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Fun, funny and wild
FeastMode3 August 2022
This is a highly entertaining action-comedy that oozes style. It's extremely fun and a bit on the outrageous side, not meant to be taken too seriously. It's filled with funny and memorable moments. The action is awesome, well-shot and clear, which is no surprise coming from the guy who directed John Wick, Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2.

There are a ton of characters and I like them all. The cast does such a great job, especially Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. I remember first seeing Brian Tyree Henry in Atlanta and really enjoying that role. Since then, he has taken on vastly different roles and killed all of them. And I already thought Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a great actor, but the way he completely transforms into his character is remarkable. To the point where you don't see Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Literally, I didn't realize it was him until the credits rolled.

If I had to come up with negatives, I would say it's a bit hectic at times, but not enough to take me out of it. And the story borders on being convoluted, but I was able to follow it all so I'll call it intricate instead.

In the end I had a great time with this movie and would definitely watch it again, although I'll be turning on subtitles since some dialogue was hard to understand in a Snatch kind of way. (1 viewing, early screening UltraScreen 8/2/2022)
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I had so much fun wacthing this
subxerogravity3 August 2022
Rare seeing Brad Pitt in a movie like this but from what I understand the director is a good friend of his. It's an action movie the reads like Smoking Aces. An ensemble cast with a few different stories in it, of which, interestingly enough Brad Pitt's story as a man named Ladybug could be considered just as important as the others despite being the star.

Unlike Smoking Aces, the Bullet Train in itself is a character and a very expensive one that makes it a blockbuster. On top of that the very cool Celebrity Cameos that prove this director makes friends with everyone he works with in Hollywood.

The Japanese back drop was cool not just because I'm an anime fan but because it made the film and the bullet train visual amazing to look at, but Hollywood needs more Japanese actors who can speak English. Hiroyuki Sanada is become the Danny Trejo of the Far East.

Its action packed and its humorous everything I want when watching a movie in theatres.
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The water bottle.
AfricanBro3 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Was excited heading into this because it's the first movie I watched on early release. Tried to avoid spoilers so assumed it was going to be Japanese/Korean just because I kept thinking of Train to Busan when I heard the title.

Anyway, it was pretty decent, the actors performances are great all around, it wasn't just Brad Pitt doing most of the heavy lifting. A lot of star cameo's; standout for me was Channing Tatum, felt tit-for-tat after Brad's cameo in The lost City. I was also glad to hear Kimiko from the boys finally speak lol. The comic scenes and action were great, I liked how they were mostly in short bursts and quick. Directed by the same person who did Deadpool, John wick, Hobbs & Shaw... liked that it had the same level of action but as frivolous as Hobbs & Shaw. I was a bit dubious about Joey King taking a lead role because I often think of her as someone in cheesy Netflix teen romcoms but she did alright.

I was curious as to see what interesting plot it'd have if everything takes place on one train ride, but Snowpiercer and Busanhaeng did it, why not this. They tried to make a big deal out of "fate" but really the movie is just a rather star-studded cast, most don't get long but had fun with the little time they have. So if you're to enjoy it, watch it to have fun, not to get meaning from it.

I did feel like some scenes were a tad bit too long especially in the first half, and it wasn't exactly predictable but it did lack some suspense. You know everyone on the train's somehow connected so the stories will merge in the end but you didn't know how it'd get there, yet still no suspense. I don't think it's a mind-blowing film but it did what it was trying to do. Also felt like a fun spaghetti western on a Japanese train. They tried to give the characters some depth but it wasn't much, the plot's sometimes weak and that's irrelevant because it's not what the movie is for. Not something to make sense of, it's just one of those nonsensical fun action films that appeal to the part of your brain that likes seeing things blow up or car chases to get your heart pumped. Also stay around for the post credits right after.
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Fast paced and fun
RubyMouse3 August 2022
If you're fed up of dreary Oscar contenders making points and taking an age to get to them, this is for you. Entertaining, fast paced, action romp with good set pieces and plenty of fun moments.

And to the critics: no, there is no "character development" and yes, the "plot" is not that believable. It's light entertainment not Samuel Beckett.
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Great stylish fun
masonsaul3 August 2022
Even though it goes off the rails with an overblown CG finale Bullet Train is still a total blast from beginning to end thanks to the endless visual style, surprising twists and plenty of gleefully violent and energetically shot/choreographed action set pieces.

