. Sara is also troubled by an ex-boyfriend (Matt Lanter) who keeps calling but has met a new love interest in drummer Stephen Morterelli (Cam Gigandet). This doesn't sit well with Rebecca who wants Sara all to herself. Her obsession turns to creepy and dangerous really fast.

The film is very light on thrills and violence (for a thriller). The first two thirds of the film actually play out more like a depressing character study drama leaving the viewer feeling more sorry for Rebecca than afraid of her but then of course the end turns to routine third act 'B' movie trash and we finally get some action. Meester is somewhat good as the troubled student and Kelly looks beautiful but for the most part the movie has no real acting to speak of. The dialogue is weak and scares and thrills, like I said, are nearly nonexistent. The movie fails on almost every count but it's still mildly amusing. I give it some credit for not putting me to sleep but it's mostly a waste.

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One star, but deserves zero for animal cruelty, and a ripped-off plot.
kwally-1396211 April 2020
This is basically "Single White Female" in a college dorm, with less talented actors, and the murdered animal is a tiny black and white kitten instead of a puppy. Ugh. If I could leave no stars, I would.
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A college girl version of "Single White Female". Not nearly as good or creepy, but it may be that I'm too old. I say B-
cosmo_tiger16 May 2011
How bad was your college roommate? After Sara (Kelly) meets her new college roommate Rebecca (Meester) she thinks she has found a new friend. When Sara starts to do things without Rebecca strange things begin to happen. Let me first start by saying that this is not a bad movie, but it is definitely geared toward a specific age group, and it's not mine. For the 19-20 year olds this will be very creepy. For the older crowd this is a definite remake of "Single White Female", but in my opinion not as good. For those who have not seen that movie this will be very creepy. For those that have seen that movie you will notice the very similar scenes and ideas. Again this is actually not a bad movie, but if I was 10 years younger and a girl this would really scare me. If you are older like me and want to be creeped out by a movie like this one, I'd stick with the original "Single White Female". I will say the Leighton Meester, in a departure from her usual roles, did a really great job of playing a creepy stalker. I just could not really get in to this movie. I give it a B-.

Would I watch again? - I don't think I would, but it made me want to watch "Single White Female" again.

*Also Try - Kalamity & Single White Female
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better than expected
pepekwa30 October 2011
Movies like this get a bad rap because you know exactly whats going to happen.

But this was shot in a film-noir style and didn't resort to being a slasher-esque movie, unknown foreign director christensen builds the suspense up well, there's nothing long winded here and the 90 minute running time is perfectly paced.

No harm that all the characters are easy on the eye, and while no-one stood out, there wasn't any cringeworthy or cheesy performances.

Its unfair to compare this to other "obsession" movies, I feel this film stands out on its own and is a solid thriler much better than the 4.5 rating on here
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Waste of time
firilacroco28 July 2019
I literally closed it the moment the kitten got hurt.
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Minka & Leighton Are Gorgeous!!!
rockypadilla41512 March 2015
I find Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester extremely gorgeous!! Does anybody else agree?

But I do think the movie could have been a little better, longer.

The Roommate can't be taken seriously.

For all Meester's genuine efforts, it's basically moronic games with the mentally ill.

But it also misses the opportunity to go for broke, into a zone of full-tilt trash that might at least have been some fun.

There are some interestingly nasty moments and some chills, but it's predictable and derivative.
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Animal cruelty is a huge NO for me!!!!
Just-A-Girl-1424 May 2020
The movie is predictable and mostly boring. Nothing we haven't seen many times before but with bad acting and lots of cliches. I gave it a rating of 1/10 because I do NOT like animal cruelty in any way, shape or form!!! Shame on them for using the kitty this way!!! There was absolutely no need for that!!! The 4.8 rating and bad reviews are well deserved!
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Fun thriller, but rather shallow
goldenmaven7 July 2011
This is a fun but predictable teenage thriller animated by stereotypical characters (obvious exception being the roommate).

The movie is kept interesting with the roommate's actions and growing obsession with the main character. Leighton Meester did a great job here, as I ended up feeling sympathy for her character and took her seriously. Unfortunately the movie is only after cheap thrills, don't expect much of a back-story.

The biggest flaw of the movie is the pacing. The introductions between the characters are so quick and cheesy that it's hard to care about any of them. It almost felt like the movie just wanted the introduction out of the way so it could get to the main plot as quickly as possible. I think this story would've worked better in a TV show format to allow smoother development. Everything feels so rushed here.

