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I really wanted this to be fun, and not a political defamation/hackjob
shide_854 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Edited due to it somehow accumulating severe spelling errors. In short: One star is for the voiceacting of the leads. If you want to sit through a defamation story of Bernie Sanders with more then a few lofty words without real content to them and wild insinuations this is it. So if you're a right wing extremist (from the rigth side of the democratic party, if you can call them that since Biden was chosen before Bernie, the latter propagating a better Health Service system in a time of a global pandemic...) and rightwards on the scale of that, this movie might hit home. But to get back to it; Bernie Sanders is a good man in stark dichotomy to most politicians, by appearance and voice however he is a very good target for comedy. What this movie did right was to find good voice actors, other than that there isn't really much funny in it. Right wing extremists (right side of democratic party and rightwards) often claim that middle or left wing can't laugh at themselves, while left wing lay claim to right wing having terrible comedians and comedy. This movie should if anything help the left middle and left wing claim here. Bernie should be a really good target for comedy and even joking about how democratic party sold him out (now known to be for the senate) and other more personal characteristics makes the base for possibly hilarious comedy. Which this movie lacks, it has one or two laughs in it, that is about it (and that is more slapstick coming through than funnily written dialogue or monologue). In short, this is a hackjob, framed to defame Bernie as much as possible. If done right it could have been a great. But a rightwing person will try everything, except intorspection, because then they would try the right thing first and not last ;(

So is there anything good? There are two "good" jokes, that brings out the chuckle, one regarding a bloodpact with Stalin, and another about Hillary and here her willingness to kill competition (usually figuratively, here literally). That's it, it had much potential, pulling in muppets references could have been a good idea, and in fairness the older actor playing Bernie clearly lends from Father Ted (Jack) towards the end, but it's given way to little space and it's way too little way too late.

Pro's The lead really does the voice well & Father Ted (Jack) reference/influence over old Bernie The bloodpact The Hillary joke

Con's Defamation lawsuit is to follow? Hackjob politically speaking Lost potential to be actually funny, for once regressive humor had a good subject, fumbled and lost the potential it had

The following is to balance it out - read this and search for yourself if you've watched it and actually believe tag lines from it, the following notes on the movie is a try to push some truth down the throat of someone regressive actually reading it. So here is some of the political lines from it that tries to defame and my comment on them;

"What he lacked in intelligence he made up in sloth" Ad hominem straight off, not even trying to make a joke...

"...never to pick up a dinner check never donate to charity like in the glorious sovjet union. -Making sure the government pays for everything." We the people are the government in a valid democracy, it's only if democracy is twisted by lets says private interests and money/corruption that that sentiment falters (the the state should secure the nation and thus it's citizens). Rampant corruption and overtaken bankingsystem by rich bloodlines is not really a solid foundation for a working government. Occupy Wallstreet failed, and no breaking up of the banking oligopoly followed - why? Because of the CDO (collateraised debt obligation), the banks own issued currency - taking loans on other peoples money and the state rubberstamping it because it means they can issue more National treasury bondsand lend more abroad - strengthening the economy by lending money and in one go creating a loan from the national banks out of a private insurance taken by the people (a part of) and another loan to buff up the national strength of the dollar. USA economy is built on air at this point in time (thanks to the oil wars and PNAC, not to mention idiots buying into Friedman), it is a race between getting other nations to invest in USA to become to big to fail (which USA in some terms allready are for gutless politicians in EU) for more of those investors and people realising the USA economy is built through paper not actual assets and stealing the value of the people to prop it up won't work forever.

"Bernie, this country is founded on the principles of freedom, equality and prosperity" Retracting, equality... ...under law. Freedom from prosecution, when debt is all the payment there is to be had for the low income working class is it really relevant? When union members and left leaning workers are prosecuted and hunted informally for blacklists, is that really freedom? When you start colonial wars over hijackers trained in Jordan, and find Usama in Pakistan, that is under the understanding they are working with the USA - is that really freedom? "In an empire of lies telling the truth becomes treason."

"'s a shining beacon on opportunity for we the people." And how much wealth is inherited wealth now again?

On a bus ride: guy with sheepscissors; I'm not clipping the government, I'm clipping sheep. Bernie: "What's the difference." This says alot about the views of the people by the ones producing this libel'esque piece.

On the subject of Bernie Sanders; "Where do i start, he really enjoyed doing things with other people's money"

Eric Roberts: "Look at it this way: Politicians got a license to steal and there is no heavy lifting." This is indeed the coservative way of looking at it, the liberal is that you need to offset normative values versus those with inherited economical wealth. Like with the climate change, conservatism and more ism's failed to deal with it, or see it coming, as plutocrats stuff themselves with carrots all day long without having a whips back their backs to stifle their gluttony, greed and corruption. When the people gets squeezed long enough, the faltering wealth that is left after the squeeze leads to crime (this is so very well established in the different fields of political science).

