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Devastatingly horrific
stevenfallonnyc27 December 2018
I admit, the reviews here at the IMDB inspired me to see this movie without exactly going to the theater, and check it out. I love "so bad it's good" movies, and when I come across a "so bad it's just bad" film, I like to see for myself just how bad.

Well, this is bad.

Did I say bad? I meant, unfathomably bad, as in you simply will not believe how incomprehensibly dreadful this utter garbage is. So void of any humor, wit, charm, heart, or talent whatsoever, if you actually pay money to see this craparama, you will most likely be enraged....at yourself, for taking a chance on this anyway, despite these reviews, and wasting good cash.

This is a film of immeasurable ineptitude. And I won't even discuss Will Ferrell too much - never have I seen any human being in my entire life as incredibly unfunny as he is in this movie. I'll leave that at that.

Whether for yourself, or as a couple, or as a family, there are infinitely more choices to spend that money on than seeing this. If you still want to see this, I suggest you either burn the money in the oven or toss in down the toilet and then go to sleep, because that's easier than going to see this film, with the same result. (Incidentally, I actually made it just halfway through.)

Maybe the most amazing thing is how this train wreck unbelievably passed through every step to actually have a theatrical release, and in almost three thousand theaters no less. You must, and I mean must, take heed with these reviews and save yourself the torture. This movie is an absolute colossal waste of time and money.
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I was wrong
angelinafpalmer1 January 2019
I always thought giving birth was the most painful thing I would ever experience. I was wrong. Watching 5 minutes of this movie was far more painful.
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Absolutely Horrible
jeffyancey-6693226 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Really bad end to a wonderful Christmas day.

I laughed 2 or 3 times during the movie but the laughs were very forced. I wanted the movie to be funny. I really wanted to feel like it was worth my time/money but had I not paid to see this I would have left.

I'm 57 years old and this is by far the worst movie I've ever sat through. Almost no laughter in the theatre and tons of negative comments from others as we were leaving.

Really beyond me how this "movie" ever made it to the screen.

I was done bashing this movie but I just had to click a yes/no question as to whether this review contained spoilers. I have absolutely no idea how I could spoil this movie with a review. There is no plot to spoil. The Butler did it!? That may be a spoiler.....

There is almost no comedy. There really is no movie to review. WOW!
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Ruined my popcorn.
daniellawsonrt27 December 2018
I love the experience of going to the movies, loading up with popcorn and Coca-Cola and sitting in big comfy chairs. It doesn't matter if the movie is good or bad. Then Holmes & Watson came along and changed all that. This film is a mess from start to finish, if you're expecting to see another Step Brothers or Talladega Nights, you will be sorely disappointed.
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First movie I've ever walked out of
PinkOval26 December 2018
Never have I ever been so bored, disgusted, and repulsed by a movie. My family and I collectively decided to walk out about an hour in, realizing what a waste of time this film has been. There are so many better movies in theaters right now- please, please, please stay away from this hot garbage.
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Terrible, wasted a good Xmas visit with my kids
imdb-2328326 December 2018
This is a terrible movie. Not funny. The jokes and gags fall flat and why the Trump jokes, American gun jokes, women's pay joke, and general anti-American sentiment? Is this what is seen as funny in Hollywood?? Do not waste your time or money on this movie.
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Just One Redeeming Quality
kurtalderman27 December 2018
The movie was explosively bad. Other reviewers have said it, but it's so bad, it's worth stating again. There were a lot of people that made one bad decision after another to get this trash to the theatre. The film's inept writing, directing, and acting is really rather astonishing. The un-funny gags were telegraphed so badly you couldn't help but see the mediocrity coming, and when the gag came and went while the theatre went silent, I'm certain I've got allies in my review. I'm really disappointed because this movie could have been terrific and side splittingly funny but it missed badly at every level.

My biggest gripe, however, was what seemed to be an entire movie made so the writer, Etan Cohen, and others I'm sure, could go political. What a total s**t show. I go to movies as an escape, to enjoy my self, and to take a break from reality. Frankly I'm more than a little bothered having spent my money so Etan can tell me about his politics. I may or may not agree with him, but that's not the point. Do you see my point?

