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Oh Em Gee
maggie3219127 April 2010
I honestly don't know where to begin with this episode. Excellent acting, excellent writing, excellent everything! I loved how there was chemistry between Matthew and Jackson. You could tell immedately that Adam connected with Reid.

To be honest, I would love to see Matthew Gray Gubler and Jackson Rathborne work together again sometime; these two men are brilliant actors, and work very well together, which made this episode even more amazing. Criminal Minds is one of those shows that you can watch every week, and always find something new in something a character says or does. It's a show that makes you think, and this episode was no exception.
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jackson rathbone's brilliant performance
a_her1522 April 2009
i was floored by jackson rathbone's performance in this episode of criminal minds. we didn't see much of his acting AT ALL in twilight--just his pale, pasty face with an expression that looked like he was uncomfortable rather than conflicted...he was one of the actors i really wasn't impressed with. so imagine my surprise when i saw him in this episode of criminal minds coming around full circle with an astoundingly brilliant performance. in fact--i was so astounded that at first i didn't even recognize it was him! having now caught a glimpse of his acting, i can't wait to see his character develop in the twilight saga. this was a great episode, but then again, i've never really been disappointed with criminal minds.
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Secret Face
ttapola9 November 2010
Six pre-existing reviews when there usually are none? Then I read them and not only did *every* one of them rate this episode a full 10/10 (meaning that in their opinion, NOTHING can be better than this, only equal at best), they also all *seem* to be written by rabid Twi-hards. And those of us who are not Twi-hards know for a *fact* that they are not the most objective people around. Evidence for the prosecution: most of the six reviews consist mostly of drooling over Jackson Rathbone (who, ironically, *is* brilliant here) than objective observations of the episode itself. Now, it may be only a matter of days before 10,000 Twi-hards answer the question "Was this review useful to you?" with a click of "No", just because they disagree with this review.

To be clear: THIS EPISODE HAS A GREAT CONCEPT AND JACKSON RATHBONE'S ACTING IS BRILLIANT HERE. The opening and closing quotes come from a refreshingly unexpected sources - and fit the episode better than most "profound" quotes in other episodes. But that does *not* mean this is as good as anything can possibly get. The main fault? Like the previous episode, this episode is also written straight into the standard Criminal Minds mold and directed according to the standard Criminal Minds mold. Yet again we are fed with formulaic lectures given to the local police and the overlays of the murder upon the BAU agents at the scene of the crime, which is completely unnecessary. Showing what happened earlier while simultaneously showing the agents explaining what happened still equals insulting the audience's intelligence.

The formulaic nature by definition means that this episode *cannot* be unexceptional. The final twist is not without antecedent nor is it presented in a completely new way. There is no real *innovation* here or re-invention of the crime procedural drama genre here, "only" a great story that could have been a 8/10, but because of the formulaic nature it's "just" 7/10 (still very good).
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Brilliant Episode Of A Brilliant Series
Angel_Of_My_Heart14 May 2009
I have watched this series from the start and have loved it from day one, when Mandy Patinkin left I thought that may spell the end of this fine program boy was I mistaken its gone from strength to strength and the episode Conflicted was one of the best i've seen so far Jackson Rathbone blew me away with his performance he was fantastic in this the whole multiple personality thing was brilliant, having seen him in Twilight before this it so didn't show how brilliant he is. This will continue to be one of my favorite series if they keep giving us episodes as good as this. Reids performance in this episode was outstanding as well and he continues to be my favorite character on the series.
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Truly Amazing
gerrybingham24 January 2010
I put my hand up and say that I searched this episode out on the Internet for one reason- Jackson Rathbone. And by God he did not disappoint. Having only seen him in Twilight, his acting abilities were vague to me, but this has cleared them up.

He gave such a superb performance in a role that not many male actors would be able to carry off. The seamless transition into the multiple personality was quite possibly the piece de resistance of a wonderful all-round performance.

This only leaves me wondering- as he is so talented, why was he a relative unknown until Twilight, where all he can do is twitch?
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Up there as one of the best episodes of Season 4
TheLittleSongbird19 July 2016
For me, the best Season 4 episode is "The Big Wheel", and, while 'Criminal Minds' at its best is one of my favourites, one of the small group of episodes that this reviewer considers a faultless masterpiece where everything works.

"Conflicted", however, is perhaps a very close second, and everything works here too. It is a little formulaic, but that didn't really matter when the tension and suspense was so palpable, and while you do have a sneaky suspicion regarding the unsub how it's revealed is so cleverly done and really shocks and haunts the mind.

Much has been said about the performance of Jackson Rathbone, and for good reason. He really is as brilliant as the other reviewers say, didn't take much notice of him in the little amount of his other work seen but this is a role with some real meat and Rathbone does wonders with it. Particularly excelling in making the two different split personalities so completely different and utterly convincing, and that must have not been an easy thing to do.

