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THE END didn't come quick enough for me
blackismylove27 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I don't want to waste time dragging down this review like the movie did, so I'll mention some key elements.

Most of the movie was ad lib, they've admitted it. These are not theater actors, they're film actors. They're not trained to be good at doing things "off the cuff." There WERE parts that were funny, but they were too few and far apart. The humor was sort of a slap in the face to my intelligence. I was more offended that I was expected to be entertained than I was the actual raunchy jokes. It was like a high school project with a really big budget.

Slap in the face #2. It was like watching a really long commercial. The characters actually fight over who gets to eat the milky way and describe why they love the product so much. Seriously? Aside from those things, there were a lot of little crappy plot devices that were way too forced. Why is Noah suddenly getting raped by Satan? Why does Franco's new multi million dollar concrete "fortress" home collapse within minutes catching fire, and why does it have a basement you can only access from outside? The overwhelming success of this movie in only its second week is proof that the standards of young movie goers is almost non existent. Better movies get drowned out because the industry is so over-saturated by crap like this, so in a sense, you can say that movies like this really are actually part of "the end."
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Words cannot describe
darkorse630 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Seeing the reviews as almost overwhelmingly positive, I had high expectations. I figured, even if it only hit on a few notes, it would be entertaining. Alas, I was led astray, once again, by the Intertubes.

At the 1 hr mark, we finally had enough and walked out. Browsing carpet samples at Lowes was infinitely more entertaining than this piece of garbage. The only way to see this movie and feel any entertainment is to be completely stoned. I cannot fathom the source of all positive reviews I've seen online. I guess it's because there's some attempts early on at self deprecating humor as they make fun of all the cameos.

Some people must see it that way, but I do not. To me, it was nothing more than 107 minutes of a self-indulgence where the actors were so caught up in their awesome idea for a film they forgot to actually WRITE SOME WITTY DIALOG! Seriously, the scene between Franco and McBride about leaving loads all over the place was humorous for the first 5 seconds, but hey...why not stretch this 7th grade humor out another 2 minutes? The audience will LOVE it because WE think it's funny and WE ARE SO AWESOME!

I found it offensive, not for the subject matter, but for how they treat the audience. Rogan thinks his jokes about 'playing the same character in every movie' somehow make it excusable to sit back and do it again? This is a lazy sophomoric stupid humorless pile of stinking garbage that makes me feel bad about losing the 60 minutes of my life I lost before coming out of my coma and walking out.

Rogan and crew, even though they DO play the same characters all the time, can at LEAST feel good that they have some witty dialog in their movies. In this movie, I was waiting for that but it never came. When the sinkhole opened up, I wished I would've been able to fall in and surrender to the sweet release of death rather than endure any more of this circle-jerk ego trip.
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This movie was awful, self indulgent and funny maybe twice in two hours.
ohgoddammit11 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie simply wasn't funny. It dragged on interminably, scenes with little comedic value got dragged out for far too long presumably because the directors (and main featured actors) were too high while making this steaming pile of wasted time.

We get it. You like to do drugs and are generally wastes of humanity and oxygen on this planet. This movie isn't funny though. There have been many funny drug movies made, and made by funny people on drugs. Super Troopers was funny, Cheech and Chong was funny, Half Baked was funny, this was not funny.

This movie is a nauseating bromantic drama pretending to be a comedy. I expected the two main characters to start making out at the end. Not that there would be anything intrinsically wrong with that, in fact it would've been cathartic since they so obviously were in love with each other.

The two funniest actors in the movie, Ansari and Cera, die within the first ten minutes and all you're left with is a weak cast and weaker script.

I want Seth Rogen to give me my money back, though the two wasted hours of my life are something no one can ever give back. Movies like this make me not want to see movies in theaters anymore, because had I known what I was going in for from trailers and the publicity, I never would have bothered seeing this train wreck.

I wish I could give this movie zero out of ten stars.

I guess some people really like this stuff, but I'll be avoiding Seth's movies like the plague in the future.
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This is the End of me ever attending a Seth Rogen creation
Bill Jordan23 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was perhaps THE worst movie I've ever seen. Perhaps my wife and I are simply too old for the subject matter (50s), but sex-oriented jokes, drug use, and constant use of the f-word do not a humorous movie make - and we are not prudish people, particularly my wife. I think I smiled once, and I heard my wife giggle once, but I was as close to walking out of a movie as I've ever come. I doubt there was much of a script involved, and my guess is that all of the actors were told to ad-lib the nastiest sex joke that could get an 'R' rating they could think of. I mean a five minute scene about ejaculating all over someone's house...??? Hardy-har-har. I now hate Danny McBride even more than I did before this garbage, and what the hell was Emma Watson thinking.

