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Surprisingly Good Movie
naiksrn31 May 2010
I saw the previews for this and thought this was going to be one of those slapstick stupid comedy movies (Superbad, Super Hero Movie). I came on IMDb and saw the rating and the reviews and I thought I'd reconsider after doing some research on this. I was very wrong with my initial assessment. Yes, there's some teen comedic elements to this movie, but the movie flowed perfectly. Great Soundtrack, great fight scenes, acting was good, story was great and original. With a current IMDb rating of 8.3 as I write this, look's like I'm not alone on how I rated this movie. Show stealer was definitely Hit Girl. I foresee her having a huge career. Possibly the next Natalie Portman. Reminded me of Natalie's role in Leon. Which leads me to my next point. Unless you're into comic books, video games, in your teens/20's/30's and don't have a young kid, you might be taken aback that a little 11 year old girl is killing people and using bad words. For those that gave this a bad review because of that, do some research on a movie before you go see something that you think you won't like. I hate musicals and I'm not going to pay 10 bucks to see High School Musical and then come in here and complain that there was too much singing and dancing. It's clearly geared at a older teen/young adult audience and is rated R, what did you expect. In closing, one of the most entertaining films I've ever seen.
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With no power comes no responsibility
filmbantha22 March 2010
It has been a long time since I have left a screening with endorphins pumping through my body and the strong urge to learn a martial art but Kick-Ass did exactly that; I felt like I could take on the world! An explosive ride that covers insane action sequences, intelligent superhero parodies and intense dramatic turns, Kick-Ass is a welcome addition to the realm of the comic-book movie.

I was initially sceptical about the prospect of watching another superhero spoof movie, most recent attempts at the genre have been abysmal, but Kick-Ass completely transcends its predecessors through the use of intelligent pastiche which drives the story forward as well as providing laughs. The brilliantly choreographed action scenes would not feel out of place in a Spiderman film, or even a Tarantino script, in fact it feels like Spiderman and Kill Bill were put into a blender and Kick-Ass was the end result.

The story focuses on Dave Lizewski, your average teenage nerd, whose obsession with comic books inspires him to create his very own superhero, Kick-Ass, despite his discernible lack of superpowers. Dave's attempts to become a vigilante crime fighter initially end in disaster but in the process of rescuing a cat his luck changes, propelling him into the public limelight and establishing him as a figure to be reckoned with.

It is not long before other vigilantes surface, some desperate for the fame and attention, others out for revenge, and when Kick-Ass becomes embroiled in a crime lords devious plans, we are treated to a number of intense melees that gradually escalate in size and repercussions for those involved. There has been some controversy over the graphic violence depicted in these scenes, especially as the trailer is intended to appeal to a fairly young audience, and that comes as no surprise when a pre-teen girl decapitates villains on screen and uses the c*** word. Controversy aside, I cannot deny that this was very entertaining.

Chloe Moretz easily steals the show as Hit Girl - the incredibly volatile young superhero with a penchant for explicit language, which will surely propel her into the realms of stardom. Nicolas Cage is surprisingly effective as her doting father, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse is ever watchable as Red Mist. However it is Aaron Johnson who shows the most promise as Kick-Ass, with his convincing turn from a bumbling student to a brave and reckless crime fighter marking him as a talent to watch out for.

An essential part of the film is its eclectic soundtrack, with choice tracks taken from excellent films such as 28 Days Later and For a few dollars more. Usually I would be concerned at such a prospect but the Kick-Ass soundtrack adapts the tracks brilliantly, making them feel like its own, alongside great songs from The Prodigy and Sparks to name a few. The choice of music fits perfectly with the high-octane action sequences and even adds emotional depth to key scenes - not bad for a superhero comedy movie!

Kick-Ass is that rarest of films, a successful hybrid of two genres that delivers an almost perfect cinematic experience. My only criticism would be that some sequences near the end were slightly far-fetched but in a film where suspension of belief is required, maybe I'm being a little harsh. This is an essential film for all cinema-goers, catch it on the big screen and I guarantee you will be completely immersed in the explosive yet entertaining world of Kick-Ass


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Gget ready for the new classic superhero movie!
marxthedude2 March 2010
In a movie industry cluttered with own-grown hype, gimmicks and lack of idea, "Kick Ass" bursts onto the screen and shatters all expectations in it's wake. You're on this page because you think it's gonna be good? Wrong. Or you're here because you think it looks a decent or a good superhero movie to join the ranks of the ones you already love? DEAD wrong. Reason being, is "Kick Ass"doesn't want to be good or above average, "Kick Ass" wants to be great and it has the balls to want to be original too. Seemingly impossible in a done to death genre where we've already glimpsed Mark Millar's signature style in "Wanted", but "Kick Ass" is all about the unexpected.

Make no mistake, nothing you believe of this movie compares to what Vaughn and co. serve up for you. Mainly because everyone involved seems determined to honour the comic and redefine a genre. Most movies entertain, but this one? It wants to BLOW YOU AWAY! Less smarter movies have done that but "Kick Ass" ain't giving that up either. It's script is razor-sharp, dumping the pretension of "the burden of heroism" crippling even the better superhero films, showing this in actions rather than long drawn out emoting. Matthew Vaughn has finally solved the hurdle that all superhero movies suffer, namely how to get to know and love your characters without long drawn out scenes. He does it by keeping them moving. The more they do, the more they try, the more you know and love them. And make the narrative interesting and most of all relatable so we're with Dave 100% of the way, it doesn't just have to functional.

