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  • DG, a waitress in a small country town, is transported to the Outer Zone, a once prosperous land that is now under the control of the sorceress Azkadellia. While DG searches for her parents she comes across several new friends who help her on her journey - among them, Glitch, a man who has had his brain stolen; Wyatt Cain, a former cop who is looking for the man who killed his family; and Raw, a lion-like creature who has the ability to see the future. Meanwhile, Azkadellia searches for the emerald that is the key to solidifying her control over the land.

  • A storm carries a woman to another world where she's joined by 3 strange travelers as a sorceress hunts her.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Tin Man opens on a quaint country farmhouse in the very early morning, and then to the house attic which serves as bedroom to young DG (Zooey Deschanel). She is asleep in bed, dreaming of a song about two little princesses dancing, as two dolls in colored dresses spin rapidly in mid-air. She sees a bear growling, and a beautiful, stately middle-aged woman with lavender-colored eyes telling her, 'A storm is coming.'

    DG abruptly wakens from her dream. Shaking sleep out of her eyes, she picks up her alarm clock and glances at it, before quickly leaping out of bed and dashing toward the ladder down into the house proper.

    Early morning breakfast is proceeding briskly at a roadside diner called the Hilltop Cafe, where DG works, and is late for the start of her shift. DG races down the road on her motorcycle, and a county sheriff squad car begins to pursue her. DG gives the trooper the slip, ducking back behind the diner in the parking lot, where she parks her motorcycle. Once changed into her waitress uniform, she hurries to the dining room to start work. Her boss, Carter (Sean Campbell) admonishes her on her punctuality and gives her a plate with a piece of pie, to bring to one of the tables. Much to her chagrin, DG finds she must serve this piece of pie to the state trooper who'd pursued her on the road, figured out where she'd slipped away to, and is finishing up writing her speeding ticket as she puts the plate down in front of him.

    Arriving back home after work, DG finds her father Hank (Kevin McNulty), whom she affectionately calls, 'Popsicle,' working on a wind turbine and having a rough time. She starts helping him with the repairs. Hank likes to chat about his home town, a place called Milltown. As they work on the turbine, Hank mentions he heard DG tossing and turning in her sleep last night. The dreams she had been experiencing are recurring and she's had the dream quite a few times before. This was the first time she'd seen the woman with the lavender eyes in the dream, and she shows her father a sketch she'd made. Hank seems interested when DG tells him that Lavender Eyes said that a storm was coming. However, DG doesn't know what it means. DG gets the turbine working again-- she is clearly a skillful mechanic.

    Later, DG's mother Emily (Gwynyth Walsh) is admonishing her on the speeding citation, concerned about DG's bike being impounded. DG jokes that she could simply take off on it... but Emily isn't laughing, saying she was wondering if DG was planning a trip, and producing a number of travel brochures and booklets she'd found in DG's room. DG is upset that they went through her things, and they defend themselves as showing concern for their daughter-- she spends a lot of time drawing pictures in her room, seeming to dream of another world, and will end up never living her actual life. DG protests that the life she's living-- on her parents' farmhouse, working as a waitress in a small-town roadside diner, isn't her own. Tearfully she tells her parents that she loves them, but she doesn't feel at home in this small town, and never has. Hank and Emily are talking in the kitchen later, and Hank reminds Emily that their daughter is a grown woman now, even if still very young. Hank shows Emily the picture DG drew of Lavender Eyes, saying that DG has been having 'the dream--' and Emily looks deeply concerned.

    Hank goes up to see DG in her room. He marvels at the drawings and sketches that cover the walls and ceiling, saying that with her talent for art and mechanics, she has a potentially bright future. Despite her protest (because she's heard it many times), he can't help but remark how much some of her sketches remind him of his home in Milltown. He tries to assure her with a few sayings of his, which amuse her but she knows them by heart now.

    The camera zooms in on one of DG's drawings, and the view changes to show it as an actual sprawling city somewhere. The camera pans along wide, rolling badlands among hills, until the view reaches a single, dark metallic tower. Inside, a man is grimly preparing to make a report to his superior, saying she will be displeased. The man's direct subordinate, a leader of men in his own right, says 'she always is.'

    The superior is a young woman named Azkadellia, who the general addresses as 'Sorceress' (Kathleen Robertson). He regretfully tells her that his mission was complicated by Resistance spies from the north. Clearly this Sorceress is the ruler of a totalitarian police state in this mysterious land. She is seeking an emerald of some sort, and growing very impatient on its acquisition. General Lonot (Doug Abrahams) insists they will have it, he only needs a little more time, but Azkadellia tells him that time has run out-- a double eclipse will occur in only seven more days, and if she doesn't have the emerald when it occurs, everything she has worked so hard for will be lost. Turning away, she starts to fidget, looking deeply worried. She tells her men that she needs to see someone named Lylo immediately.

