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Season 1

21 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.1
Mark Grayson's dad happens to be a super hero. Now Mark discovers he has his own super powers.
21 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.2
Flying and fighting are the easy's picking the costume that is hard work.
21 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.3
Wardrobe issues are handled by the best in the biz...Now, for a name.
22 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4
Nolan, Mark's dad, recounts the story of his alien origins.
22 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.5
Mark meets the Teen Team and notices a familiar face...
22 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.6
Mark is invited to fight with the Teen Team and infiltrate the Mauler Twins' secret lair.
23 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.7
Eve gives the scoop on the mysterious bombings and Mark decides to take his job in a "new direction".
23 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.8
Omni-man gives Invincible some fatherly advice.
24 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.9
Invincible and Omni-man battle some unexpected visitors from another dimension and find the missing students along the way.
25 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.10
Robot confirms the connection between the missing students and the mall bombings.
25 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.11
Mark and Eve become the "subject" of Mr.Hiles attention and Robot finds the Mall Bomber.
25 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.12
Mr.Hiles explains his explosive revenge and Nolan gets back from the other dimension just in time for dinner.
22 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.13
Invincible has an extra ordinary visit.
23 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.14
Allen the Alien finds out he's at the wrong planet.
24 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.15
Invincible forges a new friendship with Allen the Alien.
24 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.16
Invincible accidentally blows Omni-Man's cover, Mark & William have orientation at Upstate U, Robot gets invited to try out for The Guardians of the Globe and Black Samson wants to get back in action.
25 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.17
Mark & William have their orientation at Upstate U and Nolan and Debbie spend some quality time together. Orientation is going well until a robot crashes through the wall.
25 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.18
Invincible saves Upstate Univ. from destruction, William learns how extraordinary Mark really is and someone breaks into Art's tailor shop. Meanwhile Eve drops in on Rex and Dupli-Kate.
22 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.19
Things are dark in midnight city. The Guardians of the Globe are have been summoned.

 Season 1 

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