The real visual joy of "Kick Ass" is it's desire to keep it simple but not at the expense of wowing us. Make characters do cool things, instead of Michael Bay-esquire things happening to them. That's why they exude coolness, despite Dave's almost humdrum existence. This is the everyman doing the things we could do if wanted to; not a guy from another reality or possessed with great drive and ambition. Dave wants to get laid. He wants to be hip. Even your bad guy in this is believable. Watching the whirlwind that is Hit Girl perform a routine almost straight out of Jackie Chan's Hong Kong days stuns us in a way no big screen chase ever could. Visually the film takes all the thing we DID love from the movies that ultimately didn't zing and churns them into a finely balanced flawless brew.

Did I mention it's feel good? From it's inspired use of music (again utterly relatable) right down to it's outstanding score, like "Get Carter" for superheroes; I could say more but there's surprises in store.

In a movie this stunning, acting is usually secondary (as any James Cameron film shows). Not a bit of it. In a cast as eclectic as the styles the film embraces you have performances that set a benchmark for all concerned. Can Mark Strong already better his stellar work? See his menacing and humorous turn as D'Amico, a career best. Christopher Mintz Plasse follows "Role Models" by breaking out of McLovin mode. His guy has layers and he can show them. Nicolas Cage as expected returns to his past glories playing larger than life eccentric characters but not without a little sadness too. Joining him is Chloe Moretz forever destined to be remembered for her first major role. She idolised Angelina Jolie apparently. Guess what, you trounced any action movie she has ever made! Moretz dominates any scenes she's in, no easy task considering her fellow cast! Aaron Johnson has the most difficult job of all. Being an original uber-geek after Michael Cera set the standard (anyone who's seen "Zombieland" knows it's hard to write an original geek even in a great movie). He shakes it, redefines it and OWNS it. He leads the movie like he wrote it, joined by a cast where even the smallest roles are fully fleshed out. It's quite an ensemble. A renegade band of acting styles forming a perfect one and complementing the film's fun style.

Watching "Kick Ass" is ultimately like being on a thrill-ride, it doesn't just want to dazzle you, it's wants to draw you in, ride the wave and leave the cinema on a high. And it doesn't do that with gimmicks or tried and tested formula's, it breaks the mold, shakes conventions and wants you to be surprised while complementing all the movies you already love. It's not just a movie, it's a standard, one that promises to prove movies like this can be written with great heart and brain.

And ultimately you'll be leaving the screen thinking "Wow, let's do that again" no matter how many agains come before it.
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KICK-ASS kicked my ass
pgtmatrix16 April 2010
This is definitely the best movie of 2010 so far, hands down. Not only is it insanely funny throughout, it has a great story and in-your-face action that will (pun intended) kick your ass.

It's the story of a high school comic book nerd who decides he's going to take up being a costumed hero because no one else will. Early on he discovers that society could care less about the evils that be, and he takes it upon himself to do something about it. But of course none of the "super heroes" in the movie actually have powers, because it's about real people kicking real ass. Early on you'll find the protagonist, Dave, is a pushover and even as his costumed alter-ego, Kick-Ass, he can't succeed in anything he does. He comes off as an extremely unlikable character, but as the story unfolds and he gets mixed up with other costumed heroes who really do kick ass, he slowly becomes the perfect anti-hero and a character which will most likely be a new icon in popular culture.

The script for the film is remarkably well written and it managed to combine hilarious comedy with incredibly graphic, stylized violence. Never have I seen a movie that combined the two so well. One moment, you'll be crying from laughter and the next you'll be squinching at a little girl slaughtering grown men with the slightest of ease.

The directing was top-notch and this is the first film i've seen from Matthew Vaughn. If Kick-Ass doesn't put him on the map as one of the most sought after directors in Hollywood then I don't know what will.

The acting was superb from the entire cast, especially from veteran Nicolas Cage. He played his part perfectly and I couldn't see any one else as Big Daddy. As impressed as I was with Cage's performance, I was blown away with how well Chloe Moretz, Hit-Girl, played her part. She definitely stole the show.

I honestly couldn't recommend this movie more, and it has become one of my new personal favorites. Kick-Ass is a film about finding your identity and daring to do something no one else will. Yet it's also an intricate tale of revenge, which is masterfully crafted to be one of the most entertaining pieces of fiction I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.

10 out of 10
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Superbad meets Kill Bill
moitrayana26 March 2010
You know that rare feeling... happens every year or so... when you pour out of the cinema SO excited at the film you've just watched, and every other word is "ohmygodilovedtwithbitwherethey"? Well 'Ding', Kick ass hits that sweet spot. Comprising teen comedy, kick-ass action (sorry) and a healthy dose of comic book style violence and gore, it rocks.

It's Superbad meets Kill Bill.

The film is a fairly faithful adaptation of the comic book, and where tweaks have been made, they make the plot more robust for the audience to empathise with.

Kick-ass is stylish, fun, daring, and the dark surprise of violence and gore kept the balance of comic teen angst fresh: a delicious perk me up when you were settling into comedy mode. There was never a dull moment in the pace of the film, never a flimsy plot point, and actually the audience guffawed their way through the film. Did I mention it has a cool soundtrack to boot? I've already got it on my Phone.
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"Spider-Man" and "Kill Bill" had a baby and its head popped off!
V.I.D.I.O.T.9 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Last night my combined love of films and comic books finally paid dividends, as I was invited (along with every other comic manager in the Boston area) to attend a press screening of Marv films' "Kick-Ass" (based on Mark Millar & John Romita Jr's Marvel Comics series of the same name), which opens in theaters April 16th. A bold move on the part of Marv, considering they were risking a month of "WERST MOVIE EVERRR!" badmouthing across the entire state. I assure you that will not be a problem.

