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Lawrence of my labia
electryshian-566406 July 2020
Anyone watching this in 2020 cause of quarantine just to see if its as cringey as you remember? No? Just me? Ok
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Worse than I ever could have imagined.
tpaladino4 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This could be the worst movie ever made. Certainly its the worst I've seen in a very long time.

Now, before I begin I have to say that I'm not a fan of the series to begin with. It had its moments, but as a lifelong resident of Manhattan I mostly blamed the series for the unbearable influx of wide-eyed moronic girls from all over the country who flocked to the city en masse, thinking that upon arrival their lives would instantly revolve around cosmopolitans, rich men and $1000 shoes, and who very quickly became insufferable basket cases once the reality of city life actually set in on them.

Of course, I saw this movie with my girlfriend, as my good deed for the week. What I was not prepared for was how horrible it actually was.

The first ten minutes contained more cliché, stinted dialog, corny jokes and general awkwardness than I had previously thought possible in such a short time frame. It was embarrassing. It also involved Liza Minelli. I thought it couldn't get worse, but oh did it ever.

Next came the foundation for the entire film, which was that the ladies were in a funk and needed to get away for a couple of weeks. The funny thing about that is how they all have impossibly great lives, especially by NYC standards. They live in massive apartments, have high-paying careers, plenty of money and for everyone but Samantha, loving husbands and families. And its not like there was some substantial existential crisis underpinning their dissatisfaction to legitimize their feelings and generate sympathy on behalf of the audience. It all amounted to 'Boohoooo we used to partyyyy all the time but now we're all grownups waaa pity us'. Literally, that was it. Sorry, I don't feel bad for you guys.

So Carrie starts a whole big fight with her husband because he doesn't feel like going out to some stupid party after working into the evening and providing her with a lifestyle that includes what appears to be a $15 million apartment, two luxury cars, an unlimited decorating budget, a truly massive closet with hundreds of thousands of dollars in clothes, enough leisure time to write her stupid books AND her old apartment to write them in. Then he had the NERVE to not buy her jewelry for their anniversary (she actually said that). It was completely effing nauseating.

The rest of the women's 'problems' were no better. Charlotte has kids who drive her crazy. Really groundbreaking stuff there. Especially since she too lives in a multimillion dollar apartment with a full time live-in nanny and housekeeper. Pathetic. Miranda has a new boss who doesn't like her very much, OBVIOUSLY because she's a woman, duh. There's no other reason for a boss to not like a subordinate other than their gender, clearly. And finally, Samantha is old and needs to take hormones for menopause now, stop the presses. Is your heart bleeding for them yet? No? You must hate women, you sexist.

Moving right along. Samantha somehow is a mega-PR agent at this point (in Times Square??), despite the fact that I've literally never seen her do any work resembling PR (and I know lots of PR people). She meets some sheik at a party who simply MUST have her work that imaginary PR magic on behalf of his new hotel, and as a perk of this great new account, conveniently gets the girls invited to Abu Dhabi. Hooray! Their dreary despair comes to an end as they're flown ultra-first-class to the glamorous 'new' middle-east, shuttled to the luxury hotel in individual Maybach limousines (one for each of them!) and given two weeks all-expenses-paid in the hotel's premier $22,000/night penthouse suite, because that is totally standard treatment for PR flacks. Naturally.

All is well in this paradise for like a week, until the icky middle-eastern customs of female oppression begin to rear their ugly head and Samantha is inevitably arrested for being a giant whore and having sex on the beach with some Dutch dude, at which point they're politely informed that Samantha's PR expertise would not be needed after all, and that they'd be personally responsible for another night of hotel charges unless they vacated the hotel in one hour. So now these four extremely wealthy women proceed to freak the hell out because if they don't hurry they may be liable for (gasp!) $5,500 each to cover the suite. Makes perfect sense to me too. Never mind that they're millionaires, particularly Carrie, whose couch alone in her living room is worth upwards of $30,000. Never mind that they could have also asked to be moved into regular rooms for the night so they could leave at a normal pace the next day. But on the other hand, if they had been logical, we wouldn't have been treated to a madcap scene of the girls packing and then inexplicably getting into trouble at the local bazaar (again related to Samantha's inability to keep her clothes on), followed by a quasi-insulting scene of burqa-clad women revealing designer clothes under their robes and reading a Susanne Sommers menopause book, for some reason.

Ultimately they make their way to the airport in a horrible little gypsy cab (because between the four of them they couldn't afford a limo of their own too?), and before you know it, they're off to America again. Oh and Carrie hooked up with her ex boyfriend at some point in there and told her husband about it for no good reason.

Predictably, they get home and everyone is as introspective as they're capable of (not very much at all), and they realize how wonderful their lives really are (no they don't). The end.

Now you don't need to see the movie. You're welcome.
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The Emperor has no clothes on
Florentyna2330 May 2010
My sister and I were so excited about going to this movie. With the recession, the loss of jobs and general pessimism of late - the thought of dressing up, drinking cocktails and watching a great movie in the company of a whole room full of women like us was excellent. We desperately wanted to love the movie.

Initially, everyone seemed to be in good form – a bit of a cheer when Mr. Big came on screen; gasps and giggles in response to the first few jokes….then uncomfortable silence. My sister squirmed in the seat beside me through the horrible 'I am woman' song. Having visited the Middle East myself (and enjoyed the cultural experience and friendly people; albeit with a different outlook on life) I was pretty appalled at the blatant lack of propriety exercised by the four.

