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  • Amy reveals her secret to her mother.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • It starts with Amy Juergens sitting the kitchen in the dark early morning hours. Her mom, Anne Juergens (Molly Ringwald) comes in and, not noticing her in the dark kitchen, goes through the morning ritual of getting the coffeemaker started. Then she sees Amy sitting there silently, when she turns around to leave the kitchen. Startled, she asks Amy why she's sitting there, and why she didn't say anything. Amy blurts out that she's "having a baby", which she has to repeat several times. Still her mother doesn't quite believe her, thinking it has to be a prank or something. Amy's sister, Ashley Juergens (India Eisley) walks in on this and is eventually told to leave when Amy announces her intention of getting an abortion. Anne calls the school to excuse both of them from attending that day, and to excuse Amy from attending for the rest of the week. She lies and gives the reason as needing to go to Chicago because of a relative dying. Anne suggests sending Amy away to have the baby secretly. Ashley begs their mom to not let Amy leave, because if Amy leaves while their father is still gone, she doesn't know what she'll have left to call home anymore. Meanwhile Anne called her husband, George Juergens (Mark Derwin) and left him some message about Amy not feeling well, and she's expecting him to call her back. Instead George calls Amy directly, and asks her about it, to know if she's ok. Amy says she's fine and not to worry, that he doesn't need to come home or anything, and then changes the topic. She asks how he is, and he says he misses "his girls" [aka Ashley and Amy]. She then starts crying and says she thinks she needs to tell him something. But before she can, Anne takes the phone away and tell George, then she quickly hangs it up. Telling Amy that she thinks she shouldn't be calling anyone right now, she takes away her phone and leaves the room. Promising to return it someday.

    Meanwhile, on a day that Amy doesn't show up at school, rumors circulate that she took off in order to "take care" of her problem.

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