So first off, should you see this? Definitely. As I told everyone when "Watchmen" was out, if you are a fan of comic books, just go see the movie - if only to add yourself to the communal experience, to join the debate. Everyone's going to be talking about it anyway, don't get left behind. And in this case, I think it will be more universally enjoyed than "Watchmen". Not that it is a "better" film, just a lot more entertaining - it tries for far less, succeeds at what it attempts, and therefore hasn't left itself open to as much scrutiny. Bottom line, this is just a fun romp with clever bits and reassuringly satisfying plot points, that had a bunch of jaded comic geeks roaring with laughter and delight, rooting for the good guys, culminating with applause at the end. Granted, we were seeing it for free, and had nothing invested besides a night we could have otherwise been sitting at home playing Arkham Asylum. But even if discussion later turned to this-or-that subtle difference from the comic, I don't think many were picking apart plot holes or questionable directorial decisions.

Overall, the impression I was left with was that it was a kind of hybrid descendant of "Spider-Man" and "Kill Bill". It has its mundane real-world-kid-deals-with-real-life-situations side, as Peter-Parkerish "nobody" Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) dreams of something more than his boring humdrum teen life. Eventually, like most kids his age, he decides to make an impact on the world by... well, y'know, donning a super-suit and heading out to thwart evil-doers. Just as we're getting used to the idea that of course this won't work and that he'll get his ass kicked every time, he starts learning how to improve his chances, and also that he's not alone in his quest.

Which then brings us to the film's outrageous, over-the-top side, best exemplified by everyone's newest favorite comic book character, "Hit-Girl". Her operatic, homicidal spaghetti-western character is delivered with so much infectious glee that you could feel the entire theater perk up whenever she appeared. The fact that she is played by Chloe Moretz, an actress no older than the "Planetary" comic series, only adds to the overall delightfully ludicrous nature of her character. I'm sure there will be the inevitable stink raised by parental or religious groups, not so much at the well-deserved "R" rating, but at this particular character, a pre-teen Beatrix Kiddo and GoGo Yubari rolled into one.

To wrap up: I think the pacing is exemplary, there really weren't any dead spots for the audience to shift in their seats. Matthew Vaughn's direction neither dazzles nor bores, there is much that is derivative of previous films, but he knows how to build up and pay off an action scene, and there were moments I was sure how a scene was being set up to end, only to be pleasantly surprised at the result. I think my favorite aspect of the film was the use of music, from the use of John Murphy's building epic "Sunshine" and "28 Days Later" themes, to a hilarious "that's just wrong" use of the "Banana Splits" theme. It's possible that with a month to street date, we may have seen some temp music, but I hope not, everything fit perfectly - even Elvis Presley's "America The Beautiful"! The casting works, from the relatively unknown Johnson (whose screen presence in this film is definitely enhanced by how much he looks like Tobey Maguire once he puts the ski mask on), to the quirky haunted Nicolas Cage (who for once forgoes his normal Presley-channeling in favor of some Pure West), to the mostly-British supporting players, made up of bits of cast from Vaughn's previous producing / directing gigs. And for the most part, the teens actually look like teens, not like the 25-year-olds that usually portray teens in film and TV. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (a.k.a. "McLovin'") especially stands out, in a role that sneakily grows into one of the most important and poignant of the film.

I had a blast, I think you will too. I know they've got a month to tinker around with the film, but I for one hope they don't change a frame. I think casual "what's playing tonight" audiences will enjoy an irreverent violent funny action flick, and comic fans will get an extra treat picking out all the comic book references in the background. I really can't imagine anyone anywhere watching "Avatar" had as much fun as we all had last night. I for one will be back, this time with money and peanut M&Ms in hand.
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Brilliant. Everything works perfectly in this amazing movie.
claudio-domingues7 July 2010
Kick-ass tells the story of Dave, a common teenager without anything special about him. Through his sense of justice and some events he decides to become a "Superhero" and hardly tries to save innocent people.

Why did I like this movie so much? Well, that's not easy to explain. The acting was flawless (in my opinion) with Aaron (Dave/Kick-ass), Chloe (Hit-girl) and Christopher (Chris/Red Mist) giving their best and shining throughout the entire movie. The storyline, even though it may not be the most original one, is amazingly well developed. The movie goes by at a perfect rhythm, combining comedy with action just perfectly. The music was amazingly well picked and combined 100% with every scene. and so on and so forth...

When I left the theater I was so excited, so happy and so energetic, it looked like I just had a shot of adrenaline! And I couldn't stop talking about the movie. It's been a really long time since I felt this way about a movie.

Now I know this movie is going to feed a lot of haters. It's normal. A lot of people walk into the theater with their mind already set, like "This movie is for nerds. It's going to suck so much.", if you have that kind of mentality just save yourself the time and don't watch it. Why bother if throughout the whole movie you're just going to be looking for flaws or rolling your eyes at every joke.

I loved this movie. I don't care about anything other people say. Kick- ass is my favorite movie of all time. I have no doubt about that.
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Kick-Ass is something over-exhilarating and over-satisfying!
JohnnyNny9417 April 2010
I've first heard about Kick-Ass and been waiting to see it since November 2009. After I began to read the comics and they were very good! I'm just very happy I got the chance to finally see the movie yesterday at 10:30 pm. I have never done a review for a movie before, but I'll try to explain my opinions well.

Let me just say that Kick-Ass is nothing like any other superhero movie out there. It's not even like any other action/comedy/suspense movie you'll view out there!