    Azkadellia goes with her men to retrieve Lylo (Shawn Macdonald) from a dungeon where he is held, and bring him to a room where a cable is attached to his head, and connected to a metallic tank filled with water. Lylo, a humanoid with leonine features, has empathic and psychic powers, and Azkadellia is making him look into the future for her, hoping he will foresee her acquiring the emerald she seeks in time for the eclipse. Such a divination process is painful for Lylo, and he regularly has to be threatened with electric shocks by the jailer, an alchemist named Raynz (Ian A. Wallace), to make him comply. The visions Lylo sees, appear in the liquid filling the tank. Lylo sees a vision of the emerald, and he is certain that Azkadellia will have it in time for the double eclipse, much to her delight. He sees nothing that might interfere in her quest for it... but to her consternation, Lylo feels a sense of hope for her enemies; a glimmer of light in the darkness... from a place Lylo calls, 'the other side.' The liquid in the tank shows an image of the farmhouse on which DG lives. Azkadellia tells Lonot to prepare a travel storm to go to this location Lylo has seen, find the 'glimmer of light,' and extinguish it.

    Back at the farmhouse, it is late in the evening. DG is in bed, again visited by her recurring dream. Lavender Eyes repeatedly insists, 'a storm is coming,' and DG dreams she is reaching frantically for a spinning doll but unable to reach it. Snapping awake from her dream, DG hears the sound of fierce winds... a storm has arrived. Looking out a window, a powerful tornado is approaching the house.

    Downstairs, Hank and Emily hear the approaching storm, when their front door is kicked open and General Lonot confronts them with a small group of armed men. Lonot points his gun at Hank and demands, 'where is she?'

    DG rushes downstairs and is seized by General Lonot. She bites his hand as her parents overturn a heavy bookcase onto two soldiers. DG and her parents rush upstairs to her room, barricading it. Hank and Emily lead her to the window, telling her that she must jump-- directly into the funnel of the approaching tornado. DG realizes to her astonishment and utter confusion that her parents understand everything that is happening-- the storm, the armed intruders, and what the intruders want with them... Hank even is able to identify them as 'Longcoats;' though DG has no idea what it means, clearly both of her parents do-- they say these 'longcoats' are after her. There is no time to explain anything right now; she has to leap into the tornado funnel. DG is too frightened to leap, but finally her parents, with a final admonishment that she has to trust them, shove her off the roof of the house into the approaching vortex. They leap after her before General Lonot can stop them.

    DG comes to under a canopy of trees; some of the ruins of her house strewn around her. The trees make her realize she is nowhere near where her home had stood. Even more disturbing than the forest she finds herself in, is what she sees in the sky beyond a break in the trees-- two suns. And she's not alone.

    Diminutive figures descend from the trees via rope rappels behind her, though they pull back up before she sees them. She picks up a stick, calling out to this unseen presence. Finally she is confronted by a small group of armed men coming up to no higher than her waist. They are attired and painted like primitives, though they claim to be with some kind of Resistance movement, and consider her to be a spy from their enemies, because she fell from the sky, and that can only be accomplished with magic, or if she had wings like something they call a mobat. DG, more defensive than anything else, tries to keep them at bay while stepping backward-- right into a net trap. The leader of these 'munchcans,' who called himself Red Hatt, orders that she be brought back to camp.

    General Lonot is faced with the grim task of reporting failure again to Azkadellia. The glimmer of light Lylo saw, a girl 20 years of age, escaped into the storm with her parents and may now be here, in this land, which the sorceress calls the 'O.Z.' She tells Lonot sympathetically that he did his best... but then pries his mouth open and kills him by drawing out his life essence and feeding on it. She tells the next in command, a man named Zero (Callum Keith Rennie) that he is now in command.

    DG has been placed in a cage, much like a birdcage, high above the ground just beyond the rope walkways of the Munchcan people's treetop village camp. Blue Hatt and Red Hatt (identified by their face and body paint) are interrogating her about whether the Sorceress, whose name they say is Azkadellia, will attack from the east, or from the sky. They speak in rhyme constantly, and insist that DG is a spy for this Azkadellia. They are holding DG's locket which contains photographs of her and her parents, and say that they have spotted her parents being pursued by longcoats along the old brick route to a place called Central City... or perhaps, leading them there; further evidence that DG would be a spy. Blue Hatt and Red Hatt decide that the only way to learn the truth from DG is to torture her. They plan to strap her to a device that will slowly flay the skin from her body until she tells the truth or dies. Blue Hatt drops her locket to the ground and they leave.