I have to admit when the movie ended, all the women around me turned to each other and said it was 'great' – I don't think we were ready to admit that it was possibly the biggest disappointment ever. My sister and I had planned to talk about the outfits and scenarios after…we completely avoided the topic. We had all looked forward to this movie – we couldn't admit to ourselves (never mind anyone else) that it was awful.

To say I loved the original show is an understatement. As I enter my late twenties/early thirties, the reruns are even more relevant. The characters in the show discussed sexuality in a fresh, exciting way. They were women you could look up to – intelligent, confident, self-assured. They bear zero resemblance to the four self-indulgent, disrespectful, two dimensional creatures I had to watch.

I doubt any fan will take my advice and not go – I would have ignored it myself. The movie seems to symbolise everything that has gone wrong lately – by blindly pursuing materialism we lose what's really important. This movie spells that out – and leaves you feeling ashamed for having loved them so much in the first place. Having said that, I watched an episode in the series a night later and realised that, actually, I'm not an idiot – they used to discuss interesting, relevant issues – just in fabulous clothes.

As an aside, I spent an hour with my sister getting all dressed up to go, two hours chatting to her before we watched the horror show and four hours after dancing our socks off. Maybe the fact that was the best part means I have my priorities right after all.
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Stinky and Ugly
chant32028 May 2010
I AM female. I love to watch a good chic-flick. However, I was so disappointed. This movie has little to offer except constantly changing 'bizarre' costuming presented as high fashion and thoroughly embarrassing 'ugly American' scenes of over-indulged, entitled and rudely written characters. I went to the theater to enjoy a fun movie. I came away shaking my head. The movie was disrespectful to me as an American woman. Who acts like Samantha when in a foreign country, the Middle East or otherwise? As I watched the characters make total asses of themselves I was embarrassed for them simply sitting in the theater. It's no wonder other countries believe Americans lack respect for everyone and everything. Hollywood apparently does and wants everyone to know it. Unfortunately, the general public is judged by Hollywood--the American delivery system. It's not worth the money to see it. If you can get it on DVD for a buck, then judge for yourself.
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A massacre. An insult to the fans' intelligence
maya-stephani28 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
As a longtime fan of the series I was seriously shocked and appalled that the 4 women that were initially portrayed as intelligent, fun, sexy New Yorkers are shown here as self-obsessed, over- sexed idiots that are not able to travel anywhere without offending the locals and looking ridiculous. The plot of the movie is non-existent. It all looks like a really long compilation of advertorials with not much connection between the scenes. And I am not speaking about the horrible inappropriate styling and the so-old looking women - it would be fine, if they at least were styled and made up properly: Carrie has this weird tan, looks about 10 years older than she actually is and has none of the coolness that made her so likable. Charlotte is losing it and in spite of all the makeup, looks tired and has totally lost her perky personality. Not only Samantha also looks much older than she is thanks to the terrible makeup, but her behavior is erratic and really not consistent with what has been shown in the series. The only one who was more or less OK was Miranda. And don't get me started on the Abu Dhabi stint - the Middle-Eastern country is ridiculed, wrongly portrayed and I frankly think that it is shown in a racist manner. It's a shame, really, that they have taken a social phenomenon and turned it into a shameful mess. I will choose to ignore this movie, pretend I never saw it and keep on watching the series.
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Possibly the worst film I've seen all year
janetgoodman7 July 2010
WARNING: a few *small* spoilers.

The previous review says it all - but I still feel it necessary to add my two cents.

I, too, was a huge fan of the series...if only because the characters were interesting, and it was so refreshing to listen to realistic female characters discuss taboo topics such as sex.

I forced myself to watch the first movie. That was bad. This one...even worse. The characters have become utterly superficial, materialistic (in a way that's practically nauseating given the current state of the economy) - and completely 2 dimensional. The writing - cartoony and juvenile. Honestly, Carrie's the worst - the way the character acted in the film, I would personally have recommended that Mr. Big file for divorce. (Complaining because he wants to stay home and watch movies together, then forcing him to leave a party--that she dragged him to--early because he had a conversation with another woman?) Jeez.

As for Samantha - that character's gone completely over the top - sex crazed in a way that went way past racy and into plain vulgar.

Combine that with the incongruity of throwing the characters into a completely unrealistic situation (heading to Abu Dahbi?), and then disrespect that they show to Arab culture....well, this movie COULD NOT have been worse. Thank goodness that there's no way they'll make STC3. At least, I really, really hope not. How this ever could have been green lighted for production is totally beyond my comprehension.
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The Good and The Bad
jullashanghavi30 May 2010
After seeing the first Sex and the City movie, and finding it OKAY, I decided to take a stab at the second film. I am a huge fan of the HBO series, so i was naturally excited...

THE GOOD: Yes, there were some funny moments, and some nice things to look at (clothes, design, men). I liked most of the music choices, and I did enjoy the first 20 minutes or so of the film because it seemed as though it would be building up to something interesting, but just these few things alone could not have made a good enough movie for one of the best shows to ever air on television.

