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  • As part of a doomed yet light hearted quartet of misfit army men, fight your way through a war torn countryside in single or multiplayer campaigns.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • You play as a soldier named "Preston Marlow". At the very start, you join up with a squad known as "B Company" which in turn is "Bad Company", which is a unit of troubled soldiers who are sent into every battle first to take out what they can, usually left to die. Each member is in B Company for something they did considered wrong in the military. Haggard blew up a munitions dump, you stole a chopper and went joyriding, and Sweetwater uploaded a virus onto the military's mainframe. Redford is there by choice. He wants to quit the military, and they agreed he could, if he did his time managing B Company.

    The story revolves around a war with the Russian Federation. It is a dispute over oil and fuel. Unlike other units, your unit is fighting to get gold. While in a battle, Haggard and Sweetwater find a body not similar to any other Russian soldiers. The body belongs to a mercinary group by the name of "Acta Non Verba" which in lating, translates to "Actions Not Words". They find a bar of gold, and decide to split it, and search for more.

    During the search for gold, Haggard takes off after a gold truck, and invades a neutral country. The army then finds the squad at a cargo ship, and turns their back on them, acting as if they never existed, as to deny all liability for the neutral invasion.

    The group then goes to a small place to assist the president of the country they invaded, and end up leaving on his golden helicopter. They place him in exile, and continue their mission.

    Eventually, they come accross an abandoned Middle East city that has not been finished being constructed. The unit finds the vast treasure of gold, but must take down the leaders chopper. They do so, then they go back to the hanger where the gold is located, only to find the U.S. Army has gotten there and started to load up trucks with it. They ask B Company to assist in driving off with the convoy, to which they agree. When driving in the convoy, you see them pull off to a different road laughing, then the Battlefield theme plays, and the game is ended.

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