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Doctor Who: Karen Gillan Interview – Get To Know Your New Companion

  • ScifiMafia
The Doctor’s companion is like the sci-fi equivalent to a Bond girl. This new season of the BBC’s “Doctor Who” welcomes a new face to add to the line of companions. Karen Gillan (“The Kevin Bishop Show”, “Outcast”, “Stacked’) plays Amy Pond, the Doctor’s “enigmatic companion”. The Scottish actress shares her experience of how she felt when auditioning for the role and of the news of her casting:

“I knew that the audition was for the part of the Companion, but I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about it. They even had a code name for the role because it was so top secret. The code name was ‘Panic Moon’; an anagram of Companion which I thought was really clever.”

“It was one of the strangest experiences ever; it was a really weird feeling. I found out on the day of my second audition with Matt
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Doctor Who’s New Companion Announced

As the next Doctor Who season fast approaches, casting has been taking place and that casting has been met with some trepidation as far as the 26-year-old Matt Smith playing the good Doctor goes.

But I digress.

Rather than chat about the good Doctor Who, let’s talk about the newest actress to be cast in the upcoming fifth season as the good Doctor’s assistant, or companion, the 21-year-old Karen Gillan.

Karen has guest starred on Doctor Who in the past, in the episode titled “Fires Of Pompei” last season.

She’s also appeared in other British shows such as Rebus, Harley Street, Coming Up, The Kevin Bishop Show, Stacked and New Town Killers.

She doesn’t have extensive work experience but does hail from Inverness. At 16 she started to study at Edinburgh’s Telford College and moved on to Italia Conti Drama School in London.

The role of
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News: Karen Gillan is the New Companion!

  • Kasterborous
Get used to the name - Karen Gillan is the actress who will appear alongside Eleventh Doctor Who Matt Smith as the Time Lord's new companion in 2010! The little-known actress has already appeared in Doctor Who (2008's The Fires of Pompeii) and has credits in Stacked, The Kevin Bishop Show and James Nesbitt's forthcoming film Outcast, and is just 21 years old. And doesn't she look the part? The BBC's announcement comes just one week after the final footage was recorded in the David Tennant...
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