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I understand it's not for everyone (and I might have a slightly twisted sense of humour), but to me, this is pure cinematic pleasure
gogoschka-115 July 2014
I just can't get enough of this film. This year alone I have already watched it 4 times (and the year isn't even done yet). It works on so many levels and is so much fun; the way the conventions of the 'Horror' genre are turned upside down, while at the same time the story transcends the mere spoof and satire and becomes something new, entirely original – just: Wow!

It's clear this film was a labour of love; every tiny little detail was cared for and the writing is just phenomenal. The dialogues between the 'office clerks' alone are beyond priceless and offer such great, apparently effortless performances by Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford (two absolutely fantastic character actors, by the way) – this movie has simply everything. And the last 20 minutes offer the biggest payoff I have ever seen in a film. A rare treat and a true pleasure for film geeks like me. Thank you Joss and Drew! 10 stars out of 10.

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Oddly Brilliant
thomasjay-5227721 October 2018
A slow starter but packed full of mystery all o can say for this film is its worth a watch. Difficult to explain but completely original this was such a fun watch once we got going, Grim, dark and unusually funny it's fantastic. Understandable characters played fantastically the twist is fantastic. A true spin on elements of horror I highly recommend regardless of your personal taste on this genre. Overall a brisk and fun watch
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You love this move or hate it.
mitchmcintyre-5584219 July 2018
I watched this and instantly fell in love. My roommate on the other hand found his new least favorite movie.
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An anti-horror horror movie
LBSRmcr1 November 2012
This film is a horror movie that is poking fun at horror movies and movies in general. So if you're looking for a film that you can cradle a scared lady-friend to, this is not the one.

To anyone who has watched Southpark's Britney Spears episode you will know the parallel that Matt Stone & Trey Parker drew between our modern culture glorifying and then using celebrities up as an ancient sacrifice to the gods to ensure a good harvest. This movie does the same- by creating a reality TV type scenario that the main characters walk into. But it takes it a step further, in showing how the horror movie clichés (joker, jock, slut, nerd and virgin) can be seen as a more elaborate version of this kind of sacrifice ; and horror is the genre that supplies an endless stream of blood to satisfy this ancient need.

But the characters are so much more than clichés- in the movie they actually are noticing how they are falling/being cast into these roles and being less and less human, less and less themselves. That in itself has me tipping my hat to the writers. Joss Whedon you clever beast!

As to it not being pure horror- that's the point of the movie. I was enjoying the commentary that the narrative made while it developed and because i didn't know where it was heading and why things were happening, it kept me on edge and interested to the very end.

At one point I was sitting there thinking - wow this movie must have been so much fun to make! It was definitely fun to watch.
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Original cliché
Bored_Dragon4 October 2018
If you are a fan of art drama or you simply don't like the horror genre, I can understand if you hated this. But for every true fan of horror, with at least a basic knowledge of at least cult horrors through the history of the genre, this should be a real joy. "The Cabin in the Woods" is a weird movie that can not be precisely genre determined. It gathers horror ideas seen countless times and turns them upside-down. Nothing in this movie is new, but the greatest thing about it is its ability to make something very original using totally outworn horror cliches. This is a parody and homage at the same time. It is a funny-scary movie with great visuals and even better dialogues and one-liners, and its pace and twists (even the predictable ones) will not let you get bored even for a minute. And the final revelation is at the same time one of the most ridiculous and one of the most awesome things I have ever seen on the big screen. It is not a masterpiece, but it is a real gem and I loved it.

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Either you love it or you hate it!
champjohnson2915 October 2012
I'm not a horror fan. Although, films pertaining to demonic possession scare me into a four year old, it's just not my taste. I'm also pretty late in watching this movie. I found it online and decided to watch since I had nothing else to do. I was kind of intrigued after seeing Joss Whedon's name in the credits for producing and writing.