THE BAD: This movie had a lot of downfalls. Lets start with the plot (or lack there of). The audience was treated to four women that constantly complained about their "problems". I am not saying that their issues were not legitimate to regular women, but they did not present these issues in a way that would create an interesting plot..they were just seemingly simple problems that were over dramatized and annoying to listen to (lackluster marriage, boring job, declining hormones, having children...) In the middle of these "problems" we get to see how rich they are with their maids/nannys, change of expensive clothes every 4 minutes and fancy homes. All these things made it hard to sympathize with them. Yes, in the show we saw their lavish lifestyle, but this film was rubbing it in the audience's face, and it was a main part of the "storyline" when it really shouldn't have been. (plus, a lot of the clothing choices were NOT good)

It seemed as though they threw in the idea of going to Abu Dhabi just to make things interesting, but it just made things worse. I felt as though there was a mocking/ undermining quality to the way they portrayed middle eastern customs... But more importantly (to me) is the fact that when i think of the show and its title "Sex in the CITY" I think of that city as NYC, NOT Abu Dhabi (really, what were they thinking?)

Overall, i felt like this was a poorly executed film that had little resemblance to the show... I feel cheated.
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Like my best friend just slapped me and stole my wallet
hkramb-129 May 2010
Went into this not expecting much, the premise seemed off but wanted to see my old friends. I told myself everything you're telling yourself, well the fashion will be fun...there should be some funny stuff...might get to see a hot naked guy. I had no idea I'd robbed of my ticket money and insulted for 2 1/2 hours.

I loved the series, seen every show at least 6-7 times. I thought the first movie was a little disappointing, not very much depth, just wallowing and moping for most of it.

The new movie is just an exercise in self indulgence and complaining about problems that aren't really problems. Charlotte complaining about how hard it is to be her when she has a nanny AND a housekeeper. Miranda complaining that her boss doesn't like her. Carrie complaining that Big puts a TV in the bedroom. Samantha complaining about her hormones. I just kept thinking "are you kidding me?? This passes for dialogue??". That's all in the first 8 minutes and it's just downhill from there. I'm just disgusted.

Best part of the movie? The preview for the new Rachel McAdams film that came on right before it.
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mrrogers2427 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Despite having almost not plot line at all. I did chuckle in my seat a few times. That is, until they decided to travel to another country and start offending other cultures in a manner that should be frowned upon. I have no idea how people of middle eastern decent will view this movie. I'd imagine that they would be highly offended as I am. Going to another country to visit and enjoy culture is one thing, going there and not having the slightest respect for their laws and telling them to "Fuck You!" while flicking them off because you disagree with their customs is another. I expected a little better for such a well known series. They really showed their true colors on this one. They showed how sensitive they really can be when interpreting middle eastern culture and way of life. Horrible movie.
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Some bits are so offensive I couldn't watch
roryhughevans8 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm an English person of no religious faith at all, but the way this film treats Islamic culture is so deeply offensive I literally couldn't watch at points. The four characters we have learnt to love over the series are made to be characters I literally despise in this hideously misguided sequel. They come across as ignorant, brash and horrible tourists who flagrantly disregard Islamic modesty laws while on holiday in Abu Dhabi and show little respect or courtesy in a foreign land. The scene where Samantha goes insane and starts throwing condoms at braying men is particularly embarrassing, followed by the girls rescue by a group of women in burkhas who then whip them off to reveal designer clothes beneath. The film doesn't set to dispel any myths about Middle Eastern culture, instead it actively enforces these stereotypes and makes them seem laughable and stupid, and worse encourages them to be disregarded and mocked by Western audiences. We are never given a sense of what Aby Dhabi is actually like; like stupid American tourists the girls spend little time outside of their luxury five star hotel and when they do eventually leave the Moroccan souk they visit couldn't look more like a studio set if it tried. The girls walk around with bare arms and legs as if this would have no repercussions in an Islamic country; the sad reality is this behaviour would see them swamped with lecherous men as happened to my friends during a visit to Morocco.

What makes everything worse is the way the characters have been turned into grotesque parodies of their formers selves. Before the love of clothes of materialism was balanced by a sense of friendship; now the girls have simply become rich, ungrateful, moaning middle aged annoyances. Their gratuitous love of wealth is pathetic and stupid and the comparison of Carrie having to spend time away from Big when directly compared to an Indian hotel worker being forced to spend time away from his wife is insensitive. Charlotte struggling to look after two children when she is a stay at home mum with a full time nanny is also extremely insensitive seeing as she has it so easy.

A horrible film that ruined the heartfelt and intelligent series. Complete and utter horror was my only reaction.
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How is this not in the bottom 100?
reeseslightning16 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't even know where to begin because this movie is so awful but let's start with the plot shall we? Carrie and Co. are so exhausted from their spoiled lives that they decide to have a girls vacation (all expense paid of course) by way of Samantha's business agenda. Where does this vacation take place? Why the only place where girls aren't allowed to show an ounce of skin, speak without permission, and wear burka's: AKA the Middle East.

There, the ladies insist on acting like spoiled brats, which they can't help considering that's exactly what they are. But let's consider what makes these women want to take a vacation.