I loved Dave/Kick-Ass' character because he relates to most teens these days. He was very silly, slow but smart, and was just totally outrageously funny and had quirky lines. I thought Aaron Johnson played his part perfectly well. Especially the hilarious but 'kick-ass' fight scenes he was in. When I first saw Red Mist, I already loved him. He was a spoiled, annoying and conceited kid. And Christopher Mintz-Plasse did a very great job at portraying that type of character. It was definitely something different than 'McLovin' and much more of an interesting character brought to the table! Hit-Girl was absolutely amazing and ridiculously insane! I loved her and I'm pretty sure the audience did too. She can be so innocent and sweet as a regular child, but when she's in her mask and hardcore crime-fighting purple outfit she's just stunningly awesome! No one is like Hit-Girl, and I can yell that to anyone! Chloe Moretz is an amazing actress and she seems like she has a very bright future ahead of her. I admire her acting and her movies. Lastly, Big Daddy was not only the most hardcore character in the film, but he had to do a lot with the plot and storyline. Not to mention his super funny Adam West impressions. I loved Big Daddy, but hated what happened near the end (movie and comic-wise).

Kick-Ass the most exhilarating, jaw-dropping, and the most hilarious movie I've ever seen in my 16 years! I loved every single moment in the film and found most of the humor very funny. Before seeing the movie, I got a little scared that it might be just another 'let down' or 'walk-out' movie I'd have to deal with. But it wasn't. It was very perfectly entertaining and satisfying for me in many ways. Kick-Ass is definitely one my favorite films ever, and it was just simply the most amazing and hilarious film nobody can't miss! Not to mention that it was just super fun and exciting just like riding a roller-coaster! This is the perfect superhero movie anyone would enjoy.

Thank you America, for not letting me down on this one!
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Kick Ass is Bad Ass
socklessmenace23 April 2010
Anyone who has ever wished to be a superhero, pretended to fly, super punch, turn invisible or just plain kick some ass but knew you never's the movie for you!

Although deserving it's 18A R rating, this movie will blow your mind with awesomeness, yes thats right AWESOMENESS. The main character Kick-Ass is both comedic, quirky, and relatable (weather to yourself or someone you know) to anyone who's ever been to high school. His friends, also comedic, also will remind any guy of their own little group of three musketeers talking about movies, sports, comics and of coarse girls. The other heroes, such as Hit-Girl (who alone could provides the R rating) and Big-Daddy act as a total sub plot to the film that eventually mashes together with Kick-ass's story. They provide the majority of the REAL ASS KICKING. Also the characters actually get so connected with you that by the end you will actually feel and sympathize with the obstacles and tragedies they have to go through. Despite all the blood and violence there are some touching moments in this film.

In all, this movie rocked, it's not for kids, it'll blow your mind, the filming technique was great props to the director, the acting was good, the action was sweet, and the movie in total kicked some SERIOUS ASS!!!
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Best original superhero movie to date
willrasmussen-617-99231912 August 2010
When I first saw Kick Ass i was expecting more action than comedy. However, I was wrong with how surprisingly funny the movie turned out to be. I thought Hit Girl was what made the movie shine as she was cussing and slaughtering people. Aaron Johnson did a good job playing the lead role of Kick Ass and I thought Nicolas Cage was good at playing Big Daddy as it wasn't the typical Cage film. This movie beats a lot of those stupid high school movies and chick flicks that are trying to be funny but fail. This is a great combination of bloody action and comedy. Its the Super Bad meets Kill Bill genre. I highly recommend this film.
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No Powers, No Training, No Problem
freemantle_uk27 March 2010
Mark Millar whom started out in the British Comic Book industry, writing for 2000AD and Sonic the Comic has become one of the biggest comic book writers around, writing for Marvel and DC with major characters like Spider-man, X-Men, Wolverine and Superman, before being able to create his own comics. His first film adaptation was the weak, dumbed down version of the Matrix, Wanted: but luckily Kick-Ass is a lot better.

Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) is a typical New York teenager, who is a comic-book fan, and not in any particular group in High School. He is ignored by girls, including Katie (Lyndsy Fonseca), the girl he fancies. Dave however fantasises about what it would be like to be a superhero and he makes an effort to make it happen. After his first attempt at vigilante justice Dave ends up having a big accident and his nerve endings are damage. But this gives him a high pain threshold and after being videotaped fighting three men at once Dave becomes a internet sensation and his alter-ego, Kick-Ass is born. But Dave as Kick-Ass gets in over his head when he meets two real heroes, Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage), and his young girl Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz), a brilliant martial artist and skilled assassin. Big Daddy sets out to bring down the crime lord Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong), taking down his organisation from the bottom up. As Kick-Ass Dave is brought into their violence world. As well as these superhero actives Dave has to hide his identity, whilst using his fame in the internet age to help people out through Myspace. He also finally get's Katie's attentions, but for all the wrong reasons.

The director Matthew Vaughn had been touted to direct comic book conversions before. He was offered the chance to do X-Men: The Last Stand but left because of the rushed production and weak script, and missed out on directing Thor when his script turned out would have cost too much. He has proved to be a skilled director, having done the great gangster film Layer Cake and the fun fantasy romp Stardust. With Kick-Ass he is able to make a stylist, colourful comic-book conversion. It is fast-paced, action-packed, violence and very funny throughout. Vaughn was able to make a live action comic, with stylist vision trick, compared to Ang Lee who tried and failed with Hulk. An excellent film in vain of Frank Miller films like Sin City and 300. Vaughn shows how an action sequence should be directed, with Hit-Girl and her wide range of weapons making excellent viewing. Vaughn made the film like a violence parody of Spider-man, following similar plot elements, scenes like Dave designing his costume, having a similar score and basically plays on wider superhero conventions. But this was a parody which pays tribute and respects the genre it's lampooning, not aiming for cheap laughs.

