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I had so much fun wacthing this
subxerogravity3 August 2022
Rare seeing Brad Pitt in a movie like this but from what I understand the director is a good friend of his. It's an action movie the reads like Smoking Aces. An ensemble cast with a few different stories in it, of which, interestingly enough Brad Pitt's story as a man named Ladybug could be considered just as important as the others despite being the star.

Unlike Smoking Aces, the Bullet Train in itself is a character and a very expensive one that makes it a blockbuster. On top of that the very cool Celebrity Cameos that prove this director makes friends with everyone he works with in Hollywood.

The Japanese back drop was cool not just because I'm an anime fan but because it made the film and the bullet train visual amazing to look at, but Hollywood needs more Japanese actors who can speak English. Hiroyuki Sanada is become the Danny Trejo of the Far East.

Its action packed and its humorous everything I want when watching a movie in theatres.
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Fun, funny and wild
FeastMode3 August 2022
This is a highly entertaining action-comedy that oozes style. It's extremely fun and a bit on the outrageous side, not meant to be taken too seriously. It's filled with funny and memorable moments. The action is awesome, well-shot and clear, which is no surprise coming from the guy who directed John Wick, Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2.

There are a ton of characters and I like them all. The cast does such a great job, especially Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. I remember first seeing Brian Tyree Henry in Atlanta and really enjoying that role. Since then, he has taken on vastly different roles and killed all of them. And I already thought Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a great actor, but the way he completely transforms into his character is remarkable. To the point where you don't see Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Literally. I didn't realize it was him until the credits rolled.

If I had to come up with negatives, I would say it's a bit hectic at times, but not enough to take me out of it. And the story borders on being convoluted, but I was able to follow it all so I'll call it intricate instead.

In the end I had a great time with this movie and would definitely watch it again, although I'll be turning on subtitles since some dialogue was hard to understand in a Snatch kind of way.

EDIT: On second viewing, my negatives disappeared. And a couple things that stood out even more: The music is beastly and Brad Pitt's facial expressions in the reaction shots are priceless. (2 viewings, early screening UltraScreen 8/2/2022, UltraScreen 8/17/2022)
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Fast paced and fun
RubyMouse3 August 2022
If you're fed up of dreary Oscar contenders making points and taking an age to get to them, this is for you. Entertaining, fast paced, action romp with good set pieces and plenty of fun moments.

And to the critics: no, there is no "character development" and yes, the "plot" is not that believable. It's light entertainment not Samuel Beckett.
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Great stylish fun
masonsaul3 August 2022
Even though it goes off the rails with an overblown CG finale Bullet Train is still a total blast from beginning to end thanks to the endless visual style, surprising twists and plenty of gleefully violent and energetically shot/choreographed action set pieces.

Brad Pitt gives a terrific lead performance, completely unafraid to make fun of himself whilst still being a capable action star. The standouts of the film with their perfect chemistry and great humour is Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry.

Hiroyuki Sanada and Andrew Koji are definitely the heart of the film with soulful performances and the most emotional sub-plot that skillfully balance out all the humour and irreverence.

David Leitch's direction is amazing, the film just oozes style with gorgeous lighting, vibrant colours and inventive camera work. The soundtrack is excellent, all the song choices work and never feel like they're trying too hard.
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A relentless two hours of chaos
jtindahouse3 August 2022
I can't remember the last time I saw a film as full on as 'Bullet Train'. It is two hours of relentless action. It's actually a little exhausting to watch (it didn't help that the theatre I saw it in was set to about 30 degrees Celsius - but that's a different matter) - in a good way though.

This is a very stylishly made film. It looks terrific. The acting is great and all the characters are very polished and cool as you would expect in a film about assassins. The train itself is an interesting setting too. It's technically a single-setting film but it never feels like it. The film moves so fast you feel like you are darting from country to country.

I would say the one let down of the film was how little of the humour landed. Time and again there was an obvious attempt at a joke and I just didn't find even a smile coming to my face. There are some laughs along the way, but the hit to miss ratio is way off.

