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The Classified Materials Turbulence was another very funny episode of "The Big Bang Theory"
tavm18 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is another episode of "The Big Bang Theory" from last season that I missed when it first aired so I'm now trying to play catch up before the season premiere next Monday. It's a continuation of a previous episode arc involving a friend of Leonard's named Stuart that I also haven't seen. It seems Stuart and Penny are going on another date, so Leonard decides to tell him to go slow as in glacial. Meanwhile, Howard is trying to fix his space toilet for the Russians so that it doesn't stop after 10 flushes. And Sheldon, not known for a sense of humor, finds constant amusement in all the bathroom jokes...Another pretty hilarious episode of "The Big Bang Theory" that I couldn't stop laughing at. In fact, I rewinded several times just so I could make sure I heard what I heard. This was the last episode before the season finale but since there are several more from last season I've yet to watch, I'm going to seek those out right now...
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