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Daniel Jackson and 10 stars? Inconceivable!
robrosenberger1 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Absolutely gripping, unpredictable, and breakneck, with stabs of humor for flavor. It's funny that the title is a lift from STAR TREK, as i'm torn over whether ten stars here is as great as ten stars in TREK. That being said...i couldn't NOT give ten, as i don't think the SG people could have blown the doors off any more impressively. I bend over backwards to avoid hyperbole, so bear that in mind when i call this (and its conclusion, "The Lost Tribe") heart-pounding. Even more astounding, the guest star is famed SG1 weak link, Michael Shanks. He's grown since he first entered the sci fi universe, as a piece of balsa. Jackson arrives at Atlantis with a clue to a secret lab. As soon as he and Rodney discover it, powerful aliens in environment suits appear, taking both them and a piece of technology. Daedalus is at a summit with the wraith, exploring the feasibility of the DNA treatment that would allow the wraith to no longer feed on humans. On a distant world, Rodney is forced to activate the ancient device, which will destroy any wraith ship that engages hyperdrive...but also explode any stargate being used, with the force of many nukes. The wraith Todd commandeers the Daedalus, and is off on a race to the mysterious alien planet. They turn out to be a splinter group of asgard who would let anyone die to be rid of the wraith. Also racing to the planet is Sheppard, hitching on a traveler ship. Keller and Ronon have some great moments as they try to re-take Daedalus. Everything, but everything, works.
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