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Something To Be Learned
M. J Arocena12 December 2010
Millions, two huge stars, a director with a reputation and a fictional sounding name, and of course, Venice! Nothing works, nothing! The chemistry between Depp and Jolie is virtually non existent. She is dressed in ridiculous, supposedly elegant, gowns but she looks as if she's wearing costumes. Remember Audrey Hepburn? She was never worn by her dresses, she was ahead. The dialog is not to be believed - Julian Fellowes is listed among the writers but, I can't believe it's true. The meet-cute on the train, done so beautifully in th past by a variety of directors and stars, falls flat here, flat! Johnny Depp is one of my favorites but here he looks puffy and detached. How can anyone managed to make Depp look bad? I don't know but they did. Jolie is a big star but here, she seems unused to wear dresses. I couldn't believe her walk through Venice. "Hot to Trot" comes o mind. Imagine, Audrey Hepburn walking purposely through Venice in a ball gown. Or Carole Lombard, or Grace Kelly, or Loren or Deneuve, Gene Tirney, Kay Kendall... I can think of dozens. This was really bad. The only saving grace a running joke that has Depp's character, not speaking Italian, speaks Spanish to the Italians and the Italians respond in Spanish, specially the scene with Christian De Sica (son of Vittorio) in which De Sica replays "De nada" So, the lesson learned is the eternal cliché. Not everything that glitters is gold. And this one, from a distance, glittered, big time
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Frothy fun - goes down like an éclair
archravenstorm11 December 2010
Opening day (a Friday) enough of the critical reviews I read were negative enough, that I was asking 2 friends if they wanted to switch films - money is tight, yah know? But we agreed there was nothing wrong with checking The Tourist out, at worst there would be some eye candy.

Once again, I'm glad I blew the critics off - it's not that the negative reviews are wrong, exactly. There ARE too many scenes of entire rooms of people turning around to look at Jolie, like a perfume commercial (or someone with toilet paper stuck to their behind). Characters and relationships aren't fleshed out enough, and it's a predictable film - North by Northwest is far superior.

But. As one critic said, it's a frothy diversion, pleasant and fun. Thought the rumpled Depp was low-key and charming, and Jolie was gorgeous and a sympathetic character. There are some amusing twists, and our fairly full theater laughed a lot and was entertained by the film; at no point did any of us lose interest. There are far worse ways to spend a Friday night, and I'd recommend to anyone looking for some diversion and gorgeous views of Venice. Good for anyone looking to unwind after a long hard week.
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Director von Donnersmarck needs to be Donnersmacked
TheMovieMark10 December 2010
Considering the fact that Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are two of the biggest stars in the world, you may have at one time flippantly claimed, "I'd pay $10 just to watch them read the phone book!" Well, if you decide to ignore my advice then you'll have the chance to put the equivalent of that theory to the test if you lay down your hard-earned dinero to see The Tourist.

Displaying the focus of an attention deficit schizophrenic, The Tourist weaves its way through an odd mixture of romantic, comedic, and mysterious elements. I have no problem with a film that embraces multiple genres, as long as it can do so effectively. The problem with this film is I was never sure what type of reaction the film wanted to evoke. The romantic orchestra soars one moment, we're treated to a few slapstick shenanigans the next, and then comes the brooding minor key to remind us that there's a mysteriously mysterious mystery afoot! I would not have been shocked had Rowan Atkinson made an appearance.

Plus, the "climactic" twist isn't as clever as it thinks. I suppose one might be forgiven if he or she finds it cutesy, but even if you do fall for it, by the time it arrives your interest will be too detached to care.

Eliciting little more than a few chuckles and a whole lot of apathy, The Tourist makes its mark as one of this year's most pointless and useless films. I can't single anything out as being truly awful, but neither can I think of a single reason why you should consider spending $10 a pop on a film that offers absolutely nothing new to the cinematic universe. The Italian backdrop is nice to look at, and Jolie and Depp are adequate, if not dynamic in their chemistry, but it takes more than the visual image of Depp traversing rooftops barefooted and in grandpa's pajamas to be deemed worthy of my time.

