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MPAA Rated R for violence, language and some sexuality/nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • There's no sex scene. In a hotel where a woman is going out and her nude nipple seen fleetingly. Women are giving men lap dances inside a strip club.
  • We see several prostitutes in skimpy streetwear, women who've obviously just been with Nick and his fellow officers.
  • A scene showcases some nearly naked strippers.
  • The camera shows us another completely unclothed women who apparently spent the night with Nick (who's also shown shirtless).
  • A man's wife wears a very revealing dress.
  • merrimen crawls out of bed wearing just his underwear.
  • Nick makes crude comments to a guy about his genitalia and the sexual assault he'll have to endure in prison.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is briefly shot in the hand. A man is shot point-blank. There's an intense bank robbery scene where a man says he'll kill a hostage. There's another scene where the Regulators and Outlaws get into a shootout. There are many deaths and this is the most violent and suspense filled scene of the film.
  • "You're not the bad guys, we are," Nick snarls at one of Merrimen's crew.
  • And Nick and his crew follow through on that statement, regularly demonstrating just how "bad" they can be.
  • They drink heavily, beat and choke a potential witness and brag that they rarely arrest thugs they encounter.
  • "We just shoot you," Nick grins.
  • Several shootouts involve high-caliber automatic weapons that tear apart everything from armored vehicles to police officers wearing body armor.
  • At least 20 or more people are killed throughout the movie.
  • We see people shot in the legs, arms, neck and chest.
  • One of the numerous heavy assault rifles on hand is so large that it literally rips up the sheet metal of some 10 to 20 cars sitting behind it in traffic.
  • It's implied that some of the vehicles' occupants are killed in that attack, along with quite a few gun-wielding cops and outlaws
  • It's also suggested that one member of Merrimen's crew kills a hostage, but we later see that the innocent individual is still alive.


  • There are many uses of the word "Fuck" along with it's derivatives and other minor cuss words. There are about five uses of the word "Nigga," but spoken between two black men.
  • About 85 f-words and more than 20 s-words join a couple uses each of "h---," "d--n," "b--ch" and "a--."
  • There are also a few uses of the n-word; God's name is combined with "d--n."
  • The whole movie is, obviously, about criminals plotting to pull off a massive bank robbery.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are a couple of scenes in a bar where one of the main characters is a bartender and serves drinks to anyone.
  • Nick chain-smokes throughout the film. He and his posse also drink pretty heavily.
  • A number of different patrons drink shots, beer and mixed drinks in a various bars scenes.
  • Merrimen and his crew share some beers at one point.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The shootout scene is very intense. There's another scene where Gerard Butler confronts Pablo Schreiber and his crew in a restaurant, very intense.

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