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Wendy Williams Couldn't Handle the Truth!
cehsr-128 January 2015
A close relative watches Wendy from time to time and I can't believe the trash and B' sided garbage that Wendy talks about on National TV. First of all revealing personal private information and cultivating gossip about celebrities and other human beings has seemingly become "hot topics". If Wendy was the victim of such gossip with her twisted insulting opinions, Wendy couldn't handle it. The rumors about her God given Gender, her resemblance to Rupaul, her fake Boobs, fake hair, her denial of a button nose job and claim that she has no false teeth, etc, etc. cause one to question the truth in all this. In other words, where is the real Wendy? Will the real Wendy Williams please step forward? After 1000 episodes Wendy is still challenged to read from a teleprompter and to pronounce the names of Celebs properly!! And then she often gets the facts confused or sometimes associates the wrong persons. These are facts that can be noted on any given segment. Wendy is Judgemental and often harsh as if she or anyone is perfect. "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."
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This is the worst Day Time Talk show on TV without a doubt.
ApexContestPrep23 May 2017
I realize that celebrity gossip isn't my favorite niche, but there are dozens of shows that cover this that don't absolutely suck. This is seriously so hard to watch. Not only is "Wendy" a stuck up, egotistic, superficial, loud-mouthed, Double FF faked boobed bimbo, but she lacks talent. Someone would have to seriously pay me a hefty weekly salary to sit through episodes of this TV show.

I'm shocked this show lasted more than 1 season. I'm also shocked this show has a 3.2 rating on IMDb, how in the hell did she get such a high rating?? I expected something closer to the 0.7-1.2 range.
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How you doin
krparrish19 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was a Wendy watcher up until recently when social media compared Wendy to Stacy Dash and that Wendy was going to end up having an all white audience in a short period of time...WELL! I think she has gone to the other side of the spectrum using her platform to get her political views heard and to try to persuade her weak followers. Talk about racist comments lately. I cannot believe she is getting a new season. I always thought that she would be educated enough and professional to stay neutral to bring light to both sides of issues and topics. No more Wendy for me. She has just gone too far and how she gets to keep her show is unbelievable! I hope sweet Suzanne finds a new "gig" soon. She deserves so much better. Go Trump!!
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Brief Love Affair is Over
Daphne Duquesne14 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I stumbled onto Wendy's show earlier this year and was immediately attracted to Hot Topics. Truthfully, I'm a woman of a certain age, who's not into rap music and doesn't know half of the celebrities Wendy talks about. However, there were enough people whom I knew--e.g., JLo, Beyonce, Charlize, Sandra B, Charlie Sheen--that I enjoyed the scuttlebutt. And I learned about some younger/newer celebs of whom I'd never heard, like what's her name. (LOL!) While I always sensed some cattiness in Wendy's discussion of celebs, I found her self-deprecating humor and honesty about her personal life refreshing. For example, she often refers to her show as "stupid"; she pokes fun at the size of her boobs (which, frankly, are monstrous and distracting, but to each her own); she admits that she has struggled with drugs in the past; she talks about her nervousness every time her show starts; she claims to be afraid of tripping in high heels on stage; and she talks about being a foodie who gradually started eating healthfully and losing a lot of weight. So in many ways, she seemed down-to-earth, flawed and relatable, and I overlooked the meanness underlying some of her remarks. I liked her enough that I even flirted with the idea of ordering tickets to join her studio audience and going to her sit-down show.

But now I cannot watch her. In one stunning segment in which she likened Hillary Clinton to that devil incarnate, Donald Trump, I realized that Wendy is a liar. Full stop. No difference between Hillary and Trump? Wendy must have some nefarious motivation for telling that colossal lie to the world. What could it be? Perhaps, she's a shill for Fox and Rupert Murdoch, since they butter her bread. Money makes some unprincipled people say/do anything.