Entertain, engage, educate, or humor me. That's all I ask. The Tourist decided to go with "none of the above," therefore I encourage you to think twice before making this your selection.
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A Dark European Thriller (without the darkness or the thrills)
Matthew Black10 December 2010
Imagine a movie, imagine that movie stars two of the hottest commodities in Hollywood and add a sensual, somewhat dark French-thriller plot. If you did that, you would have the trailer for The Tourist, and it would sound like a pretty good movie, right? But then if you take away the words "dark" and "thriller" and realized that those sought after actors were actually last minute replacements, then you would have the actual movie.

The Tourist stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in what appears to be a very promising plot. Jolie plays Elise, a beautiful and mysterious woman who ensnares spy-fiction fan Frank Tupelo (Depp) into his very own web of international crime and intrigue. Under the orders of Chief Inspector Jones (Timothy Dalton) Scotland Yard's John Acheson played by Paul Bettany (The Da Vinci Code, A Beautiful Mind) tries his best to keep up Elise and the man he believes she is connected to…Alexander Pearce.

For what sounds like a fantastic plot on paper, the execution of it all leaves a little something to be desired. Perhaps the problem is with expectations. As stated before, the premise and the trailer and two actors who typically take on fairly meaty roles suggests that The Tourist would at least have hints of substance, instead the audience is left with a beautiful and…fun movie that is essentially summer action fluff – think The Italian Job meets Knight and Day.

The problems with the film almost assuredly were the result of apparently several casting and directorial issues during pre-production. Depp's role was reportedly originally slated for Tom Cruise, who was replaced by Sam Worthington who dropped out over "creative differences" and ultimately was replaces by Johnny Depp. Angelina Jolie's character was also apparently intended for someone else…none other than Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron. The director, German born - Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (Director of the Academy Award winning film The Lives of Others) also was a replacement and who he himself dropped out at one point, only to resume his directorial role later on. It seems that for whatever reason, no one wanted to be a part of this film.

The Tourist certainly has its strong points. The visuals are simply stunning, whether that describes the beautiful European vistas, lavish homes and hotels or the lead actors, there is definitely eye candy everywhere. The action scenes are exciting and even the dialogue has some charm. However it seems that for every peak there is a valley. The Tourist like its pre-production story seems to have a bit of an identity crisis. At times the film feels intense and brooding, other times it feels like a carefree romp through the waterways of Venice. The dialogue and script have their moments of wit and charm while other parts feel like a reject Bond script. The Tourist is by no means a perfect film, however going in with realistic expectations; it may be just the way to end your night or your week
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Predictable, Silly and a Waste of Time
Hayley Mierzwa16 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The only reason that I saw this film was because a friend of mine forgot his ID at home and couldn't go see the movie we wanted to see. Forced to pick another film, we decided on "The Tourist." How bad could this Jolie and Depp film be? Both have been great before. Depp was good in that first pirate movie way back when, but the sequels were just annoying and I haven't been impressed by anything he's done since. If Jolie really took this movie because it would be a "'quick shoot' in Venice" (See trivia), she really needs to sort out her priorities as a professional actress.

Nothing in this movie was realistic. None of it was believable. The plot was your typical action movie: Someone's money gets stolen, they want it back, someone will get killed if it isn't returned, there's some romance, good guy wins. The "twist" isn't even a real twist; they hint at it earlier in the movie and it continues to be something you consider, so when you realize it's true you feel like you already knew. How is that a twist? It's not.

I'm thoroughly convinced that the only reason people will see this film is because of Depp and Jolie. Neither gave a good or even convincing performance. Both were flat. If the entire world weren't in love with the two thespians, this movie would have flopped. I suppose it was just lucky that everyone thinks Angelina Jolie is a goddess.

Don't go see this film. It was a waste of a ticket fee.
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Pretty faces, pretty lame.
st-shot10 December 2010
This ugly little piece of slam dunk marketing featuring present day reigning sex symbols Angelina Jolie and Johnnny Depp in a tepid suspensor revolving around missing cash is a clunker from the get go. It's all face time for the hotties which I surmise are supposed to turn up the heat based on their good looks alone since the vapid plot and predictable pursuers lack even a scintilla of originality or suspense. It is a cynical cash grab by all involved. As Fats Waller would say "all that meat and no potatoes."