Aaron Johnson offers an excellent performance as Dave/Kick-Ass. He is like Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker, going through similar issues, using a voice-over throughout the film, and even sounds like Maguire. He is an actor with a bright future ahead of him. Vaughn is able to assemble a good supporting cast. Nicholas Cage is a known superhero fan and he missed out playing both Iron Man and Superman in the past. He is excellent as the man of action as Big Daddy, and is a deranged but loving father. He is one an important quest to take down Frank D'Amico. Mark Strong has been making headway in Hollywood recently, being in films like Body of Lies and Sherlock Holmes. He plays an effective villain, a gangster slowly becoming more violence and erratic because of the Kick-Ass phenomenon. He too is a deranged and loving father despite his business. But the real star out of the supporting actors is Chloe Moretz as the foul month 11-year-old assassin who is hard as nails, but also at times a sweet-natured girl and it is wonderfully played when the two characteristics are compared. She is one of the most fun characters in a film this year.

Kick-Ass is not perfect, and it will not cater to everyone's tastes, but it is easily one of the most fun films of 2010.
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A depressing experience at the cinema
a_mcness12 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I thought the idea of Kick Ass - everyday teens transforming themselves into superheroes to fight crime – looked like great fun. The ads looked promising too. As for the film itself, it was not lacking in skill, humour or inspiration, and it had some great performances to showcase.

However, the violence here ("casual slaughter" is a better term for it) was repugnant in its aim to excite and delight, and more than a little disturbing to watch as the audience hoots along with each 'kill'. Movies can be a great communal experience, but I can't recall a cinema experience where I have felt so depressingly cut off from my fellow human beings (a generous use of the term).

I suppose we are supposed to applaud the audaciousness and black comedy of a preteen girl slicing off bad men's legs and shooting them through the head, but to me it reeked of filmmakers desperately trying to find new and novel ways to hype audiences up. Of course, they framed the carnage unconvincingly around a 'perhaps the heroes are as sociopathic as the villains' theme, lest anyone dare question their motives. (Reminds me of Terminator 2's banal anti-violence message.) Oh yes, those baddies were bad, but, for instance, I wondered how families affected by suicide might have felt as audiences cheered on Hit Girl as she forces a bad guy to shoot himself through the head. Oh, but I'm missing the point, I guess… The sad thing is that Kick Ass could have achieved its thematic aims without the graphic carnage. However, I doubt this approach would not have brought director Matthew Vaughan and writer Jane Goldman quite the level of attention they would appear to crave.

It's well time that Oliver Stone made Natural Born Killers 2 in order to provide another perceptive and unflattering mirror to an increasingly apathetic and sensation-focused society.

P.S. some hopeful news…some Australian film critics/commentators such as David Stratton, Tom Ryan and Richard Wilkins have publicly denounced the violence in the film. Thank you guys…you've already copped some ridicule for this, but at least some people are drawing the line, as well as seeing through the 'hipness'.
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Kick ass action
Prismark103 August 2013
Kick Ass is a comic book adaptation of a geeky teenager who sets out to become a real life superhero, labels himself 'Kick Ass' and spends his time getting his butt kicked.

At the same time he meets Big Daddy played by Nicolas Cage, a former cop who wants to bring downs drug lord Frank D'Amico, and who has raised his daughter to be a ruthless vigilante.

The film adaptation combines kick ass graphic violence and comedy with also profanity. The tone is uneven and its target audience of young teenagers might find the film too strong and adults might find that they are not hip enough for the film, a little bit like Scott Pilgrim.
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Disappointing wish fulfillment fantasy
dbborroughs9 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Nerdy kid, for no real reason buys a wet suit and becomes a "superhero". Along the way he clashes with the mob, their mole hero Red Mist and a little girl and her father who are also "superheroes".

I'm under whelmed by this tale of teen angst turned toward acceptable violence. Sure its grand wish fulfillment for anyone who wanted to be Spiderman and Batman, but at the same time it seems like it was constructed by the same people looking for said fulfillment. Its the story of a geeky kid who get to beat people up, gets the girl and live happily ever after. The problem it has a story that not only has plot holes you could drive a truck through, but it shifts tones almost moment by moment. Is it serious? is it a joke? What exactly am I suppose to feel? I don't know.

I know some people have called it morally bankrupt and I can kind of see where thats coming from, with the tone being uncertain you don't know where the film stands.

I'm not going to say much more other than to say I was extremely disappointed. Neither bad nor good, its kind of half baked.

I'd wait for cable.
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An Excellent,Action-Packed,Hilarious,Over The Top Superhero Action-Comedy And One Of The Best Superhero Films Ever Made.
jcbutthead868 August 2013
Kick-Ass is an excellent,entertaining and hilarious Superhero/Comic Book film that's filled with great direction,a wonderful cast,amazing Action,laugh out loud Comedy and a great score and soundtrack makes Kick-Ass one of the best Superhero films ever made and a Cult Classic.

Based on the Comic Book by Mark Miller and John Romita Jr. and Set in New York City,Kick-Ass tells the story of teenager Dave Lizewski,an outcast who has nothing in his life going for except for his love for Comic Books and Superheros. Dave's love for Comic Books and Superheros inspire Dave to become a crime fighter and calling himself Kick-Ass and becomes a sensation. However,when Kick-Ass angers local crime boss Frank D'Amico(Mark Strong),D'Amico wants Kick-Ass dead. Now,with the help of other crime fighters Hit-Girl(Chloe Grace Moretz)and her Father Big Daddy(Nicolas Cage),Kick-Ass has to stop D'Amico and end come out on top.