It's a lot of fun this movie though regardless. There are endless cameos and twists and unexpected moments. The film certainly keeps you on your toes. 7/10.
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Style over substance
MUFCOK8 August 2022
I make a point of not watching trailers prior to watching a new film as experience tells me that rather than get me excited to watch a movie, they essentially give me an overly exposed look at a film with key plot points being shown. With this in mind, it was almost impossible to not see parts of trailers for Bullet Train, whether that was on TV or YouTube advertising etc. The marketing campaign for this film is mental, I have seen it everywhere.

The trailer makes the movie look like a massive bloated action piece - Think Nonstop meets Train to Busan. However, having watched a couple of YouTube film reviews, I was pleasantly surprised to see it described as not just a brainless action movie, but more of a dialogue-based film with clever writing and fast paced back and forth. One reviewer compared it to Guy Ritchie's Snatch and the classic Pulp Fiction - Two of my favourite and most watched movies. That was enough for me, I was going to give it a try and I booked a couple of tickets for opening day, something that I don't do very often.

Let's start with the Dialogue. If anything, it just tries too hard, far too hard. Most of the jokes didn't land for me and the delivery of the fast-paced dialogue quite often would not hit the mark. I can't quite but my finger on why that is. Is it simply poor writing? Or is it down to the delivery? Or is it simply that a number of my favourite movies are heavy, witty dialogue-based movies and my expectations were so high based on several reviews, that I just felt disappointed by this? Either way, it didn't really work for me.

As you can imagine, almost all the action scenes involved in this movie were delivered on a train, meaning that the fight scenes needed to be compact and tight. This was delivered better than I expected to be fair and plenty of the action scenes were enjoyable, if not incredibly farfetched.

The characters were relatively varied but were quite generic and cliché. Brad Pitt is essentially the lead actor and probably the best on show. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry (Tangerine and Lemon) were the characters which I was most excited to see, they played the east end cockney gangster/hitmen type characters. Unfortunately, they came across as just trying far too hard and the chemistry between them just wasn't as good as I imagine the director and producers thought it would be. The Thomas the Tank Engine metaphor also got repetitive after the 25th time it was mentioned. The rest of the cast are hit and miss, nothing majorly impressive and nothing majorly terrible. There are some strange cameos, and when I say cameos, I mean cameos. They literally get seconds of screen time.

Overall, Bullet Train was entertaining enough as a popcorn flick and was an inoffensive way of turning my brain off for two hours and relaxing. I do feel that it's a slightly wasted opportunity though as I can see what the director was trying to do, but it just felt flat and missed the mark on quite a few occasions. Style over substance is the best way I would describe it.

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A non stop thrillride
Nagitokomeda3 August 2022
This movie grabs you from the start and doesn't let go. Its an entertaining whirlwind of goofy character after goofy character, and awesome fight after awesome fight. Brad Pitt nails his leading role and everyone else does great.

The visuals of the film are fantastic- soaked in a beautiful neon glow. While soundtrack is fine but not too memorable outside of the film.

Overall, this is a great summer watch.
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Stupid Fun...
jonny_mcclatch3 August 2022
I'll admit i've skewed my rating a bit, i've ranked it so highly rated based on the fact I knew what movie I was buying a ticket for. I'm not rating it highly because it's a modern classic, i'm doing it based on wanting to see a funny and entertaining action movie and in that respect it delivers pretty much everything I went to the cinema for.

The premise of the film is basic, the cast is solid, the characters are excellent including mini side characters. The humour has a few misses but generally it is a pretty funny movie throughout, they also pay off everything that is set up along the way which makes it a satisfying watch. Also if you are yet to see it, stay through the credits as it does tie up one or two of those loose ends.

The slight downside for me, were that the run time does sag a little toward the end but it is over 2 hours long and otherwise moved along at a steady rate.
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Some of the most entertaining exposition I've seen
sarahrayburn3 August 2022
I was not surprised this movie was as good as it was with the strong cast and budget. The humor and story telling were too tier.

The action was easy to follow and there were enough twists and turns that it didn't feel like 2 hours.
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Most fun I've had in a theater all year
cardsrock4 September 2022
Bullet Train is a nonstop thrill ride that delivers some of the most fun I've had watching a film in ages. Don't listen to the critics. This film is a total blast and will leave you wanting to see more from this universe.