Woman of mystery Elise Ward (Jolie) boards a train bound for Venice where she enlists Frank Tupelo (Depp) as a useful idiot to help her elude the law and the mob to rendezvous with an accomplice who has made off with an obscene amount of money. The chase is on but the pace along with just about everything else is off.

Jolie has a mega fatale look but her dialog is trite and she delivers it with a comatose inflection that more or less says, with a face and body like this whose listening? She's more runway model in the middle of a show than character of intrigue morphing at times into a stunning and stilted statue. Depp looks bored and non-committal with his rube appointed resume (Wisconsin math teacher) and scruffy look that suaves up in time to get into a clinch with Ms. Jolie, nearly matching her lifelessness.

Director Florian von Donnersmark is a major disappointment. The Tourist is his follow-up to one of the finest films of this early century, Other Peoples Lives and the drop off in cinematic skill and suspense is equivalent to falling off of Everest. Lives, a sober but suspenseful crafted work dealing with the dreaded Stasi in drab East Germany was everything this sloppy escapist drivel isn't. Bad career choice or one hit wonder von Donnermark has only this to show output wise over the last four years and it's downright ghostly.

The Tourist is one bad trip of a movie that smugly attempts to overwhelm you with its stars and locale while paying cursory attention to story, detail and substance. It is a callous, bland product example of producer condescension for an audience that will settle for the crumbs of something that looks great but runs lousy. It should do just fine at the box office.
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You can't get out of death & taxes, but you can skip seeing this film
(Synopsis) Elise (Angelina Jolie) randomly sits next to an American tourist, Frank (Johnny Depp), on a Venice-bound train. The police have been following Elise for over two years waiting for her to contact her lover, who embezzled over $2 Billion from a mobster. The British Economic Police want to collect its share (taxes) of over $775 Million to be paid on this money. Frank, a math teacher, and Elise must evade the police, and also the mobster who's money was stolen.

(My Comment) This movie is unlike many that Angelina Jolie has played in, in that she is involved in very little action. Johnny Depp has a few minor action scenes. Most of the time Angelina walks around looking beautiful, and Johnny is like a lost puppy, almost as if they phoned in their parts. It isn't a totally bad movie; because it only has a little action and a poorly written dialogue for these talented actors. The storyline is not complicated; the mobster's money man steals a large amount of his money, and he is now on the run for his life, plus the police want him too. The movie contains some beautiful panorama scenery of Venice. Overall, the movie is not what you would expect, but it kept my attention, and it is a little entertaining. By the way, there is a story twist that you may figure out for yourself before the end. (Sony Pictures, Run Time 1:45, Rated PG-13) (4/10)
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Too fun and lighthearted for its own good!
Mary Komech11 December 2010
As if that's even possible.

Ignore the trailers... and the critics. This isn't a thriller, and it never tries to be. It is, wholeheartedly, a comedy. Anyone who missed that must have been watching a different film, because it's funny - in fact, it's hysterical. But not because it's "so bad it's good". No, it's totally intentional. The lines are funny, the pauses are funny, the actors are funny... it's like a younger, slightly subtler, Venetian version of Red. What's not to like?

We're all used to seeing Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in dramatic roles - Finding Neverland, Public Enemies, The Changeling, A Mighty Heart... and it's so easy to forget that they can be funny. But they are, both of them. Johnny shines, as he always does. Angelina Jolie looks glorious, and when she smiles, the screen lights up. They don't have chemistry, critics say. Oh yes, they do, I say. More importantly, they seem to be enjoying themselves.

Johnny's Frank is delightful, touching and slightly mysterious. He has endless room to play around, and makes Frank memorable, and lovely, as only Johnny can. Angelina's role is more limiting, but she still makes it fresh and - yes - deeply amusing, parodying both herself and the genre in general. Watching her saunter around on her high heels, one can't help but recall what James Bond used to be like. This isn't Wanted or Salt: she has far more to do here than look cryptic and shoot people, and she does it very well.

Add to that the utterly magnificent Paul Bettany, Timothy Dalton, a few stereotypically dim Russian gangsters (they speak actual Russian, for once, and their funniest lines aren't subtitled) and Rufus Sewell, and there's no way you can go wrong.

Yes, there's a twist at the end - a twist that seemed to annoy most people. But does that take away from the film? No! It adds to it, because it's just so obvious, and natural, that it's all the funnier for it.