1. Carrie is getting away from her terrible husband of 2 years who buys her TV's instead of jewelry, wants to come home and relax after a hard day while she wants to party like she's 20 instead of 45, eat Chinese food rather than go to some pricey restaurant, and lets her keep her apartment in order for her to "get away" from the pressures of her horrible life. Oh and he's so horrible that he decides to make her happy and go out anyway even though he's tired.

2. Samantha is aching for some new male attention after sleeping with the entire east coast and looking to expand her clientèle (the one that pays for her services with actual cash rather than nature's credit card).

3. Miranda needs to get away from her loving, attentive, and adoring husband and their child that she never sees, her boss who is sexist (of course), her terrible job that pays for her wonderful home, and her terrible nanny that takes care of her sick mother in law, child, and the house.

4. Ah Charlotte. We all know she's had it very rough over the past eight years in the course of the series and these 2 movies: her never ending trust fund, her Upper East Side (or one of those fancy places) apartment, her perfect husband that loves her more than the air he breathes, her two children that she wanted more than anything, and of course, her full time live in nanny. After a breakdown from having so much stress of this terrible life while baking cookies, Charlotte decides that her life is just *too* stressful with a perfect husband, full time nanny and all the time to herself to drink with her friends.

Yes indeed, these women have it ROUGH. I'm surprised they haven't complained to the government about the unfair turn of events their lives have taken. How dare those husbands give them everything and love them so much! How dare those hardworking husbands want to relax instead of reliving their youth! To alleviate their dreadful lives, they go to Abu Dabhi...because that's the Las Vegas section of the Middle East you see. Only, it's not.

Their perfect vacation goes awry when they learn that skimpy outfits, particularly midriff baring tops and fluffy skirts aren't considered cute especially on a middle aged woman. And who knew that having sex in public was against the law? Apparently not Samantha - she thought it was oppressive and sexist. So what does she do? She wears tiny outfits and yells "I HAVE SEX!" in the middle of a market place while humping the air.

I know, I know. Classy.

In the end, the ladies are kicked out for the lack of respect for another culture. Shocker right there. Oh! But not before Carrie conveniently runs into Aiden and kisses him because we all know that she needs drama to survive (we have six seasons and another movie as evidence). However, that lapse of judgment could be because she had an "argument" which Charlotte about something.

Now, this is the point where Miranda and Charlotte have a toast and bitch about their horrible lives with those pesty full time nannies. Keep in mind that Charlotte has no job and doesn't need one.

Samantha of course is trying to give a guy - who she barely knows - a hand job in the middle of dinner. She's then arrested and that brings us to when the girls are kicked out and Sam has her meltdown in the middle of a marketplace.

Somewhere between the bitching and non needed drama and the boredom is a lot of clothes changing that remind me why middle aged women should stop wearing clothes made for 20 yr olds.

I was a fan of the series, although looking at it now I'm not even sure why I am. The characters are selfish, materialistic, and spoiled; this film amplifies those characteristics to the point where I am genuinely embarrassed for the cast and crew of this...thing.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for these characters or something? Because all I felt was absolute disgust. These women have *everything*: full time nannies, husbands who love and worship them, wardrobes that cost more than a house, houses that cost more than country, jobs that earn them more in one week than I do in a year, and children who love them.

No wonder why foreigners have such a bad opinion of Americans! These women are so disrespectful and it's infuriating to see. How could anyone even be allowed to produce such a stupid movie? I'm not even talking about the "so over the top even Liberace would be embarrassed" gay wedding and a random but painful rendition of Single Ladies by Liza Minnelli (seriously, what is this? The "We pity over 40 yr old women" movie?).

Just...bad. It's almost traumatic to see.
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A big let down
laensch27 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I had heard some pretty bad reviews but nevertheless I took my thermos of Cosmo and a girlfriend to see the midnight show. I wanted to like this movie so much but I feel like I didn't have a chance - the girls looked terrible- the clothes looked cheap and badly put together- the camera angle was so unflattering- all the expensive tack they went nuts over was designed by someone who clearly had much more money than taste. And the story, well- what story? What did actually happen? Nada. The husbands (including Smith and excluding Big) looked like they were only in the film because they signed a contract 3 years ago. The "story" with Aidan didn't really go anywhere and the 5th "girl" NYC was merely in the opening credits. Nothing happened - except for me feeling the same way I do when I see Madonna these days - uncomfortable a bit embarrassed and really glad my mum isn't like that. All the sparkle and the love that used to go into this show was no were to be found. I hope they make enough money with this one tho - so they can make the 3rd movie with all the plots we wanted to see in this one.

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Carrie On to See a Different Film
StevePulaski3 July 2010
The popular TV series Sex and the City has ran from 1998 - 2004, spawned a movie adaptation of the series in 2008, and here's the sequel that will most likely bring it to a close in 2010. At this point, the girls are old enough for fans to not care what happens to them. But we keep coming back to see them every movie and every episode. We're so used to these characters we need them in our lives supposedly, but after this movie, my love for this show is drastically decreased. My hope for this film to be a successful follow up was brought to a tease when watching the first hour of this film.

To begin with, the film has a miserable run time. Two hours and thirty minutes may work for a superhero film or LOTR prequel, but who the hell thought it would work for a Comedy about four women? The first film had the almost the same run time, though it was entertaining and it was fun to see the characters do what they did in the second film like struggle with wedding plans and try on dresses. This is jam packed with racist, stereotypical jokes about homosexuals, Jewish people, and Middle Eastern people as well. I'm sure if Prince of Persia didn't steal the subtitle, The Sands of Time, it would belong as the subtitle of SATC2.