Overall, I loved this movie. It started off as your typical horror film, but turn into something much bigger and more authentic. Every horror in the past twenty years has been predictable. You know who is going to die, you know who the killer is, you know if the dumb blonde runs off screaming into a dark hallway she's more than likely going to have her head get cut off. But this movie was the exact opposite because I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen next. I'm sure a high percentage of people will not appreciate the sci-fi twist to the movie but I loved and thought it was an awesome idea. All horror movies are kind of science fiction anyways. It seems like all the killers are super human anyway because they don't seem to ever die no matter how many times you shoot them, stab them or hit them with a truck. This movie just did it on a larger scale.

The script was solid as well. Joss Whedon writes the best dialogue and knows how to play off of cliché's and those corny predictable monologues and speeches.

To everyone saying they hated this movie, it's obvious that they don't like change and are probably upset because the originality of this film pretty much slays all their favorite horror movies to dust. It's not Oscar worthy but it's a great Friday night movie with your friends that will keep everyone on the edge of their seat, anticipating what's going to happen next.

I have to hand it to the filmmakers. They definitely made a film that no one would have ever thought it. Just like my title says, you either love it or you hate it. You can't please everyone but this customer was satisfied from beginning.
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I FREAKING LOVED this movie!!!!
Matt_Layden15 March 2012
The Cabin in the Woods is a spin on the horror genre from writer's Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, without giving away the spoilerish parts of the plot, I'll simply say that it involves 5 friends who fit the horror movie stereotypes (Jock, Slut, Party-Guy, Nerd, Virgin) who go to a cabin in the woods to party and get away from it all. Trouble is, its never really safe to go to a cabin in the woods is it?

To be honest, the less you know about this film, the more awesome it will be. I felt that the trailer gave away a bit too much of the twists and turns one can expect from the film, but at the same time the image of a bird flying into a giant forcefield is what will set this film apart from the generic horror films that hit the theatres today. The Cabin In The Woods tells you upfront "You think you know the story..." but of course you don't. This is Joss Whedon after all. Fans of Buffy and Angel will get a kick out of this, as actors from that universe make their way into this film.

It's been a long time since I've had a lot of fun at the movies and the Cabin in the Woods was a lot of fun. It's an odd movie to sell, because a lot of it has to be kept secret to make the second half of the movie exciting and fresh. It blends a few genres together, the two main ones being horror and comedy and it works perfectly. Both Whedon and Goddard worked on Buffy and Angel, which was a balancing act of genres, so they knew the right tone to get here and they nailed it. They take the clichéd aspects of every horror film and put it in here, to brilliant use. We actually get to see reasons for stupid character mistakes, which made that whole aspect of the film fun.

Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford have great chemistry together and stole every scene they're in. I would love to see these two character actors work together again, they made this film really fun and they are a joy to watch on the screen. The young actors, including Thor himself Chris Hemsworth, sell the clichéd horror characters very well. In most horror flicks I can't stand any of the characters, here I was rooting for all of them.

There are some truly hilarious moments, I am dying to talk about them, but doing so would ruin the surprises. All I can say is that I was laughing throughout the entire film, I cheered, I clapped and I enjoyed myself. There are a lot of horror references, most notably The Evil Dead, so it's fun to spot things here and there. Horror fans I think will really get a kick of of this flick and I pray it does well, cause it's the most fun I've had in a long time.

Drew Goddard's first directorial gig, he had a lot on his plate and he managed to pull off one hell of a film. It helps when you have someone like Joss Whedon in your corner, but I applaud him for being able to pull off the tone perfectly, I imagine the script to screen process was identical. This is a very clever script, with laughs, gore and surprises at every corner. When you have Goddard, whose worked on Buffy, Angel, Lost and wrote Cloverfield, teamed up with partner Joss Whedon who is one of the best writers working today, then you know you're walking into something special. I can't recommend this flick enough. When it comes out, you must go see it.

Just makes sure you don't know much about it beforehand, or it might ruin the awesome factor.
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I loved it, but I can totally understand why people would walk out of the theater and find it terrible.
oldman0078 August 2012
I'm a big Horror Fan. I have been since I was a young child. I've never seen anything like this movie before. It's a combination of everything. It's taken everything from every other Horror Movie and thrown it all into this movie. But what is really impressive is the fact that the movie has it's own (original) plot.