Other standouts are the chemistry between Rathbone and Matthew Gray Gubler's Reid, they are the two most interesting characters and share a tense and sympathetic chemistry, and the frighteningly nail-biting and somewhat poignant rooftop scene with Morgan, Reid and Adam/Amanda. While Jason Alexander's direction is very fine throughout the episode, it is in this scene where it shines in particular, technically and atmospherically.

Visually, it's stylish, audacious, atmosphere and suitably moody, while the character interaction is always delightful and the music is haunting and fits with the mood well, while not enhancing the action it never distracts either. The script is thought-provoking and tight and the story/mystery is elevated by some great unexpected twists and turns, thought-provoking crime solving, profiling and psychology and terrific atmosphere.

All in all, "Conflicted" is a wonderful episode and up there as one of the season's best episodes. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Jackson Rathbone
lindsay_diane5 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
So, I am a huge Jackson Rathbone fan!!! I was introduced to him through Twilight, and even then was sort of amazed by him. I started researching the actors, because I'm a nerd like that (haha), and found out about his band, 100 Monkeys, which like him, is amazing!! If you haven't, you should totally check out the band!! I already loved Criminal Minds, but this episode, is by far my favorite!! They couldn't have picked a better person for "Adam", and definitely couldn't have changed his appearance any better for the "Amanda" parts. When I saw the beginning, or first saw "Amanda," I had no idea who it was. Then as the episode went on, I realized it was him, and was absolutely blown away! All in all, it was crazy good!!
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An outstanding guest performance
blackberrybabe5 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Whoever said Jackson Rathbone can't act has NEVER seen his performance on Criminal Minds. It is an outstanding piece of acting and Rathbone is convincing as Adam Jackson. When he becomes Amanda, his split-personality, his whole demeanor changes. Not only does his voice get higher, but he walks like a woman. Men tend to walk from the shoulders and women walk from the hips. As Amanda, his hips were moving. And there was something about his eyes. They were so expressive, I felt that it really WAS Amanda in there. Rathbone has impressed me in his other work that he's done, but my favorite so far is this episode titled "Conflicted."

Yes, I am a Twilight fan and watched Criminal Minds for Rathbone. But, I know good acting when I see it and Rathbone nailed this episode. I am surprised he didn't receive an Emmy nomination for guest actor as it was that good. Rathbone is an up-and-coming actor. We'll see more of him in the future.
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nauglafel7 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is one of my favorite of course the main reason for that is JACKSON RATHBONE!! He is really talented,this episode is the proof of this fact..I'd wish to see Jackson more in Twilight Saga.His talent is not the only reason for that of course..I usually describe him as the perfect man when I talk about him with my friends.:)

Matthew Gray Gubbler is also a really good actor and most of my favorite episodes in Criminal Minds were about him.I also enjoy his magic tricks it is so cute!:)After this episode I kinda began to imagine Matthew as Jackson's big brother.I guess Reid's effort of saving Adam impressed me.
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Jackson Rathbone???
m_gd_falloutgirl2 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I just wanted to say that I could be mistaken, but I'm 99% sure it wasn't a woman that played Amanda (I'm getting this from the list of actors). It only makes sense that it was Jackson Rathbone, since Amanda was his other personality...unless you are talking about when he was dressed like a woman, then idk (but i'm still pretty sure it was him); but when his personality changed it definitely was not a different person, let alone a woman. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's just what I'm thinking. :)

In any case, I could not believe who that was! I'm a big fan of the Twilight saga, and I thought it was Jackson Rathbone, but I wasn't completely positive...until he gave that look. He just has that look that he can shoot and at that split second I knew it was him. He is amazing :) It's even more cool that he could have the guts to play a character like this...it just shows how much of a great actor he is. (I'm mostly putting this to fill space btw, because apparently I have to have ten lines to submit it lol)
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must waits
nicole-7918312 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This episode really shows a good act by Jacksonrathbone. In the twilight movies you don't see his alter ego Major but in this you get to see a new turn around as his alter being a woman. It shows a lot, really true facts are stated about the tragic life as a child anyone can have and that happens. Only in one twilight movie and that's the third movie when he has to train them for the newborn army you only see little of his alter ego. This is a great show to see his acting skills and more of him and Redi dolls. It shows struggle in between good and bad. You can compare to when Redi was kidnapped before to this. This is just to cool. It might get confusingly awkward with the alter ego and everything
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amazing actors
musicandmoviesfan26 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge fan of Jackson Rathbone so when I saw the clips on Youtube I watched them and that's what started my watching of the show and when I saw the whole episode I was amazed at the parts I had missed the way they all could play off of each others emotions and quotes that can become either hilarious or can be extremely heart breaking or heart warming and it shows just how much of great actors and actresses they all are and I hope they payed Jackson enough to dress up in a dress , wig , make - up , heels etc the whole nine yards for the scenes showing him as ' Amanda ' and I don't know if that was his voice for the high pitched parts but I know that if it was then there is a lot more layers of talent to Jackson than we have seen in the twilight series and i hope that we get to see more of Jackson in future years
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