"Criminal Minds" Conflicted (TV Episode 2009) Poster

(TV Series)


Joe Mantegna: David Rossi



  • Derek Morgan : Where are we?

    David Rossi : Honestly? Nowhere. We just watched our two most viable suspects walk out the door.

    Emily Prentiss : If Adam isn't our unsub, he has all the makings to become one someday.

    Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner : Reid?

    Dr. Spencer Reid : Tell me the question that he spiked under in the polygraph.

    Derek Morgan : It was a control question to set the baseline.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : It was a geometric equation?

    Derek Morgan : Reid, I really think he was just intimidated. He tried, he got it wrong, but he wasn't supposed to know the answer anyway.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : What if he lied? What if... what if he knew the answer to the question but intentionally got it wrong?

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : Why would he do that?

    Dr. Spencer Reid : Because he realized that he wouldn't know that answer.

    Derek Morgan : You're losing me, kid.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : Adam said he wasn't getting any rest. He takes midday naps because he's always exhausted. He has a history of blackouts, reclusive behavior, prolonged repeated abuse suffered at the hands of a dominant male who transferred abuse from his female spouse to his prepubescent child.

    Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner : Where are you going with this?

    Dr. Spencer Reid : What if our ubsub couple isn't a couple at all?

    Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner : Dissociative identity disorder.

    David Rossi : You think Adam's a multiple personality?

    Emily Prentiss : Well, it fits. Recurrent physical abuse, knowledge he shouldn't have. We've seen this before.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : Look at this. All right? The-the first intervention is timid. It's apprehensive, right? But then he gets knocked down... there's a moment of calm, and then his entire body language changes. I saw this exact same transformation when Adam left the station, only it wasn't rage, it was, uh... arrogance. Like... like the alter ego wanted me to know.

    Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner : Why?

    Dr. Spencer Reid : I don't know. Power, control. All I know is the person that stared me down over there was not Adam. He's not assertive like that. He doesn't make eye contact.

    Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau : So you think the stress of the interrogation blurred the line between Adam and his alter personality?

    Dr. Spencer Reid : I think the unsub surfaced for just a moment. It-it-it knew the answer to the question, realized Adam wouldn't, and lied.

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