"Fringe" Pilot (TV Episode 2008) Poster

(TV Series)


Jill Harland: German Woman


  • [first lines] 

    [open on plane flying through a storm] 

    Flight Attendant : [on P.A]  Zeichen ist Angeschaltet. Befestigen sie bitten ihre Sicherheitsguertel. The Captain has turned on the "fasten seat belt" sign. Please make sure your seat belts are securely fastened.

    German Woman : Ich moechte sehen, wie der film weiter geht.

    Denver Man : I don't speak German. I'm from Denver.

    German Woman : Dies ist mein erst flug.

    Denver Man : I'm from Den...

    [Thunder crashes, people gasp. A passenger is in some physical distress, breathing heavily, shuddering. He pulls out a case and from it takes a bag containing an insulin dosing pen which he injects into his belly] 

    Pilot : [on P.A]  Wir durchfliegen jetzt starke Turbulenzen. Nehmen sie bitte ihre plaetze ein.

    Indian Man : My friend, it is just an electrical storm.

    Morgan Steig : I understand.

    Indian Man : [offers a pack]  Here. Gum?

    Morgan Steig : No. Um, thank you.

    [He leans forward, takes off his seat belt, gets out of his seat, and with great effort works his way to the front of the plane] 

    Flight Attendant : Mein herr, sie mussen sich hinsetzen. Beruehigen sie sich!

    [the lights start flickering and the plane climbs sharply to get above the storm] 

    Flight Attendant : Beruehigen sie sich!

    [She continues to call out to the passenger indistinctly, catches up with him and turns him around. His features are melted. She gasps and screams. As he vomits bile on her, the other passengers also scream. She runs back from him and rushes to the rear phone for the cockpit, passing the Indian Man who is now also afflicted] 

    Flight Attendant : [into phone]  Scott, haben wir en notartzt?

    [the passenger continues to struggle forward. The co-pilot opens the cockpit door to see what's going on] 

    Pilot : Sprechen sie mit mir! Was zum teufel passiert?

    [Every passenger is now afflicted and screaming in horror] 

    Pilot : Warum anboten sie mich nicht? Sprechen sie mit mir!

    [the auto pilot is engaged. The pilot looks back to the co-pilot at the door. The co-pilot turns, and he too is melting, his lower jaw splitting and falling off. Outside, the plane peacefully flies on, clearing the storm, flying level, under autopilot, over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean] 

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