Brad Pitt has the effortlessly cool thing down to a T and remains as charismatic as ever here. Taylor-Johnson and Henry are the other obvious standouts. Dripping in style, this film is exactly what I was hoping it would be.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much depth and creativity the story ended up having. There are lots of fun callbacks for viewers who pay close attention as well. The soundtrack has some absolute bangers too that got me pretty hyped at certain key moments.

The film wears its inspirations (Tarantino, Ritchie) on its shoulders, but still manages to carve out its own niche in the action thriller genre.
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Choo Choo!
benwilliams19993 August 2022
A fun and crazy film full of twists and turns, incredibly surprised how this managed to scrape being a 15 UK rating with that amount of swearing and gore but still a fun, Deadpool-esque, film.
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They tried way too hard
latinfineart28 September 2022
This movie is all about style with absolutely no substance, and the direction was truly horrible. The only good film this director has ever delivered was the original John Wick, everything since then has been really bad, including this film. They thought that they could do a Guy Ritchie imitation but Guy Ritchie is Guy Ritchie, and David Lietch is David Leitch unfortunately.

This is a really pathetic film and even Brad Pitt couldn't save it, the cast wasn't bad, though some of the bad guys were more comic book than threatening. The writing was terrible, and the humor just didn't work.

It took itself too seriously in some parts and not seriously enough in others, and it was just a pathetic mishmash of a mess. I wasted my time.
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An Overstuffed Monstrosity
pgeary60013 August 2022
It's clear a film is less than successful when an added scene pops up one or two minutes into the credits, and, rather than pausing to watch, the audience quickly glances up then resumes their escape from the auditorium as quickly as possible.

This film felt like it ran for days on end. It reminded me of a dinner we had in a tourist restaurant in Morocco where the courses kept coming and coming until we began to despair. And yet on it went...just look like this movie.

There was clearly a fair amount of technical talent that went into this turkey, but creative inspiration was noticeably absent. Instead of anything original, the viewer is subjected to an endless stream of sub-Tarantino and sub-Guy Ritchie guff that someone apparently thought was clever. Even cameos from Channing Tatum and a painfully face-lifted Sandra Bullock add zero to the experience.

In sum, this expensive fiasco is like an evening gown that incorporates $10,000 worth of material in a design by a JC Penney junior assistant: gaudy, vulgar and a colossal misfire.
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I had been warned that this Brad Pitt movie was a disappointment and they were right!
imseeg25 September 2022
Another Quentin Tarantino wannabe that failed spectacularly. The ingredients are all to recognizable: a bunch of weird characters, lots of violence, funny soundtrack and lots of flashbacks. But despite all these Tarantino ingredients "Bullet Train" simply hasnt got any movie magic or soul.

The bad: it's not funny. They have TRIED to make it funny, with lots of silly English accents and supposedly silly situations, but I didnt laugh once. Not once.

More bad: it's static. Nothing much happens. Everything takes part in the same setting of the train. That shouldnt have been a problem PROVIDED the characters and the story were strong and interesting. But unfortunately both were NOT interesting at all.

Not any good then? Perhaps best suited for those who are just into a brainless "action" movie with lots of blood shed. Perhaps fans of that will be interested in watching it.

I got bored. Really bored. Why? Because I NEED BELIEVABLE characters and an interesting suspenseful story with true to life dialogues. NONE of that was present. Big DISAPPOINTMENT. I had been warned by many others that "Bullet Train" was a failure and they were absolutely right!
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Overrated fake Quentin Tarantino movie
ajikude28 September 2022
Tries so hard to be a Quentin Tarantino movie but here the acting is mediocre to woody. The action is copied from HK movies, the plot is silly slapstick but problem was it's so predictable.

The gory scenes are funny. There are one or two spots that are laugh out loud for a few seconds but the accents are so bad and the acting is so bad.

The CGI is ok . But the music is overdramatic. Some scenes are illogical and just forced.

It is entertaining if you are stones at home with nothing else to watch then it's OK in that case.