There's no spoilers here other than to say this is the worst movie I've ever paid to see; it's political, and I doubt there is anyone on screen I'll bet supporting again. Oh, the one redeeming quality? It's the amazing reclining leather chairs in the remodeled theatre, it was the only reason I stayed.
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Better than I thought!
adamlockyer96 January 2019
There's no denying it that this movie is pretty bad but its that good bad, you know like Sharknado. Ferrell and Reilly's accents were shocking, acting was terrible and the plot messy. Although some of the jokes actually had me laughing out loud, especially the post drinking scene, where Downey's Sherlock was lampooned. No where as good as Step Brothers but it's still enjoyable, if I were you switch your brain off before watching, you might enjoy it too.
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Dumpster Fire
reidiq26 December 2018
I wish I could rate this movie 0/10. Absolute waste of time. I tried to laugh but was forcing myself in hopes that it would get better.
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devilish_charm26 December 2018
About an hour into the screening of this movie, more and more audiences started collecting their belongings and left the cinema. They were the wise ones, not wanting to waste another second of their precious time on this terrible and unfunny movie. I think Will Ferrell imagined this movie differently in his mind. But what is shown on screen is shockingly unfunny, irritating to watch, and oh so boring! Step brother this is not.
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Absolute Garbage
VegasB1826 December 2018
Holmes & Watson is easily the worst movie of the year and quite possibly competes for worst movie of all time. It's unyeildingly bad. The jokes are often recycled and every single one falls flat. The story wanders almost aimlessly and the production value is bottom of the barrel. There is seriously nothing redeeming about this movie. Save your money. This is no Step Brothers. This is pure unadulterated trash.
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Do Not Expect Another Step Brothers
mandonut128 December 2018
If you're looking for another Step Brothers quality movie, you will be disappointed. But I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting cheap, stupid laughs that Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly do so well; and that's what I got. One and done leave your brain at the door comedy. So I was pleased.
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Why ruin Sherlock Holmes? Maybe the "Coen" Brothers should've made this film
jim4gl9 January 2019
I admit that I should've had lower expectations of this film, but Holmes and Watson are solid material. Guy Ritchie knows the formulaic Holmes and Watson and deliver laughs and cheers. I expected some level of respect for the great Sherlock Holmes character making both Holmes and Watson buffoons is a losing proposition. Some deserved laughs were garnered, some tongue and cheek plays worked, but this was mediocre on many levels. Good cast, costumes, scenery, film work, the writing was only mediocre and went for the cheap laugh. And the left leaning politics, no surprise there, if the Writer and Director had done their job of making a solid script and a cohesive film they could've thrown in their political views, but they're the opposition to good film.
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What's actually happening with Hollywood comedies
andeemartin-8168531 December 2018
It's been ten years since Will Farrell and John C Reilly starred in a movie together. Their previous two outtings not only done well at the box office but are now considered to be classic. This movie must have been something many comedy fans have been waiting for... but what went wrong? I don't think I've read such bad reviews for quite sometime. Luckily or some may say unluckily I went to see it before I read anything about the movie. Honestly, I don't think the world needs another Sherlock Holmes spoof, it's been done to death almost as much as spoofing James Bond but I was in the mood for a comedy and this was really my only choice. Comedy at the cinema isn't as easy to come by nowadays I find, so seeing these two guys in a film together again I thought.... it can't be that bad. My honest opinion is... well it isn't that bad. Moments made me laugh, I felt it was paced well and although not as good as their last two movies I felt their fans would get something from it. I do however see why people are disappointed. Ferrell's portrait as Holmes, I can seeing being annoying to many, it's pretty crude for a 12 certificate (UK , guessing PG-13 in the US)..Mostly though I think is the advertising of the rest of the cast. Several actors names are on the posters, they appear in the trailer but are barely in it. Steve Coogan has a cameo at best. Fans of these actors will only come away disappointed. If they were unexpected,I think the audience would come away pleased with their appearances. Like when Bill Murray pops up in 'Zombieland' for example. Overall it made me chuckle a fair bit, which is the point of a comedy and I can't think of many films that have done thst for me this year. Most of the comedies we get are animated (lately far more laughs in a pixar than in a live action movie) or the odd random film like 'tag' which although a better made film than this, I dont think I laughed more. I do miss the days of looking forward to the latest movies from my favourite comic actors like Steve Martin, John Candy, Chevy Chase and even Adam Sandler. I saw Will Farrell as one of the last of this breed. It would be a shame for this misfired movie to ruin his career. I think in years to come it will be seen as more favourable. Also I couldn't help comparing it to the Peter Cook/Dudley Moore 'Hound of the baskervilles' another bomb with a great cast. Actually I say give that movie a go, you may realise this one isn't too bad after all. Hollywood comedy seems in a slump at the moment, we either need to not have our expectations too high or possibly throw movies the way of new talent? Maybe both. After this I'm not sure this pair will get the chance to make other film together. A shame.... who knows though they may need the money and the audience get the long awaited Stepbrothers 2. At least they tried something different I guess, remember the first 'Police Academy' was great but sequels aren't always the way forward.
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laxplaya22626 December 2018
Waste of time & money. Stay home and watch Talladega Nights or Step brothers.