Brad Pitt gives a terrific lead performance, completely unafraid to make fun of himself whilst still being a capable action star. The standouts of the film with their perfect chemistry and great humour is Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry.

Hiroyuki Sanada and Andrew Koji are definitely the heart of the film with soulful performances and the most emotional sub-plot that skillfully balance out all the humour and irreverence.

David Leitch's direction is amazing, the film just oozes style with gorgeous lighting, vibrant colours and inventive camera work. The soundtrack is excellent, all the song choices work and never feel like they're trying too hard.
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Stupid Fun...
jonny_mcclatch3 August 2022
I'll admit i've skewed my rating a bit, i've ranked it so highly rated based on the fact I knew what movie I was buying a ticket for. I'm not rating it highly because it's a modern classic, i'm doing it based on wanting to see a funny and entertaining action movie and in that respect it delivers pretty much everything I went to the cinema for.

The premise of the film is basic, the cast is solid, the characters are excellent including mini side characters. The humour has a few misses but generally it is a pretty funny movie throughout, they also pay off everything that is set up along the way which makes it a satisfying watch. Also if you are yet to see it, stay through the credits as it does tie up one or two of those loose ends.

The slight downside for me, were that the run time does sag a little toward the end but it is over 2 hours long and otherwise moved along at a steady rate.
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A non stop thrillride
Nagitokomeda3 August 2022
This movie grabs you from the start and doesn't let go. Its an entertaining whirlwind of goofy character after goofy character, and awesome fight after awesome fight. Brad Pitt nails his leading role and everyone else does great.

The visuals of the film are fantastic- soaked in a beautiful neon glow. While soundtrack is fine but not too memorable outside of the film.

Overall, this is a great summer watch.
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Style over substance
MUFCOK8 August 2022
I make a point of not watching trailers prior to watching a new film as experience tells me that rather than get me excited to watch a movie, they essentially give me an overly exposed look at a film with key plot points being shown. With this in mind, it was almost impossible to not see parts of trailers for Bullet Train, whether that was on TV or YouTube advertising etc. The marketing campaign for this film is mental, I have seen it everywhere.

The trailer makes the movie look like a massive bloated action piece - Think Nonstop meets Train to Busan. However, having watched a couple of YouTube film reviews, I was pleasantly surprised to see it described as not just a brainless action movie, but more of a dialogue-based film with clever writing and fast paced back and forth. One reviewer compared it to Guy Ritchie's Snatch and the classic Pulp Fiction - Two of my favourite and most watched movies. That was enough for me, I was going to give it a try and I booked a couple of tickets for opening day, something that I don't do very often.

Let's start with the Dialogue. If anything, it just tries too hard, far too hard. Most of the jokes didn't land for me and the delivery of the fast-paced dialogue quite often would not hit the mark. I can't quite but my finger on why that is. Is it simply poor writing? Or is it down to the delivery? Or is it simply that a number of my favourite movies are heavy, witty dialogue-based movies and my expectations were so high based on several reviews, that I just felt disappointed by this? Either way, it didn't really work for me.

As you can imagine, almost all the action scenes involved in this movie were delivered on a train, meaning that the fight scenes needed to be compact and tight. This was delivered better than I expected to be fair and plenty of the action scenes were enjoyable, if not incredibly farfetched.

The characters were relatively varied but were quite generic and cliché. Brad Pitt is essentially the lead actor and probably the best on show. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry (Tangerine and Lemon) were the characters which I was most excited to see, they played the east end cockney gangster/hitmen type characters. Unfortunately, they came across as just trying far too hard and the chemistry between them just wasn't as good as I imagine the director and producers thought it would be. The Thomas the Tank Engine metaphor also got repetitive after the 25th time it was mentioned. The rest of the cast are hit and miss, nothing majorly impressive and nothing majorly terrible. There are some strange cameos, and when I say cameos, I mean cameos. They literally get seconds of screen time.

Overall, Bullet Train was entertaining enough as a popcorn flick and was an inoffensive way of turning my brain off for two hours and relaxing. I do feel that it's a slightly wasted opportunity though as I can see what the director was trying to do, but it just felt flat and missed the mark on quite a few occasions. Style over substance is the best way I would describe it.