There is absolutely NOTHING I can recommend about this movie, and I think it's the only one I've ever given 1 star to. Complete garbage. The only way I'll ever attend another movie that Seth Rogen is in is if he shows up unexpectedly in a bit part. He and his pal Evan Goldberg have no writing talent whatsoever, and I can't say much about Rogen's acting either. How they make a living in this business is beyond explanation. Thanks for this utter waste of time fellas. You got me.
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So so so so very disappointed
Ashley Danielle24 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Horrible; in my opinion.

I love all of these actors, and I love all the movies they play in...Hell I even went to the movie stoned thinking it would make it even funnier. Nope.

I honestly think I laughed MAYBE 5 times...Emma Watson was my favorite part of the whole movie...Well and Channing Tatum, that was kinda hilarious.

But really, so disappointed by this movie. 2 friends fell asleep, and another friend and myself kept giving each other this look like "Wtf are we watching..Is it over yet??" Go see it if you dare, no one can tell you what to like and what not to like...But just know, you may be extremely disappointed like my friends & I were.
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This is a Big Let Down
Bob Petrosino17 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I feel like I saw a different movie than everyone else. It's simply not funny, I think I laughed once. We really don't need to see a erect, giant, detailed, graphic phallus in every movie, it's not funny. Then to have to sit through an extended portion of Satan walking around with his junk out is not funny and not needed. I'm not prudish but this movie adds male genitals just to do it, it was a lame movie. Write something creative like 40-year old virgin. This movie was lamer than Pineapple Express and Your Highness. If you expect the wit of Knocked Up, you'll be as disappointed as me. Save your money.

None of the characters in the film are likable in the least, and they are supposed to be playing themselves. I do not know why people are treating Seth Rogen like he is incapable of mailing it in because This Is The End is lazy and feels like it was mailed in to fulfill an obligation to the movie studio. I also feel cheated by the excellent reviews this movie received from the paid critics. How did anyone find this trash funny?
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A devil put aside for me
Ric-712 June 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed the film, though in retrospect, I am not sure if it is really a great film--there's not much to compare it to. One thing's for certain: this film is not "just like" any other film you could name. It is one of the funniest films I have seen in quite a while. And I am probably going to miss the Rapture as a result of my enjoyment.

The film has graphic sex talk and graphic violence. The dialog could hardly be any nastier. And of course, hardly more sacrilegious. However, despite all of that, the film is surprisingly good-natured.

This is not a film for children or for family viewing. Anyone who is squeamish or easily offended should stay away.

And don't automatically assume that anyone over 40 would not like this film. I'm over 60; I had a great time. So I saw it a second time, and loved it even more.
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Had potential but failed miserably
jjdamore1116 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I went in to this movie today expecting to laugh hard. I have been a fan of Seth Rogan, James Franco and all the rest so I knew what kind of comedy to expect. I found the first couple of scenes funny but then the movie just took a nosedive. I get that they are poking fun at their lifestyles, but is Rogan boasting to the world that he's a pothead? And if Michael Cera doesn't really snort cocaine, then why on Earth would he want to portray that he does?? These aren't characters that they are playing, they are playing themselves in this film. So this movie tells me that these people are immature drug obsessed morons, and it is a real shame that people like this get paid incredible salaries when so many real good people are out there slaving on minimum wage. I know some people may think I've over-analyzing this but I'm not. In a movie where the actors portray themselves, I'm personally stunned that they willingly participated in a movie where not only aren't they selected to get in Heaven, that they continue to act like immature imbeciles (especially McBride) in a time of biblical apocalypse. And one last note, anyone that finds images of a man's junk everywhere hilarious, really has some maturing to do. If I could give this movie no stars I would. I really am upset I wasted money and time on this one.
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If you love these actors, you'll love the movie!
ashhhroy3 May 2013
If you've seen Superbad, Pineapple Express, etc., then you know the type of humor this movie will have. I, for one, could watch James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Danny McBride leisurely eat a sandwich and manage to laugh my butt off. Thankfully this movie is much more exciting than that. It's brilliant that they all just play themselves and manage to poke fun at their own lifestyles. Expect weed and drug humor of course. The plot sets itself up for hilarity, as they all take refuge in James Franco's fortress of a mansion while the world outside them goes up in flames. Cabin fever mixed with dwindling supplies results in hilarious situations and good one liners.

