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  • The two finalists visit Chef Ramsay's New York City restaurant, where they must prepare their signature dishes for judges consisting of executive chefs for Ramsay's restaurants around the world. Back in L.A., the contestants begin their final challenge: design and run their own restaurants. Whoopi Goldberg makes a guest appearance.

  • The final two chefs have survived the wrath of Ramsay and many disastrous nights in Hell's Kitchen and are rewarded with a trip to New York City to visit Gordon Ramsay at The London New York. It's not all fun and games, however, and the chefs are asked to prepare their signature dishes to be judged by Chef Ramsay's five executive chefs from around the world. When they head back to Hell's Kitchen, the final two begin the journey to design and run their own restaurant. From the menu to the decor, they must prove their skill and passion to win over Chef Ramsay.


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  • Who will become a chef at Chef Ramsay's new L.A. eatery? It's down to Christina and Petrozza. But first: a quick recap of the last 13 weeks. A flurry of highlights and lowlights later, we arrive back with the final two. Giant curtains drop from the ceiling of Hell's Kitchen bearing photos of the pair.

    Chef Ramsay explains that the restaurant will be split into two halves: one assigned to Petrozza and the other to Christina. The new restaurants will go "head to head."

    "This is a wonderful dream come true," says a crying Petrozza.

    At 1:24 a.m., the two work on their individual menus. Christina has no problems making up her lineup. Petrozza, claiming nerves and exhaustion, hits the sack. The next morning, Petrozza crams to finish his menu while Christina relaxes with a smoke. Her menu is "locked."

    Next up: designing the look of the dining rooms. A giant wall has been erected in the center of the Hell's Kitchen, separating the two sides. Christina wants to keep her side simple and elegant. She doesn't like the carpet or the olive-green booths. Petrozza, meanwhile, loves the booths and wants lots of flowers.

    Christina moves on to choosing the uniforms of the wait staff. She doesn't like the vibrant colors and hates the idea of the staff wearing chefs jackets. Not surprisingly, Petrozza loves the bright green hues as well as the chef jackets.

    The window dressing done, the two turn their attentions back to the menus. Petrozza settles on roast duck, which raises the eyebrow of his sous chef.

    "I fully believe my menu is better," Christina says.

    Christina and Petrozza are then summoned to Chef Ramsay's office on urgent business.

    "I'm nervous," Chef Ramsay says while looking over the menus. "I've been wondering if I have the right finalists."

    Christina's eyes go wide. Petrozza looks as if he's about to have a heart attack.

    "Now I know I do," says Chef Ramsay with a grin.

    Relieved, the pair celebrates. Chef Ramsay drop another bomb: the final two will be jumping on a plane to see Chef Ramsay's restaurant in New York. Meanwhile, construction on the two new restaurants inside Hell's Kitchen commences.

    Sipping champagne on a private jet, Chef Ramsay facilitates a series of flashbacks showing how far the two have progressed. "You have to be the all-time messiest, dirtiest pig in Hell's Kitchen," Chef Ramsay says with a smile to Petrozza. Christina has set a new record by winning nine individual challenges. "I thought it was 10," she quips.

    Later, the three get out of a limo in the middle of Times Square. Chef Ramsay has a special surprise for his two trainees: Their names appear on one of the giant monitors. Christina squeals in delight. But that is not all. Chef Ramsay explains that they will spend five days in Dubai, visiting yet another of his restaurants.

    "Awesome ... but where's Dubai?" Christina whispers.

    But first, it's onto London NYC. Chef Ramsay introduces his executive chef and presents a final challenge: The two will prepare their signature dishes. Petrozza readies filet mignon with caramelized onion risotto. Christina grills a dry aged New York strip streak with succotash and potatoes.

    Cooking finished, it's time to judge the dishes. Five of Chef Ramsays executive chefs from around the world will have the final say. The first contestant to receive three votes will win.

    Executive chef No. 1 votes for ... Petrozza. Executive chef No. 2 votes for ... Petrozza. Executive chef No. 3 votes for ... Christina. Executive chef No. 4 votes for ... Christina. Executive chef No. 5 -- the ultimate winner's future boss -- votes for ... Petrozza.

    "It's about time, huh?" asks an elated Petrozza. For winning the challenge, he will get first choice among the previous contestants who will act as kitchen staffs. Christina will have last choice.

    Chef Ramsay has one more surprise: a fan of Hell's Kitchen has come for a visit. It's none other than Whoopi Goldberg!

    "Kick butt," Whoopi says. "I'm very excited for you."

    Back in Los Angeles, Christina and Petrozza get their first looks the newly designed restaurants.

    "It's not what I imagined at all," says a miffed Christina, who loathes the white window treatments and striped wallpaper. "I want to vomit."

    Petrozza, on the other hand, loves what he sees. "It's beautiful!" he exclaims.

    The next morning, the two prepare for their big day. Chef Ramsay summons them to the kitchen. He introduces the help: Bobby, Ben, Corey, Matt, Louross and Jen.

    "Both Petrozza and Christina will be depending on you all to complete their dreams," Chef Ramsay says.

    Petrozza chooses Bobby. Christina chooses Corey. Petrozza chooses Ben. Christina chooses Louross. Petrozza must now choose between Matt and Jen. Who will he pick? Well find out next week on the season finale of Hell's Kitchen.

    It's called a cliffhanger, folks.

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