Kick-Ass is a brilliant,Action-packed and funny superhero film that wears it's over the top spirit on it's sleeve and gives viewers a film that mocks and reconstructs the Superhero genre and a movie that is violent,hilarious and offbeat and a true Cult Classic. One of the main reasons Kick-Ass is a great movie is that it takes the Superhero Comic Book genre and turns it on it's head taking aim at classic and iconic Superheros such as Batman,Superman and Spider-Man and the film's that associated with them taking all of the trademarks and familiar things and giving them a demented twist that is funny and stylish. Imagine the movie Watchmen if it was a Black Comedy. The Comedy and Humor is truly hilarious and done with a dark satirical glee that goes so over the top that you never know what's going to happen next whether it's with the film's characters or the violence and you as the viewer are pulled into a bizarre world where anything can and will happen. The Action and fight scenes in the film are fantastic and flawlessly executed with great skill and detail and fits in with the film's wild Comic Book energy. The violence is bloody and brutal but done in a funny way. While Kick-Ass takes place in a realistic setting the look of the film has a Surrealistic Comic Book style and look throughout the film with bright colors such as red,green and blue almost a Comic Book coming to life on the screen and it's just beautiful and visually stunning to look at. The screenplay by director Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman is just amazing and fresh with great dialog that is truly memorable and stylish and at the same time funny and quotable with very interesting characters that will stay in your mind after you have watched it. The film's main characters Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl are amazing,memorable characters that are fascinating to watch because of who they are and how different the two are from each other. Kick-Ass is a remarkable character because he is not like other Comic Book crime fighters or Superheros because Dave Lizweski(Kick-Ass' alter ego)does not become the hero Kick-Ass for the sake of revenge or because of something awful happening to his parents,Dave is just and awkward teenage kid who just wanted to be Kick-Ass because he wanted to know what it is like to be a Superhero and fight crime. And while Kick-Ass does not always succeed in kicking ass like much better and superior Superheros, Kick-Ass believes in what he's doing and you applaud him for what he tries to do even if he fails more than he succeeds. While the character Kick-Ass called himself Kick-Ass but in my opinion the real Kick-Ass was Hit-Girl. Hit-Girl is such an amazing character because despite Hit-Girl being 11 years old and a little bit small she can fight with anybody anytime and can handle herself without hesitation or doubt,using either guns,knives or her own fists. Where as Kick-Ass just became a crime fighter with no fighting skills,Hit-Girl was taught to fight criminals by her crime fighter Father Big Daddy so Hit-Girl can learn how to handle herself when she's all alone with the criminals. Hit-Girl is a character you will remember after watching the film. The most talked about and controversial thing about Kick-Ass is Hit-girl's use of harsh language and violence that she does in the film which will offend most viewers. And while I admit the cursing from Hit-Girl is shocking at times it does not offend me and I find Hit-Girl cursing funny because it's in the context of Comedy and the surreal Comic Book universe. The ending of Kick-Ass is amazing and Action-packed and will leave viewers with a smile. A great ending.

The whole cast is amazing. Aaron Johnson is excellent as Kick-Ass/Dave Lizewski,with Johnson bringing humor and likability to the role. Chloe Grace Mortez is brilliant as Hit-Girl/Mindy Macready,with Mortez bringing toughness,laughs and depth to the role. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is fantastic and funny as Chris D'Amico/Red Mist,Frank D'Amico's son. Nicholas Cage is great and over the top as Big Daddy/Damon Macready,Hit-Girl/Mindy's Father. Mark Strong is amazing and hilarious as Frank D'Amico,a local crime boss. Lindsay Fonseca is wonderful and sexy as Katie,Dave's crush. Clarke Duke(Marty),Evan Peters(Todd),Omari Hardwick(Sergant Marcus Williams),Michael Rispoli(Big Joe),Stu Riley(Big Goon)and Yancy Butler(Angie D'Amico)give good performances as well.

The direction by Matthew Vaughn is excellent and stylish,with Vaughn always moving the camera and giving the film a great pace,wonderful energy and visual style and also does a fantastic job with the Action scenes. Great direction,Vaughn.

The score by Marius De Vries,IIan Eshken,Henry Jackman and John Murphy is fantastic,epic and big and matches the tone of the film. A great score. There is also amazing songs on the soundtrack from Elvis Presley(Battle Hymm Of The Republic)The Dickies(Banana Splits),Joan Jett(Bad Reputation)and Ennio Morricone(For A Few Dollar More Theme).

In final word,if you love Superhero Films,Comic Book films,Action films or Comedies,I highly suggest you see Kick-Ass,an Action-packed and hilarious Superhero film and Cult Classic that you will never forget. Highly Recommended. 10/10.
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Loved Every Minute
wortheve24 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have spent my entire life (I am 73 years old) avoiding any film with the word "ass" in it. My father was a gang member in Chicago in the 30's and 40's. I found this film by watching Anna Karenina and being gobsmacked by Aaron Johnson as Count Vronsky and then following the actor's career. I would never have seen it, based only upon it's title. But now, after laughing and smiling for the last two hours, I can say I highly recommend it. True, there is a lot of violence, but only the best kind. The good guys remain good and there's girl power at its finest.

No one will be inspired to destroy another human being by watching this film. I even venture to say that anyone who thinks this film harmful may be lacking in a fully developed sense of humor. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to rent Kick-Ass 2.
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Very Surprised!
zimm4418 April 2010
Either we live in the world where a skillful marketing can make everyone's mind about the movie and sell it or... I don't know!

With quite interesting idea in its sleeve (a kid with no power becomes a 'superhero') the movie turns out to be a complete disaster. It's repetitive, boring, not that funny at all, has no likable characters (just psychos, dumb teens and even more dumb and psychotic 'villains') and is completely inconsistent in its form.

The idea is to put lots of typical clichés from different genres (teen comedies like American Pie, buddy movies, bloody revenge movies) and rip-offs from other comic-books (Batman, Spiderman, Punisher and even Iron Man) and put everything into a bag of movie sh.. as the main focus is to pack the sliced and incoherent story with never-ending bloody fight and torture scenes involving a kid stabbing, slicing and crushing people.