    DG notes she's not alone in her cage. Tied to its roof is a curious-looking man (Alan Cumming) who speaks and acts in a funny way... and more disturbing, there is an open zipper along the top of his head. He acts embarrassed as he closes it, and tells her his name is Glitch because his synmpses often misfire (shown by his suddenly repeating sentences several times). The zipper on his head is because Azkadellia's alchemists removed his brain; Glitch says that was done because of something he knows... or used to know; he's unable to remember now.

    DG is still wondering if everything that's happening is a nightmare, but Glitch says it's not; it's the O.Z. -- the Outer Zone. It was a piece of heaven, Glitch says, until Azkadellia got her claws into it. DG quickly notes that this Sorceress, Azkadellia, is responsible for all sorts of trouble happening here in the O.Z.

    The conversation is cut short by the arrival of Zero and a troop of longcoats on horseback, ready to raid the camp. As the Munchcans mobilize to defend, DG quickly concocts a plan of escape. Noting that her cage has an opening in the bottom big enough for her to slip through, she drops down until she is holding onto the cage with her hands and hanging from its bottom. Swinging her legs back and forth, she swings close enough to jump to the rope walkways of the village. Glitch follows. They escape from both the Munchcans and the longcoats-- but Zero recovers her locket.

    Glitch is leading DG toward Central City... or not, as she realizes that a tree stump he trips over is the exact same stump he tripped over some time ago, meaning they've gone around in circles. The loss of his brain seems to have left Glitch with very few still-working functions, although he insists he was once an important government advisor.

    They are interrupted by sounds of a struggle. Rushing toward the sound, DG arrives at the forest's edge, beyond which lies a humble cottage. Zero and several longcoats are viciously beating the tenant of the cottage (Neal McDonough), and preparing to do the same to his terrified wife and young son. Despite Glitch's warnings that this isn't their fight and they need to run, DG grabs a stick and rushes directly into the thick of the fray-- which simply vanishes as she reaches it, leaving her standing in front of an empty, deserted cottage which now appears very dilapidated.

    Glitch spots a mechanical device nailed into a wooden post. He identifies it as a holographic projector that continuously re-plays a three-dimensional recording of some past event, making it appear to actually be happening to whomever views it. This puzzles DG as there appears to be nobody around to watch the playback. That's when they notice a heavy metallic object about a hundred paces directly in front of the projector-- an object shaped somewhat like a humanoid, with a glass plate at the front of the head-- possibly a prison for someone. She knocks on the object and something inside knocks back. DG finds a hammer and uses it to knock loose the bolts holding the prison closed. It swings open, and a ragged human man, his hair and beard grown very long and scraggly, stumbles out.

    DG and Glitch watch as the man plucks the deactivated projector out of the post and drops it to the ground. As he cleans himself up, cuts his hair and shaves off his whiskers, to reveal the owner of the cottage seen in the time-looped projection, DG realizes that the man was forced to watch his wife and son be brutally beaten and killed by the longcoats, right in front of him, over and over again, for countless years, while the metallic prison kept him alive. Glitch says that the most imaginative and horrendous tortures are reserved for those who resist Azkadellia's rule over the O.Z. As the man walks past, DG asks him how long he was imprisoned. He motions with his head toward a tree, saying he was imprisoned in front of the time-loop projector since the tree was a sapling-- and DG looks up, and up, at the tree that now towers well over her, to a height of at least fifty feet.

    The man's name is Wyatt Cain. He thanks DG for saving him, and busies himself preparing to set out after Zero. DG starts to introduce herself and Glitch, and Cain interrupts, saying he knows who Glitch is, or rather, what he is; Cain calls him a 'head case,' a term for how the state re-educates criminals, removing their brains and making them prisoners of their own minds. Cain straps on a weapon harness and bandolier, and takes a long, emotional look at a small toy carving of a horse before slipping it into the bandolier. He also lifts a tin object that DG and Glitch don't see-- a pin shaped like a five-pointed star, inside a tin circle with the words 'Central City' engraved along its surface.