This isn't an intellectual film. Nor does it try to be. It's a romp, a fun romp with two beautiful, endlessly talented actors, set in a beautiful city (which is shot so beautifully that it becomes like a separate character). So who cares how intellectual it is? This is a film that's genuinely entertaining, from start to finish. And if it's snowing where you are, you'll certainly appreciate the sunshine. Give it a chance!
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How Can It Possibly Be?
roastmary-112 December 2010
I was looking forward to "The Tourist" Depp and Jolie in a "Charade" like romp. Well, not such luck. Seems as if the director has never even seen a Stanley Donen movie. Not a single moment of fun. Not one! Angelina Jolie behaves like a first time model wearing dresses that were meant for someone else. Atrocious is the word that comes to mind. I haven't been this embarrassed for actor since Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates in the remake of "Psycho" Her lines and her delivery are worthy of an amateur, and the script? Goodness, gracious, me! How can this possibly be? Even Venice looks banal. Depp manages a couple of moments but doesn't look well as if we were looking at the movie in the wrong ratio. 15 $ a ticket. I'm so mad! Glimpses of famous (in Italy) Italian actors including Alessio Boni (from The Best Of Youth) add to the depression I felt sitting through this. They must have thought "a big Hollywood movie with Jolie, Depp and the director of "The Lives Of Others" what a break! Well I was fooled myself. Unforgivable!
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What were they thinking (other than what they were going to spend their money on)?!
Hellmant11 December 2010
'THE TOURIST': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Two of Hollywood's biggest stars (Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie) team up for this goofy spy thriller. It's a remake of a 2005 French film entitled 'ANTHONY ZIMMER' which starred Sophie Marceau and Yvan Attal. The American remake is co-written and directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmark who also directed the critically acclaimed German film 'THE LIVES OF OTHERS'. I have not seen that film but his writing and directing here is pretty weak. Pretty much the only good thing this film has going for it is it's two stars (and a decent supporting cast including Paul Bettany and Timothy Dalton) but it really has me wondering what ever attracted the two to this film to begin with!

Jolie plays Elise, the beautiful mistress of a mafia money-man who embezzled over $2 billion from a big time mobster (played by Steven Berkoff). The British police want the embezzler for it's share of the $775 million in tax money on the stolen money. They don't know what their target looks like though so they've been trailing Elise for a couple years hoping she'll lead them to their man. After receiving a note from her lover Elise sits next to a random American tourist named Frank (Depp) on a train hoping to lead the police into believing he's the culprit but she unwittingly gets him targeted by the mafia as well placing him in grave danger. Of course the two quickly fall for each other (despite the extreme lack of chemistry between the two leads).

The story is pretty simple and routine but it does have a couple clever twists towards the end and the climax is enjoyable. There are a few funny lines here and there (mostly by Depp) but for the most part the dialog is less than impressive. The direction is uninspired and the film feels like a million other mistaken identity movies we've already seen before. Depp is funny though and Jolie looks gorgeous. Like many big star combinations in film the movie is a disappointment though. If only they had picked a better project together the combined talent could have made for a truly entertaining film. I expect more from Jolie and a lot more from Depp. I seriously don't know what they were thinking, other than maybe what they were going to spend their money on.

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Dragan Nesic4 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First: I do like Johnny Depp as an actor... Second: Angelina Jolie can be really good... Third: They are together here, so that should be good... Fourth: AVOID THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Fifth: It is really bad for your intelligence... Well, I don't know for all the others who watched this movie, but I really wonder how no one noticed stupidity in this movie... !!!SPOILERS!!! Is it possible that you still act as some teacher from USA even your cover is blown by your own demand!!! It doesn't make any sense. All that happened is that in the end of this so called movie, we all ask ourselves only one question: WHY IS THIS MOVIE MADE?
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Boring, Unoriginal, and not worth 3 Golden Globes Nominations
Spencer Thomas17 December 2010
I decided to dawdle on over to my local cinema, thinking to myself: "This should be good. Johnny Depp, Timoth Dalton, sure I'm not the hugest fan of Jolie, but I don't hate her either."