Hit Girl is stealing the show, right!?

It's like telling a 3-year-old to say 'F..k' and laughing because it sounds sooo funny. Then maybe he or she can kill a cat with a knife because you don't often see many 3-year-olds doing such a thing. The wise producers could do another popcorn flick set in primary school about kids killing Nazis and necrophiliacs. Sure they've never ever done that before! But should they! Is it really that funny for general audience nowadays?

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against violence in movies if it has SOME point to the story or even if it's nicely stylized (Sin City, 300). But in times of Saws the sickening violence has no other point apart from 'pleasing the audience' and Kick-Ass might be at the top of this statement. It can really make someone feel that comic books are worthless, pointless and derivative piece of crap that base their originality on pushing the boundaries in showing the violence rather than coming up with some decent storytelling. Kick Ass is as funny as interesting. Simply awful.
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djsneakypeaky19 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Oh dear, where do I begin?!

Chances are that you'll only enjoy this sorry excuse for a "movie" if you are no older than 12 years old or have a thing for a 11 year old girl dressing up like a cheap hooker, from the bad make-up to the awful purple wig.

This "movie" sucks from beginning to end, a complete waste of nearly 2 hours of your life!

For a start there are no big stars in this "movie" apart from Nicolas Cage who looks ridiculous with the moustache and must be regretting getting involved in such a pile of trash.

I can't believe how many people have given this "movie" a good review. They must all either be idiots who get a kick from seeing 11 year old girls saying the "C word" and fighting fully grown men or actually all be pre-teens who managed to sneak in to see it with fake I.D.s

The high age certification for this "movie" is correct due to the obscene language and over top fight scenes which contain a lot of violence and gore, mostly done at the hands of the 11 year old character of "Hit Girl". However this means that the only audience who would put up with the flaws and holes in this "movie" are too young to see it!

Hundreds of Clichés and stolen lines from far greater movies are found in abundance, from the robbing of the classic Scarface line "Say hello to my little friend!" to the typical "guy gets girl" tripe that seems so frequent in movies nowadays.

None of the Super Heroes featured in this "movie" have any special powers but are more based on the Batman style of crime fighter. A vital plot flaw that is called into question when "Hit Girl"(the 11 year old foul mouthed "super hero") has a one-on-one fight with the big boss man and he kicks her very hard in the face. She pretty much shakes it straight off as if it was nothing. If a young girl got kicked like that for real straight in the face she'd more likely be dead or in traction with injuries instead of just having a bloody nose. Further on in this unbelievable fight sequence she gets thrown into a solid table with such force that it breaks yet she still remains conscious.

If you like watching badly acted, flawed abominations that call themselves "movies" than this will be right up your street.

If however you actually have a brain or can't stand child exploitation for cheap "laughs" you'd probably rather kick your own ass than watch this "movie"!
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Kick Ass cannot decide whether or not it's an action movie or a comedy.
batatas3117 May 2010
I'm really starting to loose faith in the American audience. While the premise of this film is very promising, this movie is absolute garbage. Kick Ass fails because the movie doesn't know what it wants to to be. Is it supposed to be a comedy with action, or an action movie with comedy? The answer to that question, however, is that it is neither. The movie fails because it tries to be both and ends up ruining the basic elements of either genre. The parts that were supposed to be cool were mixed in with comedy that completely resets the tone. I'm not saying that action movies cannot have funny parts, but the way in which this movie does it is all wrong. I can say so many bad things about this movie, but then I would end up writing a book.

I'll leave it at this. Kick Ass is not only overrated, but it is also complete garbage. While watching this movie, I never found myself laughing because it felt almost out of place to laugh. If this film was meant to be a comedy, then I say that it took itself way too seriously. And if this movies was supposed to be an action movie, then it ruined all the cool stuff by adding humor at the worst possible moments. It makes me mad that people actually like this film. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, but this movie definitely does not deserve the critical acclaim that it's getting.
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Like Nothing I Expected
Theo Robertson3 August 2013
I do remember hearing about KICK ASS on its release but for some inexplicable reason never got round to watching it until it was shown on Channel 4 tonight . I do recall it caused a bit of a stir along the lines of being a little bit violent but hey vigilante wannabes giving a few slaps to bad guys means we're not watching Walt Disney but did have the impression it was going to be a good natured movie that possibly the whole family could enjoy . I have totally embarrassed myself typing that last line and should have listened to the channel 4 announcer warn of violence , strong language and scenes some viewers might find offensive

What we have is John Woo meets Quintan Tarantino meets Hollywood obsession with comic book heroes and this isn't really a criticism but it does indicate that this is certainly not the family friendly fare I thought I might have been watching . It does have a good natured premise ripe for all types of dark humour where Dave Lizewski a gauche New York teenager suffering from existentialist angst decides he's had enough of being a nobody and decides to take on the criminal underworld as " Kick Ass " a real life superhero who is going to live up to his name

This is how the early parts of the film play out and is blackly comical as Kick Ass has a quixotic plan to clean up the streets . Try and think of TAXI DRIVER where Scorsese cast a happy clappy Christian youth as Travis Bickle and you're on the right tracks . The amusing tone of the film then changes as we're introduced to Hit Girl a pre-pubescent child who spends much of the film dispatching bad guys in a variety of graphic ways . Let's be honest here if she was in her early 20s and played by Megan Fox no one would have blinked an eyelid and if we were to be even more honest she'd be some sort of masturbatory fantasy figure but because the character is eleven years old that changes the whole game and watching Hit Girl jump around in the style of THE MATRIX literally slicing and dicing gangsters does make for uncomfortable viewing and some cynics might say she is included to stir up controversy

