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  • A dying boatswain's mate, 26, staggers into a woodland; Gibbs and company investigate. The victim has just become involved in a single-car crash; however, his car bears evidence of gunfire directed at the car, and his body bears injuries apparently from both a recent beating and previous ones. The gang visit the victim's home, where three members of the neighborhood watch provide some helpful information. Abby identifies a person of interest, who unexpectedly shows up at the bullpen, and who tells about the activities of an underground fight club. Abby then identifies a car of interest, so Gibbs chats with the owner and her husband-lawyer, who runs but goes to the home of the victim, where the gang find him dead. McGee discovers the business underlying the murders, and the team put all the pieces together.

  • A boatswain's mate dies after a single-car crash; Gibbs and company find evidence of gunfire plus beatings of the victim, who was a member of a fight club and, they learn, the operator of an illicit business. The gang figure out all of it.


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  • A group of teens are hanging out in the woods, partying around a bonfire. A couple, drunk and in love, stumble toward the woods but stops upon hearing a sound. The party goes on. Just on the other side of the brush, a young girl looks out at the party. She's reluctant to join the party because she didn't have an "official invitation" but her date tells her "it's an after-party, it belongs to all of us." Plus, he's got a bottle of Jagermeister, so that's their ticket in. They barge into the party, holding the bottle high, saying, "Hey you guys, look we brought." The kids look up horrified. A man stumbles past the young couple, bloody and beaten, begging for help. He falls to the ground.

    Back at the base, DiNozzo is mugging for his digital camera. Ziva and McGee try to ignore him, but it's impossible. Ziva inquires, "What are you doing Tony?" He responds, " My best "deep in thought" face. He explains that he's competing on "IBeatYou.com, a website where people send in the best pictures: air guitar, do the Hustle. Ziva thinks the whole thing is childish, but McGee quickly joins in, trying to do his best psycho face. Gibbs interrupts the fun, "There's a dead petty officer in the woods. Let's go!"

    As they head out, McGee whispers to DiNozzo, "Have you tried the air guitars?" DiNozzo answers proudly, "I'm in third place." At the crime scene. The victim is Greg Collins, 26, worked as a Boatsman's mate. He was on a 30-day leave, and lived along in Norfolk. They find a blood trail through the woods back to his car where he was run off the road.

    Ducky examines the body. Blunt forced trauma. Fragment cuts on exposed skin. It appears that there victim had minor abrasions that were tended to but his serious wounds were not. It seems as though the deceased had an unfortunate accident before he had this particular unfortunate accident.

    Ziva and Tony take pictures at the scene of the car crash. There are bullet holes, and several partial fingerprints on the passenger window. The clock on the dash is broken, frozen at 7:22 p.m. Ziva finds a shoeprint but DiNozzo points out that it can't be the victim's. "That's not a Chuck. The victim is wearing Converse All-Stars." Someone else was there, but was it a passenger or shooter?

    Back at the base, Ducky gives Gibbs his autopsy report. The petty officer suffered two types of injuries: ones from the car crash and the ones inflicted on him prior to it. There are fist-shaped bruises on his face. He was beaten and he fought back. Abby performed a DNA test on the skin cells he found under his fingernails. Presumably they belonged to his attacker. Abby also found that the same DNA was also found on his bandages. So, the hands that pummeled him also tended to his wounds. Freeze Frame!

    Ziva asks McGee for the crime scene photos but he tells her that Tony, who's away at lunch, has the files. Ziva goes over to DiNozzo's computer and finds the photos, along with a few of Tony playing air guitar. She's doesn't get "the point" so McGee tries to explain the beauty of air guitar. Gibbs interrupts, "Pull up those photos."

    The pictures flash on the screen. There are two sets of tire tracks, both headed in the same direction, so it's clear he was run off the road. There's a bullet through the back window. It appears Collins swerved and headed down the embankment. The other driver went down looking for him and shot him. Ziva accidentally changes the last photo and DiNozzo's air guitar picture fills the screen. Gibbs is not impressed. McGee reports that Collins received a call on his cell. His home alarm was just set off. They head out to investigate.

    At Collin's house, the security alarm is still going off. It's all clear inside but they found a wad of money left behind. The door was forced. On the ground, there's a towel covered in dry blood. A couple of teeth are on the ground. It's clear a fight went down. Suddenly, two people appear. They introduce themselves, Bruce Solomon and Adam Parker, the neighborhood watch. When they find out that Collins was murdered, they don't seem surprised. Parker reveals that ever since Collins moved in, their quiet community has changed. He hosts a lot of parties that tend to get out of hand. Fights break out but no one ever tries to break it up. In fact, there's cheering. It almost reminds them of...

    "Tyler Durden." DiNozzo offers. Ziva asks Tony to explain but he says, "Sorry Ziva, we don't talk about fight club... except when Gibbs asks." Collins must have been in an underground fight club. There's no rules, no gloves, no mercy.

    Back at lab, Abby pulls up the DNA analysis. Turns out it's Sam Bennett, a civilian who works as part of a salvage crew on a ship. She also finds that the shoeprint left behind, was custom made and very pricey. There's no way to identify the print.

    Gibbs and DiNozzo head out Bennett's work place to interview him, but find he's not there. According to his boss, when he found out they were coming, he went out for a smoke and never came back. Bennett's on the run. They head back to the base and begin tracking him down. And then, Bennett enters the room. He's turning himself in. Freeze Frame!