    As Cain begins to set out, DG asks him where he's headed, and Cain says he's going in pursuit of Zero, meaning he will need to go to Central City to find him. Noting that's also where she and Glitch are headed, DG offers to go with him. But Cain doesn't want to travel with either 'kids' or 'convicts,' and is convinced she will run at the first sign of trouble. After telling Cain off because he knows nothing about her, DG tells Glitch they'll find their own way. But suddenly Cain relents, warning them that the way to Central City leads through the fields of the Papay; vicious creatures that can chew through a human body in half a minute. He agrees to let them come with him.

    Zero is reporting back to Azkadellia, bringing her DG's locket. She strokes the metal of the locket in fascination, sniffing it closely before opening it to look at the pictures of DG and her parents. Zero asks Azkadellia if she recognizes the young woman from the 'other side.' Azkadellia responds that she will know who the girl is, soon.

    The fields of the Papay are one huge orchard, although the trees are all dead. Life for pretty much all of the residents of the O.Z. is very rough and difficult, and Azkadellia is at the root of it all. As they press forward, Cain finds footprints, including one who was wounded, his right leg dragging. DG says that must be her father, remembering that he took a flesh wound from a longcoat bullet in his right leg. She starts to pick up her pace when Cain warns her to keep her nose peeled-- Papay hunters can be smelled from a considerable distance, and they need to be ready to run.

    DG finds something organic among the dead trees-- a sticky substance that Cain warns her not to touch, as it is an enzyme used by the Papay to tenderize their meat. Near the tree covered with this enzyme is what looks like a large cocoon-like wrapping nestled among several trees. DG realizes to her horror that someone or something alive is trapped inside. Refusing to comply with Cain's warnings that they need to leave this victim to his fate as a meal for the Papay, she silently holds out her hand for his shaving razor. Finally Cain cuts open the outer layers of the cocoon, revealing a leonine-like man (Raoul Max Trujillo). Once on his feet, the strange lion-man roars harshly at DG, Glitch and Cain, but recoils and cowers when Cain pulls his gun on the creature.

    The confrontation is interrupted by one of the Papay runners biting Cain on the back of his right leg. Shooting it, he orders everyone to run. The rest of the Papay hunting party follows in hot pursuit as the four of them run as fast as their legs will carry them-- right to the edge of a cliff. As far down as the drop is, into a river at the bottom, Cain insists they have to leap. If the impact in the river at the bottom kills them, then they'll be dead either way. As the Papay runners close in, the lion-man jumps off of the cliff, and Glitch and DG decide that Cain is right. Together with him, they leap from the cliff.

    Azkadellia is using Lylo to learn more about the mysterious young woman. She gives him DG's locket to concentrate on. He says that she is searching through the east, looking for love... or more precisely, her loved ones. Lylo sees a vision which appears in Azkadellia's scrying tank, of DG being thrown into the travel storm by her parents. In the vision, DG's name is spoken by her father, and Azkadellia freezes on hearing the name. She orders her men to get a shovel immediately.

    Azkadellia's men are digging up a grave in a dark cemetery. A coffin is pulled up out of the grave and opened. Azkadellia's face twists in anger as she sees the coffin is empty.

    Standing on a small patch of land amidst a tranquil lake is Lavender Eyes (Anna Galvin), the woman from DG's dreams. Azkadellia appears on the patch of land, angrily confronting Lavender Eyes. Clearly Azkadellia knows DG well from hearing her name, and has believed for many years that she was dead, but she has now learned that Lavender Eyes tricked her into thinking it. Lavender Eyes seems relieved to hear that DG is alive, and in the O.Z., but insists to Azkadellia that there is no other plan of any kind in motion. Azkadellia knows better. She knows Lavender Eyes too well to believe this innocent claim. This small patch of land in the lake is an extra-dimensional prison in which Azkadellia is keeping Lavender Eyes incarcerated. Decidindg it is too comfortable, Azkadellia brings down rain and chilled temperatures, leaving Lavender Eyes to shiver. As Azadellia returns to her tower, Zero tells her he'll send out his best spies. But Azkadellia demurs, saying she will send out hers.

    In the woods near the river, DG and Glitch are warming and drying themselves by a small campfire, as the leonine man they saved sits on a log nearby. DG invites him to join them by the fire and warm up, and he only responds that they should have left him to die. Feeling sympathy for the strange being, DG goes to him and touches his shoulder. Quickly he grabs her hand, but holds it gently and looks into her eyes. From touching her hand he senses sadness in her, that she misses her parents, and he assures her that they miss her too. DG asks him what his name is. Instead of speaking it out loud, the leonine man draws his name in the dirt with a stick: Raw.

