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Another Terrific Indie Film...
catsklgd19 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very good film, a bit short, but nevertheless satisfying. What captured my attention was the edgy performances of the two actors who played Leo and Renny. Their work was comparable in quality to that of Robert Blake's in In Cold Blood. The script and direction by writer/director David Barker was also top notch. As an author of murder mysteries (the Matt Davis Mystery Series), I was particularly impressed with the dialog, and the attention to detail it entailed. The one disappointment for me was the ending, which I thought neglected to tie up the loose ends created by the kidnapping of the husband. But, all in all, this was a quality film that deserved more attention that it apparently received. If you've got an hour and twenty minutes to kill, you could do a lot worse than spending it watching Daylight.
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Flawless filmmaking
Parparparpar3 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a little gem of filmmaking. The camera work is flawless, the music is great and the acting is surprisingly good. The film has a soul and I do not see it often in that genre. What makes Daylight very entertaining is that it's not predictable like most other similar flicks. The suspense builds slowly and the end while not the one I had wished is original. My only wish would have been to know more about the husband and his ordeals. His character is also interesting and could have been more developed. I find the film slightly too short but yet again shorter is always better than too long. The film is really about the experience of the lead female character and her captors. Ultimately the story is a sincere exploration about the meaning of life, of giving life, of killing and ultimately the meaning of our belief in oneself and maybe also the belief in God.
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