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Danny McBride: Danny McBride



  • Danny McBride : Hermione just stole all of our shit. And then Jay suggested that we all rape her and now she's gone. I think the only reason why he did that is because Jay knows he's about fucking two minutes away from becoming the house bitch himself.

  • Danny McBride : James Franco didn't suck any dick last night? Now I know ya'll are trippin'.

  • Danny McBride : You got white shit all over your mouth, Franco. You probably sucked somebody's dick. Jonah over here probably watched and jerked off.

  • Danny McBride : What the fuck is wrong with you, Franco? You have iPad's all over the goddamn walls in your house, but you jack off like a fuckin' pilgrim!

    James Franco : That's right man, I like to read!

  • Danny McBride : [Rapture light appears]  What the fuck?

    James Franco : Go to hell, McBride! Fuck you! Haha. Suck my dick!

    [Rapture light disappears] 

  • Danny McBride : [from trailer]  Seth, that's some of the better acting than I've seen in your last six movies. Where the fuck was that in Green Hornet?

  • [an armored RV crashes into James Franco's Toyota Prius, slightly injuring Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jay Baruchel. A bunch of cannibals from the RV pulls all three of them out from the totaled car and starts to attack them] 

    Santa Cannibal : [yells]  Yo, cut his fuckin' head off!

    [chainsaw revs up; James, Seth, and Jay screams] 

    Danny McBride : [on loudspeaker]  STOP!

    [Danny McBride, leader of the cannibals, steps out of his RV with a marijuana joint in one hand and a dog's leash in the other] 

    Jay Baruchel : Danny?

    Danny McBride : [shocked]  What the fuck? You guys are still alive?

    Seth Rogen : Yeah!

    Danny McBride : Holy shit, I didn't expect that.

    [tugging on the leash, a gimp, who reveals to be Channing Tatum, jumps out from the RV] 

    Danny McBride : Get...

    [Danny pulls Channing over to him] 

    Jay Baruchel : Oh, Jesus.

    Danny McBride : Shit, I can't believe you guys are here. That's fucking crazy, and your timing couldn't be more perfect. It's been a long time since any of us have eaten, and you three gentlemen look delicious.

    Jay Baruchel : [confused]  What does that have to do with us?

    James Franco : What the fuck are you talking about?

    Danny McBride : [chuckles]  I'm a cannibal, hombre. We're gonna fuckin' eat your ass.

    Seth Rogen : Fuck you, you can't eat us. Fuck that, man!

    Danny McBride : I do whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want. I butt-fucked this dude.

    [Channing drops down doggy-style] 

    Danny McBride : See that? I fuckin' slide right in that shit. I do whatever I want. This is my gimp. Channing, introduce yourself.

    Channing Tatum : [takes his mask off]  Hey, what's up, guys? Y'all cool?

    James Franco : That's Channing Tatum.

    Seth Rogen : That's Channing Tatum, dude. What the fuck?

    Danny McBride : Channing fucking Tatum. I found him wandering on the freeway. I collected him, made him my bitch

    [Channing rubs Danny's crotch, but Danny shoves his hand away] 

    Danny McBride : Get off my dick. I call him Channing "Tate-yum".

    James Franco : Hardcore, man.

  • James Franco : I will shoot off your dick!

    Danny McBride : You don't have enough bullets, bitch.

  • [Rogen and McBride are digging through the floor of Franco's house when Franco storms through the second floor hallway, carrying his prop gun and a porno magazine] 

    James Franco : Who did this? Who did this?

    Seth Rogen : Did what? What are you talking about?

    James Franco : Jizzed all over the pages of this nice magazine I was nice enough to tell you about. Was it you, Seth?

    Danny McBride : [Raises hand]  It was me, Franco. I fuckin' made jizz in your magazine.

    James Franco : Why?

    Danny McBride : When I fuckin' jack off long enough, I end up jizzin', dude. I'm assuming, the same shit works for you?

    James Franco : Real fuckin' smart answer! Why don't you fuckin' aim, huh?