    DG notes that Raw is injured: a wound of some kind is at the back of his skull, one he is clearly very sensitive about, lightly brushing DG's hand away when she tries to touch it. Cain and Glitch explain that Raw's people are Viewers-- they have psychic powers, but 'see' their visions with their hearts, and they are able to sense emotion on an empathic level. Azkadellia kidnaps members of Raw's race and forces them to use these visions for her use, and her alchemists have devices that draw these visions from a Viewer's head. Despite DG's heart going out to Raw, Cain warns her that if she wants to survive in the O.Z., she needs to learn to stop trusting. Any one who is not her enemy can nonetheless be forced to betray her.

    Suddenly Cain stumbles, grunting in pain from the bite wound he took from the Papay runner. Sensing the pain, Raw goes to lay his hands on the wound, as he is able to heal it. Realizing what Raw is doing, Cain quickly tries to pull away and refuse Raw's help, but it is too late; he feels Raw's hands lay soothingly on his hurt leg. Cain says nothing, knowing what is about to happen: Raw forges a link to Cain's mind and identifies him as a 'Tin Man,' a member of the Central City police force, though Cain says that came to an abrupt end when Zero discovered he was working for the Resistance against Azkadellia; DG herself saw the outcome, as Cain reminds her.

    As the four of them find the beginning of a pathway through the woods that is partly paved, Cain says he picked up the trail of DG's parents to the west. A mobat perches in the trees, watching them unseen. Later, the mobat flies back to Azkadellia's tower, delivering a piece of foliage from which Azkadellia is able to determine where the creature saw DG. Lovingly she feeds the mobat a piece of food as a reward. Zero stands nearby, waiting for her command. Showing him the piece of foliage, Azkadellia tells him that DG is near the fields of the Papay.

    Cain is leading DG, Glitch and Raw on a hard march down the paved pathway. He rebuffs Glitch's request for a short rest, and Glitch and DG both rebel-- they are tired from traveling. Glitch leans against a rock as he catches his breath and rubs one foot, and DG suddenly looks closely at the rock... it is in fact no rock Glitch leaned against, but a stone marker carved with a sign showing the pathway leads to Central City. This marker is a perfect match for one of the sketches DG had in her room at home.

    Closing her eyes, thinking back to her drawing the sketch, she quietly (but loud enough for the others to hear) recites one of her father's sayings, that all of life's answers are found along the 'Old Road.' Cain turns, looking at DG with interest. The 'Old Road' is a slang term used in the O.Z. to refer to the brick route leading to Central City; the one they're traveling on. DG should not know the term because she's told Cain, Glitch and Raw that she's never been in the O.Z. before. Looking around, talking as much to herself as to Cain, DG says she hasn't been here before... but she realizes that somehow, she knows this place.

    Quickly dashing forward down the road, DG finds the ruins of a town, and freezes at a large sign identifying it as... Milltown. Staring at the sign, she remembers drawing a sketch of it, and realizes with great surprise, that this is the Milltown her father always talked about... her parents are in fact, natives of the O.Z.

    They go to investigate the town, looking at the seeming devastation of it. Cain determines that Milltown has been 'erased;' Azkadellia's term for cleansing history. He spots a warning sign of a drawing of a human skull with an X through it, and the letters NHA: No Humans Allowed.

    Before he can warn DG, people come out of all the buildings, holding weapons. A few of the people appear to have machinery under broken patches of human-appearing skin. DG puts her hands up in surrender, though her face is a mask of pure confusion. She is far more confused than frightened, even when the apparent leader of Milltown, a robot with a human head named Father Vue (R. Nelson Brown) comes out, declaring that Azkadellia's spies must be made an example of. But Father Vue halts when he hears DG's cry of protest... he recognizes her voice pattern. This confuses DG even more, as she says she's never been here before.

    The standoff is ended when DG's parents come out of one of the buildings, and she rushes joyfully to hug them. But the surprises are not over for DG... in fact they have only just begun. Her parents tell her that the voice pattern Father Vue recognized in DG was not in fact hers, but her mother's... her true mother.

    DG listens numbly as Hank and Emily tell her that not only are they not her true parents, but they are not, in fact, even human. They are robots, programmed with a set series of protocols and behavior patterns to love and nurture her as if she were their own. They were assigned to raise DG as their own daughter, given the ability to love her and provide her with all the loving care a growing child needs. Ultimately, their mission to was to prepare DG... for her return. The reason DG never felt she fit in with her life back 'home' is because it is not actually her home... DG herself was born in the O.Z. Hank and Emily were programmed to raise DG as their own, but ultimately tell her of her true heritage and bring her to Father Vue. When she started having her dreams, they knew it was time to bring her back to her actual home, but the longcoats came before they could talk to her about it.