The movie is aiming at teenagers and adults, as if saying "hey come look at these normal college students deal with a crazy bitch". There is nothing deeper about this movie, but it's still a fun ride.
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Not so great!
carmenmeske10 April 2020
The girl's look similar. Can't tell whose who at the end. Mediocre at best!
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Why the heck is this trending on Top10 in Netflix
nishaldreams5 April 2020
Such a chitty movie.. Ignore it by all means.. This is my first IMDB review.. I prefer stuff like " The Outsider " on HBO..
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The Roommate - A Review of A Lazy Attempt
chrystalwrites7 February 2011
It would be easy to say that The Roommate is a lazy attempt at a remake of the 1992 movie, Single White Female without claiming to be, but it isn't really…. Because at least Single White Female was more of a psychological thriller in it's day, than The Roommate is in today's industry. Here in 2011 I expected a bit more. I actually looked forward to an upscale version of SWF, I was mistaken, because sadly, apparently mundane and unimaginative are enough for the writers of The Roommate , it seems they don't wish to entertain, let alone engage their audience. That said, let's go...

Summary: A story about a freshmen college student, Sara (Minka Kelly) and her obsessed psycho roommate, Rebecca ( Leighton Meester) who feels the need to remove everyone from Sara's path, her newly acquired BFF - a destination established by Rebecca and by Rebecca alone, after only two days.

As much as I like a flick with a demented chick, I must admit, there was something lacking in this - a movie I truly thought was going to offer so much more than it did …I like the concept of the movie because I was able to see what it could have been, through the glimpses of the psychotic potential shown by way of the character, Rebecca. However, It was basically a mediocrity type of movie. Sara (Minka Kelly) who is about as interesting as soggy white bread or peeling paint - doesn't matter which you associate her with, it's still the same., she goes to her second choice college because her inapt boyfriend, Jason did not initially get accepted into Brown as she did, so they break up and she goes on to the other college - and just to annoy her or the audience - who knows, Jason finally gets accepted at Brown, but only after Sara goes on to the other school. Mind you, this information regarding Jason is provided via cell phone messages, and Sara's need to tell all her business to someone she does not even know, of course that would be, no other than the lovely Rebecca. Sara ends up tied to Rebecca (Leighton Meester) her roommate who is about as private and withdrawn as Sara herself, but with a spicy twist - she's insane, well not really, she's suppose to be on medication, but apparently doesn't actually take it - the audience will not know why.

This movie had so much more potential of being a true psychological thriller had the writers allowed Rebecca's deranged character to shine, instead they focused on the dullness of Sara which brought true dullness to the movie. Their targeted audience obviously was the teen audience - hoping there was a lack of attention span, which for this particular movie was a mistake - those connected with this film seem more focus on targeting the high volume audience for increased ticket sales, as oppose to providing an exciting and enjoyable movie to an overall audience.

Yes, I've left out details about: Danneel Harris as Irene, Billy Zane as Professor Roberts and Alyson Michalka as Tracy - considering the storyline choose to leave these potentially great supporting characters out of the story. Truly, these characters could have really help to carry this movie to it's full potential.

Perhaps it would have been better, or at least more exciting if the story would have concentrated on Rebecca as oppose to Sara. There should have been more of a back story written for Rebecca, because the audience really could have benefited from knowing what happened in Rebecca's pass. Though there was the brief unannounced trip to her parents house during the Thanksgiving holiday, the scene briefly eluded to the parents being quite afraid of their (un)medicated-behind daughter, as did a trio of young women she probably attended high school with, there was no real insight or depth to that portion of the movie, or what part those characters played in Rebecca's past life or present condition. This back-story, had there been one, could have been a serious opportunity to push the story forward and would have provided a more anticipated climax.

I think perhaps the wrong part of the script ended up on the editing floor. Not certain if they wanted to showcase Minka Kelly as a leading actress or what, but it did not work well for this particular vehicle; as her character was too dull to carry what was suppose to be a thriller movie, that fell short of it's mark. Did I like the movie? Let's just say, I like what the movie could have been and leave it at that. See it for yourself….

This is my opinion, and opinions are free - attack it if you wish...
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Watchable When Approached as a Dark Comedy
aewashington5 February 2011
The other reviews were right. The movie's focus is terribly backwards, it is wholly predictable, and it is almost entirely illogical but if you approach it with this in mind, it can be a great film to watch because its shortcomings make it incredibly funny.