    Danny McBride : I have a particularly explosive ejaculate. It just goes everywhere. It's like a fuckin' wild fireman's hose - you just got to grab on and pray to God it doesn't get into your eyes or your mouth.

    James Franco : What the fuck kind of jerking off is that? What, you never had any brothers? You never learned to jizz in a fuckin' sock or on a fuckin' tissue?

    Danny McBride : No, I don't have any brothers, I was raised in a house of women!

    James Franco : I highly doubt they fuckin' taught you to fuckin' close your eyes and fuckin' cum wherever the fuck you want!

    Danny McBride : I mean, you're getting all worked up over a fuckin' porno mag! Who has goddamn porno mags anymore? Welcome to the twenty-first century, Buck Rogers! You designed a house with fuckin' iPads in the walls, yet, you're jerkin' your dick like a goddamn pilgrim!

    James Franco : That's right, man. I like to fuckin' read!

    Danny McBride : You think that's the only thing I jerk off on in here? I've been dropping off loads around this fuckin' house like a goddamn dump truck.

    James Franco : You don't cum on my stuff!

    Danny McBride : I'll cum wherever the fuck I want, James! I'll fuckin' cum in your kitchen, I'll cum on your fuckin' art, I'll cum anywhere I want!

    James Franco : I will fuckin' cum right on you! I will cum like a fuckin' madman all over you, McBride!

    Danny McBride : Ooh! I fuckin' wish you'd cum on me right now! I fuckin' dare you to cum on me!

    [Both exchange masturbation gestures at each other] 

    Danny McBride : [Grabbing baseball bat between his legs]  I'm gonna jack my dick so fuckin' hard in here!

    James Franco : This, no more, man! All over your fuckin' face!

    Danny McBride : All over the fuckin' floor, all over the fuckin' place! I'll fuckin' cum anywhere I want! I'll fuckin' cum on these walls, I'll cum on the fuckin' cabinets, on the fuckin' furniture, I'll cum everywhere!

    James Franco : If I see your dick one more time, I'm gonna fuckin' shoot it off!

    Danny McBride : You don't have enough bullets, bitch!

  • Channing Tatum : I love him.

    Danny McBride : Fuckin' GI Joe, dude. Fuckin' loves me.

  • Danny McBride : He's talking about the rape-y vibes.

  • Danny McBride : I call him Channing Taint-YUM!

  • [after James taunts Danny, the rapture beams disappears; James falls back down on the ground to the evil amazement of the cannibals and the disappointment of Seth and Jay] 

    Seth Rogen : Oh, shit.

    Jay Baruchel : Shit!

    James Franco : [horrified]  What happened? What did I do? Take me back! What did I DO?

    Danny McBride : I'll tell you what happened, Franco. You don't get to get sucked up into Heaven 'cause you were being petty. Tom Petty.

    [the cannibals gang up on the now-doomed James] 

    Danny McBride : You may not have invited me to your party, but you're the guest of honor at mine.

    James Franco : [last word]  What?

    [Danny takes a huge bite into James' nose, with Channing joining in; James screams in horrible pain as Seth and Jay can do nothing but watch in sheer horror and disgust] 

    Danny McBride : [screaming; a crazed Danny holds up James' ripped-off nose]  HOW FUCKING CRAZY IS THIS?

    [Danny shrieks as the cannibals gang up and fatally eat James up to his death] 

    Danny McBride : Seth! JAY!

    [Three cannibals give chase to Set and Jay, presumably to finish the job and keep them completely fed] 

    Jay Baruchel : Oh, shit, they're running after us!

    Seth Rogen : Oh, shit. Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Run!

    Danny McBride : BRING THEM TO ME!

  • [the guys are debating whether or not to let a stranger into the house] 

    James Franco : [whispering]  I know it sounds really weird, but... I don't think we should let him in.

    Jay Baruchel : Why not?

    Headless Man : Yeah, why not? I can hear you, by the way.