The plot is all four women are struggling with their marriages. Carrie (Parker) wants more "sparkle" with her man "Big", Charlotte (Davis) has trouble keeping her two children under control and frets the nanny (Eve) is getting too close to her husband, Miranda (Nixon) is stressed with work and not there for her kid when she needs to be, and Samantha (Cattrall) is still sleeping with the whole town. All knowing their stressed, Samantha books a vacation for the girls to fly in n extreme first class condition to the Middle East where jokes take the route for stereotypical, and the lackluster level plummets straight into the ground.

Its sad to see a once brilliant series take the route of crap, but if it were to keep going on and maintain the same jokes as seen in this, it's better off dead. I said before the first movie was just as long, but interesting to see the characters get into fun mischief and have fun, intelligent talks. In this sequel, an intelligent and interesting talk is hard to come by. Every talk is followed by some bad joke or stupid sexual comment, no talk is perfect in this film.

Overall, the film is mediocre and just a bore. There are some humorous scenes by Carrie and Big, but with a big name like Sex and the City, it should've been extraordinary and have been on many critics "Best of the year" list. Instead it makes the "Worst of the year" list and probably will earn the title "The worst film of the year" by most critics. Wouldn't surprise me if the cameo by Miley Cyrus is nominated for a Razzie Award. Lord knows the film will be too.

Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Alice Eve, Chris Noth, John Corbett, David Eigenberg, Evan Handler, Miley Cyrus, Penelope Cruz, Jason Lewis, Lynn Cohen, and Liza Minnelli.
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Awful Mistake!
brasslotus28 May 2010
I feel like I was robbed. This movie was the epitome of bad movie sequels. I cannot believe that the Sex and the City girls would stoop so low to make this film. They must be desperate! Despite the tacky clothes, plot and totally obnoxious take on the once really hip, cool and classy girls from New York, the cinematography was horrendous.

I can't believe no one on this site had mentioned the fact that you could see the microphones above the actors heads in almost every scene! It was so distracting in addition to being tortured by their senseless complaining. I don't think I have ever seen such bad filming in my life! I don't make films but I certainly would make sure I didn't get any of the filming equipment on camera!

This movie was awful!!!!! I want my ten dollars back!
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The Shallow and Futile Adventures of Four Dysfunctional Americans in Abu Dhabi
claudio_carvalho13 November 2010
In 1998, the series "Sex and the City" was a worldwide entertainment for men and women and for the next six years, the lives of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte made part of my life. In 2008, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis released the disappointing feature and they should have stopped with the revival of the four New Yorkers of thirty and something years old.

Unfortunately money seems to be more important than self-respect, and the quartet returns in the awful "Sex and the City 2". The writer of these shallow and futile adventures of four dysfunctional Americans in Abu Dhabi seems to have the mind of a thirteen year-old boy, with stupid jokes and low-level dialogs. He seems to be interested in pleasing the gay communities and might have earned some money for the free merchandising. Sarah Jessica Parker lost her charming style and now looks like an anorexic with bad taste, wearing dreadful clothing. Her infantile behavior after kissing her ex-boyfriend is probably the most ridiculous moment of the story for a forty and something years old woman. Kim Cattrall's character Samantha deserves pity for her attempt to behave like nymphomaniac low-life slut. Charlotte seems to have Cinderella's Complex and Miranda is the only character that deserves some respect. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "Sex and the City 2"
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Costume changes drive the story
Legendary_Badass27 May 2010
A lot of people exercise their brains with puzzles found in the newspaper. Sudoku is a prime example. The variety published by a typical paper can usually be solved in less than 5 minutes, or at least that's been my experience with them. The goal for me was to grab an issue of The Kansan, take a seat in class, and have the Sudoku finished before learning was to commence. I didn't have class every day, so when I didn't need the Sudoku I kept the paper. A small pile sits next to me as I type this review. I never got to working a single puzzle after graduating; I found that writing and talking about movies was a more suitable exercise for me. It seems that the worse the movie in question, the more mistakes there are to find. For that reason alone, Sex and the City 2 is a good brain teaser.

The adventure begins when Carrie Preston (Sarah Jessica Parker) and friends Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) attending the wedding of their best gay friends. Since this is based on a long running TV series, I'm sure fans of the show found more significance to the scene than I did. In my eyes it was the most logical way to present Liza Minnelli as herself singing Beyoncé's "Single Ladies". It's a scene that can't be unseen, and I knew instantly that it would haunt me for the rest of the summer. Everyone at the wedding makes Carrie feel bored with her life now that she's settled down with Mr. Big (Chris Noth). The most bizarre way this is accomplished is by having a random couple tell them they will be lonely if they don't have children. Then wouldn't you know it, something ridiculous happens and the girls get flown to Abu Dhabi where they are treated like royalty all because some sheik wants Samantha work a PR campaign for his property. But don't worry, our leading ladies forget about any logical objective and proceed to flaunt what they got in the desert.

I realize this movie didn't have me in mind when it was created. This is my first experience with the girls of Sex and the City and from what I gathered I can see why an hour-long TV program running on premium cable would be a hit. These girls are rude, and vulgar, but they play off of each other like champs. When they are seated at a table gossiping is when Sex and the City 2 shows any hint of a shine. The problems then smudge that polish.