I actually went to see this movie with my roommates and some other girls from our floor who are also roommates and it was actually a great bonding experience. The other people in the theater seemed to be enjoying it in the same way. The people were laughing at the same things and everyone was equally disturbed at a few things that were just outrageously terrible. But for the most part it was an entirely laughable experience and in that sense, it can be an appreciated film.
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Say what you will, but I liked it
davispittman10 April 2016
The Roommate is a pretty entertaining suspense fatal attraction thriller. The actors did a good job representing their characters. Sarah and rebecca were good characters, and the actors gave good performances. Also Cam Gigandent is very enjoyable here, he's well acted, good looking, and makes his character very likable. I really liked that the chemistry between all the cast was very evident, there wasn't any scenes where I felt like the casting was wrong or the on screen chemistry wasn't there. I liked the tension in the movie, was the tension perfect?? No. But it sufficed and worked. The violence is not overly bloody or graphic, hence the PG-13 rating. The sexual content isn't overwhelming either, the sexual scenes are present for specific purposes, they are needed and necessary to the plot. Francis Fisher makes an appearance here, granted its a rather short one, but she does well with what little screen time she gets. Overall, this is an enjoyable fatal attraction creepy college aged thriller. No it's not perfect, but it accomplished what it set out to accomplish. 8/10 for The Roommate.
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Nothing worth watching and I don't even think they tried
napierslogs22 May 2011
Things work out awfully well easily and quickly for small-town girl Sara (Minka Kelly) newly landed in Los Angeles. Adjusting to life in your first year of college, meeting friends, and succeeding in class is supposed to be a struggle. Maybe it's only fair that Sara's roommate Rebecca (Leighton Meester) is a psychopath.

The one thing that I liked about "The Roommate" is that it's a horror movie rated PG. That's right, a genre built on blood, guts, gore and cheap thrills now with a kid-friendly rating! It seems wrong but the horror aspects are minimized. The thriller moments are telegraphed well in advance; you know what's going to happen to who and when. So then they don't have to show it to us. Not that that's good for a movie but it is different for a teen-targeted horror movie.

The entire point of "The Roommate" was to get people to watch it and yet there was nothing worth watching. I like Cam Gigandet as much as the next girl, but that's not a character, that's just a love interest. They hired hot actresses just to feign lesbian action, and, well, I think that's all they did to get people to watch it. If Sony Pictures spent less than an hour and a half on the making of this movie, why should we spend that long watching it?
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The Roommate,the same old same old
renohuskies4 February 2011
Well let me get the obvious out of the way The Roommate is Single White a tee but unlike other Sony/screen gem films like Prom night, and stepfather, it does not retain the same name, you could set your watch to the beats that "roommate " has .

THE PLOT :Sara Matthews ( played by Minka Kelly) Goes to college and it one of those only in movie colleges where there little to no classes and you can go and drink at any bar with your freshmen buddies even though you only 18 years old . Anyways after night of drinks ,and Sara goes back to dorm she meet her roommate Rebecca ( Leighton Meester),who at first is great roommate, she helps Sara with her hangover, buys coffee and even picks Sara up after a crapping friend leaves her high and dry. Then of course a guy ( Cam Gigandet) get between them and dates Sara .

Then the great new roommate turn crazy Judgement: One Problems with this movie is the "evil' Roommate is actually the most likable character in this movie for the first 30 minutes, she smart, and loyal friend, only goes nuts when the script goes "oh crap that right she got to be crazy".At least with "Single White female" Jennifer Jason Leigh character is showing signs of problem very early on. Rebecca in this movie early on all you could say she a bit on a loner. Biggest problem of this movie is it not remotely scary, and it be one thing if did not try for the cheap scares ,but the movie does and fail miserably .while the acting is solid, and nice see Billy Zane back, even though it was a useless role. The Roommate add up to the same old stuff like "Obsessed' ,and "Lakeview Terrance" (both made by Sony/screen gems)with a traditional climax but it doesn't even have a fun cat fight like in Obsessed.

I give this a Some Ole Bullsh*t (would be OK film to watch on TV ,but that really it) My T-Wilk rating is 2/5
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Below Average
maehtdeymen8623 April 2011
I gave this movie a 4/10 score. The Story centers around Sara (Minka Kelly), a college student from Des Moines, who starts her freshman year at UCLA. She meets her roommate Rebecca (Leighton Meester), only to find out that she's not as nice as she seems...

That's about it. There is almost nothing more to add to the story. There are several "subplots" involving Sara's old and new friends, however these are about as uneven, unnecessary and uninspired as the rest of the movie. I felt pretty much nothing throughout the entire 90 minutes. It's not scary or suspenseful or moving at all. The dialog is about as dull as it gets, especially the cheesy lines between Sara and her new boyfriend Stephen (Cam Gigandet).

I never felt any kind of sympathy for any of the characters, so it pretty much did not matter to me, who lived and who died, which results in a 90 minute waste of time. The "fighting" scenes especially towards the end are beyond ridiculous and the "suspense" is created by a close-up shot of the character looking suspicious in a room without proper lighting.

The reasons why I still decided to give this one 4 out of 10 are that it's relatively easy to watch and does not demand a lot of attention, so I guess it might work for some people as a decent way to kill time if you lower your standard. Leighton Meester also has her moments, especially during her mood swings. It's a forgettable film, which does pretty much nothing to entertain you, but at least it's not too long and the (poor) story moves forward. It certainly doesn't hurt that the girls are easy on the eyes. I don't recommend watching this if you have any standards regarding suspenseful entertainment at all.
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