"I will force all wealthy people to pay atleast a 100% of their income in taxes, and also make them work in factories or possibly even saltmines." You mean all those people who taxate 0 income tax or close to it (yes there are affluent people who pay their taxes, but if you are to judge by the Lagarde lists the precedent is to evade taxes in ad absurdum)? Look what happened when a journlaist in Greece tried to expose a list that held alot of USA companies, banks and known families avoiding taxes, the police stopped him. He got the list out before though due to being "paranoid" about handling it. Then the Greece crash was blamed on the people, left side politicians and bureaucrats were blamed (official reason being their pensions and hiring to many within the public sector - which was falsehood) - funny how that turns out, isn't it?

Around 48min they push that Bernie's higher calling is anarchy and taking down capitalism. As if capitalism belonged to conservatives, capitalism sprung from basis of socialism (how did farming evolve anyone?). It's only pure socialism and possibly right wing anarchism (the belief that its better without a democratic nation state - conservatism anyone?) that does not build on capitalism and what it has come to contain.

Claims election fraud when JFK got elected. Doesn't mention that conservative top politicians have family members in the companies manufacturing the electronic voting machines, or how there used to be a button in a certain model that swapped the result around, all u had to do was use a key and press a button. Or how easy the others are to manipulate... Election fraud is taking place, every single election, the only reason Biden got elected was as the voice of the people started rumbling more and more so these rich corrupted families and informal interest groups had to listen a little. The people are many, the rich segregated are few.

Claims Bernie is the one doing a Faustian Bargain. When this is in fact the basic attribute for conservatives - throw out normative ideals for money (because markets are somewhow always working perfectly, and when they don't it's because there wasn't enough free trade - idiocy is what that is, or rather having no clue about established scientific facts on functions of the market and how they and the competition on them work). One of the more infamous expressions of conervative thought are the dichtomical thought that there are those who have and can do and those who don't have and can't - a thought that runs through most of their policies. It' usually also seen as how it should be. For me you rise together or fall apart. Divide and conquer goes within society aswell as outside versus other nations.

"Ends with there is no such thing as a free lunch." Ask the banks, the CIA using organised crime to attain larger funding, or companies receiving large funds from the states and nation while their leaders call out the poor for receiving minimal wage or social support forced upon them as the companies are able to cut it out by killing off unions. Or why not ask all the 0 income taxed rich, or the owners of charities that work without regulation so that they can be used to hide money from taxation and not to be used in a filantropic way. Filantrophy the notion that if rich get rich enough they will create the social security essential for people to become more flexible in the labourmarket and thus enable cutting edge industrial jobs that require a flexible workforce. That goes counter to the notion that (to draw a parallel unions force change by force) people won it through force/upheaval and democracy.
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Another disrespectful bio
lineart-129737 December 2020
It was only a matter of time that Sanders would get ridiculed by the Hollywood - world elite-media cabal. We have seen any politician not aligned with the Bush-Clintons-Obamas-Biden agenda and their cohorts get trashed thru these bought and sold entertainment / news media organizations. Blatant disrespect. I can't wait for the day an independant producer exposes all these seemingly untouchable political criminals that are portrayed as good people thru the media that they influence and control.
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Loved it, laughed non stop from beginning to the end!!!
laspeedofix5 December 2020
As an immigrant who survived 26 years of socialism in Eastern Europe, I find Bernie and his clueless, starry eyed, armchair socialist followers pretty hilarious as they are in real life. This comedy is based on the real life of Bernie Sanders, VT Senator and former Presidential candidate. Yes, it is true Bernie's first paying job was when he won the mayoral seat in Burlington VT when he was in his 40s. Yes, it is true he spent time in a hippie commune and he was kicked out of there because he was too lazy. Yes, it is true he spent his honeymoon in Moscow, USSR of all places. Yes it is true after he ceded the primaries in 2016 to Hillary Clinton he purchased a lake house on the shore of Lake Champlain. Yes, it is true his wife bankrupted Burlington College and was investigated for financial improprieties. And finally, yes it is true Bernie, like all socialists everywhere in the world who promise equality but deliver equal misery, is a snake oil salesman. Great comedy, I applaud the team who made it possible.
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Yes and No... are you news junkie? Then maybe this is for you.
anynameoriginal10 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
One of those political comedies that appeals to political bugs like myself. For a low budget production, it actually had some fair acting (Bernie middle aged for example). Some scenes were ginned up but all seemed to be based on actual crazy that we know is Bernie... Yes he honeymooned in Moscow. Yes his commune days were numbered, yes he never really had a real job except government, yes he had his microphone hi-jacked.

Who will like this? Well you can tell by the other reviews who didn't like this. Don't go into this expecting gut wrenching laughs, but for political bugs the one line in the movie expresses how I describe it.... Truth is stranger than fiction. Like a good Babylon Bee satire, this movie describes the irony most political astute Americans feel with Bernie being in congress.

Other thoughts, movie feels rushed at times, the transition from Mayor to Congress to his run for President just needed more development. Some of the dialog (fictionally recreated) was a over the top, which dilutes the real life irony (basically making it seem unrealistic at times, though based on real life events).. It is a comedy first and foremost, but a humor only a few will appreciate.
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Could have been funny...
drjest1 February 2021
...but it just doesn't know when to stop milking the gags. I get the feeling that this one was made by people who hate Bernie Sanders too much to recognize anything that is actually funny about him. It seems to focus too hard on being negative. Shame. They could have had something here.
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