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  • Elisa's grandmother hates Jack because he looks like an evil character in a telenovela. Meanwhile, Liz uses that character's underhanded moves to pick up on a sexy neighbor.


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  • Open with Jack pointing out that the show has just hired a group of laid-off investment bankers to be interns. He tells Liz that Elisa's grandmother is coming to visit and he doesn't think she likes him.

    Liz shows Jenna that she has accidentally gotten the mail of one of her neighbors, a Dr. Andrew Baird. Jenna spots a magazine for pediatricians, letter from a divorce attorney and rips open the man's Netlix movies "Muppets Take Manhattan," "Caddyshack," and a documentary on how pies are made.

    After taking Elisa's grandmother on a tour of the studio, Jack tells Elisa his belief that the older woman dislikes him. Elisa doesn't understand why, since her grandmother is usually very nice. They turn on the grandmother's favorite Spanish-language soap opera and we see the series' villain, Generalissimo, looks exactly like Jack (Alex Baldwin with mustache).

    Tracy agrees to go out drinking with the interns. Liz knocks on the door of Dr. Baird (Jon Hamm) and is immediately smitten.

    Elisa suggests Jack not attend a family function, primarily because her grandmother doesn't want him there. "Generalissimo," Jack mutters.

    Liz shows Jenna a picture of the dreamy Dr. Baird and mentions that she has gotten more of his mail and opened it. The increasingly perfect Dr. Baird went to Columbia Medical School, is active with charities and trains seeing eye dogs in his home.

    A crazy night with the interns left Tracy hung-over. Despite that, he agrees to go out with them again to keep us his rep as a party animal. Thinking they would help his headache Tracy takes two roofies and keels over.

    Liz comes into Jack's office where Jack and Elisa are watching more of the Generalissimo's antics shooting too early in a duel and lighting dynamite taped to a young boy's head. Jack tells Liz he got Universal to purchase the soap opera and now intends to kill-off the character. He wants Liz to write the script. Elisa tells Liz that Generalissimo is so evil that he opened a woman's letters and used the information to pretend to love the things the woman loved to trick her into giving her honor to him. Huh, wonders Liz.

    Cut to Liz (who is allergic to dogs) showing up at Dr. Baird's apartment with a stack of 'Dog Missing' signs and asking for help. He grabs his coat as she cackles sinisterly.

    While looking for the fictional 'Buster,' Liz reveals a benefit t-shirt for Pediatric Restless Leg Syndrome. Coincidentally, Dr. Baird happens to be on the board of an association for that disease. "We have so much in common," Liz says before asking Dr. Baird out. Still recovering from his divorce, Dr. Baird turns her down.

    With Elisa's grandmother watching at home, we see the latest installment of the soap opera in which an actress shoots the Generalissimo. But instead of the scripted death scene, they watch the Generalissimo laughs that she has missed and then drink a potion that will allow him to go forever. The actor "has gone broken arrow," Jack says to Elisa.

    Jack goes to visit with the Hector Moreno, the actor who plays Generalissimo. Moreno says that with his lucrative endorsement deals there is no way he will allow the character to die. When Jack threatens to ruin his career, Moreno calls the president of Telemundo. A Spanish-speaking operator answers "La oficina Jack Donaghy, hola." "Well-played, Jack," Moreno says. When Jack reveals the circumstances relating to Elisa's grandmother, Moreno says he will use the Generalissimo's powers of seduction and become "everything old Hispanic women desire."

    Dropping off a translated sopa opera script to Liz, Elisa tells more of Generalissimo's back story. The Generalissimo invited a woman to a party. When she arrived he was the only one there. He then drugged her and had his way with her. Liz thinks she can use a similar plan, telling Dr. Baird she's hosting a party and when he shows up saying the gathering is on a different night. Elisa warns Liz to be careful, pointing out that the Generalissimo was good man driven insane by years of loneliness. "I am not the Generalissimo," Liz says.

    Tracy is hung-over again, but he tells Kenneth that he can't appear old because when comedians get old they get offered serious roles. "Do you want to see me play Arthur Ashe?" Tracy thinks the only way he can keep his reputation is to somehow get rid of the interns.

    When Dr. Baird arrives, Liz invites him in for a glass of wine. It appears Dr. Baird is falling for her. The man who lives downstairs finds a dog that looks just Liz's missing photo (which was from a dog food ad) and drops it off.

    Jack is on set of the soap opera. The Generalissimo is arm-in-arm with a 70-something woman, telling her would like to fulfill his dream of making love to an older Puerto Rican woman. Before that he wants to compliment pictures of her grandchildren. The Generalissmo gives he some scratch-off lottery tickets and asks if they can go to McDonald's and order only coffee.

    Just as Dr. Baird and Liz are about to kiss the dog interrupts with more barking. Dr. Baird tells her he has a headache, and she yells from the other room that there is aspirin in her purse. He of course takes one of Tracy's roofies. Dr. Baird falls over, knocking his opened mail off the table. He puts everything together and begins squirming away from Liz. "I am the Generalissimo," Liz realizes in horror.

    Elisa's grandmother tells Jack she really likes the changes to the soap, bringing him food as a thank you. Speaking English for the first time in the espisode, the grandmother adds "What are you going to do about the NBC news? It's too sad."

    Dr. Baird brings Liz some of her mail which was delivered to him by mistake. He opened it and tells her that based on what he found he would have liked Liz all along. They see on the news that the Lehman Brothers investment firm is going to re-open under the direction of Tracy Jordan. Dr. Baird agrees to give Liz another shot.

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