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It all makes sense now
MatthewMichaelHoffman3 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
SCORE: 10/10

That was one of the craziest things I have ever seen and it all makes sense now. I always tell people that Deadpool 2 is the movie I point at to describe what I love in a movie. The same guy who directed Deadpool 2 directed this, David Leitch, and he is an absolute genius. This movie was a never ending plot twist masterpiece combined with top tier comedy, fun, action, and even some unexpected cameos. After seeing the trailer, I knew this was going to be a fun movie, but I didn't imagine I would enjoy it as much as I did.

The success of this movie can be directly attributed to both a great story and amazing acting all around. The entire cast did such a great job that I really can't single out one person for carrying this movie. Just like in Deadpool 2, there were multiple points at which the story could've ended and I would've been satisfied, but it just kept getting better and better and better. I still feel some type of way about Tangerine dying after Lemon and The Elder's son came back to life. Other than that, this movie was perfect.

The way that this story was told was so creative and impressive, especially since they were able to tell it for pretty much the entire movie being in one location. The title cards when introducing characters was awesome and it found a way to be funny without being silly. A silly movie sometimes takes away from the rest of the story, but a majority of the humor was well timed, well executed, and consistent. The plot twists were insane and I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen while waiting to see what would happen next. And yes, Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum sure did contribute to this perfect score.
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Excellent entertainment. Very funny.
Aatchoum4 August 2022
And yet so many low rates among the commentators despite excellent direction, script and dialogue and very good acting. Too bad for those many sad and depressed people with very poor sense of humor.
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Some of the most entertaining exposition I've seen
sarahrayburn3 August 2022
I was not surprised this movie was as good as it was with the strong cast and budget. The humor and story telling were too tier.

The action was easy to follow and there were enough twists and turns that it didn't feel like 2 hours.
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Totally worth a ride on the bullet train
ThereelscoopwithKK10 August 2022
This movie is a ton of fun and out of control in a good way. Not usually a fan of Brad Pitt, but I think he does a fantastic job in this role. He's very convincing as a man that's just cursed with bad luck and has some fantastic one liners and questions throughout.

It's not a movie that's meant to be taken seriously, but it does still offer a complex intricate story in a way. Amidst all of the dramatic and ridiculous fight scenes you're still tasked with trying to figure out who's pulling all of the strings and wondering how it's all going to play out.

At times some of the scenes may drag out a little bit, but it's probably for the best so that it gives you a bit of time to process everything going on as well as recover from all of the the gruesome deaths that are frequently taking place.

Definitely a solid summer comedic action movie as the summer season begins to "die down" (pun intended).
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A relentless two hours of chaos
jtindahouse3 August 2022
I can't remember the last time I saw a film as full on as 'Bullet Train'. It is two hours of relentless action. It's actually a little exhausting to watch (it didn't help that the theatre I saw it in was set to about 30 degrees Celsius - but that's a different matter) - in a good way though.

This is a very stylishly made film. It looks terrific. The acting is great and all the characters are very polished and cool as you would expect in a film about assassins. The train itself is an interesting setting too. It's technically a single-setting film but it never feels like it. The film moves so fast you feel like you are darting from country to country.

I would say the one let down of the film was how little of the humour landed. Time and again there was an obvious attempt at a joke and I just didn't find even a smile coming to my face. There are some laughs along the way, but the hit to miss ratio is way off.

It's a lot of fun this movie though regardless. There are endless cameos and twists and unexpected moments. The film certainly keeps you on your toes. 7/10.
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Brad Pitt is back at it again..
fajarlegend3 August 2022
A highly compelling action thriller, Brad Pitt stars as assassin Ladybug on the lookout for a stashed briefcase whilst in the hot trail of 5 other assassins on a rapidly moving train. A solidly entertaining thriller film, with it's humorous dialogue and quirky characters smoothly riding alongside it's fast paced fighting sequences. A well anticipated movie which has to be one of my favourites of 2022.
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Choo Choo!
benwilliams19993 August 2022
A fun and crazy film full of twists and turns, incredibly surprised how this managed to scrape being a 15 UK rating with that amount of swearing and gore but still a fun, Deadpool-esque, film.
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das-214705 August 2022
This movie is so so wild hahaha! I knew that the movie is going to be a thrill ever since I saw the trailer and I was absolutely right! Loved every minute of it.
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MadamWarden4 August 2022
A sensational little fast moving cigar tube of laughs. Great characters, fun script and terrific action. Oh and twisty twisted plot.