What people seem to get confused about is that this is also a comedy. If you haven't laughed within the first 10 mins, then you better walk out right now, because the movie is exactly the same all through out. I was laughing all the way through it. This movie is just bizarre. One of the most bizarre Horror/Comedies i've ever watched in my life, is fact, the most bizarre Horror/Comedy i've watched in my life.

Don't be expecting any scary scenes or anything suspenseful, because this is the wrong movie for you.

The acting was great, well written, well directed and excellent comedy one-liners and with the best twist i've ever seen! This movie is exactly where it needs to be, it's a cult movie. It's "EXACTLY" what it should be. I'm part of the cult following! A cult classic and the best movie i've seen of 2012! If you are a Horror (over the top violence) mixed in with comedy fan, I 110% recommend this one! 10/10
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Am I missing something?
alexandermilo16 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I went to the premiere of The Cabin In The Woods last Friday. Not having read any of the reviews going around prior to watching it I must say it is one of the worst films I have seen in a long time. The thing is, am I missing something? I get the fact that it is a parody or an anti-horror film or perhaps even a nod (whether positive or negative) to horror films generally, but I still don't like it.

It was predictable from the start (why did that eagle have to hit the invisible boundary to the cabin? It made the later scene with the motor bike jump completely redundant). The acting was poor and even though the film may be satirical it is still painful to watch.

The only thing I do like is perhaps the idea of an ode to all horror films and horror characters, but if it is a parody than that wouldn't make sense.

I am just so surprised that this film currently has 7.9 / 10. Am I missing something here???
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Movie Magic
mightyjor23 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Remember when Scream came out? People loved it - and not because it was the most horrifying and controversial scary flick ever released. It was a huge success because it gave fans of the horror genre something new. It made them laugh because it lovingly poked fun at a genre the fans knew by heart. Cabin in the woods takes a slightly different approach. Where Scream chose to laugh about dumb things people do in horror movies, Cabin decides instead to respectfully explain...well, everything - and making you laugh/scream while it does.

I absolutely loved this film. If you've looked at a few reviews, you'll see this film has three acts. I like to compare them to the three acts of a magic trick - something I learned from The Prestige:

1) The Pledge - Something ordinary is introduced to the audience. Five average college students go to a remote cabin in the woods where they'll spend the weekend partying it up! This is where we say to ourselves that because this is a horror movie, everyone will die, and thus we already know the ending. Am I right?

2) The Turn - There's something else happening here. It's not what we thought. This is the part where we scratch our head and say "Wait a sec...what's going on?" This story isn't keeping to the rails we set it on. It's taking a weird turn and only getting weirder. This is also the part where people give up and decide they hate it because it's different. It's also the part where your standard horror flick ends...but wait!

3) The Prestige - The resolution. The end. The explanation to everything that's been going on, and also possibly the greatest 20 minutes ever shown in horror movie history. This is the part where the audience is silent and speechless as every die-hard horror fan's dream is realized on screen. All your dedication, love, and sacrifice for this genre is justified. The credits roll, you walk out of the theater saying to yourself, "Did that just happen?" - and then you buy another ticket and watch it again.

I'm trying not to reveal anything too big, and I think everyone else will tell you the same; you want to know as little as possible about it before you watch. The movie is funny, scary, and unbelievably entertaining. If you don't like it, you're one of the people that took a turn in act two and stopped following along. I feel so sorry for those guys. Have a good time at the theater!
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Did you see the film I saw ?
aaronoshea58-403-11953019 August 2012
I don't know why people are saying that this film was an abomination and advising others not to see it, because it has all if the element required in a fantastic horror.

For me it re-ignited the flame in what was a dying genre, being poisoned by numerous of extremely bad films. Not only did it make it's way into my favorite horrors of all time, but it makes me have faith that people can once again create a true horror. Now there are only remakes of horrors, ( Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street ....) or prequels, ( Prometheus ).

This movie is full of twists and turns you don't know what way it's going to go. It's smart, funny, gory and sexy with fantastic acting by all the cast. I was on the edge of my seat hungry for more.