    They bring DG to Father Vue, who explains that a woman came to him 15 years ago when Milltown was a bustling, thriving town in the O.Z. This woman was draped in a deep cloak, her heart and spirit heavy. She'd lost her husband and feared losing her child as well... a girl child she called DG. A viewscreen comes out of Father Vue's robotic body and opens up to show DG a scene of this occurrence. She sees herself as a very young child, and the woman in the cloak. DG is shocked to see the face of Lavender Eyes, the woman in her dreams: her mother. Father Vue explains that Lavender Eyes was extremely weak and frightened when she brought DG to him. She was terrified of being discovered, and that Father Vue and the robotic residents of Milltown would be discovered as having helped Lavender Eyes save DG. Father Vue says that upon DG's return, he was to give her something at the request of her mother. He takes her left hand and places a mark shaped somewhat like an eye on the flesh of her palm, saying that it will guide her.

    Cain enters, telling them that longcoats have arrived in Milltown, almost assuredly having tracked DG there. Father Vue tells DG that he doesn't know where Lavender Eyes is, but there is a man in Central City who can help: a man with magical powers believed to be a wizard. Cain recognizes him as Mystic Man; Cain often worked protection detail for him during his days as a Tin Man. He knows that Mystic Man can be trusted.

    DG begs Hank and Emily to come with her, but they say they have to stay in Milltown; they have done all they can for her. Giving her a last emotional hug goodbye, they send DG on her way. She escapes Milltown with Cain, Glitch and Raw, eluding the longcoats.

    Azkadellia is confronting Lavender Eyes again in her prison, trying to learn how much DG knows. She tells Lavender Eyes that she can play an important role in the future of the O.Z. or become one of its statistics. Lavender Eyes, despite the suffering she'd undergone in the prison recently from the cold rain, refuses to cooperate with Azkadellia.

    DG, again walking en route to Central City, wonders why her mother abandoned her. Raw and Glitch try to reassure her that Lavender Eyes most likely didn't abandon her, but was forced to give her up, though they don't know why. Cain has them pick up their pace, and presently they arrive at Central City. As they get close, however, they see that the 'shining city on the hill' looks much darker and more foreboding than any of them remember it. Worse still, at an information kiosk on the roadway just outside the city's main entrance, is a wanted poster showing DG's face. And with the strong longcoat presence easily visible at the main city gates, searching all incoming traffic, it is clear that the four of them cannot simply walk into the city; especially not with DG among them.

    But help is on the way, even if said help doesn't know it yet... en route to the city is the most ridiculously gaudy truck owned by a fast-talking hustler named DeMilo (Jason Schombing), whom Cain knows well and has a history with from his Tin Man days. Stopping the truck, he quickly blackmails DeMilo (who had 'fooled around' with Zero's wife) into smuggling him, DG, Glitch and Raw into Central City.

    Once they are well inside the city, DeMilo (reluctantly, and again Cain has to use a bit of strongarming, the way he usually deals with DeMilo) hands DG some tickets that will gain her entry to where the Mystic Man performs. But he warns her that she can't go in dressed the way she is... DeMilo's 'girls' will need to provide her something more 'appropriate.' Cain announces at that point, that he is leaving to settle his score with Zero. He wishes DG well and slips out of the truck, heading off alone.

    Azkadellia is in her tower with Hank and Emily in her custody. Azkadellia's minister and right-hand man, Vy-Sor (Donny Lucas) has run a computer virus on their CPU's to make them tell him everything they know, and he tells Azkadellia that DG has gone in pursuit of a message from the Mystic Man. At this point a salute is given to the original Wizard of Oz as Azkadellia sternly remarks that DG has 'gone to see the wizard.'

    DG, Raw and Glitch enter the hotel club where the Mystic Man performs. DG is now wearing a black evening dress while Glitch and Raw have donned outer cloaks to hide them. They are shown to their seats as the performance begins. But as Mystic Man (Richard Dreyfuss) takes the stage to begin his performance, Glitch notes with dismay that Mystic Man appears and acts extremely addled. He realizes that Mystic Man is addicted to Vapors: a drug produced by Azkadellia, which he uses as part of the performance. The drug puts him in a constant state of semi-hallucinogenic bliss. DG stares bleakly; getting the answers she needs has just gotten a lot harder.