Pitt gets to play out his fantastic cameo from the pathetic Lost City. This movie gets the Bullock/Tatum/Pitt balance right and hence is a roaring success.
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Fantastic story
dassagar-252475 August 2022
I don't know why but the movie just looked insanely fun ever since I saw the trailer. I've already watched the movie twice now, that's just how much I enjoyed it!!!
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Bullet Train is a fast pace thrill ride
colewaters3 August 2022
Bullet Train is definitely one of the most thrilling movies that I have seen this year so far. Brad Pitt, Joey King, Bad Bunny and Aaron Taylor-Johnson absolutely kill it in this movie. From start to end you will be on the edge of your seat. It's also very funny

If I had any negatives with the film it would be the language just way too much. Other then that fantastic flawless movie.
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An Overstuffed Monstrosity
pgeary60013 August 2022
It's clear a film is less than successful when an added scene pops up one or two minutes into the credits, and, rather than pausing to watch, the audience quickly glances up then resumes their escape from the auditorium as quickly as possible.

This film felt like it ran for days on end. It reminded me of a dinner we had in a tourist restaurant in Morocco where the courses kept coming and coming until we began to despair. And yet on it went...just look like this movie.

There was clearly a fair amount of technical talent that went into this turkey, but creative inspiration was noticeably absent. Instead of anything original, the viewer is subjected to an endless stream of sub-Tarantino and sub-Guy Ritchie guff that someone apparently thought was clever. Even cameos from Channing Tatum and a painfully face-lifted Sandra Bullock add zero to the experience.

In sum, this expensive fiasco is like an evening gown that incorporates $10,000 worth of material in a design by a JC Penney junior assistant: gaudy, vulgar and a colossal misfire.
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Non stop fast paced action on the rail!
blanbrn6 August 2022
Brad Pitt has certainly came a long way and became a big ticket popcorn movie selling blockbuster star. This latest action comedy like parody called "Bullet Train" is action at a fast pace on a high speed rail track, it's certainly not like riding "Amtrak"! Set in Japan, Pitt plays a hired assassin who hops on the train in Tokyo looking for a certain briefcase. Soon this holds something in common with other assassins on board too! The twist and action never lets up plenty of fists and fighting! The cast rounds out well also with Aaron Taylor Johnson and Michael Shannon. Overall nothing great still the action and scenes are fun and entertaining an okay watch for a summer action flick.
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A wild and bloody ride
The first trailer for this film is an examination of what makes a good film advertisement: it's funny, exciting and doesn't reveal too much. In short, it gets you hooked.

The plot is complex, but not convoluted. No, it is positively intelligible. I loved the way it was slowly resolved. The premise itself, while not original, makes for some impressive and masterfully directed action scenes.

Visually, I think the film has some impressive shots to offer. Particularly those that illustrate the plot of the Japanese players. The explicit but intelligent storytelling that emanates from the visuals is also remarkable.

I loved the musical choices in this film, as they perfectly underscore certain scenes.

The humour is not always hit and miss but it is very funny.

There are only two elements of this film that I feel should be addressed. Firstly, the excessively gory violence at times. Secondly and finally, from a logical point of view, the fact that the events and fights that take place on the train are barely noticed by the other passengers.

In summary, this enjoyable and energetic film offers a well-constructed plot with neat visuals, songs and masterful action.

It's more then a bland action-in-a-train film.
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A Tarantino Try Hard
tmoser14343 August 2022
When Bullet Train is not trying to be a Tarantino rip-off or trying to cram eight separate movies into one, it can be an enjoyable ride. However, this is not the case most of the movie, getting derailed by the third act due to a mess of a story.
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Brad saves the day and the movie
ferguson-64 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Greetings again from the darkness. If you are one that still needs proof that movie stars matter, this latest from director David Leitch (a former stuntman who also directed ATOMIC BLONDE, 2017) and screenwriter Zak Olkewicz (adapted from Kotaro Isaka's 2010 novel, "Maria Beetle") may be submitted as evidence. Replace Brad Pitt with almost any other actor, and this one becomes borderline unwatchable. However, with the Oscar winner, there is sufficient charm, humor, and entertainment to keep us around for the more than two hour run time.