Overall, I rated this movie a 10 because it deserved it. This was one of the best films I've seen in a very long time and is one that I'll be watching over and over again.
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A film for anyone who has ever complained that they don't make good, original horror films anymore.
freekishndazed14 April 2012
I would normally be leery of giving out a perfect 10 rating, but if ever there was a modern horror movie that was worthy of a 10, it's this one. "Cabin in the Woods" has done what I no longer thought was possible for a horror movie, it blew my mind and showed me something I never expected. When I first saw a trailer for this on television I thought "Oh great, another recycled, clichéd horror flick. Can't they think of anything other than putting a group of young people in a stale setting and kill them off one by one?" Well it would appear that they can. This is a film that is nearly impossible to market effectively without giving anything away. Some of the more recent trailers have included much more footage that gives a glimpse into what this movie REALLY is about. Word of mouth should be the biggest factor that helps make this movie popular. I just hope for your sake that no one spoils this brilliant gem for you. It's best to go into it with as little information as possible. I really enjoyed the pacing of this movie. They could've taken this in an entirely different direction if they simply wanted to shock you at the end. Instead, they treat the film like a slow, steady reveal. In fact, the opening scene does not even feature the group of kids that we follow on their horrific trip to the cabin. Instead, it opens with the "other" side of this story and the characters who get about as much screen time as our heroine and her pals. The result is a cinematic experience like none other. The audience is fed bits of information little by little throughout the entire film, so you're always hot on the trail of this story's secrets. You won't know exactly what's going on but you'll feel like you have a pretty good grasp on things the further you advance into it. In reality, every time this plot reveals a twist, it also introduces more brand new questions into your mind. So the twists don't just come completely out of left field and shock you, but they guide you through a very intriguing story that manages to keep expanding into something bigger and bigger. I'm so glad they wrote the script this way. I feel like 9 times out of 10 the writers of today would be too tempted to create a story that hides everything behind the curtain and focuses solely on the kids at this cabin. That way they can build up to a final payoff that no one would ever see coming. This payoff is too big to simply catch you off guard with. They got this right, a movie that isn't only original for the end of the third act, but a refreshing journey from start to finish. Go experience this film before you overhear people talking about it at the water cooler.
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I don't get it. Most disappointed I've been in awhile.
letzgostate2 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have not been this disappointed in a long time. Had I known I was coming to watch a movie that was making fun of horror movies, I wouldn't have wasted my time or money.

Original as it was, it lacked three major things I expected: 1. Horror (which was replaced with comedy) 2. Good Acting (I was sorely disappointed, the characters didn't seem that into their roles) 3. some sort of intelligent story (based on hype and previews)

I felt bad for none of the characters that died. None of the characters really developed throughout the movie. The story was just terrible with too many unanswered questions and the film makers chastised the review groups prior to releasing the film for asking about a sequel.

Some more about the reason that they needed a virgin, jock, whore, fool and scholar would have been nice to know. Why they were sacrificing to the gods could have been more clear. Why they were involving all the other countries would have been nice, but mostly, explain this to me:

Which one of the Asian children in the classroom was the whore? the jock? the fool? I'm assuming at that stage in their lives they were virgins and scholars...

I never found myself startled during the movie, not one jump. I feel cheated that I went to a horror movie to realize it was a poorly done comedy.

I don't get it. I must be wrong. Everybody else seems to disagree with me.
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One of the best, most original horror films in years
cadillac2013 April 2012
The horror genre for me has been pretty mediocre for the past several years, and so I have pretty much ignored a lot of horror movies that have come out, with the exception of a few. However, after the buzz surrounding Cabin, I knew it was something I had to see. And sure enough, Cabin delivers in spades. It has everything a horror fan could want, from our favorite clichés to some fantastic surprises. Suffice to say, every horror fan should go see this.

I won't spoil the story, but to get into things a little, we focus on the age old tale of horror films: friends go to a remote cabin for some RnR and then the **** hits the fan. And when it does, it does so gleefully. It would be easy to blow this off as a simple parody, but it's not. I won't say how, but this is essentially a horror movie within a horror movie, and it's mostly dead serious. There's plenty of humor throughout, mostly due to Fran Krantz stoner character. And in fact, pretty much all the actors play there parts well. They are likable characters, even if they are cliché, but the clichés are part of the entire point. And in such areas, these characters are great. If you're worried about the horror aspect of the film, fear not, it delivers immensely. There are plenty of chilling scenes, though I wouldn't necessarily call them scary, and there is plenty of gore for the gorehounds, particularly at the end.