    Gibbs interrogates Bennett. He asks him about the fight, but he responds "I'm not supposed to talk about that." Behind the glass, Tony confirms, "See Fight Club." Bennett explains that although they were friends, they were forced to fight each other. He explains, "When it was over, I fixed him up the best I could. And then I killed him." Huh? Bennett seems to think Collins died from the car crash and he feels guilty for letting him drive. Gibbs explains that Collins was murdered, and Bennett is outraged. It's clear he didn't kill his friend. He vows to "take care" of the real killer when he's found.

    Down in the lab, McGee and Abby ponder over who would win in a fight against Gibbs. Gibbs vs Godzilla? McGee suggests, "Gibbs vs. Gibbs. Evil twin or clone? The real Gibbs is there, ready for the report. Abby's tested the paint found on the victim's car. There are three layers: silver, brown, then silver again. This proves the car rammed by a silver car, swerved into a barricade, and then was hit by the car again. The silver paint has three properties, one of which is extremely rare. She was able to run a match to the car of Tabitha Summers, a very rich woman with expensive taste in cars.

    Tabitha Summers comes in, accompanied by her lawyer, Dale Kapp. She has nothing to hide and says she was home all night with her husband, getting massages. When Gibbs asks to speak with her husband, they find out they already are. It's Kapp. They ask to examine the car but apparently it's being transported to their home in Nantucket, and also get turned down when they ask for DNA. Kapp tells them to arrest his wife or they're leaving -- and they head out. Abby confirms that the partial fingerprints do not match Tabitha, but it turns out, they are a match for Kapp! They check their cell report to see if they can catch them before they leave the base. From what they are able to monitor, they can see the cell is heading for the building. What? Turns out Kapp got in the car and took off, leaving his wife behind.

    Freeze Frame!

    DiNozzo and Ziva look for a connection between Collins and Kapp. DiNozzo is excited to see his air guitar picture is in second place, and again Ziva calls him childish. He asks her if she ever just acts silly, stupid and brainless. She responds, "Tony, you and I come from different places. In my world, you grow up fast. You have no choice." Tony responds, "Now you do."

    Back in the lab, Abby searches Kapp's computer and finds an encrypted file with over 20 chatroom conversations to the screen name, J-Digg19. It's a young, pretty girl. Not his wife. They find the address through the IP address. Gibbs heads out to investigate.

    Gibbs and DiNozzo knock on the girl's door. A voice calls out, "Come on in, door's open." They enter and yell, "Federal agents," but the girl does not come out. The room is stocked like a full bar. The shower runs in the other room as the girl calls out again that her roommate is out of town. Something is definitely wrong. Then DiNozzo spots a lipstick camera. As they head to the back room, they find cameras and mics triggered by motion sensor. As they pull back the shower curtain, they find a mannequin and the traffic camera. A flash goes off. It's all a set up.

    McGee examines the videos from the fake apartment. "Jodi" hangs out in chatrooms, trolling for married men. Then, when they are caught on tape, they get blackmailed for over $10,000. But there is no Jodi. The photo was stolen from a modeling website in the Ukraine. The email account is registered to an IP address for Petty Officer Collins. Ziva comes in reporting Kapp's car was sighted outside Collins's house. They arrive at the scene to find Kapp's car still warm, but he's nowhere to be found. They find him in the garage, where he lays dead, his face beaten. Someone murdered the murderer. Parker, the neighborhood watch, shows up again and says he saw Bennett at the house.

    Back at the base, they search for Bennett. He has no family and no job. How can they find him? DiNozzo suggests they do things the "old school way" and figure out why Kapp went to Collins's house. It appears that he got a call from the house. Bennett must have lured him there. Another call to the house came from a payphone, near the ship. They set out to bring him him.

    As soon as they get to the ship, the lights go out. "He knows we're here!" They find his crash pad and then separate to look for him. Ziva gets locked in a room, and then we see him sneaking up behind McGee. The radio goes blank. Everyone is calling for McGee who finally comes on line and says, "I got him." Everyone is impressed that McGee took down the Fight Club champ, but it turns out he tripped as he was trying to get away.

    Back at the base, they interrogate Kapp who claims he's innocent. Meanwhile, Abby found some weird things in the extortion emails sent to Kapp. McGee sneaks into interrogation and whispers to Gibbs, who then says to Bennett, "Do you know what a line-up is?"

    They bring in Parker for a lineup. As soon as they turn on the lights, Parker claims Bennett is the man he saw. But then, the lights come on his his room. Bennett too, says, "Yes, that's the man I saw." Huh?

    It seems as though Parker has been leeching off of Collins's wifi service. He's the true blackmailer. Bennett tells the team he was hiding out at Collins's house when Parker snuck in to use the phone. He overhead him speaking to the man who killed Greg and demanded that he still pay up. Bennett waited to see who it was, but then Parker hit him with the wood. He watched from the window as Parker killed him. He wanted him dead too.

    The day is over and everyone is gone for the night. DiNozzo invites Ziva to accompany him at a midnight screening of "Goodfellas" but she declines. As he departs, Ziva looks around and make sure she's alone. Once she's sure, she strikes her air guitar! Freeze Frame!

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