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Oh Big Papa! I am looking forward to this train wreck!
ugahushpuppy31 July 2008
Just when you think housewives cannot get any more shallow or silly, here comes a cast of drag queens and fame seeking country queens. All are "new" money of course. Which means that overspending will be visible throughout the season. And intentional camera hogging will be of the utmost importance. Who is going to be the villain this season? NeNe of course. Am I the only one who thinks this woman has a need for camera time. Are Kim and NeNe really friends? After all, Kim does call her a drag queen in the previews. But I have to be honest with you, I am loving me some Kim and NeNe. The Gay community is going to love you both. By the way Kim, please do something with that hair, those extensions look awful. Get Big Papa to buy you some! I am sure he will. If all of that is your real hair, then we got a problem.
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Five women who live in Atlanta who have conflicts and fun moments. Some are friends and allies and others tend to create conflict... actually all do...
marianadulantob17 April 2015
Love the housewives, almost all of them. My least favorite have to be Orange County. But, these ladies are fiery and quick to answer. Nene is in Broadway now which is a huge accomplishment but like everything in her life, she has to turn it into the Nobel Price and the Oscar's had a child, and that is Nene... She acts like Forbes is knocking on her door ready to put her on top of it's lists. I don't get her extreme pride. No need to be humble about advancing in life but she really acts like Meryl Streep asks her for advice. Unfortunately, sometimes housewives become divas with no substance. Then we have Cynthia who appears to have aired all the laundry she could, reason why we know that Peter is not well financially (he is also a very cocky one). Cynthia is beautiful and funny. I think she tries to be too relevant by being mean but it seems to have something to do with keeping the income Bravo gives them.Kandi is the most talented one. She is a composer, singer, business woman. She has a mom who seems to have a contract signed with Kandi's blood because I don't understand other reason to allow a mother treat you like that. Then we have Kenya, gorgeous, over the top, smart and confident, cocky as well. But she has achieved some things in her life and is still gorgeous. Kenya had a hard life, her mom was bipolar and abandoned her, so, she has this resentment and self sabotage. Phaedra seems to have a bad year. She married an ex-con (Apollo), who really behaves so aggressive it strikes me as a serial killer (remember when he hit Jason?). Apollo is attractive, but in a fear for your life way... Like the really bad guy who will for sure be one of those mistakes in the future. That is what happened to Phaedra. She is really not a know lawyer but a really conceited one. She has the cutest boys so her marriage to Apollo was not a total loss. And Porsha, who is pretty in a how much will this cost me way... She has an amazing body which is a mystery to me. Porsha is allegedly a mistress. She totally behaves like one. She divorced a football player. Oh, Claudia is a model, about 40, pretty but I don't see her staying for the next season. I see her trying, though. She is cute and smart but to me she doesn't fit the group. I recommend watching them if you like the franchises. They are funny and there is plenty of drama.
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The only reason to watch is the eye candy and big booty gals or boobs.
keelhaul-8085630 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
There are many smart, talented, and wonderful women, who are beautiful inside and out-- those women ARE NOT featured on these programs. My wife insists on playing these shows early in the morning on reruns and listening to bitches scream insults at each other for some reason.

Why these shows are utter garbage:

1)Marketed as "reality" shows. Really? Is it normal reality for a bunch of plastic old women with botox to sit around in a lavish set or house and cuss each other out about manufactured, scripted events that matter less than the pocket lint in your pockets??? Then they have some stupid reunion events where everyone "hates" each other but agrees to sit around and critique each other yet again, with some retarded gay dude in a suit who gets paid to produce and come up with this fecal matter. How this is a reality, I'm sure I don't know...

2)There is nothing redeeming about these shows. It just showcases the extreme narcissism and vanity of blowhard airheads that already dominates our society in modern America.

3)Why is everyone cussing and being bleeped out constantly. The stupid BLEEPS are so God-awful that it drives me nuts. You can't even understand what these morons are talking about, because they have so many loud bleeps and edits. It is like watching COPS or Jerry Springer, but with bimbos in fancy gowns and dresses, with botox and plastic surgery.

4)The reunions with the gay fairy in the suits. Why do we need a reunion meeting for people that hate each other and already argued or cried like 500 times in the past? That is another setup for a fake WWE argument match for no reasons, just to do the same setup yet again.

5)Why do intelligent women like this show? I understand guilty pleasures, or shows that exist as a low-brow relief, or a social commentary, but these shows seems to genuinely portray themselves as "reality", "entertainment", and "drama". There isn't even any real tension or drama here-- the only tension being in the women's faces to the point that they can't express emotion from all the crap injected into their heads. I feel that this show makes women dumber and more petty and materialistic, as you can't help but absorb, at some levels, the stupid behavior of these people on a daily basis.

6)What kind of "man" wants to be married to these shallow, fake women? They are nothing but gold-digging morons, many of whom look 65, trying to dress and augment themselves to look like teen hookers at a tanning salon. How does a woman like this add value to your life, raise good children, contribute to her community, or make you feel desirable as a man, when they are merely married to any buffoon in a necktie, as long as he has a mansion and some checks coming in for their latest surgery or sports car??? PATHETIC.

