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Season 4

1 Sep. 2011
Episode #4.1
In the aftermath of the assassin of the federal Minister of Police, Kerry is promoted to a task force where she must deal with her political appointee boss, while the TR unit copes with their new supervisor during Kerry's absence.
1 Sep. 2011
Episode #4.2
Shannon is raped by an unidentified old friend but she refuses to talk to anyone, including Lawson, about it. When asked to transport Lexi, the girlfriend of Joe Hadden, to collect his owed money for the assignation of the Police Minister she buckles and advises Lexi to leave which causes conflict between her, Lawson, Kerry and Charlie. Meanwhile, Leon's niece Amber interviews for the job of his assistant and is hired by Kerry.
8 Sep. 2011
Episode #4.3
Shannon is ordered by Kerry to see a police counselor who manages to get Shannon to talk privately about her ordeal. Shannon is allowed back to work and insists in accompanying Lexi to get Joe's fee now that Joe has been killed in prison. Tactical Response are successful in capturing two of the men but later Lexi refuses police protection and goes to collect money on her own and is shot in the neck.
15 Sep. 2011
Episode #4.4
Josh and Lawson go out to bait the Marauder bikies and which will likely bite them in the bum once Charlie finds out. Meanwhile, Stella assists a journalist who's life could be in danger.
22 Sep. 2011
Episode #4.5
Stella becomes involved with investigative journalist Cleo Temple who has uncovered a link between Col Rainey and the waterfront controversy. Kerry is threatened but ignores the thread until her son James is assaulted. Kerry orders the take-down of Col Rainey at his restaurant against Charlie's wishes but has to abort mission when Michael turns up undercover at the same venue. Later, a bloodied Michael turns up at Josh's door.
29 Sep. 2011
Episode #4.6
Michael Sandrelli has been a busy man since being fired from TR. Thanks to the squad's head honcho Kerry, he's now undercover, and his job is to bring down a family of cocaine importers.
6 Oct. 2011
Episode #4.7
Joshua takes leave to go after the Russians, while the team is tracking down explosives.
20 Oct. 2011
Episode #4.9
With help of Rainey, the team looks for the Russians who are transporting explosives and keeping Urie hostage. Joshua takes leave to go after the person he believes shot Michael.
27 Oct. 2011
Episode #4.10
Josh's car turns up burnt out with a dead body in the back. Is it Josh? Lawson goes to Tashes house to tell her the news, she cries he comforts her and Tash kisses Lawson. Lawson spends the night, did they do the unthinkable? Lawson world is crumbling at first he doesn't respond to his team then when he does and meet up with them Shannon figures out something happened between Lawson and Tash, Lawson doesn't deny anything. The team are searching for one of the Russian's that has been trafficking drugs, weapons, mostly likely has a bomb somewhere and that are the cause ...
17 Nov. 2011
Episode #4.13
The city of Melbourne is evacuated as police try to defuse the bomb.

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