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  • While working with the information retrieved from Michael's medical compound and trying to find a solution to the cellular degeneration of the cloned Dr. Beckett, Jennifer Keller becomes infected with a Wrath virus. Beckett is taken out of stasis and put in charge of finding a solution to the problem by Richard Woolsey who has, to everyone's surprise, replaced Samantha Carter as the base commander. As the virus host, Jennifer is the central being in a growing life form that is literally climbing the walls and spreading. Beckett thinks he has the cure the it will take someone to administer it, a life-threatening situation.

  • Dr. Carson Beckett is removed from stasis because he's the only one who can find the antidote to a mysterious virus that has incapacitated base personnel, beginning with Dr. Jennifer Keller.


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  • While going through Michael's database, Dr Keller thinks she may have found a way of synthesising the chemicals Beckett needs to survive. They take him out of stasis and he is scheduled to return to earth. Meanwhile, Dr Keller, overworking, wakens at her computer to find her hand covered in a sticky substance. She misses her shift a couple of later and when the team investigate, they find her covered in a red weed-type growth. They discover it is probably the same organism used to grow wraith ships, and eventually, it will take over the station. Beckett manages to manufacture a phage that he hopes will kill it and first Ronan, then Shepherd, go in to Keller's room to deliver the drug. Beckett is sent back to earth, and the team go on, with their new commander, who now has an appreciation that sometimes rules are not always appropriate in the Pegasus galaxy.

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