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Brad Pitt: Ladybug



  • [Ladybug and Tangerine are in the middle of a fight when a hostess enters the room. They both immediately stop fighting. The hostess offers them snacks and beverages in her native language] 

    Tangerine : Oh, no thank you.

    Ladybug : You know what? Do you have anything sparkling?

    [She hands him a bottle of sparkling water] 

    Ladybug : That's it. That's the one. Thank you. Domo arigato.

    [the hostess leaves. Ladybug takes a sip from the bottle] 

    Ladybug : [to Tangerine]  Sure you don't wanna talk this out?

    Tangerine : Not particularly, no.

    Ladybug : Ah, okay.

    [Ladybug hurls the bottle at Tangerine] 

  • Wolf : [angrily]  I am going to ruin your life the way you ruined mine!

    Ladybug : [panicking]  Dude, I don't even know you!

  • Maria Beetle : [over the phone]  Talk to me.

    Ladybug : I am ready. You are getting the new, improved me. Because if you put peace out in the world, you get peace back.

    Maria Beetle : I think you might be forgetting what you do for a living. Take the gun.

    Ladybug : Every job I do, somebody dies. I'm not that guy anymore.

    Maria Beetle : Some conflicts require a gun.

    Ladybug : Okay. What am I snatching and/or grabbing?

    Maria Beetle : A briefcase. You said you wanted simple for your first job back. Doesn't get simpler.

    Ladybug : There's nothing simple about this job!

    Maria Beetle : There's something else going on here.

    Ladybug : Yeah, I'm not the only one on this train looking for this case.

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