Awful forced humor.

Should've known by Will Ferrell's story on Jimmy Kimmell live, of Mark Strongs reaction to hearing about them playing Holmes & Watson, that this would be garbage.

Paper tiger cast at first sight and a true letdown.
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Really not THAT bad!
simonhilling31 December 2018
After reading a whole bunch of bad reviews on IMDB, we nearly didn't go to see this film but we'd already booked the tickets so went anyway. Glad we ended up going to make our own minds up instead of listening to the other cretins, just jumping on the bandwagon.

While this isn't a patch on Step Brothers or Anchorman it's not bad and worth a watch if you usually like this kind of film, even if it's just the one viewing. Plenty of funny cameos and enough laughs.
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Wish I could give this a 0.
morethanmerrick26 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Probably the worst film I have ever seen and I have seen Disaster Movie. Will Ferrell has join the Adam Sandler tier of fooling audiences and stealing their money. John C. Riley deserves better- he's an actual actor. Oh, and, spoiler alert, if you've seen Talladega Nights, you've seen Holmes and Watson. Can't wait for Red Letter Media to tear this film apart.
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What point did the writers think this was funny?
HollywoodDayPlaya27 December 2018
Seriously. Absolutely awful. Then of course you've gotta interject the bitter feminism along with it. Oh, but what a coincidence, the women were the most unfunny part of this. Trump bashing. Wow, what a ground breaking concept. We get it, everyone hates the president. Ridiculously awful. Talledaga and Step Brothers were such classics. So disappointed.
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Critics and people are too harsh, just let yourself have fun!
yumacindy2 January 2019
I walked into this movie knowing the horrible reviews and have to say, it's funny and I walked away smiling. I actually laughed so hard at one scene that I almost had to leave the theatre as to not be disruptive, that is incredibly rare. John C Reilly is hilarious and underrated, Will Farrell is hilarious but even better when paired with John C Reilly. So, if you want a movie that will just help you forget the real world and make you smile and often laugh, hard...then give this movie a chance.
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Humor definitely!!
jroq-848061 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I've watch some of the sherlock Holmes and other movies these two references and crack me up! Definitely must if you love sherlock Holmes spoof.
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Not sure a film that is not funny can be called a comedy.
mickeymills26 December 2018
It wasn't quite as good as Waterworld, and it was a little better than Piranha 3-Double D. I've thrown away $20 for worse reasons that had nothing to do with a bad film.
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Wow! People Are Insane! Not THAT bad!
sclements7531 December 2018
This is not a great movie, but it is a pretty funny "stupid" little comedy. I think time will be good to this one. Watching Ferrell and Riley perform with English accents is worth the cost of admission itself. I wouldn't be surprised if the over-the-top negative responses are the work of Russian trolls:-)
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Do not understand all the hate?
wilsonmike-2939231 December 2018
So I am assuming this movie is one of those, you either love it or hate it. I do not get why there are so many people hating on this movie. This movie was amazing. It featured the classic comedy duo of Will Ferrell, and John Riley, and was hysterically funny. I will admit some of the jokes there were corny, or broke the 4th wall, but i personally find that funny. Even then the movie in and of its self was great. I guess it's no great Gatsby, but instead a comedy based on the original work of Sherlock Holmes. Honestly I think this was one of the better movies i have ever watched.
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Can't help but notice
Doloreshaz33 January 2019
Most of the hate is coming from people who feel the Trump jokes or gun jokes are anti-American. The movie is good. Don't let these humourless people tell you otherwise. If you normally like Reilly Ferrell then you'll find plenty to enjoy
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It's a satire. Grow up.
abpod097 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
People don't seem to be tolerant of anything these days, especially of humor. This is the right laugh-out-loud, so-ridiculous-it's-gotta-be-on purpose, make-your-jaw-drop, damn near perfect antidote to the heavy, politically-laden, hysterical-about-anything society we live in these days.

