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chatbada16 July 2010
This is the best I have seen lately. First, the director knows how to film nowaday's Italy, its streets, its café, restaurants etc... in a manner that you feel like going there, everything seems so vivid and beautiful. We are in Rome, a town that I have never come to, but after seeing that movie, it's like you had been there, and certainly feel like going back. But, it would not be so interesting if this was the only interest of that film. The main thing that really attracted me during it, was its characters, whom are so attaching, so real, and beautifully acted by such great actors. I found their playing subtil, well-balanced. The dialogues are nevertheless the best part of this film. It is true that it's a melodramatic movie, but in a good way, a way that should be moving you, and even be a little bit instructive, about love, friendship, family, etc... Of course, I wouldn't have liked it, if there wasn't a touch of humour, of comedy, and this is again one of the best thing in this film : it moves you, but it mainly (from time to time) is funny, never it is pontificating. So, for those whom like delicate, tender film, about friendship, life, and death, and all those themes, I would strongly recommend that one, you should not be disappointed. This is definitely one of the best movie actually on theater.
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A pleasant surprise
Dubh29 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I went to watch this movie without expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised by its gentle force. The acting is very good, particularly by Antonio Albanese, who is great in depicting the great strength of his character and his petty weaknesses. His duet with Kim Rossi Stuart (watch the scene on the bed) is so well acted that it makes you wonder whether they are actually friends in real life.

But it is also written and shot in a believable way: contemporary Rome is the ideal landscape for this story. In a way, this is a movie that gives new life to the tradition of "commedia all'italiana" (Italian-style comedy) which became popular with the masterpieces of the Sixties. This movie can make you laugh, can make you cry, can make you think: it is quite a lot, is it?
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Enjoyable romp between male characters who just want to be useful to their families.
rregarec31 December 2013
An entertaining enough movie. Wasn't slow. Plenty of character interaction. The characters who interacted are men, which makes this not really a chick flick. Men are likely to enjoy the story as much as women. I'm trying to write this review for the sake of parents, or sensitive people who wonder if this is a filthy foreign film? In the US we have parental guidance ratings, but we rely on online reviews to decide if kids should see it. In this film I do recall about 25% of the conversations between family members were intense/somewhat angry or containing a dirty word. Not much in the way of nudity ... but there was one scene in the hospital of married people attempting to have marital relations. That scene would probably bump the rating in the US from PG-13 to R. Other than that, a teenager would likely be OK watching it. The themes between characters are adult, and probably not terribly entertaining to younger folk. In Summary, worth watching.
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