In the end, I cannot watch a pawn for Rupert's evil empire. What annoys me the most is that Fox is making a fortune off of shows that star black entertainers. Ordinarily, I would celebrate the hiring of people of color. But Fox's so-called "news" networks promote policies that are harmful and hateful towards people of color. Once Wendy--who is no dummy even though she plays one on TV--began advancing Rupert's political agenda by trying to influence the outcome of our presidential election, I could no longer bear to watch her show. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.
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Can't believe this world has gotten so low, Wendy W. is on network TV.
sharpestaffing22 October 2016
Wendy is so full of herself and is she a transgender or what? I agree with Nene Leekes Wendy simply "spews hate" It's so sad that Oprah's on cable. Wendy's show is not enlightening, uplifting; she is obnoxious, self-centered, selfish, and so full of herself. But generally speaking I keep a distance from people who watch content that sensationalizes the pain and disappointments of others. She learned nothing from Oprah. I dare even mention the queen's name in the same sentence with Wendy. She is so arrogant, and vicious. Who wants to hear news that hurts and destroys human beings lives. How would you feel if you had to break up with someone? Imagine that break-up plastered across national television with an uneducated, vicious, obnoxious, self-important, malicious, old played out giraffe goon getting her kicks out of your pain?
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How You Doin? Not so well!
Newsense26 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Shows like this are exactly why I don't watch TV much. Why would anybody give Wendy Williams her own show? What psychotic freak thought this was a good idea. If you are not hip to who Wendy Williams is, she was a famous radio personality whose only claim to fame was spreading gossip on celebrities(mostly in the music industry). She found a fan base in the complete and utter morons from New Jersey and New York and has been the in thing ever since. Since then she has slammed by every rapper from the late Tupac Shakur(who bagged on her in the song called Why U Turn On Me) to Method Man of Wu Tang Clan and 50 Cent. The incident where she mentioned the health of Method Man's wife and he threatened to thump her into the ground is when people from Up North started to say maybe she isn't cool after all(she was never cool to begin with!). The show is basically her gossip column, what to wear, cooking recipes and interviews with celebrities. Thats it. There is no depth to her character, her coarse voice is annoying and she has the same lousy habit that Tyra Banks has with the constant talking about herself when interviewing guests. Most of the questions she asks her guests wouldn't be out of place on TMZ. Yeah, they are THAT thickheaded. She was obviously given her own show to keep the masses stupid. I watched half of a couple of episodes of this crud. Why half you say? Because her show is too boring to watch straight through. If you are in need of something better than a sleeping pill then watch this show. If you are looking to be entertained then you've definitely came to the wrong place. Even if you watched shows like this for entertainment reasons you will be bored out of your skull. I recommend steering clear of the garbage show though.

PS: Am I the only one who thinks she has the cheesiest theme show music ever?
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Not Good
GoogleSaturn6 May 2011
I can't understand how this mindlessness still airs. I will admit, I very much enjoyed her on the radio, but TV just isn't for Wendy. All her antics seem contrived to get attention. The set is tacky and her guest are mostly "B-Listers." She has an occasional "A-Lister" on here but that takes a miracle. Do we really need another wag on TV? I understand she's trying to be fun and light, but can you be entertaining? Wendy has been in entertainment for about 25 years and can't read from a teleprompter? That can be overlooked your first month or so, but it's three years later. Her style worked on radio but does not translate well on TV.
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It has become a very irritating show to watch.
maroru757714 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I like Wendy Williams,but i can not watch the show anymore. I don't know exactly since when, but Wendy has become somehow very irritating to watch with all the mistakes she does on air. I understand that part of her appeal is that she is messy and that she says one thing meaning the other...I totally get that. But i can not wrap my head around that she makes huge mistakes and nobody corrects her.One thing is pulling notes from under her wig or having lipstick on her teeth and other is not even know how to say the name of one of your guest that is about to be seated in your couch next to you .Her ignorance in some subjects is beyond believe for someone who works on TV. She as a former radio host does not know anyone who is not either a black actor/actress or a rapper. She is constantly misinform,therefore says the wrong things. There are two producers standing on the side of the stage who you would think would help her get the right info and pass it along a note about it,but not.They seem to be there just to laugh along whatever she says.What are they for,anyway?. She is very disrespectful by pronouncing the wrong way names and places, thinking that it's funny. It is not. She seems to ride the ignorance horse very proudly thinking that she's being cute and funny. No, Ignorance is never funny nor cute. And if you wonder why she never has A-listers...there you have it.
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The worst show ever!
bluntbooms18 January 2018
This show reminds me of the mean girls in high school bullying people for the slightest imperfection. I can't believe this crap is on the TV.
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How you Doin?
colunga1331 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I love the "Wendy Williams Show" because she's funny, she's entertaining and she gives great advice.

She's funny because while she gives us the "scoop" of the day and she always adds some pretty good jokes. She makes the audience laugh and enjoy themselves making them comfortable.She lets the audience give their opinion on subjects she talks about She always gives great advice with the "Ask Wendy" segment where she goes tot he audience and she gives advice..pretty good advice too.

And I always love it when the audience tries to do her "How you doin?" thing then she does it right back.