    James Franco : I'm sorry, we just don't know you, man. You could be, like, a looter or a, a rapist or a tittyfucker, like...

    [Seth grabs his chest protectively] 

    James Franco : ... I'm sorry. Look, guys, we just boarded up this whole house to keep everyone out, and the first guy who comes to the door, we're gonna let him in? I mean, how do we know we can trust this guy?

    Headless Man : I want to live! Things have gone crazy out here!

    Danny McBride : "Agagaga-fuckin'-crazy-out-here!" This guy fuckin' sucks.

    James Franco : What if he's the rapist?

    Jonah Hill : Man, even if he is a rapist, he can't rape all of us.

    Headless Man : [panicking]  Yeah, no, I'm not a rapist!

    Seth Rogen : You gonna tittyfuck us?

    Headless Man : [almost in tears]  If you want me to tittyfuck you, I will, so good, oh, you'll love it!

    Jay Baruchel : Seth, back me up, please, we can't just leave him out there to die, are you crazy?

    James Franco : [to Seth]  What do you wanna do? I'll do whatever you wanna do.

    Seth Rogen : Uh, let's vote on it!

    Headless Man : Yeah, I fuckin' vote you let me in!

    Danny McBride : Here's my vote: fuck all of you, I'm letting him in. This is boring.

    [the guys all shout and rush to stop him; something growls outside] 

    Headless Man : There's something out here!

    [the thing outside suddenly chops the man's head off, and the severed head bounces into the room, coming to a stop at Danny's feet] 

    Danny McBride : [in shock]  This is real! This is fucking real!

    [he kicks the head at James, who kicks it away from him immediately. The guys all start screaming and kicking the head around the room to get away from it] 

    Jonah Hill : You guys! This man was alive a few seconds ago, we can't play soccer with his head!

    James Franco : Pick it up, Jonah.

    [Jonah picks up the head and immediately drops it again as blood gushes out of it] 

    Danny McBride : What the fuck is going on?

    Jonah Hill : He blinked at me! He blinked at me!

    James Franco : Put it over there!

    [quivering in fear, Craig throws a blanket over the head] 

  • Danny McBride : Franco, you're just a pretentious fucking nerd.

    James Franco : Fuck you!

    Danny McBride : And Jonah... you fucking cunt. Craig... you didn't have my back back there. You fucking disappoint me.

    Craig Robinson : Bro...

    Danny McBride : And Seth... you duplicitous taint.

    Seth Rogen : What?

    Danny McBride : And of course there's Jay... the self-righteous, cocksucking, two-faced backstabber.

    Jay Baruchel : What the fuck are you talking about?

  • Craig Robinson : Dude, Segel's dead, Krumholtz is dead, Michael Cera's dead...

    Danny McBride : I guess if Michael Cera's dead it's not a total loss, huh?

  • Seth Rogen : Danny, no! Don't walk away! Danny, don't walk away from me!

    Danny McBride : [continuing to walk away]  It's too late, Seth! I've already walked away too much!

    Seth Rogen : No, you haven't. You could still come back and just fucking turn around and come back and help me.

  • Danny McBride : [about Jay]  If anyone's raping Emma Watson, it's fucking Sir-Rapes-A-Lot over here.

  • Danny McBride : I know why you guys don't fucking call me or hang out with me anymore. It's cause I party so fucking hard. Always have. Ever since I was a baby, I wouldn't just suck on my mama's titties, I would fucking bang 'em and motorboat 'em. Everything I've been doing has just been a cry for help. When I came on your magazine, James, it was a cum for help. I've just been crying and cumming and crying and cumming. Tears from the tip of my penis, dudes.

    James Franco : I'm sorry, alright. You can cum wherever you want.

    Danny McBride : I don't even care about cumming anymore. Right now I'm just kind of into going.

  • James Franco : You know what, Danny? If you weren't jizzing all the time, maybe you would be more hydrated!

    Danny McBride : You're making me into a joke right now, Franco, and you are not gonna like the fucking punchline!

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