The music is also over the top. Some scenes would be crying boring if it wasn't for the over the top sound effects and music.
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Misfiring disaster wreck of an action flick
wellthatswhatithinkanyway4 September 2022
STAR RATING: ***** Brilliant **** Very Good *** Okay ** Poor * Awful

Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is a renowned assassin, going through a stage of enlightenment and reflection in his life, who wants out of the life. However, he finds himself on another assignment in Tokyo, on a bullet train (hence the title), where he must retrieve a suitcase from a target, being guarded by cockney duo Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry.) Meanwhile, with his son's life in jeopardy, another assassin, Kimura (Andrew Koji) boards the train, and falls under the charge of angel faced killer Prince (Joey King.) It all builds to a climactic showdown with the notorious gangster White Death (Michael Shannon), who holds the key to it all.

Arriving with a flurry of late stage publicity, but weirdly no press screenings in the UK, word of mouth lead to a shoot of success for David Leitch's star studded action adventure romp, swiftly sending it up the box office charts. But a mix of good and bad reactions ensued, and with a dearth of other new releases opening up, little else was left for the average filmgoer to go and see. And so, I was left to go and observe the impending train wreck for myself. And the results, on an individual level, sadly really failed badly.

Director David Leitch seems to have watched every Quentin Tarantino/Guy Ritchie film back to back (especially the Kill Bill films) and appears to have dreamed up his own awkward, desperate wannabe tribute to those films, but has just conjured up an annoyingly see through and unsuccessful mess, with dialogue (most notably a continuous, truly grating thread involving Thomas the Tank Engine!) and lingering slo-mo shots that would make his two most obvious inspirations blush. It would have helped if the script was a little better written, but it's just a disjointed, incoherent effort, employing the over-exposed 'reverse plotting' trend so popular today, and by the end truly beginning to drag on.

It thinks it's funny. It isn't. It thinks it's clever. It's not. It thinks it's cool. And it's not. It's just a desperate, juddering see through imitation of a film it's impossible to be in the mood for. *
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Paid reviews? Because this was not good
greggman19 September 2022
I love good action movies. I have 100s. I saw the trailer back in May and it looked fun. I saw it rated 7.5 on IMDB (Sept 18 2022) so a friend and I went to see it. And ........ It does NOT work.

I'm a huge action movie nerd. I love Brad Pitt, love Andrew Koji from The Warrior.

It seemingly has all the elements. Tons of stars, cool setting, all kinds of switch ups, etc... It had all the ingredients but it just didn't deliver. Something was off.

To put it another way it's like making food. If you just put in something of everything you like you'll get something that's tasteless because the various things either don't go together or cancel each other out. A sandwich with 4-6 ingredients is almost always better than one with 50.

Many of the reviews feel bought. I'm not saying everyone has to agree with me but there's something about the way they're written that doesn't match the reviews on other movies. I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Too many references to stars and their history? Too many references to obscure movies?
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Tries way too hard . Another Hollywood Fail
louieshowers22 August 2022
Lots of blood and luke warm forced comedy. Tries so hard to be a legendary film and fails on multiple levels. Tangerine and lemon do not convince me that they're capable of killing anything other than believability. So many unrealistic cutesy scenes and dialogue. The plot is overly complicated and tries desperately to rival a Tarantino film. Dumb character names and poor plot. Can we please start making real , innovative films again? Lastly,that female tween villain is totally a miss as far as casting.
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If this was from Tarantino .....
ralphhelm-6974528 September 2022
I am going to write a certainly unpopular opinion: I was bored watching this. You certainly wonder now how this is possible with all these great ratings? Well, let me try to explain:

I felt it was a pinch of Pulp Fiction with each character having an "origin story" which lead to the finale. We had a grain of Reservoir Dogs with the made-up names. There was a drop of Kill Bill with the asian background, the revenge theme (for certains), the Yakuza and the fights. But there were quite a few other influences, too. For example Smoking Aces and Shoot'em Up for their crazy non-sense action.