I've never seen so many costume changes. I'm convinced it's the driving point behind the narrative. Every scene is constructed to show what Carrie and the girls can put on then lead to another situation for them to dress up. No movie should be so shallow, and even worse they look flammable and toxic. I wasn't sure if the running gag is that Carrie doesn't know she looks like a low rent streetwalker, there's a sign of trouble if ever there was one.

No care is shown with the characters. Samantha sleeps with absolutely any guy regardless of the situation, and the outcome is too much to stomach. Miranda has a subplot about needing to balance work and family which gets lost in a sea of plunging necklines. Charlotte frets about her husband cheating on her with their nanny every 10 minutes. Lastly, Carrie is simply too selfish to be likable. She has a husband who seems to be doing a fantastic job by everyone else's standards. To her, he needs to do more and this sets her up for a lamebrain, and oddly predictable, encounter with an old flame.

The wanton excess of this movie leaves no doubt as to why the world hates us. Sex and the City 2 is a better terrorist motivational tool than it is an enjoyable time at the theatre. These girls are easily living the life in New York before the film takes its sweet time to send them to the Middle East where everything is ratcheted up to 11. They each get a personal Maybach 62 S so they can be chaffered to and from locations where they can offend locals and change clothes. There's an occasionally clever line but that won't vindicate watching it.
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Embarrassed as a SATC fan!
Soshbfly29 May 2010
I don't really have much to add as there are some really comprehensive and spot-on reviews already on here. All I can say is that I don't see the point of releasing such drivel. I'm embarrassed as a long-time fan to have looked so forward to this film, and instead I feel like I wasted that loyalty on a pretentious and contrived waste of my time. Its very unfortunate that the girls (or NOT) are going out this way. REWRITE PLEASE! In the rewrite, please remember the "and the city" part. What group of executives thought it would make a good film to have these women in the UAE? I've been there myself many times and even with that familiarity and ability to relate to the situation, found it an utterly pointless story line and nevermind a scenario to waste most of the film on. Just constant disappointment after the other. Very few highlights (thank goodness for Miranda!) and one semi-fun scene with her and Charlotte getting a bit boozy. Other than that nothing. One part I disagree with other reviewers - don't get DVD. Wait until you can see it free on your cable movie channels!
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Not true to the characters
dydy_l5 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was seriously terrible, and the reason for that was simple: the characters we see in this movie are not the characters we know.

Usually what made this show great was that you could, at some point in your life, identify with one of the four characters.

But simply hearing Carrie say to Big when he gives her a TV for their anniversary that "hmm, jewelry would have been nice" made me cringe. At least his present was from the heart, since the story behind it was that he enjoyed watching an old movie with her the other day. To be honest, Big is usually not the kind of character I would ever see settling down and being "controlled" by a woman, so to me, he did an awesome job. I mean, after a long day at work he decides to make Carrie happy and go with her to a movie premiere. I mean, c'mon, this guy is doing everything to make her happy. And what does she do? Complains all the time and then cheats on him with Aidan in a foreign country. This movie made me hate Carrie, the whole time I kept thinking she was acting like a spoiled 16 year old. At no point did she stop to think. I mean,even though she was never perfect in the series, she was someone who would stop and ask herself rhetorical questions every five minutes. For someone with so much experience in relationships, she was so stupid. The other characters were also equally dumb, Miranda was maybe the only one that was still half normal.

All in all, I just wish the producers of this film would have stayed true to the characters and focused on what really mattered instead of trying to impress us with a bunch of superficial things, which in the end, made everything in the movie look shallow.
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definitely not a happy hour (or 2 and 1/2!)
star_barbie200130 May 2010
I have never written a review of a film before on this site, but watching this film has made me so angry and disappointed that i felt i had to say something.

I am 23 and like most girls have loved the sex and the city TV series and the first film, so was very much looking forward to this second instalment I went to see this with my mum and a friend and her mum, we are all different ages, and not one of us had a good time, or could say anything positive about this film when we left the cinema.

It has little story line, and the 4 girls who i loved watching in the first film, now seem just shallow and completely devoid of normal human reactions/emotions and behaviour.

The way the women act in Abu Dhabi is embarrassing and completely disrespectful to the countries culture.

Basically don't waste your money on this hyped up piece of fluff, the outfits may be nice to look at, but there is no substance at all.
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Loved the movie
samyase-samyase2 June 2010
I have just been to the Cinema watching Sex and The City 2. I must say I am originally middle eastern.

To all the negative reviewers saying it was offensive to middle east, I must say I enjoyed the movie so much and it wasn't offensive at all. In my opinion, it only shows how open-minded USA is in accepting women sexuality and how close-minded Middle East is with regards to accepting sexual freedom to women. At the same time, I think they made middle east look much more glamorous than what it really is. Thanks to the power of Hollywood.

With regards to the movie itself, I think it was funny, very colorful, glamorous and beautiful. I loved loved loved the clothes, the material and the fashion they used were astonishing.

Yes, they magically solved all the issues without creating too much drama, but is that really that big a deal? What's wrong with knowing that sometimes, the dramas that we make for ourselves aren't really that big a deal, and there could be happy ending??

