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already dated
SnoopyStyle18 October 2020
It's a National Geographic documentary on the US-Mexican border. My guess is that it's filmed a few years ago with the caravan and all that. It's early in the Trump administration and there's probably a reason to release it right before the 2020 election. There's a quick and dirty history of drug, corruption, and American interference in Central America. It follows a group from Hondurans concentrating on the only girl, Ludy, in the group. It also follows a family with small kids. With history rushing past so fast, it's obvious that this is looking backwards and it doesn't even mention Covid. It has some good stories and good cinematography but it's already dated.
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Done so soon
nrolens2 August 2022
The reason I'm not going to watch is this because what the summary says. Let's face it Hulu is very woke, very liberal. I'm almost certain it's all just going to accuse and bash Trumps policies for these issues.

Occasionally when Biden could remember Trumps name, he'd critique him. Talk like HE KNEW how to eradicate COVID. HE KNEW how to strengthen the economy, etc etc. I tried to tell them Biden is garbage and he'd sink the US. Take a look around you and (straight face, no fingers crossed) tell me I'm wrong.

I'm sorry guys I just completely got off topic. But I do feel a little better getting that off my chest. LetsGoBrandon.
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