So, The Tourist is about Angelina Jolie is being lurked by Scotland Yard because she is in affiliation with a man named Alexander, who stole 74 million pounds from a gangster. Alex contacts Jolie, telling her to con an unsuspecting man (Johnny Depp) into tricking Scotland Yard, and the gangsters pursuing her, into thinking he is Alexander.

What follows is the most predictable set of events you could imagine. Begin to think of any spy film you've ever seen. Now imagine it done poorly, to a shockingly bad soundtrack. You're probably thinking of a pretty poor movie. Well The Tourist is worse. It's stock, at best.

The acting is terrible. FLAME SHIELDS UP. Don't get me wrong fan girls, I love Johnny Depp too, but he isn't even trying in this film. It may be his worst performance (At least that I've ever seen).

It's predictable, boring and has the worst pace I've seen in any movie this year. If you present even the slightest bit of shock at the "plot twist" ending, you are either a dullard, or have never seen a movie in your entire life. And if this is your first movie, I feel very sorry for you.
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Should have gone straight to DVD
hendry-robert29 January 2011
Why Angelina still gets parts in any movie is quite frankly beyond me. I can conjure up theories such as being partnered with Brad Pitt, adopting half of Africa, and being some sort of ambassador for the third world. Her standing cannot be for her acting abilities for she has none. She neither has an ounce of on screen presence, magic, whatever you want to call it.

Depp on the other hand had made many great movies and has bags of on screen magic. I'm particularly partial to his much lesser known work. I like Depp because he takes risks,and obviously cares for the art of film making. But a risk on this project has done him no favours at all. Perhaps the money was just to good to refuse, or perhaps he was concerned about being type cast as a Pirate. Who knows. But for sure he will be deeply embarrassed by this nonsense of a movie.

I feel it pointless to describe what's wrong with it. Many others have done that already. Anyone who actually likes has no clue what a good movie is.It should have gone straight to DVD and given away free with the morning newspaper.

Expect to see this movie in the bargain bin very soon.
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Not as good as expected
Pejman10 December 2010
Considering the previous great movie of this director(The lives of others), I was expected far more complicated story for "The Tourist". Although it has an amusing and even surprising story line, it leaves you with nothing when you step out of the cinema. None of the performances catches you as a great job. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are good choices to attract the fans to the cinemas and they will almost quench their thirst of seeing sensually powerful Jolie and smart Depp with his charming sense of humor. But you think everything is formulated. after all that chasing and hiding and surprising themes, there is nothing about human being or conscientiousness that stays with you after the movie. It would've been a good "James Bond" type movie with some more action scenes. Specially when you see Timothy Dalton as a British Chief Inspector, this idea becomes ironically stronger.
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This movie doesn't deserve a 10, but I think The Tourist is underrated so I gave it a 10
Nikola Badjun28 May 2011
This movie has a really bad 5,9 stars on IMDb, which turns a lot of people off seeing this film. But I gave it a shot, and it amazed me. I loved it. It doesn't deserve a 10, but I gave it one just because it's unfairly underrated. The scenes of Paris, and especially Venice are magical. I was so amazingly shocked with Venice in this movie that I immediately put Venice landscape as my desktop wallpaper. The acting by Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp is not so good, and the movie has some scenes that you don't know if they are meant to be funny or are just plain bad. But it also has scenes that reminded me of great Bourne trilogy. The Tourist has that European police/crime feeling to it, and it's pretty enjoyable. I encourage you all to see this movie. I can promise you that you are going to enjoy very much, and that you will be keen on visiting Venice as an American tourist.
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Don't waste your time on this film
dufuswitch18 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film starts off looking more like a very expensive perfume advert than a film, with lots of posing with expensive clothing and jewellery. It then moves on to some very flat acting from both Jolie and Depp.

I was hoping for some funny moments but there did not seem to be any.

I found myself wanting to turn off the film before it even really got started. Depp has been around too long as a heart throb to pull off the character that is supposed to be in this film. The twist at the end is pretty unbelievable and not really worth the wait.