I don't think they showed Carrie as a bad character and Big as a good character, they showed that men become boring after marriage, and also showed that Carrie was honest enough to admit even the slightest fling she felt with Aiden.

I am not a fan of drama myself, I have loved Sex and the City TV shows for years, I own the DVDs and watch them all the time. I personally didn't like the first movie that much because I think it was very sad,, ,but the fun came back with the second movie.

In my opinion: Samantha was fabulous as ever, she didn't want to change herself for anybody else, and she had the courage to stand up for herself in the middle of angry men. Miranda was brave enough to quit her job and show the hand to her abusive boss, and at the end, after taking some time off for herself, she found a better job where the atmosphere was more accepting to the person she really was. Charlotte as usual was her sensitive self, and Carrie was creating her own rules.

Love the independence in these women and I hope one day I could be that independent.
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I'm not really sure what that was
lisa-62917 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Had there been a way to give this film a zero, I wouldn't have hesitated whatsoever. This movie, from the terrible beginning to the God awful end, shouldn't even be shown under the guise of a "film." First of all, I enjoyed the television show. The comradery is endearing, and all women dream of a perfect life, with perfect friends, lots of money, men that love them, amazing clothes, movie star friends, red carpet premiers, etc etc. SATC has created this dream into a likable series that most women enjoy. Now turning any series into a film is tricky, 30 minute stories every week isn't really in depth story telling. Venturing into this realm the first time was ballsy, but the second time around was simply egotistical. The film contains a various stories, all hoping to appeal to its mostly female audience, #1, Husband and wife fight over the TV, wife wants to go out, husband doesn't. Carrie wants to go to the premier, Big wants to stay in and watch TV, very relatable matter to most women right? #2-Menopause, seen as a chastity belt by someone like Samantha. She is taking any known medical serum hoping to prevent the inevitable. Aiming to guarantee her worn out body the ability to be enjoyed by the other half of Manhattan she hasn't already banged. #3-Not enough time with family, job too time consuming....yes, I are trying to grasp how women with money, maids, and nannies deal with such trying issues, but I haven't told you the final story line...#4-A stay at home, uber wealthy mother with a live in nanny is trying to deal with being a mother!!! Are you on the floor? That one should've put you right over the edge. So, here we are, four extremely wealthy women, dealing with problems that you and I deal with every day. Except they have live in nannies, drivers, extra homes to hang out at when they want to "get away," closets full of couture, and oh yeah, did I mention they're millionaires? So how much crazier can this story get you ask, well here it is, the writers/directors decided to throw these women into a culture that is the total opposite of everything they stand for-THE MIDDLE EAST..(gasp, hand over mouth, tears streaming down your horrified face). So they send these spoiled sluts on over to the Middle East, now this is where the story literally takes a nose dive into the Red Sea. The writers/directors thought it would be humorous to have these women confronted with a culture so unlike their own, and then have them mock it, very ignorantly I might add. If there is ever the stereotypical view that Americans are stupid and ignorant to foreign cultures, that assumption would have been reached upon viewing this film. The SATC sluts dress provocatively, then mock the local women for choosing a life of piousness to one of shallow days filled with shopping. The culminating shot was Samantha's purse being spilled onto the streets of a marketplace and her stack of condoms falling out. She then screams into the crowd that yes, she likes to have sex, all while gyrating her hips and pumping her fists. Are we to assume that the writer/directors were hoping that you would side with Samantha? Hooray for America, for women having sex, wearing whatever they want and being proud of it? Not that there is anything wrong with that, but they are placing the Muslim lifestyle under the DON'T column of this list. Upon picking up her stack of condoms, the women are helped by a group of Muslim women that take them to a back room and pull of there niqab's to reveal they are all dressed to the nines like the SATC ladies!! Hooray, this culture of women dressed so terribly, but underneath, they want to be just like us Americans. Heartwarming right? Well it's not, it is terribly arrogant and embarrassing. I feel there is always something good that comes from most movies, good looking guys/girls, cool clothes (btw-the women were all dressed terribly in SATC2), some humorous dialogue, but this movie has nothing. If there is a God, then this movie will surely end up in hell.
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Sex and the Chitty...
jcdugger10 June 2011
I'm a rare breed...a heterosexual male who enjoyed "Sex and the City" on HBO. This movie, on the other hand...I'll sum it up with the word "stinks".