The movie made me laugh extremely hard and had all my favorite people in one film. I only wouldn't recommend this film if you're uptight and religious.
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I cant believe this was so poorly written
Bob g5 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was without a doubt one of the most disappointing movies I went to in 2013 and I go to a lot of movies. I saw the previews and like the fact that Seth and his buddies were going to play themselves. All I can say is the movie had a handful of funny scenes but had way too little comedy overall for what I was expecting. It was also a movie with a lot of blood and some of the writing just looked like they were smoking pot when putting this together. ( for all I know that might be what Seth and company had in mind).

I like most of the actors in this movie for their previous work so I thought together this would turn out funny. Unfortunately This movie just wasn't funny. wait for it to be for sale for 5.00 at wal mart in about a year or rent it at red box if you insist on seeing it but don't see it for 10.00 or more!
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Just bad
Ben McEnderfer12 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I had heard good things from friends about this and I kind of wanted to see it. So I decided might as well go see it. Before I saw what I am about to say, I am a huge fan of almost all the movies these actors have made. I thought pineapple Express, Hot tub time machine, Superbad, and Knocked up were all amazing movies. I died in laughter throughout all of those movies. However, I thought this movie was really bad.

At the beginning of the movie, I found almost all jokes and everything very amusing. i thought it was going to be great until after Danny McBribes scene when he appear. From that point on it just went down hill. The jokes started to get worse. I thought I was the only one at first that thought the movie was getting a little redundant and ridiculous. It was then when i looked around and relieved people had stopped laughing as well. I found myself waiting for the movie to get better but it was just getting worse the jokes were just getting run into the ground (Danny McBride and James Franco referring to masturbating on everything). By the end, all I could think was I wasted 10.50$.

One of the most disappointing was almost all the actors. Seth Rogen, awful. Michael Cera, really weird. Jonah Hill, just bizarre I mean I personally found his performance really strange. Craig Robinson, Okay but wasn't very funny. Danny McBribe, funny at first but then grew on as very annoying. James Franco, funny.

Overall, I really did not like this movie. Between the rape references and biblical references, I found it to be really weird. I usually don't care about that stuff but like I said they would drive it into the ground. I would honestly wait until this is on Netflix. Trust me, this will be on Netflix's for sure. Really not worth 10.50$.
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One of the worst movies I have seen in my life!
f-abdolian-481-41457114 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I am not an average American teenager who giggles and laughs when I see giant monsters with a tree size dick dangling around their body.

I lost 2 hours of my life that I can never get back and I feel very stupid about it.

I chose the movie after I saw the list of actors, many of them I really like, but I can't believe they actually worked in this total piece of crap.

Rapture seems to be the "thing" in Hollywood these days, the nonsense from fanatic religious crazies is coming to our home like a blessing while it tells us that we can be saved if we are truly "good".

And for gods sake, who wants to be in a heaven where people dance with the used-to-be-cool back street boys!
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Hilarious and original, which is all it was meant to be.
Degeuss4 November 2013
Although 'This is the end' does not have the greatest storyline in the history of film, it is a very inventive movie in its own way. The fact that every actor and actress plays him or herself makes the movie quite original and refreshing. Besides that, there is also the fact that the makers took an overused theme, the end of the world, and made it completely their own.

'This is the end' hasn't failed a second to make me laugh. It is a very clever and entertaining comedy, with hilarious and dirty dialogues. I do have to admit, however, that the storyline can feel a little bit too ridiculous from time to time, even for this kind of movie. The acting in the movie was not that spectacular, but the actors involved were all born for this kind of movie.

For anyone who can truly appreciate a hilarious movie which is made specifically to humor and entertain people, and has no other hidden agenda whatsoever, this is definitely a must watch.
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Worst Movie I've Ever Seen
Michael Berman27 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This review contains spoilers.

This was absolutely the worst move I have ever seen. I chuckled two times in the entire movie and my girlfriend giggled MAYBE once. I laughed my arse off at East Bound and Down seasons 1 & 2. This movie is on par/slightly higher on profanity and vulgarity but FAR lower on comedy. This pile of sacrilegious garbage almost had my girlfriend and me leave (a first and we've seen some horrible films). In fact, if it weren't for the other people in the row we would have left. And on that same thought, of all 12 people in the theater 2 other people DID walk out.

This movie can be summed up as horrible CGI, a bunch of drugs, a bunch of penises, and no humor. I wish I didn't waste 2 hours and $20 on this garbage. I pity the human race if people seriously think this movie is an 8 (the rating at the time of this review).

1/10 is generous.
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this is the end ?? it should have ended up in the dustbin
Gavin16 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's amazing how deceptive a trailer can be.