To say much more would be to give away too much. I certainly had a few qualms about the film, but they were few and far between. And the less you know the better. I will only say that if you've been looking for good horror film, this is it. Whedon and Goddard have delivered in every way and their film will be remembered for some time in the same way Scream was remembered for shaking up the genre. This is similar, but different in oh so many ways. Go see this movie. It's the kind of film that comes out once in a blue moon.
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This movie shows that I can't rely on the user ratings on IMDb anymore!...
tangmo13 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Is this some kind of a joke? Are there cameras that filming people's reactions and laughing at them or what?

It was AFWUL! It was neither scary nor funny. I hated myself that I didn't leave the theater after the first 15 minutes.

The only scary and the best scene of the movie was the guy appeared suddenly at the old gas station. The movie is that bad...

Too bad I can't rate it less than 1.

Unless you are from the new generation who loves nonsense bloody scenes and find them funny and somehow scary; STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE!

My rating : -10/10
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A New Horror Camp
billygoat10715 May 2012
The writers of this film stated that they didn't like how the horror genre has become. Full of unlikable characters that we don't care if they live or die. Cabin in the Woods sounds like a generic horror film with a generic premise and generic horror characters. When you see it closely, it's an intriguing high concept satirical horror film. It may look absurd but it's actually brilliant and smart. It has campy scares and some good laughs. Cabin in the Woods is an enjoyable horror film with an unlikely twist.

Horror movies have lost its suspense because we don't care about the characters and the characters are particularly dumb to make decisions to survive. It make sense in this film. The actors did a great portraying these clichéd characters. Chris Hemsworth and his body already makes a good jock character. Kristen Connolly is pretty likable. Fran Kranz steals the show as the pot headed dude.

Some will say it's generic but it's actually intriguing. I'm not gonna give everything away but I'm gonna say it's a bit absurd but it's smart and inspired. It's also a bit scary, though some of the jump scares didn't work but it's much better when the scares goes campy. I'm not gonna reveal the monsters either. There are ridiculously hilarious moments which lightens the grimness. The thrills and suspense are always there.

At first, you thought it's just another horror film but when you pass through the rest of the film, you will realize that this would be a remarkable experience. I have to agree with one of the critics, "The less you know about Cabin in the Woods, the better". It looks absurd but it's smart and creative. It gave substance to all generic horror movie nonsense. It's Campy, Hilarious, and Fun.
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Joss Wheddon dared to be different...and different he gave us.
fishlips202020 August 2012
After the opening title, we are thrown into the social standard of the guts and glory horror we all know and love. Five friends decide to drive their van out to an abandoned cabin in the woods and along the way they come across a creepy old man at a run down petrol station; nothing could go wrong right? And what would a stereotypical horror scenario be without with out it's cliché's characters; the stoner; the jock; the nerd; the popular girl and the virgin - well, sort of. Much to the hilarity of the film the group do just about everything you shouldn't do when in a creepy cabin; which results in them fighting for there lives when suddenly under attack from bombarding creatures of the night.

As for the rest of the plot, it's pleasantly far from what you would normally expect; and balances out stunningly between a well mixed cocktail of classic horror and laugh out loud humor. Seeing how I'm still traumatised from when people told me the ending from The Sixth Sense, don't expect me to tell you what happens in the rest of the movie - of course, aside from the killer unicorn.

If you look around on the internet really closely, you will notice it's the highest rated Horror Movie for the past 7 years since The Descent. You will never see another Horror Movie like this...EVER...PERIOD! In the large array of god-awful horror films to be recently brought out onto the big screen and direct to DVD/Blu Ray, The Cabin In The Woods is a refreshingly needed milestone to the long drying out horror genre. Aside from the somewhat awkward and pretentious cameo from Sigourney Weaver, The Cabin In The Woods is a deliciously bloody, funny, well acted, all round brilliantly written and directed satire of the horror genre. This is the Casablanca of movie spoofs and whether you are a fan of horror or not, this is not to be missed.