There are plenty of problems I have with the finished product. First off, the movie is set in Abu Dhabi...a location where most of the audience couldn't find on a map if they were given a flashlight-hat, a magnifying glass and a clue! And, by the way, movie producers, the show/movie is called "Sex AND the City". And that city is NEW YORK, clowns! Half of the identity and allure of the show is that it is set in New York. This sequel being set in Abu Dhabi would be like making a sequel to "Waterworld" and setting it in the Sahara desert! What an absolutely utter, moronic decision to cast it in Abu Dhabi. Who green-lights these types of decisions...and is there any way to have those people rounded up and savagely killed in a public setting?! Secondly, and trust me, I'm completely aware that Hollywood is going to milk this cow completely dry...but the basis of the TV series was the trials and tribulations of 4 middle-aged women trying to find their way in relationships and in life. That type of show inevitably brings a "best by" date along with it though. And that date has clearly passed. The show now resembles 3 rich and snobby above-middle-aged women...and their Grandma. People get old. Plots (excluding cartoons and superheroes) get stale. It's inevitable. No need to trounce around a 53-year-old Kim Cattrall spouting cringe-worthy lines that no 50-plus-year-old women would ever utter! (Example: After meeting a well-to-do Arab man, Cattrall announces "He's the 'Lawrence of my labia'!") Ouch. I had to pause and take a shower after writing that line! There's bad puns and there's bad puns...but that one takes the cake! A common theme from the general public in regards to the show...which is understandably getting louder and louder over the the question of "Are there any humans on Earth that actually behave in this manner?!" You've got one girl, Cattrell, who's such a slut, she puts a drunk and coked-out Lindsay Lohan to shame! With her sexual past, I wouldn't touch her with a hazmat suit on! Kristen Davis manipulates more partners than Glenn Beck does viewers. And Sarah Jessica Parker - her love interest is nicknamed "Big". If that's not a slut for you -- nicknaming your boyfriend based on his member -- I don't know what is! I don't know any guys who would actually date any of these girls. They are high-maintenance, petty, gold-digging, partner-jumping, manipulating whores with apparent mental issues.

And what's up with the running time?! 2-1/2 hours for a show about sex, gossip and relationships?! This isn't "Schindler's List" material you know! Liza Minnelli makes an appearance for comic relief...with the exception that she didn't really bring any comedy. Doing the whole "laugh-at-the-old-lady" routine isn't that bright considering your cast is all 40+ or 50+ aged females. Just horrible.

Trust me, it's awful.

Thank you for reading!

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John-Jacobson1 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have a challenge for all you faithful IMDb users. Who can count number of times Abu Dhabi is mentioned in Sex and The City 2. I tallied 642. See if anyone else can do better. I wonder how much the Emirates Tourism Board offered the filmmakers for each time this occurred? If you Google "Sex and The City 2" and cross-reference the term "product placement" you will find over a thousand results. It seems I am not the only one who thought I was watching a 2.5 hour infomercial. Before the movie had begun I'd already suffered a million commercials for the usual chick products: adverts for Chocolate when you're feeling ugly, and adverts for beauty products to fix up the damage done by the chocolate. However, when a movie fades in, I expect the advertising to stop. called SATC-2 a "brandapalooza". The sequel even beat the first movie's record of 94 brand placements.

When I wasn't counting product plugs, I was laughing at Samantha. Apologies to Kim Caterall as I was not laughing with you, but at you. You would think by time you are 52 years-old you would be over your daddy issues and realise frequent intimate encounters will never fill the emotional void. On two occasions we were subjected to watching this sad lady desperately trying to fill her void with some guy. As predicted, lazy Sam lets the man do all the work. It's always the ones who brag about it who are the worst at it.

The most hilarious part was watching Sam and her pals sing the feminist anthem "I Am Woman", and why the hell not? Helen Reddy had long ago sold out her song to Coors and Burger King for "a gigantic amount of money", in her words. I smiled while I pondered, "this is what forty years of sexual revolution has given women: the right to be a slave to overpriced fashion." The punchline of this joke is that they were singing "I Am Woman" in the United Arab Emirates - one of the most sexist countries in the world wherein women are commonly and legally abused. Sex And The City has a cute solution for Muslim women in the UAE: Just swathe yourself in Dior, sing bad karaoke, and everything'll be alright.
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Wow, biggest SATC fan and I am so disappointed
CLEBucky27 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I just got back from the 12:01 a.m. screening of the movie. I could not wait to see my girls back. I thought we would get deeper into Samantha relationship problems, I thought we would see Charlotte, Miranda and there loves and how there relationship has grown, and I THOUGHT the Aiden kiss was going to be more then 10 minutes of problems but none of these things happened. It was a funny, good jokes (Charloote drunk was great, camel-toe was funny, and some other good jokes)but it did not feel like the last movie or the show I loved. Not many Carrie voice-overs about how she feels which I loved from the T.V. show. No drama really, Big being mad lasted 10 minutes and they could have made it more interesting how they solve their problems. I feel like I just got robbed, not for the $10.50 I paid but the chance to develop the relationships between the girls and their relationships with their husbands. I am so sick, so disappointed, and can not believe that the movie was so lame. If your a fan, go see the early show to save some money. And for the people that are intested and want to see the movie, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Wait for the DVD. I hope the Sex and The City 3 gets back to the shows roots and what we all want, not some vacation movie that has almost no plot.

This review is coming from a fan that has the entire DVD set of all 6 seasons and the Blu-Ray of Sex and The City:1. I can not believe they messed this up this bad.
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cavalencia31 May 2010
Honestly, I don't get the bad reviews.

It is "Sex and the City" so you shouldn't expect a big story line. You are there to see the shoes,the cloth and man. The wardrobe budget was in the range of $10-million so it's worth seeing!!!

Just for that it is 10/10!

Abu Dhabi scenes were filmed in Moroccowas because they were denied the shooting permits based on moral objections to the movie's name -- "Sex and the City. And lots of people have a moral objections with the script hence the reviews

We go to the movies to escape reality not to hear about the recession.

Its a pure pleasure not a documentary on National Geographic for goodness sake! The show was so popular in first place as pure escapism.

So just watch and enjoy it.
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