What I thought would be a fun romp with a cast of well known actors (playing themselves), turned into a pile of steaming donkey barf - in a hurry. I made 30 minutes into this crap, before I decided that this is the end of the road and I walked out.

I can only speculate as to what motivated the other 'actors' to participate in rubbish like this - some of whom have made some decent stuff on their own.

James Franco and Seth Rogen go together like sleeping pills and laxatives.
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Aimless film about vacuous actors just being themselves
lunchboxwanderer4 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the 8.0 rating here on IMDb and thought it was a can't miss.

I like all of the actors in this film. I like the premise of this film. What I don't like and understand is why they completely butchered an idea that a freshman film student could get right blindfolded.

I'm disappointed.

The film started out right enough, with Seth and Jay bonding, getting high and playing video games. Nice set up for going to Franco's party.

The beginning of the party scene was good, especially with Michael Cera playing a caricature of himself (they all did, but he was the funniest).

At the onset of "the apocalypse," my hopes were very high. The convenience store scene whet my appetite for what I thought would be an excellent plot unfold.

Unfortunately, from there, any sense the film was going to make basically ended.

I watched what I could after the 35 minute mark as it disintegrated into a cornucopia of scenes with STUPID, POINTLESS dialogue in a dark claustrophobic setting.

"Hey," I thought, "maybe they should look out the window and assess the situation? You know, maybe see some zombies, the devil, whatever. Then they can take the film in a semi-interesting direction!"

Nope, the characters/actors were too self absorbed for that. Everything was about large head shots and more inane, unfunny mono/dialogue.

This had to be a collaborative idea and effort amongst them.

It's clear all the people involved in this film were high when they wrote it, high when they shot it, and high when they barfed it on viewing audiences.

Dudes, lay off the effin' pipe.
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What is going on!!!
c-b-agesen20 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is seriously one of the worst movies ever made and I feel compelled to tell all who is just thinking on spending a dime on this useless movie if you can even call it that - don't do it!. Only good thing about the movie was Michael Cera who had approx. 2 mins all in all. (Funny stuff by him), but as a movie it sucked in every category imaginable; script, acting, special effects....the list is long, too long for me to even have the energy to continue this review. But I will say one last thing and that is 'how the hell is it possible to get the rating of 7.1'? IMDb should really soon create some sort of ghost-review detection, because no way in hell would this movie get above 3 avg. If someone had not boosted it with multiple tens. Cant believe it - create a shitty movie with well known actors and get away with it by tricking the audience on IMDb. Robbery in broad daylight if you ask me.
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Worst film I have ever seen, does not even deserve 1 star.
freyaa_ftw17 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Avoid this movie at all cost, it is the biggest waste of 1.45mins Celebrity cameos will draw a lot of people in, but most of the real famous people are killed in the first ten mins of the film starting. The rest of the 90min film is downwards from there, It's not funny, not interesting and is just plain awful. Has moments that will remind you of Little Nicky, which itself is awful too, but even if you found that movie entertaining in any way, its still a million times more awful. Sometimes films are so bad it's funny, and this probably was the purpose of the film, but it couldn't even do that properly, it was just plain awful. This film was only made to get the stars on screen and try to make it big at the box office, while celeb cameos and an OK trailer will draw you in, don't be fooled, it truly is one of the most awful films ever made.

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You've got to be kidding me
nposluszny14 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The trailers are misleading and I believe that people who said that the jokes were creative and of high quality are nuts. I went to see this with my parents last, I am in my 30, my parents are in their 50's, and we all loved Your Highness and other movies that some of these actors are in separately. Franco and McBride can be hilarious, but this was far from their finest moment. Seriously, we collectively laughed 4 times. I kept count. The only reason that I am giving this a 2 and not a 1 is that there was a scene where some large 4 legged demon came launching into the scene and my mother jumped and dumped half her candy.

How do I get my money back for this complete waste? I feel completely and utterly duped. The reviews said it was great overall, I wonder what has happened to society when an entire scene dedicated to an argument about masturbating on a magazine is funny. There have been some funny jokes about masturbation in other movies, this sure as hell isn't one of them.

I seriously want my money back.
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It's like a Hope and Crosby Road movie
LordJiggy16 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
About the end of the world, but without the wit, charm, or intelligence.

Let's face it, Hope and Crosby could sing, dance, and tell witty if occasionally suggestive jokes. The closest thing to wit in this film were the many ways they made "d!ck" jokes, along with the variations on discussing that subject that any moderately facile seventh grader could have come up with.