Mr. Pitt stars as Ladybug, a floppy bucket hat wearing last minute fill-in for an assassin who called in sick. His handler (voiced by Oscar winner Sandra Bullock) walks him through what is supposed to be a simple snatch and grab job involving a briefcase. Of course, it turns out to be anything but simple as the train is filled with what seems to be an endless stream of contract killers intent on securing the same briefcase. Among those are Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry). Mr. Taylor-Johnson continues his tradition of over-acting and lacking the charm he believes he has, while Mr. Henry's obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine at least gives his character a reason for us to be annoyed. The two are referred to as British brothers or even 'twins', which gives you some idea of what the film wants you to buy as humor.

A slew of other characters include Joey King as Prince, the "Shibumi" reading type who pushes a kid off a roof, and then uses her skill of crying-on-demand to escape most danger; Andrew Koji as Kimura, that kid's distraught father; Hiroyuki Sanada as Kimura's father; Zazie Beetz as The Hornet; rapper Bad Bunny as Wolf; Logan Lerman as the son of a Russian gangster, and Lerman spends much of the movie auditioning for the title character in "Weekend at Bernie's"; and Michael Shannon as said Russian gangster, White Death. Beyond all of these highly recognizable folks, we also get two very high-profile cameos, both used for comic effect.

In between the one-minute stops on the trip from Tokyo to Kyoto, there is an abundance of fighting - comical, rapidly-paced, and violent - using such available props as the features on a smart toilet, knives, guns, swords, poison, bombs, and a venomous (incorrectly labeled as poisonous in the movie) Boomslang snake. Since most of the action takes place on the train, we get action in passenger cars, the galley, the lounge, the control booth, and even on top of the speeding train.

It's Pitt's character who keeps us interested, and the movie drags when he is off screen. Ladybug is a skilled improvisational fighter, although his recent personal growth through therapy has him eschewing guns, dwelling on his inherent bad luck, and reciting affirmations and wisdoms, when he can remember them. Mostly, by golly, he just wants to be a nicer person (quite a short trip for a contract killer). This chaos and spontaneous convention of bad players were all part of White Death's plan, which is revealed late in the film.

It appears director Leitch (a former renowned stuntman) worked diligently to create a new form of zany by blending Guy Ritchie's best work with Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films, and then adding a dash of 'who-done-what-to-whom?" Instead, with the near slapstick action and goofy dialogue, it plays more like a modern day CANNONBALL RUN, which was also directed by a former stuntman (the legendary Hal Needham). As a bonus, we also get the Japanese version of "Stayin' Alive", replete with Brad Pitt strutting through Tokyo in tennis shoes.

Opens in theaters on August 5, 2022.
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Say Thomas the Tank Engine again. I dare you. I double dare you.
BA_Harrison13 August 2022
Brad Pitt plays assassin Ladybug, who has recently reassessed his lifestyle, returning to work with a supposedly simple gig: retrieve a suitcase from the bullet train. Unsurprisingly, things don't go quite as planned, with several other top assassins on board the train, their missions bringing them into conflict with each other.

As a mindless popcorn movie, Bullet Train is entertaining enough, but for the first few stops, I had serious doubts. The film felt like it was trying way too hard to be cool and quirky, with a lot of the dialogue feeling very forced, such as hitman duo Lemon and Tangerine's Thomas the Tank Engine banter. It just didn't feel natural and wasn't as clever or amusing as the writer clearly thought it was (and they obviously thought the Thomas stuff was something special, 'cos they repeat it an awful lot!). The first half of the film feels like something from the late 90s/early 2000s - a bit Tarantino, a little Robert Rodriguez, with a smidge of Guy Ritchie - only it's not Tarantino, Rodriguez or Ritchie at their best.

Thankfully, as the film speeds closer and closer to its destination, and the action ramps up, it gets a lot more enjoyable, director David Leitch gradually pulling all of the different plot threads together, fate, luck, coincidence, and karma all playing their part. Plus, it gets mega violent towards the end, with gory death scenes that make one wonder what a film has to do these days in order to get an 18 rating (how times have changed).

6.5/10, generously rounded up to 7.
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