I personally wish I hadn't even bothered to watch it all the way through, I much prefer Jolie and Depp in their earlier films.
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Johnny + Angie = some good old fashioned star power
Ben_Horror13 December 2010
Sometimes with the vast amount of special effects extravaganzas, monsters movies and super hero vehicles going around, you can't help but get a bit bored with them after a while. They have a numbing effect the brain and they can get very tedious. As viewers we need a break occasionally. That's why it's always nice just to sit back, relax and watch a straightforward story where good actors do what they're trained for: act. Without a CG creature in sight… And that's exactly what we get here: two good actors having a great time with a slight, though still extremely entertaining and watchable story.

Johnny plays a lonely guy called Frank who, while on holiday in Europe, is approached on a train by a mysterious and beautiful woman called Elise (Angie – who else). Little does he know, however, he's actually being used by her as a decoy to shift police attention from her lover - a financial 'whizz-kid' who ripped off a scummy criminal and now owes the British government over 700 million euros in taxable funds. In a case of mistaken identity, the angry criminals assume Frank to be her thieving lover and he ends up being plunged into a whole web of intrigue, pursued by both the cops and the robbers. At the same time, he's trying to battle his own increasing infatuation with the enigmatic Elise, who keeps ditching him at every turn, but who - in the grand tradition of romps such as this - keeps ending up being thrown into dire situations with him, despite her best efforts.

This is a rather sophisticated and old-fashioned movie and its all the better for it. It would be easy to imagine this being made in 60s with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn starring in the lead roles. As Frank, Johnny Depp - who really does look about ten years younger than his actual age - once again shows us why he's one of the best out there. It's easy to imagine George Clooney – surely the aforementioned Grant's heir - playing this role, but Depp is more effective and brings a more earthy quality, able to play both plain and debonair at the drop of a hat.

Similarly, Angelina Jolie is convincing as the conflicted mystery woman Elise, and puts in a nice understated performance while at the same time never looking better. The chemistry between them flows off the screen. In fact the interplay between them for the first 40 minutes is absolutely brilliant. You know something is good when simply the sight of two people conversing is keeping you entertained.

It's a jet setter of a story, mixing a bit of James Bond with a dozen mistaken identity movies. It's lightly Hitchcockian, but in a good way, though it probably wouldn't have been as effective had it had been set completely in the United States. As with the Bourne movies, the European locales prevent it from being just another run-of-the-mill thriller while adding something romantic and unique to it. The photography is gorgeous and the film itself ends up being a good advert for European tourism as all the locations come off looking magnificent.

The story moves along fast and there's plenty of engaging action sequences, the stand out being one involving boats. The supporting cast is good, though Paul Bettany has a somewhat thankless role that requires him to do little more than be grumpy while at the same time barking down a microphone at every available occasion. But it is good to see Timothy Dalton (the best Bond bar none) in an acting role again. Even if it only ranks as an extended cameo, he dominates the screen whenever he's on. Somewhat appropriately, he's even in the position his boss 'M' was in his own Bond movies - a guy who sits behind a desk handing out the missions and giving all the orders rather than taking them. It's almost like James Bond has been promoted to top dog!

There's also another Bond connection (are all these intentional?) in another supporting player Steven Berkoff, who played a slimy Russian general in 1983's Octopussy. Here he plays a similarly depraved and ruthless criminal who's actually British, but surrounds himself with a pack of Russian heavies. He also has the most sadistic scene in a movie that can't really be classed as being overly violent.

Even if it's not the kind of dark Euro thriller you might be expecting, this is still a very entertaining movie that will keep you hooked all the way. It's got everything: action, suspense, comedy and romance. And even if that's not enough for you, certainly the interplay between Depp and Jolie will be. They're really effective in this and display the kind of chemistry we haven't seen since the heyday of the movies, the most recent example probably being Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. Based on this, hopefully they'll work together again sometime in the near future.

Yes, it's all very old-fashioned stuff and you will feel like you're caught in a time warp to the 60s. It's also a bit lightweight and fluffy, but you know what? When you have a cast this good, just go with it. I enjoyed very minute of it. And if you give it a chance, you will too.
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Underrated movie
dausdaus12 August 2016

I think that this movie is pretty underrated. It has comedy, action, tension all the good ingredients to keep you watching!

Depp and Jolie really did their job and I really enjoyed the landscapes from Venice.

Wanted to see the movie some time ago but didn't due to the lack of positive reviews. I am happy I watched the movie eventually!

Much better than 2016 blockbusters like The Independence Day!