Still I thought it was boring. Hollywood these days is so out of ideas and uninspired and many writers think of themselves at the same level as for example Chrichton, Clancy .... or Tolkien (wink wink, nudge nuge, say no more) yet it becomes obvious they lack the same talent. Here the dialogues were supposed to be funny, but Hollywood is churning out one remake/reboot/update/modernized version/clone/plagiarism etc at a ludicrous pace that the customer - that's us - is getting fat, uninterested, bored, underwhelmed and it takes much more to get the praise these movie companies think they automatically deserve.

"Consume and root for our product ... until our next product."

Sorry, this movie lacked (for me) everything the aforementioned movies have, so no, this wasn't for me "the blockbuster" so many people make it out to be. And no problem at all if you enjoyed it ;)
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penofinspiratin26 September 2022
I dont know which version of this junk did people watch to rate it 10 1st if all the briish accent was off, everything is a joke you dont even get it if the violence is real per se or just a joke.

People die, steal & destroy property & no one even cares.

This junk serves as an animated tv screen while you scroll through your phone, I'm glad I didn't even waste a dime on this garbage.

Whoever wrote this movie was high on from potent mushrooms & how it became a blockbuster is a conspiracy theory ill never solve

Save yourself & stay as far away as possible from this mumbo jumbo.

Hate how I need six hundred words to explain this junk.
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Bullet Train is a fast pace thrill ride
colewaters3 August 2022
Bullet Train is definitely one of the most thrilling movies that I have seen this year so far. Brad Pitt, Joey King, Bad Bunny and Aaron Taylor-Johnson absolutely kill it in this movie. From start to end you will be on the edge of your seat. It's also very funny

If I had any negatives with the film it would be the language just way too much. Other then that fantastic flawless movie.
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Destination Unknown
Xstal29 September 2022
The opposite of the Orient Express, leaves Tokyo Central packed full of excess, a veritable carriage of fruits of all kinds, who's psychotic nature helps them to unwind, with pistols and knives this journey just thrives, most occasionally passengers, pay with their lives, as the train snakes around and its venom is cast, the destination defined by their fate and their past.

It's a crazy tale that could be described as Tarantino Lite, chugs along at a fair old pace, the dialogue and the characters keep it on the rails (most of the time), although you need several pinches of salt and to suspend your disbelief, but at the end of the day, if you want a well-made, mindless action adventure that's as forgettable as the last time you saw a ladybird or ate a tangerine, then why not.
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A Tarantino Try Hard
tmoser14343 August 2022
When Bullet Train is not trying to be a Tarantino rip-off or trying to cram eight separate movies into one, it can be an enjoyable ride. However, this is not the case most of the movie, getting derailed by the third act due to a mess of a story.
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If you dont enjoy this film you need to check your sense of humor and SERIOUSLY get an attitude adjustment FRICKING PHENOMENAL FILM!!
joiningjt12 August 2022
1st off I actually was told at the theater there was people that received their money back because it was to violent so they left SERIOUSLY these are probably the same morons who give that scumbag OVERRATED Tarantino 10s on all his vulgar violent films. This film is our favorite genre ACTION COMEDY!! Brad shows this is his groove he is so funny I wish he would do more any time he adds humor to his roles it's a home run I mean 12 monkeys was oscar worthy fight club I could go on and on but this film is great not just brad the whole cast is brilliant. Love the dialogue the action scenes just the right amount not over the top not super violent or vulgar like a Tarantino film its action done right. So if you want to go have an absolute blast and be ENTERTAINED for 2 short hours go right now!! Also phenomenal cameos from top stars who also understand the importance of humor. Man oh man that was FUN . . BRAVO to the WHOLE cast and crew.... BRILLIANT!!!
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Garbage movie
petercarlsson-9229727 September 2022
What a train wreck! Extreme violence every five minutes trying to be funny, but are just repulsing. Uninteresting and fake people trying to be cool, and not succeeding. Bad and over written dialogue that goes nowhere and makes no sense.

All the locations including the train are just flashing by, there's no real sense of grounding, or being there. I felt that this movie was around 15 years to late. Maybe some of it could have worked then, but now - it just feels like - nothing. Just a big waste of time and money.

I understand that Brad Pit gets a lot of money for doing this film, but please man, have some dignity! You're a good actor, choose good roles. Please.
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