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A Rewarding Horror-Comedy
SomaQuest21 October 2018
Not many films can construct original, horror-comedy like Cabin In The Woods has done. Seamless story structure is backed by brilliant dark comedy blended with just the right amount of horror ambiance.

Imagine the Truman Show if Cristo's character was Chutulu and you will have a grasp of what you are about to watch. Casting did a spectacular job with all roles, namely that of the external 'office workers.' This well designed and executed blend of college-horror and Office Space works on a host of different levels and has a bit of something for everyone.

Cannot recommend this film highly enough. Films like this come around once in a blue moon and typically are underappreciated in every way; due you due diligence and appreciate the effortlessness of this film for what it is.
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The stupidest movie I've ever seen
nysalesman100-114 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Give me a break. This movie was awful. Full of clichés and the most ridiculous twist that, quite frankly, ruins anything good that happened in this train-wreck of a movie in the first place. Is this really what passes for good horror today?

SPOILER TO FOLLOW Are you ready? This is all a high-tech way to sacrifice humans for Gods that live underground on an earth that is obviously not ours. Once you know the big "secret" you really don't give a damn. Of course the victims that live in this alternate earth don't even have a clue that they may be part of the high-tech sacrifices that have been going on forever. Put that together with a bunch of overused horror and slasher clichés (and some awful comedy that was done far better in truly original movies like "Scream") and you have this garbage.
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Pedestrian, lackluster presentation of moderately interesting ideas.
Pornography_and_Satori17 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This latest critical darling comes from Drew Goddard and Josh Whedon. A writer/director team with an extensive background in…television. This review is now sufficient enough to end right here, but I'll soldier on anyway.

With about a jillion comparisons to Wes Cravens criminally overrated Scream, there was no reason to have high expectations for The Cabin in the Woods. Still, I at least expected a mindlessly entertaining carnival ride of gruesomeness a la Demon Knight or Planet Terror. My expectations were too high. The reason for the Scream comparison stems from the fact that both films exhibit a self awareness of the clichés and conventions of the horror genre. This comparison however is not entirely accurate. As lame a film to ever masquerade as a horror film as Scream is, The Cabin in the Woods' brand of stupidity has more in common with tripe such as Mars Attacks or even The Brady Bunch Movie.

This is a film that looks and feels like a slightly sinister entry to the abysmal Scary Movie franchise. Another horror comedy that's never scary, and never really funny. To call it convoluted or contrived would be a massive understatement. It's flimsy excuse for a premise is like a house of urine soaked cards. The 1st act set up plays every bit as clichéd and predictable as any cut rate teen slasher movie of the past 30+ years. The only difference is the inclusion of a vast network of "puppeteers," two of which offer constant explanations (excuses) for said predictability. Basically it's all a charade. The kids are being lured into the cabin as part of some laughable ritual of human sacrifice to appease some angry ancient gods. This charade of trite horror genre mediocrity is the only thing that keeps them from rising up and destroying the world. In other words, the story is rotten because the "Ancient Ones" have wretched taste.

For reasons far too ridiculous to bother getting into, things don't quite go as planned. Two of the kids figure everything out, and to make a very dumb, bloated story short, the world ends. There's a bloody finale involving about 20 or more simultaneous references to horror icons of the past several decades, but don't think for a second that any of it's worthwhile. "Lord Fornicus," the obvious reference to Hellraiser's Pinhead, looks like something out of a SNL sketch.

Come to think of it the whole thing feels like some cut-rate comedy sketch show rather than a horror film or even a horror comedy. Watching this thing one get's the impression that everyone involved was striving for mediocrity. The acting is soap opera level. The direction uninspired. The writing an avalanche of sloppy expository dialog and dumb forced humor (people still think stoners are funny?). The camera work typical "lets film each scene from every conceivable angle and hope it all cuts together well. The Special effects barely a step above what you'd see in an Uwe Boll film.

