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Nifty making of doc
Woodyanders24 June 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This 55-minute retrospective documentary covers a lot of interesting and informative ground on the making of the 80's T&A comedy classic "Hot Dog ... The Movie." Writer/co-producer Mike Marvin reveals that many of the more outrageous incidents in the film including the one with the nude motel clerk are based on stuff that actually happened and notes that he was originally going to direct the movie as well. David Naughton shares a charming story about meeting his second wife while acting in the picture and came up with the idea to have small bottles of booze in the vest pockets of the jacket his character wears plus also came up with the title of the film. Tracy Smith admits she was nervous about doing her nude scene and was going through a break-up when she read for the part of Sunny. John Patrick Hauser tells a cool anecdote about going to his audition as Rudi completely in character right down to the German accent. Moreover, we also learn that Marvin and director Peter Markle didn't see eye to eye, the Chinese downhill sequence was storyboarded, various crew members got into the action during the shooting of the wet t-shirt contest, the production was stalled by a snowstorm, several major studios turned down distributing the film, and the movie opened at #2 at the box office before going on to achieve an avid cult following. Worth a watch for fans of the film.
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