It'a must see!

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A charming film in the tradition of the '60s' great caper movies
JaynaB10 April 2011
This movie is beautiful visually, structurally, musically, with a plot as convoluted as any Helen MacInnes novel and stars who humanize the main characters gradually, easing us beneath their masks. Time very well spent if you enjoyed Michael Caine and Shirley Maclean in 'Gambit', or Cary Grant with Audrey Hepburn in 'Charade'.

From the setup in the opening sequence through the final curtain, Angelina Jolie is radiant, a classic combination of strength and vulnerability with a distinctly 21st century style. As with Audrey Hepburn in 'Charade', I can imagine no other female star in this role. It is literally decades since I have seen a woman take the gloves off with such seductive grace.

Johnny Depp is a masterpiece of bumbling charm as the tourist out of his depth. His comic turn on the rooftops of Venice is one for the ages. He changes mood and character with purely a shift in the intensity of gaze.

Paul Bettany is firmly in character as the obsessed agent who will stop at nothing to get his man. Timothy Dalton's small role as his boss is most entertaining. The police in France and Italy are polished comic versions of the hapless agents in a Pink Panther movie. The villain is a dread villain indeed. Rufus Sewell looks fab in a tuxedo and I wish he had more screen time.

The only reason I can think of for the lower rankings is that people expected to see lots of high-action sequences as in 'Wanted'. This is not that movie. The action is more Pink Panther than Jason Bourne.

Venice is timeless in its elegance as usual. The lack of a gondola ride is a nice departure from tradition.

All in all, a charming, beautiful movie that is worth rewatching.
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Kept you guessing until the very end
motherhubbard19848 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It was great to finally see Jolie and Depp in a movie together. They are my favorite Actor and Actress. They had great chemistry on screen. I kept guessing until the very end of the movie. I didn't know if Depp was indeed the guy they were looking for or not. I thought I had it all figured out that he wasn't the guy. Then, sure enough, at the very end, it turns out to be him. There's nothing worse than guessing the end of a movie. It kept my attention from beginning to end. Each piece that went into the movie was very well put together also. From the actors, costumes, settings, plot. I was very pleased with everything. I usually pick out something I dislike about a movie. I couldn't find any flaws with this. Very well done and put together. Great movie. Something I will buy and watch more than once.
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Extremely Charming, Beautiful Music, Angelina, Johnny and Venice Never Lovelier
Ellienne Cici18 May 2011
This movie is more a work of art than a theatric presentation. Everything is absolute perfection, from scenery, to the color of Venice's waters (idealized), to casting, to every hair in place, to superlative acting, to timing, to a perfect train ride through a impossibly lovely countryside, to scrumptious scenery throughout, to perfect accents, melodically modulated voices and soundtrack. Angelina (Elise) has not ever looked more flawless, acted more flawlessly, while Johnny Depp (Frank quintessentially summoned his unseemly man one can't help but fall in love with. Is there a human who doesn't love Johnny Depp? I don't think so. They are never a step out of place. Smooth as glass, crystalline as diamonds, they dance through this movie together. The direction is... flawless. The story line will keep you glued to the screen, the insouciant charm will keep you entertained. The music and soundtrack are not ever intrusive, but subtle and softly gorgeous. Reminds me a bit of Tombraider. Musical passages that must be provided by the London Philharmonic. No? Yes, I would just imagine so. It's been a VERY long time since I had to restart the movie a second time immediately after the first watch just to see the little twists and turns and superb acting. Rented this from Netflix... but will buy just to listen to over and over again. In a word, insouciant. And a delight to remember. Perfectly cast, although it would also have been interesting to see Brad Pitt play the staring male lead in perhaps, another version. What a dilemma... can a girl marry both Brad and Johnny in their dreams? If there was any flaw in this movie, it would be that the few subtitles were the wrong font, and the wrong color... : ) And perhaps, the Venetian canal waters were just a tad too blue, clear and clean. Luv to All!
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Great, fun, Glam, lighthearted... worth the watch !!!
vickythomson24 May 2011
I thought it was going to be terrible, I'd heard that. I was even advised in Blockbusters that it wasn't great. What a fabulous surprise, I watched it twice. I think it is brilliant, it is just light hearted, and watchable. They do have chemistry, as I noted someone else said they didn't and they look great - someone else said they looked awful. As if! But you know they are not 21 ! The whole thing is fun, and the combo of Depp and Jolie is magnificent.. It is rather like a light hearted better bond film, I love the setting in Italy, the English accents, the American. I Love the way Depp portrays himself as a Maths Teacher, humble and vulnerable and smitten. I think Jolie is brilliant her character professional and intelligent, and I love the line 'you are the least down to earth person I've ever met'