    Cain is making his way to a whorehouse that he knows many of the longcoat leaders to frequent. Bursting in on one of the prostitutes, he orders her to tell him where Zero is. The prostitute tells Cain that he just missed Zero, who had left in a hurry; something about a girl having been smuggled into Central City.

    Cain hurries back to the club hotel, arriving just in time to see Zero preparing to lead a longcoat raid. Glitch sees Zero entering, and recognizes him. Raw tells DG they have to leave, but DG is still insistent on getting her answers.

    Zero and his men systematically move through the club room, showing DG's picture. One woman patron says she thinks she saw DG at DeMilo's table-- but when Zero arrives there, the table is empty.

    DG arrives at Mystic Man's hotel room... and the longcoats are tracking her. They show her poster to the hotel's room keeper, and he tells the longcoats where DG is. But no sooner are the longcoats out of earshot when Cain grabs the hotel keeper, pointing his gun right at his face, in a gesture that means to keep QUIET.

    The two longcoats bust in to Mystic Man's room, confronting DG, Glitch and Raw inside. Holding DG at gunpoint, one longcoat orders his partner to find Zero. Cain arrives to knock both longcoats out. One look at Mystic Man and Cain grows deeply concerned, seeing immediately that Azkadellia has him hooked on the Vapor drug. Still, DG insists on trying to speak to Mystic Man to learn about Lavender Eyes.

    Simply talking to Mystic Man proves fruitless and frustrating. DG slaps him to try and snap him out of the drug trance, but immediately regrets it and throws her hands up in apology. The symbol on her left palm begins to glow, and that begins to gradually pull Mystic Man back to his senses. He stares at the symbol and remembers that DG's mother had lavender eyes. He recognizes Cain as one of his former bodyguards.

    More longcoats arrive at the hotel keeper's desk, and Zero is among them. Glitch spots them and everyone knows they have to high-tail it quick. Mystic Man tells DG that her journey to find Lavender Eyes-- and more importantly, herself-- begins at the Northern Isles. Cain opens a window for everyone to escape through, but Mystic Man stops Cain from trying to confront Zero. Back in full control of his senses and faculties now, Mystic Man admonishes Cain that he's seen who DG is, and that she is 'the key.' He makes Cain give him his word as a TIn Man that he will stay beside DG at all costs. Satisfied, Mystic Man ushers Cain through the window and steps outside his room to provide a distraction to the longcoats-- one that comes at the expense of his own freedom as he is seized.

    Catching up with DG, Cain secures a means of escape from the city by tracking down where DeMilo has his truck parked to bed down for the night. He steals the truck, leaving DeMilo behind.

    Zero is reporting back to Azkadellia, who is displeased that DG escaped, but Zero is not empty-handed... he has learned that Cain is helping her; and more importantly, Zero has the Mystic Man in custody. Mystic Man is brought before Azkadellia. He tries to act like he is still on the Vapors, but Azkadellia sees through the charade and tries to interrogate him to learn what he has told DG.

    Cain is driving through a mountain pass, high up the mountain where it is freezing cold and constantly beset by wind and snow. The truck's rear axle gives way under the treacherous conditions, forcing everyone to go the rest of the way on foot. Cain grabs an axe from the truck as they set off.

    They trudge through the snow, shivering as they hold heavy blankets and their winter clothes tight around themselves. DG leads the way, pointing toward what Glitch recognizes as Ice Mountain. DG stares at the icy crag, reciting Hank's saying about a Daughter of Light that is frozen in time in a sea of ice. Determined, DG trudges toward it, and Cain follows, with Glitch and Raw bringing up the rear.

    Azkadellia has Lylo hooked up to the scrying tank to read the Mystic Man's mind. Mystic Man proves an imposing adversary, overloading Lylo's senses with dizzying visions on the very nature of the whole universe. Raynz finally incapacitates Mystic Man with an electric prod. Azkadellia pushes Lylo to focus through the pain he sees, and the scrying tank lights up with a vision of Ice Mountain. Azkadellia's jaw drops in astonishment. More to herself than anyone else, she softly says about DG, 'she's going to see mommy.'

    DG and company arrive at Ice Mountain. Shedding her blanket, staring at the ice, DG suddenly grabs Cain's axe and begins to chop at the ice, reciting Hank's saying of the Daughter of Time frozen in a sea of ice, this time finishing the saying... that the daughter of light knew that the mountain was more than it appeared; it was home.

    DG breaks through the ice to reveal a door behind it; a door to a mansion. The symbol on her palm causes the door to silently swing open. Cain, Glitch and Raw follow her inside.