7)If I want stupid humor or social commentary humor, I watch Sunny in Philly, or South Park. If I want drama, I watch a show like Walking Dead, Narcos, Black Sails, or Breaking Bad. This show doesn't qualify as anything other than fake idiots screaming at each other over superficial BS in a trash fest that literally looks the same on every episode, and has NO VALUE to society. I literally cringe and lose braincells upon hearing every portion of these shows. Hell, even watching the roadrunner drop anvils on the coyote, or 3 stooges throwing pies in peoples' faces is more entertaining than this, and more socially uplifting. I digress...
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You wonder why were in a recession!
Sylviastel15 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say that watching the Housewives of Atlanta can be both entertaining at times and quite sad too. For five very different housewives and I use that term loosely, the series opens up with newly divorced Sheree Whitfield. She is planning a lavish birthday party with bouncers, 100 invited guests, a cake shaped as a fancy purse, and a guest list that omits one of the wives, Nene, who is easily offended by this minor oversight. Instead of getting out of the wine cellar to correct the mistake, Sheree continues to party while Nene and Kim, another housewife, return home. I can see why Sheree is divorced to a former professional athlete from his point of view. Sheree is quite vain, conceited, and self-obsessed but so are the other wives. Kim is the blonde aspiring country singer who is only 29 years old divorced mother of two daughters. She is dating somebody known as Big Papa because he wants his privacy but I want to know if he has all this money then why does he waste it on her. Kim is equally spoiled by him. She only gets the top of the line bags. For her daughter Brielle's 11th birthday party, she hires a party planner for $5,000 who was an hour late. Brielle gets her own Luis Vitton handbag which costs about $1,610 from her mother. They go to a children's store for a fashion show. They go to a pastry place for a $2,000 cake which doesn't take so good and end up at a nearby hotel. There is Nene who is married to Greg and has two sons. At first, I didn't like her but she grew on me. I think because she's nothing like Sheree. Nene doesn't seem to need to spend so much money but I could be wrong. She embarrasses her older son, Brice, at a trip to Clark Atlanta University. Nene learns some difficult revelations about her own parentage. I think she becomes the most human of all the housewives. DeShawn is somewhat delusional. She has this huge estate and is married mother to another professional athlete. She formed a foundation to help self-esteem in young girls but DeShawn has illusions about her life. OUtside Atlanta, I don't know anything about sports. When she tries to hire an estate manager or personal assistant, the interviews are quite uncomfortable to watch. The real-estate broker is a young married mother of a 9 month infant. She won't do anything unless it makes money. She shows a spectacular home to music producer which it even includes a garage for your golf cart. The show is better than the New York series because of the Nene and Sheree friction. After seeing the series, you also get a feel for the high society of Atlanta.
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jonnylivingstone7 July 2019
How can these supposedly women be called housewives? RHOA = Real Hoes Of America
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Please spare us
njpaul-9727922 February 2020
None Leakes is a loser. Nuff said. Stay away from this "show"
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Claws Everywhere
PartialMovieViewer30 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Like so many before...and even after, this show is one of those scandalously fun romps, where one can witness emotions getting trampled into the mud and broken hearts being kicked around like a ball at soccer practice. This is my kind of program. Some of the targeted cruelty displayed on this program goes way beyond heinous, resembling closer to downright scurrilous activity. Oh let the fur fly - rrrrow. How much fun is that? Oh the pain and sorrow…the lies…the deceit…the vengeance. Let's not forget those shameful nocturnal interludes - naughty - naughty. Yikes, even my sunburn wants to blush - sheesh. If that is not enough…how can leave out the fights? Weekly freaky smack-down are too numerous to count – now that is what I am talking about. These are no mere squabbles or harmless spats…no way. The hissing and clawing and catcalls is so - well - catlike. This army of serpentine jezebels are spontaneously evil and enjoyable at the same time. Sit back, fold in your claws, and witness multiple demonic interludes unravel as venomous fangs flare at anyone who dares to enter. Enjoy
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In my Top 3 of Reality Series
breckstewart18 April 2019
I gotta say, along with Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York City, Atlanta is in my top 3 of favorite reality TV series I've watched in my life and I have seen a lot of them. Is it perfect? Not on your life. Is it truly enjoyable mishaps and all? Absolutely!

True, some story lines are so preposterous that they "feel" scripted and even though I truly believe they are not in the classic sense of the term, some situations are most likely encouraged by producers. But the dialogue is certainly not scripted to the comma and I can totally sense the spontaneity of the drama which is what makes me come back and beg for more.

I have my favorites of course including Kenya (who is sadly not in season 11 having left the show to have a baby which I hope is a temporary thing), Cynthia who is truly beautiful and charming, Porsha who is the loose cannon but oh so funny that we forgive her almost anything and finally, Kandi who I feel is truly the heart and soul of the show.

For the life of me, I will never understand how some people like Nene who is a total bully and absolutely insufferable yet, she can surely create a lot of drama which has the tendency to make me like whoever is pitted against her even more. She left for a while only to come back a bit later but I can safely say I would not miss her if she left permanently. I truly feel like the show would be better without her.

This said, of course someone who doesn't like reality shows to begin with won't appreciate this totally over the top drama fest but I for one think it's one of the very best in the housewives franchise and in reality series as a whole. The way they speak to each other where everything becomes a convoluted mess of misunderstandings while shading each other to death is an absolute pleasure for me to watch.

The 1 star I retracted from the 9 rating has to do with some of the ladies I don't care for as much as the others starting of course with Nene but also, Marlo Hampton who is a nightmare and Phaedra Parks who I don't miss one bit ever since she was fired from the show with very good reasons.

But I can safely say that I enjoy all the others as they come and go because they're always so much fun to watch and that to me is the biggest quality of this show. No matter how outrageous or over the top it gets, Real Housewives of Atlanta remains an absolutely hilarious riot.
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