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Unnessessarily expansive jewelery/clothes advertisement("The Tourist")
groupjinn4 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The script have been written by a mentally handicapped 2-year old child. Angelina Jolie continues seemingly endless stupidity of "Salt" and "Wanted". Too much of tasteless makeup, earrings(you will have too observe those for at least 5 minutes several times) and posh clothes. All she does during the movie is sighs,"snakesmiles", and walks. Veeery exciting.

Poor Jonny Depp and Co. just shouldn't have been in it.

After five minutes I already knew who is who, but waited for at least action or jokes. Nada...not a single one.

Awful is a mere compliment to this "movie" And you better not to watch it just to prove me wrong. You will waste your time. :)
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The Tourist - Enjoyable!
Jordan Abbey-Young30 May 2011
As many are aware a lot of negative press has plagued 'The Tourist'. If you're like me and go into a film aware of such amounts of negativity you tend to view the film in, yes, a negative light and look for the things that are pointed out by the so called professional 'critics' which you otherwise may not have noticed otherwise. But I will not try to ruin what could be a perfectly fun viewing experience, you like it, you like it, you don't, you don't.

Starring the wildly diverse Johnny Depp and the enigmatic Angelina Jolie, 'The Tourist' brings together two of Hollywood's biggest stars for what could be referred to as a quick film in between projects, that's if you believe IMDb Trivia.

Directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck 'The Tourist' tells the story of Elise Clifton-Ward (Jolie), a lovestruck English woman who follows the instructions of her illustrious lover who we know as 'Alexander Pearce'. The man pursued by Inspector John Acheson (Paul Bettany who delivers a splendid reference to 'A Knights Tale'), a driving force behind the operation to catch Pearce. It is when she is 'summoned' by the mysterious Pearce to fool the authorities into believing she is with him already that poor American, Frank (Depp) is pulled into a world of chase, gangsters, police and Italians with attitude against the beautiful backdrop of Venice, Italy.

The film is what it is, and it knows what it is. Although it didn't sweep the Oscars (just a couple of Golden Globe nominations, Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress) it is an enjoyable movie experience and any fans of Depp or Angelina will surely get a kick out of it, especially at the end! So forget the hate, check yourself in and gaze at the beautiful scenes that are within 'The Tourist'.

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Excellent escapism
jean-levy2 May 2011
Watched this movie on Sky Box Office. Was not sure what to expect. Angelina Jolie often disappoints me (how special am I?) but Johnnie Depp I love . . . so on a Monday Night: I loved this movie. Excellent baddie in pursuit of his stolen cash. Wonderful representation of the constraints of British Intelligence (Paul Bettany presiding) . . . almost a page out of the Keystone Cops. Thank Goodness for Timothy Dalton, a man with an inkling of reality. Johnny Depp plays a convincing Wisconsin maths teacher . . . And Angelina Jolie driven by a heart that caused her to betray her professional imperative for the man she loves . . . even if he is a teacher from Wisconsin? The chemistry between Jolie and Depp was appropriate. Loved her collar. Loved her frocks. Was the fantasy in the hotel room real? Watched it again and still don't know. Poetic licence. Moments to cherish: the interaction of the bad guys . . . and the 'maths' moment with the safe was genius. And the perceived transitions: the 'higher forehead' . . . 'you sound different' What can it all mean? The accents were not overplayed (how can these actors do that?). And the final moments? How precious we have become that we might not recognise an enjoyable plot, a superb location ('not just anywhere') and the reassurance of humour . . . 'a guy's been sending me texts'. The postmodern literary critic with a desire for an alternative narrative and the ill-explained might not like this movie. On a Monday night in Sussex it was really enjoyable. Well done everyone. Well done Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. I can't say I don't wish him well.
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