I don't know why people are rating this show only 2 1/2 stars..this show is great! Absolutely love it! Definitely looking forward to more "How you Doin?" GO WENDY!
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The gossip industry full front
rondaheart55 July 2014
I don't trust people that like Wendy Williams on a personal level. Her values are conservative, so she makes jabs at people based off her shallow world view. She gossips with people like Perez Hilton, Hollywood's other stalker. Wendy can be fun to watch because she's messy and that's what people like out of gossip shows. They want clowns like her and mess queens because clowns and a-holes is what drives the gossip industry. Her talent is running her mouth and being arrogant telling other women what they are capable and not capable of. Just because she sits and talks about people she's high jury in her head, but that's what keeps her show going and the gossip industry alive. I can see watching it for entertainment, but she's awful and people that take her show seriously aka Wendy stans/fans are just as messy as her and are in the line up for stunt queening and telling everybody business.
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Love love LOVE Wendy!
Yellow Power11 May 2014
Anyone who complains that the Wendy Show is mind-numbing should stick to the discovery channel. There is no learning involved in day-time television and she never promised to help people with their homework. This show is about fun, laughter, and starting your day off with a smile! Wendy is a down-to-earth friend to her fans. Shes sits and chats with us like we are in a circle of housewives meeting for our daily dose of rumors, clothes, hair and average girl stuff! What more could a viewer ask for? No one wants to discuss the stock market or foreign affairs (unless a foreigner is having an affair with a celeb). Get real!
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Like the guilty pleasure of picking up a gossip rag in the grocery store checkout line
icyharris-539-16990431 October 2014
You know how you're in the grocery store and either you're just bored or there's a shocking headline on the front cover of a celebrity magazine, you just gravitate toward it and thumb through the pages? Then, you put it back and figure, "How did I get sucked into this stuff? I have got to stop reading these celebrity mags." That's how Wendy Williams is. The difference is that, while she dishes on fellow celebs like TMZ, Perez Hilton and Radar Online, I don't think she does it in a mean spirited way. I feel like whatever she says on the show, she has no problem with saying to her target's face. She's sometimes on point with the advice she gives to celebs in trouble.

She also respects her guests by not pressing harder than they are comfortable sharing. I'm always surprised who comes on, like Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, and Anderson Cooper, considering it's basically a gossip show. Underneath the treading carefully in what she says to appease a wide demographic, is a fairly conservative family woman. I also watch it to see what outfit she's going to wear next. She somehow manages to be sassy, but sophisticated and dresses appropriately for her age. I decided to read up on her and you can see that her formal education in communications shows. Maybe it's just that there is a very prominent person co-hosting another daytime talk show who is just ghetto in comparison, so, to me, Wendy shows us how it's supposed to be done.
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poolecken26 April 2018
Wendy Williams Show only promotes racism against anyone who doesn't fit her demographic. She only praises people of color. She, and shows like hers, have Caucasian audience members however, there only there for the viewing public. I wouldn't be surprise if she had a sign saying, black audience members only!
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This show, and its host are complete TRASH
J E Huggins8 November 2017
I'm amazed at the fact that this garbage is still on the air. Wendy is an egotistical jerk who spews nothing but hatred and vitriol. But the kicker is: she has absolutely NOTHING to be egotistical about. She's not very bright, has no integrity, is extremely superficial and vapid. She is a self hating sellout Koon. She was famously dressed down by Roland Martin for her Aunt Tom ways. This ugly, fake boobed trash needs to be removed from television.
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Rude and nasty
cjnix14 May 2018
Why does she feel the need to pull her dress up?she is nasty rude and vulgar,, clean up your own backyard before comments on othrrs,, your husband has a mistress. Your son is embarrassed by you.. learn proper way to speak.. you are just nasty.
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Wendy show no more
carolinemiartist26 March 2018
Bashing people particularly YOUR president and not even know the FIRST ladie's name is disgraceful.Also, why do you bring up the differences between black and white people so often.
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Mindless Entertainment
dtkoziol3 November 2012
Reading the other reviews on this show, one would think that every television talk show is like a PBS fundraiser or a telethon to help disaster victims. Personally, I think that serious shows need to be mixed with fun and a little guilty pleasure, and The Wendy William's Show does that.

'Wendy' is not a polished program, but I do enjoy it when it's on. Wendy Williams doesn't take herself too seriously (are you listening Oprah, Leno, Ellen, and Letterman) and her show is really just a gossip column on television. If you hate reading tabloid articles, obviously don't watch this show.

Also, on a personal note, I like that she speaks her mind about celebrities, as in when someone does something idiotic in the news, she calls them out on it and makes no excuses for her words. If there is one thing I can't stand it is talk show hosts that are overly nice to every celebrity because they want bookings and better ratings.

Wendy won't win an Emmy but she might just win your attention.
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My Favorite Guilty Pleasure
I have to want the Wendy Williams show daily to get my fix. I love hot topics, many of the guest, and most of all the interaction with the audience. She never fails to "make my day" However in Nashville market she is on form 11-12am and on one of the local station at an even worse time at 4am to 5am.

Yes she can be cheesy, but it part of the reason fans relate to her.

As for her famous saying "How you doing" My catch phrase would be "FABULUS" after watching the show.

I love the panel discussion when she has 3 others to react to questions concerning events. I also love the fact that even people she reports stuff on that are not so glowing, she often has these people to defend what is going on. I love that she is very gay positive and does not shy away from that topic, and guest who are gay are treated with respect
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