Matthew Vaughn proves himself as one of the most interesting directors and if you want to say that he's more style than substance then I won't disagree with you but will defend him on the grounds that if you're this talented when it comes to style who needs any substance . Like his earlier film LAYER CAKE there's a danger of the whole film collapsing in to one big bad mess but is directed with such directorial flourish this never happens . He does help his cause by including a great soundtrack and might be seen as a cheap trick but is very effective

KICK ASS is a very enjoyable film for those in the mood for some stylish designer violence but I should emphasise it is a violent film and the fact that much of the violence is tongue in cheek might ironically alienate audience members more than it might have done if everything had been played in a slightly more serious way , but there's an energy here rarely seen in other films featuring vigilantes and superheroes
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There is nothing fun about a 11 year murderer
vonseux5 October 2010
this movie has more free-violence than any war movie I call recall, and it's done by an cold blooded 11 year old. Also, the only superhero movie where the GOOD guys are more perverse than the actual bad guys. I know this is based on a comic book, but i'll wont bother to read it, i doubt it covers all the plot holes. Did i've said that the 11 murderer kills people who are already down? Or what about the super-smart Big Daddy making idiot moves when the bad written plot demands? The characters have no life, the only reason to be there is to make pure, cold violence. I had to stop the movie several times, thinking why i'm still watching this? DAMM WATCHMEN was violent too, but it gave a hard atmosphere and background. It shows how to make a 'real life' superheroes thing. Kick-ass, in it's colour dandy world, only shows how it is cool to kill people with cool moves, and dropping blood on the screen is cool too. So kids, go buy a comic and learn how to Kill people. There's even a scene where the camera go on First Person mode... like an video game! Don't let your kids wacth this. Or anyone you care about
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Probably the worse thing I've ever seen. AVOID LIKE PLAGUE.
SkullRattler25 April 2010
I registered here to review this film, as I believe the high rating it has is a result of manipulation. I went to the cinema to see this after checking out the reviews here, and it has irreparrably damaged my confidence in IMDb. . .

It is clear that the review system is being manipulated to give UTTER TRASH like this high ratings on IMDb.


I suppose if you're a Hollywood producer backed by enough money to market your product, you can exploit children in your film. You can also assist in the progressive de-sensitization of the masses to violence and pretend to be provocative and original by getting your child actress to act out scenes of murder and extreme violence. You can do all this and still get rave reviews in the mainstream media , who are getting payed by your bosses, so who cares about human values anymore? People who find this film funny, or good in any way have some serious problems, in my opinion. This is like a bunch of retarded, coked-up teenagers with lots of cash to burn trying to be as awful as Tarantino in his worse moments. If you think this would be funny somehow, you are mistaken. This juvenile, onanistic sh!t is like the worse straight-to-DVD American trash you can pick up for a buck in junk stores.

The facts : this film is marketed to young people; has received rave reviews and has not been utterly condemned for its abusive, criminal exploitation of the worse parts of human nature and Amerikanised trash "culture" . Pretty depressing, and this has lots to say about the hopelessness of our "civilisation". It's funny if you have the humour of a sociopathic 13-year old boy from New Jersey. And it is precisely this demographic that should be kept away from films like this at all costs.

Hollywood continues with its campaign to completely erode humane values and de-sensitize people to violence and torture. How come full-on sex scenes including genitals are taboo, but scenes of gory murder and torture are now so commonplace that even children can participate? How did we get here?

Thugggish violence and shootings in schools by under-age psychopaths can be expected to continue with increased regularity thanks to films like this. Violence and torture are funny, yeah , as funny as a full-force baseball-bat hit to your genitals.

Like another reviewer has said: AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE
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Extremely average
greg-776-12198027 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot believe the undeserved high rating of this film, by way of balance I must therefore award it a 1.

The storyline starts out promising enough as a lighthearted comedy but it quickly runs out of steam and it becomes apparent it actually has nothing new to say.

An attempt is made to compensate for this by introducing the idea of an ultra-violent 11 year old in the style of kill bill. Unsurprisingly this does not work and makes for uncomfortable watching as she stabs, slashes and has her face repeatedly punched by a full-grown man. Personally I found slightly this uncomfortable watching, gimmicky and not entertaining.
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You'll put your money to better use if you burn it.
davidroberson319 April 2010
I created an account just to give this movie the worst rating that I could possibly give it.

Here are the reasons that first came to mind as to why this movie is a glittering jewel of everything that is wrong with popular culture.

1) Needless, unentertaining, uncreative and horribly graphic violence. 2) Needless, pathetic-attempts-at-being-funny sexual content. 3) Needless, excessive, pathetic-attempts-at-being-funny language (especially coming from a little girl). 4) Shallow, flimsy, and pathetically strung-together plot. 5) Next-to-zero character development.

Oh, my goodness... it is painful just to try and remember this film. I feel ashamed that Nicolas Cage would be in this movie.

I find the lack of any redeeming value in this movie to be staggering. I swear that my grades have dropped just because of the brain cells killed during the watching of this movie.
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What a Great Movie!
pauly45609 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand why this movie did not do so great when it was released in the theaters. I rented it from Redbox last night for $1.00, but if I had known it was that good I would have been willing to pay the $8.50 ticket price.

POV action of Hit-Girl was great! Someone had warned me not to rent the movie because of all the Hit-Girl violence, but it was Good vs. Evil and not just hardcore killing.

I thoroughly loved this movie! It is the type of movie that you would WANT to OWN, it is worth watching more than once.

This movie will not let you down! Even my 77 year old mother loved this movie.
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