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  • The club needs cash to fund Bobby's defense, but Clay's strategy leaves them in a vulnerable position. Abel comes home for the first time. But the homecoming party ends in tragedy.

  • With Opie and Donna reconciled, Stahl's tactics become increasingly questionable, and Hale finds himself cut off from the inner workings of the investigation. Unsure what to do with the information that Opie was set up as a rat, he receives some advice from Unser. In need of cash to fund Bobby's defense, SAMCRO find themselves in an awkward position, as most of their money is tied up in the warehouse re-build. As such, Clay decides to sell their surplus weaponry to the Mayans, leaving themselves defenseless. However, in secret, Clay alerts the 9ers to the deal, telling them if they kill the Mayans after the sale has gone down, they can keep the weapons. Wendy realizes Gemma is playing her and Tara against one another, and has a warning for Tara. However, Tara's later attempts to assert her claims over Jax backfire. Meanwhile, as Jax confides in Opie regarding his doubts about Clay's leadership and how the current state of the Sons deviates from his father's original vision, Clay and Tig, convinced Opie is secretly working for the ATF, hatch a desperate plan.



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  • And so Sons of Anarchy begins what will become its usual pattern of starting the episode at the beginning of day.

    Jackson (Charlie Hunman) wakes beside a sleeping Tara (Maggie Siff). He is clearly troubled. Clay (Ron Perlman) worries from bed, while watching Gemma (Katey Segal) looking at her bird, that she loves the bird more than him. She agrees that sometimes she does. Opie (Ryan Hurst) and Donna (Sprague Graydon) sleep with their children between them. Somehow they manage to hold hands. Tig (Kim Coates) kisses a beautiful girl but tells her to go. Juice (Theo Rossi) sleeps on a bar whilst Piney (William Lucking) aggressively (and thats putting it mildly) throws his bed partner out. In hospital a smiling and very beautiful baby Able is told he gets to go home.

    At the garage, Tig and Clay agree that Opie's murder must happen today. Clay barges into ATF agent Stahl's (Ally Walker) office and tells her that she is desperate. He tells her that what Otto did to her (head-butting and badly injuring her nose) is just the beginning.

    At the Chapel, the club have money worries. It takes a lot to pay Bobby's lawyer and they worry about how they're going to get the guns to the Mayans with ATF watching.

    In hospital, Tara tells Jackson they need to work out their relationship for Able's sake. Jackson said that one upside of his ex Wendy was she was too wasted for relationship talks. Tara reminds him that she is sober (which is excellent considering she is currently at work in her job as a paediatric surgeon). Jackson tells her that they need to take a moment to consider what to do or he may lose himself in her because he feels so strongly. Wendy (Drea De Matteo) sees them kissing and realises they are together.

    Gemma is hanging a banner when Wendy tells her that she knows that she is using her to get Tara out of Able's life. Gemma tells it doesnt matter what her motive is because they both get what they want. But Wendy is different now; she wants to be a good person. Gemma reminds Wendy not to put her down because in reality she wants to become exactly like her.

    Agent Stahl delivers the real witness to witness protection.

    Opie and Jackson worry about where the club is headed but Opie reminds Jackson that one day it will be those two leading the club.

    Donna (Sprague Graydon) comes to see Opie. She seems better and happier. She even agrees to come to the club party for Jackson's babys homecoming. It looks like she is finally on board with Opie being in SAMCRO.

    In the street, Gemma talks to a homeless woman (Olivia Burnette) who tells her about her struggle to raise two kids while having a mental illness. Gemma gives her some money and the homeless woman mumbles something about Able scaring Gemma. This woman appears frequently throughout the show, usually when something serious is about to happen.

    Clay meets with One Niner leader Laroy (Tony Kittles). Clay wants the gang to kill as many of the Mayans as they can while Clay will kill the leader. Clay thinks this is the way to get things right between three two clubs. Laroy agrees unaware that he is being set up as the murderer of Opie and the Mayans. Clay tells Tig about the deal. Tig agrees that it is a good idea.

    The police realise that the club has found the bugs and probably think Opie is a rat.

    Wendy confronts Tara outside the hospital. Wendy is upset that Tara did not tell her that she was with Jackson. She also warns Tara that Gemma will never let her be with Jackson. Eerily, she says that Tara should quit while she is still alive.

    The One Niners crash the Mayan club deal. Tig (who was meant to kill Opie in the carnage) is unable to go through with it after Opie saves his life. ATF look on but cannot do anything.

    Chief Unser (Dayton Callie) finds an upset Deputy Chief Hale (Taylor Sheridan) sitting in a cell. Hale is torn between his loyalty to the badge and his worry that Stahl may get Opie killed. Initially Hale backed Stahl because he believed Unser was too close to the club. Now he is lost. He begins to tell Unser about how ATF made Opie look like a rat.

    Able is brought home.

    Stahl has been pulled out of Charming. Hale is worried for Opie but Stahl says it will be all be fine once the true witness is revealed tomorrow. Hale is angry; tomorrow may be too late. He hates the way Stahl moved in, upset anything and leaves. She says "but we had some fun right,". The disturbing message is not lost on Hale.

    At the welcome home party, Tara feels insecure and sits on Jacksons lap kissing him. He knows it is a show and, worried for Wendys recovery, calls her on it. She leaves upset. Jackson asks Juice to follow her to make sure she gets home okay.

    Opie, Donna and family go to leave. Tig is ordered to follow them. He starts off before them unaware that they switch cars. Donna is now driving Opie's truck.

    And in one of the most frightening moments of the shows history, Tig follows Donna. Unser fresh with news from Hale about how Stahl has set up Opie, tells Clay the truth. He lets Clay know who the true witness is and how Opie is not a rat. Clay tries frantically to call Tig but Tig has left his bike and mobile phone in the bushes so he could drive an unidentified car.

    At the lights, believing she is Opie, Tig shoots Donna killing her instantly.

    Opie arrives at the scene and is hysterical as the club looks on and Clay reels in horror.

    Unser (correctly) thinks that the shooting was meant for Opie.

    Jackson tries to comfort Opie but throws a look to Clay. He knows.

    Hale tells Stahl that this blood is on her. She, like Clay, is shocked at what she has done.

    In the final moments, Jackson seeks comfort in his son. Mary (Julie Ariola) comforts her ex-husband (Opie's mother and father). Gemma tries to help Clay unaware of the horrible role he has played in all of this. Tig looks up from a mirror which he has just smashed his head against. . Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) and Juice drink wordlessly. Opie cries while his children sleep in a bed behind him. Wendy leads Jackson to bed. He resists initially but then kisses her. Tara lies restless in bed alone.

    After, Wendy cuddles Jackson but his eyes tell us that he is knows he is with the wrong woman. He also knows what Clay has done.

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