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Affd Gears Up to Vanquish Texas with Asian Films

[Thanks to our friend Josh Hurtado for providing an advance look at the schedule.] 

It is July. For me this means gearing up for my annual marathon movie event, the Asian Film Festival of Dallas. The organizers have been tossing hints at titles out via facebook and Twitter, but yesterday they finally let the cats out of the bag. 

This year Affd is screening 30+ features as well as their usual shorts programs. I'm pretty sure this may be their biggest festival ever in terms of variety. The schedule looks great, with some really awesome titles and some surprises (which are almost always my favorite part!). Affd has a newly redesigned website that makes it easy to explore the titles, watch trailers, make your own schedule, and learn about the events. Facebook friends and Twitter followers are always the first to know about cool events and news, so be sure to check them out there as well as the official site for all the latest!
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Koji Yakusho Steps Behind The Camera With Gama No Abura

The simple fact that Gama No Abura is the directorial debut of Japanese leading man Koji Yakusho - westerners know him from Babel, Japanophiles from most of Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s films and a slew of others - would be enough to generate a whole lot of notice. That it actually looks really damn good doesn’t hurt, either. In production for years now - Yakusho’s a busy guy - the film has finally wrapped up and tells the story of a stock trader (Yakusho) trying to hold together a relationship with his son following a tragedy. Which makes it sounds like dark, serious stuff but not so much ... the freshly released trailer plays far more like a goofy comedy, albeit a very smart one, somewhat along the line of a Koki Mitani film.

Check the trailer out below the break!
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