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The TV show format time forgot
sebpopcorn18 May 2009
Back in the mists of time there lived a type of television show that looks positively prehistoric to the modern audience. These shows represented animals as being like people. "Oh there goes Mr Beaver off to work at his dam, and here comes Mrs Beaver to make sure he hasn't forgotten his lunch."

This show is like those old dinosaurs. One dinosaur killing a female dinosaur is described as a "crime" and "domestic incident", for goodness sake! There's a lot of talk of crime scenes, murder and the like almost as though the producers would rather have been turning out a documentary about strangled hookers or something rather than dinosaurs.

You get a few scientists presenting their latest theories as solid fact whereas they are often conjecture or simply the most fashionable theory of the moment. There's plenty that isn't known about dinosaurs but the show doesn't give that impression at all. Everything is repeated again and again and I don't just mean in the way all shows do these days because of the advert breaks. No you'll have to hear the same information repeated over and over again as though they assume you are thick or they just didn't have enough material to fill the running time.

This is about as poor and tacky as the title suggests, but the CGI at least looks OK. Since this show has no real interest in dinosaurs beyond them being "cool at fighting" it's hardly a surprise that many of the dinosaurs featured have no association with the Jurassic period whatsoever. This could have been solved by calling it "dinosaur fight club" or something but they know most viewers will only care about seeing some fighting monsters. One final moan, if you are going to have an episode where the word Madagascar is said about once every two minutes it might be a good idea to check the host can actually pronounce it before filming starts because there's no place called Maddy Gas Car.
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Enjoy watching the dinosaurs, but please plug your ears...
PjofBumblebee20 November 2010
A sad show where what are often presented leading minds in their respective fields talk about wild hypothesis and theories rarely saying it could all be a "maybe", often boasting them with a "it's now believed" when it's not and pretending to understand everything from just a few clues (nearly everything is a "know" and not a "could be"). It's disgusting to see how they show no respect for science whatsoever, they don't even think about the fact that they are talking to people who don't have any kind of real knowledge about these subjects and could take everything they say as pure gold.

The CG isn't bad at all compared to other dinosaur shows (I refuse to describe them as documentaries) and the animations are kind of good too. In the end... since there is a huge lack of serious dinosaur shows and documentaries out there I forced myself to watch this as long as I could see decent CG reconstructions of dinosaurs. I also liked the few reliable informations they gave (even if I still have to double check them...).

If you want to watch this just please keep in mind that this isn't something to take too seriously... the science in it is forced and "Dinosaur George" should go study some more for the sake of the people that believe everything he says...

P.S. Why every time I watch an American show/documentary about these animals they only use superlatives to describe them? Everything must be the BIGGEST! STRONGEST! THE MOST EVIL! THE MOST FEROCIOUS! even when they are not...
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unrealized potential
agentyoung00714 September 2010
This show has a very interesting idea, but unfortunately, its potential was not fully realized. Dinosaurs fascinate most people because they are shrouded in mystery. The CGI reconstruction of the fight scenes are very well done, even though there might be inaccurate in some cases, but in my opinion, that's part of the fun, the fact that you can play with the presentation a bit.

On the other hand, despite the good idea and great CGI rendering, the show's major problem is it's time. The show has 45 minute long episodes and it is very repetitive. The announcer and paleontology experts repeat the facts many times, and you can't help but feel that they think you're dumb. I think this show would of worked better in a 25-30 minute time-frame, giving the great feeling and graphics, but wouldn't be repetitive and boring.
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Terrible, awesomebro documentary
tyrantlizardthad20 February 2019
Please, don't waste your time. Just go watch Walking with Dinosaurs. If you've already watched it, rewatch it. This series basically just craps all over scientific accuracy. Sure, Walking with Dinosaurs made it's mistakes, but almost nothing here is accurate, as the dinosaurs are portrayed as vicious monsters practically thirsty for blood, always roaring and ripping each other apart when most of the time it's nonsensical (while Walking with Dinosaurs actually portrayed them as the real animals they are and the science was cutting edge for the time, while here, this series was inaccurate when it aired). Most of the fights don't make any sense and are not scientific, only made to appease action junkies rather then show how dinosaurs actually lived. It claims to be like a Dinosaur CSI where it shows actual situations shown with fossils, but these are highly exaggerated. The fights are much more violent and action-packed then what actually happened. It's like comparing actual human fights to the fights in the Mortal Kombat games. It's portrayal of dromaeosaurs (Deinonychus and Dromaeosaurus) is particularly horrendous, basically ripping off Jurassic Park instead of showing the beautiful creatures they actually were. The only episode that's actually pretty cool and that I would recommend is Deep Sea Killers, the only reason I'm giving this series two stars. But every other episode is a steaming pile of garbage that should be avoided if you want to learn anything.
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A Great show
joeydrawz6 December 2008
I have been Fasinated with Dinosurs since i was a kid and this show peek my interest since i heard about it and its F***ING Awesome!! Its very brutal but it was brutal time so Soccer moms keep kids away. Eather way great show am one of my favorites Its very Informational and it always peaks my interest maybe it will peak yours check your listings and its a very great show and it is very hard to put to words its just a great show. Im having trouble putting it to words its just great. i love it i think you will love it too I'm am dead serious this is a cant miss WATCH IT!!!

10 out of 10
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