    Just the foyer of the mansion shows that it is truly palatial in nature. Walking among stately marble pillars, DG stops in amazement at a portrait along a wall. The portrait shows Lavender Eyes-- and Glitch-- in a pose together; both dressed in noble finery. Lavender Eyes is the queen of the O.Z. ... and Glitch was her most trusted and loyal advisor; her right-hand man. The revelation also means that DG is a princess.

    DG recites another saying she learned from Hank, and begins to understand its meaning. She rushes up the stairs to what used to be her bedroom in the palace, where all the furnishings are covered with sheets.

    Touching some of the covered furniture, Raw becomes frightened. He tells DG that terrible things happened in the palace, and they need to leave. The visions he has seen frighten him very badly. But both DG and Cain finally convince him to show what he has seen. Raw uncovers a mirror and lays a hand along its frame, forging a link so that they can see Raw's visions in it. They see Lavender Eyes lovingly singing a very young girl to sleep (the song of two little princesses dancing). Glitch realizes to his surprise that the girl is DG, which means he knew her as well. Just after Lavender Eyes leaves DG's room, another girl, somewhat older than DG and wearing a black dress, walks in, reciting a dire poem that contains a prophecy about two daughters of a majestic queen of the O.Z.; one drawn to darkness and the other shown to light. A double eclipse is foreseen; a meeting of light and dark; but only one shall hold the Emerald and take the throne.

    Glitch, despite his condition, has no trouble recognizing the older girl as Azkadellia when she was younger. DG stares in amazement: the revelation means that she and Azkadellia are sisters. She watches as Azkadellia finishes reciting the prophecy, and raises her hands toward DG's younger self. A black mist comes out of her hands and seeps into the young DG's breast. DG watches in shock, seeing that Azkadellia tried to kill her... but Cain says she is incorrect-- Azkadellia DID kill her.

    Why DG is still alive is shown in the rest of the vision: just after Azkadellia leaves DG's room, Lavender Eyes returns, suspecting something wrong. She finds young DG dead and begins to weep over her, and then breathes a portion of her own life essence into DG's mouth to revive her back to life. As DG revives, Lavender Eyes says that one thing can stop Azkadellia: the Emerald of the Eclipse. Leaning in, she whispers something into little DG's ear; something inaudible. She then says aloud that the secret to finding the emerald now lives inside of DG. When the time is right, Lavender Eyes says, DG will return. DG realizes this is why Lavender Eyes brought her to Father Vue and had her sent, with her robotic 'nurture units,' to 'the other side.'

    Azkadellia arrives in the room with Zero and a troop of longcoats. Cain wordlessly holds his coat open to facilitate their disarming him as DG and Azkadellia stand face to face for the first time in 15 years. DG stands before her sister defiantly, demanding to know what Azkadellia wants. Azkadellia coolly tells DG that she would kill her again, but she now knows that a secret crucial to Azkadellia has been locked away in DG's subconscious... the secret to finding the Emerald of the Eclipse.

    But DG has no conscious memory of the secret. She hasn't heard the Emerald itself calling to her. She cannot remember anything about it. Azkadellia conjures a scrying crystal that lets DG glimpse into the extra-dimensional prison where Azkadellia is keeping their mother confined. Azkadellia tells DG that she will never find Lavender Eyes.

    Turning defiant again, DG hurls the crystal to the ground, where it shatters, releasing a heavy smoke that gives her, Glitch and Raw the opportunity to flee. Cain, still with a score to settle, looks to take Zero on and kill him.

    As two longcoats pursue DG, Glitch and Raw, Azkadellia orders them to wait. Standing on a platform amidst the staircase, Azkadellia pulls open her bodice. A line of tattoos across her breast stir and come to life, releasing her mobats.

    The mobats, flying in small groups, pin Glitch down and force Raw to cower in terror against a pillar. Two more seize DG and carry her, kicking and yelling, back to Azkadellia, depositing DG at her sister's feet.

    Meanwhile, upstairs, Zero and Cain battle it out hand to hand. Zero proves a match for Cain, though he calls in his two longcoat troops to help him finish the job. Picking up Cain's gun, he takes a few moments to gloat to Cain, and drop a hint that his wife and son are still alive. He then shoots Cain in the chest, the impact of the shot busting him through the wall of the palace, where he plummets down the mountain to land on the frozen ice below, breaking through it and sinking into the frigid waters underneath.

    Episode One finishes with another salute to the original 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz (1939) as DG is on her knees in front of Azkadellia, who triumphantly welcomes her home and says, 'There's no place like the O.Z.'

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