This is like a really bad home movie, put together by a bunch of self- indulgent, overly-compensated actor friends when they were really wasted. So, naturally, they go for every coarse joke, every humiliating situation, all of it with an admirable lack of self-awareness.

Complete waste of time. It's as funny as listening to a drunk try to tell a shaggy dog joke and he keeps losing his place. There's a tiny bit of fun watching him flail, but sticking around for the entire hour and forty minutes is sadistic to him and masochistic to you.
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best comedy of the year so far
Rage-Kage24 June 2013
I saw this movie opening weekend but did not review it right away because I was not sure of what I thought of it. It was not really what I was expecting. I was expecting a raunchy but light hearted comedy that took light of a bad situation but instead the apocalypse in this movie is taken very seriously. I was not so sure I liked that. But I've had over a week to think on it and I have decided that Overall I really enjoyed watching This is the End.

I love the cast I think everyone in this movie is talented and really funny. They all have such great chemistry together but also all have something of their own to offer. The funniest part of the movie for me and my friends I think was a several minute long back and forth between Danny Mcbride and James Franco but I would watch the movie again for that scene alone So overall This is the End is a really fun over the top movie.

I give This is the End an 8/10
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The end didn't come soon enough
Quietb-114 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Here's a date movie if you never want to see that date again.

Does indoor soccer with a severed head strike you funny? Screaming about a soiled porn magazine when there is no food or water?

Nobody works too hard playing themselves and their perceived on screen image, except Jonah Hill when he's doing Linda Blair. That's about when the movie elevates from foul talking humor to more effective use of the movie format.

Parts of the movie look like it was shot on a cell phone. The monsters seemed borrowed from "Ghostbusters", a far better movie. The script like Franco's pop-up television seemed like it had been sitting around and was not fresh or current.

There are laughs, but at times it looked like even the cast was embarrassed by some of what was happening. The movie will be enjoyed most by those on mind dulling drugs.
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Funniest film of the year so far.
klindsay-285-1311494 June 2013
Was lucky enough to see a preview of this tonight, and can recommend it to anyone looking for a funny, modern and silly yet at times shocking comedy. Not sure how it can have a score of only 6.4 at the moment, the film is easily the best comedy of the year so far and deserving of an 8 or my case a nine as i was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of the jokes and the story.

The cast is perfect and the cameos aren't there to fill out the movie and take up time, they are excellent especially Emma Watson and Michael Cera. There are a few scary jumps on the way but the humour will carry you through it, as i said the story so well written you'll go with the flow.

Go watch it you won't be disappointed!
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2 hours i will never get back
scottmcdaniel201023 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is the worst movie I have ever watched, and yes I have seen Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) which is widely accepted as the worst movie ever made. I believe This is the End has stolen that title.

I understand that it is a stoner comedy, and I do enjoy plenty of it. This is the End has already been compared to plenty of recent movies of its genre, but this genre has existed for a while so I would prefer to compare it to an older movie.

Idle Hands (1999) is a movie about a lazy stoner who's hand becomes possessed and murders his parents, and many others, and must stop his hand before it kills his girlfriend. This movie, is ****ing retarded, but that doesn't make it bad. It was meant to be stupid, but it has a plain plot and clear intentions throughout the movie. The plot has more holes in it than a block of swiss cheese, but never once in the movie are you wondering why the characters are acting as they are. It has a clear setting and rising action which leads to a final battle against the main villain, the main characters hand.

This is the end has a clear setting, and nothing else. The character which are supposed to be the actors themselves, are static characters which means they have no depth and do not change at all by the end of the story. They start the story as baseless idiots and end as baseless idiots. Every character has the same personality, and they might as well be the same person.

This movie has no plot. Dead Serious. Nothing happens. There is what looks to be a plot in the first 20 minutes or so, and then nothing happens. They aren't trying to do anything, they just sit around telling dick jokes. And that is what killed this movie for me, so much time and effort was put into no payoff. It was incredibly painful for me to watch and I might as well have been watching paint dry.

Never before has so much money been spent on something so incredibly stupid.
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So Funny and Entertaining
hitndip78923 April 2013
I was fortunate enough to watch a screening today in Miami and let me just point out, this movie is exactly what you would expect from Seth Rogen in terms of comedy. Its non stop laughing from the opening scene to closing. Everything about this movie is great, the story, the actors, and the comedy. Having such funny actors like James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson playing themselves all in one movie just makes it that more entertaining. If you liked the comedy in Superbad and Pineapple Express, you will love This Is the End. I recommend this movie to everyone who has a sense of humor. Like everyone that stood in line with me to watch it almost two months early, you wont regret it. 10/10
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