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  • The drama of Monday night's episode of "Dancing with the Stars" kicked off over the weekend as word spread that Olympic beach volleyball player Misty May-Treanor injured her ankle and might drop out of the competition.

    "Tonight, she reveals the true extent of her trauma," host Tom Bergeron said. The dancers would choose between the Viennese waltz and the jive, but before we could get to the action, the show milked every last moment of mystery behind Misty's looming departure, introducing all of the remaining couple except for her before addressing the situation. Bergeron said she'd be around later in the show to talk about her injury and "how it will affect her."

    Susan & Tony: Soap opera star Susan Lucci was coming off an impressive rumba before learning the jive with partner Tony Dovolani. He called upon the Rockettes from Radio City Music Hall to sharpen her kicking skills. Judge Len Goodman noticed that Susan had hurt her ankle and said she'd "kept a constant standard throughout." Bruno Tonioli said she really got the look right, making some jokes about her ample cleavage. He said she looked a little unsteady in her steps. Carrie Ann Inaba said she didn't notice in Susan's movements that she was hurt, but it showed in the way she was uneasy and looking down at her feet. Susan explained that she'd rolled her ankle during rehearsals Monday morning. Scores: 7, 7, and 7. Total: 21.

    Lance & Lacey: The maverick couple of Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer decided to play by the rules after getting a string 6's from Len. They decided to kick it old school with the Viennese waltz. They went to perform for some senior citizens to gauge how the performance would go over with Len. "Nine out of 10 senior citizens approve this waltz," Lance said, :and so should you, Len." Bruno called Len "the cast of 'Cocoon'" and said he'd be happy with it. Bruno said it lacked the freedom it usually had when Lance was a bit more of himself. Carrie Ann "thought it was fantastic." She enjoyed that Lance was dancing just as much as Lacey was. Len's highly anticipated judgment said it was "flat-footed, the posture was poor, the hold was poor," but then added, "great musicality, without doubt the most content, and the best dance I've seen you do." Scores: 8, 7, and 7, from Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno, respectively. Total: 22.

    Maurice & Cheryl: After a disappointing rumba, former Olympic sprinter Maurice Greene sought to redeem himself with the jive. Partner Cheryl Burke tried to get Maurice to be a little lighter on his feet by running him through tire drills (and he promptly tripped all over the tires in the background while Cheryl talked to the camera). Carrie Ann said Maurice was "kind of like a wild, untamed beast," but said it worked. Len said "this is more like it" and praised the whole thing, calling it Maurice's best dance. Bruno said "you can rock when you want to" and added that he was glad to see Maurice worked on the precision. Scores: 8, 8, and 8. Total: 24.

    Rocco & Karina: A week after being told he was "out of juice" and wasn't connecting to the music. His partner Karina Smirnoff blindfolded him to take away one of his senses and have him move to different types of music. He was surprised at how uninhibited he became when he couldn't watch himself. He began the routine with the blindfold on, but took it off after a little introductory twirl. Len, wearing a pair of crazy sunglasses Rocco had put on him during the performance, said he "didn't mind it." Bruno said Rocco should have kept his blindfold on. He said it's supposed to be "like a light mousse" but that it turned into "a lump of mashed potatoes." Carrie Ann disagreed and said Rocco was one of the most improved dancers. Scores: 7, 7, and 6, from Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno, respectively. Total: 20.

    Warren & Kym: Ex-NFL pro Warren Sapp was the "paso doble killer" a week earlier had to tap into a more graceful approach with the Viennese waltz. His partner Kym Johnson said every woman in America would be jealous of her. He promised to show "the softer side of Sapp." He delivered with some smooth moves. Bruno called it "big, smooth and beautiful." He praised Warren for his "uncanny ability" of getting the character of each dance. Carrie Ann was "blown away." Len said he thought the dance would be Warren's stumbling block, "but I've gotta tell you, you're giving those skinny people a big run for their money." Scores: 9, 8, and 8, from Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno, respectively. Total: 25.

    Cody & Julianne: "Hannah Montana" star Cody Linley was excited for the chance to embrace his youthfulness with the jive. His partner Julianne Hough took him through the finer points of pointing his toes on the jive kicks. Carrie Ann said "that was good," but said he was counting the whole time, which is a pet peeve of hers. Len said he understood the counting and said it didn't bother him at all. He liked the first part, but said the second half go repetitive. Bruno said he agreed with Len. Scores: 7, 7, and 7. Total: 21.

    Toni & Alec: A week after getting penalized for a lift, singer Toni Braxton took on "the Vietnamese waltz" -- er, the Viennese waltz. Her partner Alec Mazo tried to get her to do a handstand, but she doubted her athletic ability. They tried to rock out the Viennese waltz, combining the classic music with modern electric guitar, and dressed in a Marie Antoinette-style get-up, and it just didn't work. Len said, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." He told her that props and gimmicks are for dancers who aren't good and she was better than that. Bruno told her "you don't need to overproduce." Carrie Ann said, "I liked it." She said it became a matter of taste and noted that the Viennese waltz originally was a scandalous dance, so she enjoyed that tie-in. Scores: 8, 7, and 7, from Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno, respectively. Total: 22.

    Cloris & Corky: After putting "crazy Cloris" away for a week, Cloris Leachman had to take on the fun, but physically taxing jive. Her partner Corky Ballas said teaching Cloris the jive was the most challenging thing he'd ever done. He said he had to craft the choreography around what Cloris was able to do. Cloris' wig came off during the dance, and it looked like Corky was dragging her around the floor most of the time. "I just want 1's," Cloris told the judges afterward. "To call this wacky would be the understatement of the year," Bruno said. Carrie Ann said that what Cloris lacked in technique, she made up in charisma. Len pointed out one basic step she got right. Scores: 6, 5, and 5, from Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno, respectively. Total: 16.

    Brooke & Derek: Model Brooke Burke has shown some big-time potential, leading the competition since the beginning. But in rehearsal, she and partner Derek Hough got into some heated exchanges, with Brooke saying Derek was making her feel like an idiot for not getting the steps right. She hoped that they would actually come out of the drama as an even stronger team than they were before. They danced to "Mothers Be Good to Your Daughters" by John Mayer, and Brooke ended it with move over to the front row, where she kissed her daughter on the cheek. Carrie Ann said Brooke was "quickly becoming my favorite dancer, I think, of all the seasons." Len called it "simply the best dance of this season, so far." Bruno said there was "such lyricism" in the choreography, and she and Derek exchanged hugs. Scores: 9, 10, and 9, from Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno, respectively. Total: 28.

    Play Misty...: They played, once more, the clip of Misty getting injured during rehearsal. She explained that she felt like she'd been hit with a baseball bat. The diagnosis was that she'd torn her Achilles tendon. She said, "I am out (of the competition), but I'm not out of cheering on the competitors and keeping in touch with everybody. But I'm now going to be on the sidelines, but the show must go on."


    Brooke & Derek, 28

    Warren & Kym, 25

    Maurice & Cheryl, 24

    Toni & Alec, 22

    Lance & Lacey, 22

    Susan & Tony, 21

    Cody & Julianne, 21

    Rocco & Karina, 20

    Cloris & Corky, 16

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