The self-referential conceit is just an excuse to unleash a torrent of awkward, distracting exposition through each and every character's dialog. You half expect someone to look directly into the camera at any moment, throw up the sign of the horns and proclaim "Dude! It's a freakin horror movie!" This brand of lazy storytelling is no different from what the storytellers proclaim to be ridiculing. The people who defend this technique by saying "that was the point" are simply defending mediocrity. Clichés, ineptitude and lack of imagination cannot negate clichés, ineptitude and lack of imagination. Nor can they be excused. Consider films like Kill Bill and Grindhouse, which manage to pay homage to trash cinema yet still be incredibly entertaining, and original. The Cabin in the Woods is still the same boring same old same old, even with the reality-TV-show-of-the-gods slant.

All in all, the whole thing is about as clever, funny and scary as a fart joke. Some have surmised that the story is actually a kind of metaphor for the horror film industry, or horror fans expectations or whatever. If that's the case then The Cabin in the Woods isn't just lame, it's insufferably pretentious.

Merman, this single star is for you and only you.
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An insult to the horror genre
DamienThomas1234513 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The Cabin In The Woods starts off as, what seemed to be a horror comedy - the cliché college students (a jock, a blonde girl, a stoner, a nerd and a virgin) meet up to spend the weekend in a cabin together. 'Fair enough', I thought. But that thought didn't last long. Here is a list of things that bugged me about this film:

1) The acting ranged from bad right down to laughable.

2) The characters were annoying and 2 dimensional. I could not wait for them to be killed and was actually rooting for the zombie family, which had more of a background story than any of the main characters.

3) The big red button that releases every monster. WHY WOULD YOU INVENT THIS BUTTON?! In what possible scenario would you need this button?! The mere existence of this button was the best plot twist in the movie.

4) During the entire time of me watching this movie, I was not sure whether the movie was parodying the horror genre or actually wanted to be taken seriously. Either way it failed.

A brainless movie with no good storyline whatsoever. I want my money back.
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Absolutely Outstanding
KidDrehmann13 April 2012
There are no words to express how amazing this movie was. What one would assume would be a typical horror cliché is actually treated to one of the most creative movies I've ever seen. Although most people could expect what the movie contained from the previews, as I did, they will still be blow away by this movie. Not from the acting or directing or anything like that, but from the pure originality of the movie. The last horror movie I remember seeing that was this original, inventive, and down right badass was Scream, and with a equally satisfying deliverance of it's gritty, gory, grisly, and tongue in cheek attitude. Anyone who goes to see this movie will surely get their money's worth and then some.
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IMDb should introduce a new genre for worst movies and place it on top
my-asdf10028 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
One of the most disgusting movies i've ever seen in my life

these are the things which are "not" present in this movie -horror (no it's way off it's even insulting to include this in a horror category) -thriller -story -action

it's a total waste of time , a complete senseless crap

only little kids can like this movie who have never seen any good horror movie in their entire life and they'll feel happy on blood shedding and watching zombies coming out of the ground

this movie is also a consecutive proof that IMDb rating mechanism is very poor and you can't depend on it, IMDb rated it 7.5 ,it don't even deserve 1/10

to conclude don't watch it!
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Do not believe the reviews i made this mistake, will never get that time back
neuroscience199017 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am writing this review to help those who fall into the trap of seeing a rating of 7.9 and thinking this film must have some redeeming qualities. Believe me it doesn't. It is ridiculous and abysmal. The scary thing is the sort of individual that enjoys this film is the same individual that states scream is original. Some may find this deeply disturbing but I would be quite happy to live in a world without films such as scream, there i said it. There was only one scene that I found funny and it was when Mr athlete decided to ride his bike into a force field of some sort. I began thinking something worth while was going to happen but this moment never came.
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Worst Movie
hang_76520 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The official trailer for this movie should actually be considered a teaser trailer, since it only contains 1/4th of what the movie is really about. The story was really bad, although it was original( i must say.) This movie shouldn't be considered a horror movie but actually a comedy.If you are looking for a good laugh this movie is the one to watch, But if you got the impression this movie in fact was going to be a horror movie (as many of us thought)expect a huge disappointment; therefore , do not go and pay for this film, it is not worth your money. Perhaps if this movie was displayed as the typical Scary movie series, then this movie would with no doubt receive ten stars. Save your self ten bucks, or watch another movie!
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