It's a humourous take at one of the most iconic fictional characters ever created, who has not only found a place in popular culture for the past 100 years but also weaved itself in popular slang. (Yeah, no s***, Sherlock.)

I read a lot of 1-Star reviews with people whining and complaining that they left in the middle of the movie, or they thought it was absurd... Well, that's the point. This movie wasn't made to take Arthur Conan Doyle's legacy seriously. It doesn't even take itself seriously with an out-of-the-blue musical piece that pops out of nowhere. And I stress: that's the point.

I've seen a couple of bombs with Will Ferrell that were hard to watch. This isn't one, by any means. "Holmes & Watson" miraculously manages to be a witty, at times beautifully-written piece of comedy with an amazing cast, as evident by the amazing John C. Reily ("Magnolia"), Rebecca Hall ("Transcendent", "Vicky Cristina Barcelona") and even Ralph Fiennes, who is brilliant as Lord Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" saga.

And the reason I mention the audience when I bring up the reviews on this site is because a lot of it is American and a lot of the humor in this British-set comedy is geared towards Americans. And in 2019, America couldn't be more divided in this Trump-era. So I would imagine it's no surprise when a lot of Trump supporters watch this movie and have to listen to jokes about the kind of President they have in office right now: a politically incompetent showman who is also a tyrant and a buffoon. I imagine this deep dig doesn't go over well with a lot of the hardcore pro-Trump audience. Or maybe they don't like the red "Make England Great Again" fez which mocks the signature red Trump cap. I would go as far as as saying that what really strikes a nerve is Dr. Grace Hart's (Rebecca Hall) line about women receiving shock treatments to cure feminine hysteria. Ooh, that's gotta leave a mark with feminists. Not to mention the constant "A female D-O-C-T-O-R?" remarks by the lead characters. Yeah, I would imagine that stings... in a comedy movie.

Or maybe is the reference to American's seemingly m God-given-right to own and use guns. "They're Americans. Of course they would use a gun", Sherlock says at one point.

But that's what humor is. It makes light of important topics and flips them upside down so one can think about subjects and ideas and even firm beliefs in a different way. It's meant to create an escape from reality and this movie does dances with reality but ultimately is successful at being funny in its own way.

Plus, just the crazy amount of thought that went into the lead characters' dialogue is something to behold and applaud. Of course the delivery is over the top. But the point is that Ferrell and Reilly do it SO well. To the point where I was left wanting more. Like, right now.

So in a time where most people seemingly become hysterical with just about anything, I applaud the cast and director Etan Cohen for having the gumption to make a satire with a beautiful period production design and comedic timing that will not only make you laugh but ALSO provoke your thought at the same time.

And with the British theme in mind, this European says: well done, chaps.
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