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  • Vic sets up a plan behind Shane's back to get the Armenians on their side. Meanwhile, Gardocki starts getting fed up about Vic continuing to work with Shane, and Dutch tries to get Danni a desk job to protect her.


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  • Previously on: Wyms disclosed her lupus to Dutch; Vic threatened to kill Shane for killing Lem; Shane handed Vic a letter with all the bad things they've done together and said it would land on IA's desk if anything ever happened to him. Shane told Vic the Armenians know about the money train robbery and told Vic he was paying off Vic's debt in favors to the Armenians. Vic discovered Pezuela's file box full of blackmail against local and state politicians. Shane and Vic made the Armenians and Mexicans think they were battling each other. Shane asked Vic if they were "cool," but Vic said he didn't trust Shane yet.

    To the action: Shane inspected a room for a bug before talking with Rezian, the lead Armenian. The device was actually transmitting the conversation to Vic and Ronnie, who were listening in. They wanted Shane to steal some police guns that were being disposed, but he refused. They threatened to kill Vic's family and Shane told them to go ahead, making a scene, but creating an opening to ask for fair compensation for his risk. Later, Vic called it an interesting strategy. Vic said he had "a card to play" in terms of trying to get someone to give them the guns rather than having to steal them.

    Vic went to the storage space where he and Aceveda had hidden the blackmail box, but it was gone. Aceveda said he was controlling it now and that he knew Vic was hoping one of the politicians in the file would help him get his job back. With Vic's card having failed to play out, they'd have to steal the guns the hard way. They didn't want to raise suspicion by asking about them, so Vic wanted to make sure they had a deal with Rezian before going anything further. Vic confronted Rezian with Shane alongside, telling him he did the money train robbery with Lem, who's dead, and two of Lem's buddies. He told Rezian that Shane and Ronnie had nothing to do with it. Instead of paying back the money, which he said he no longer had, he offered Rezian "three wishes." The guns would be the first wish and he'd get two more. After that, they'd have to be considered even.

    Shane took credit for finding the group "a light at the end of the tunnel," which Vic didn't seem to like, but he didn't say anything. They went to an evidence room to pretend they needed to retrieve a gun that was accidentally put in the bunch to be destroyed. The guy told them where they were being stored.

    Danny tried to give Billings a missing person case, but he was busy with Sudoku and the Jumble. Dutch met with a 16-year-old girl who thought her friend was abducted. Dutch went to the girl's home, but her mother said there was "no problem" and that she "went away for a few days." She seemed jittery and said there's nothing wrong. "We don't need your help," she told him. That seemed to be good enough for Billings, who was sleeping in the car, but not for Dutch.

    Shane staked out the warehouse and it seemed easy to break in to. He suggested they get in touch with "Burnout," a guy who previously helped them with a break-in. Vic had arranged a meeting with the FBI agent Olivia Murray, telling her he knew about a major Armenian gun heist coming up. She told Vic that helping her on a couple of cases wasn't going to get him any return favors from her. He said he didn't care who got the credit.

    Axl, the pawnshop owner/adult film producer, told Wyms about a guy named Larry who he called a drug peddler and money launderer. Larry is an adult film producer who only pays his actresses in cocaine, Axl said. Wyms told Ronnie to set up a sting on Larry, using Tina as bait. Meanwhile, Vic and Shane found Burnout and pulled him out of his shiny black Escalade. Back at the drug sting, Tina was all dressed up and the pawnshop owner was wired. Julien came in, posing as her boyfriend. Larry the porn king was asking to, umm, sample Tina's goods, which got awkward for everyone because he hadn't yet done anything to provoke a drug arrest. Tina said she was nervous and he offered something to calm her down. He handed Tina a "bag of white powder," which sealed the deal and they moved in for the arrest.

    Vic was having the Escalade towed, telling the tow truck driver to just take it to Farmington. But he said luxury vehicles get parked at San Fernando, where the guns are stashed. "Wherever," Vic said. Shane was hiding inside the Escalade, getting a free ride right into the gun storage facility.

    Larry said he didn't sell the drugs, but gives it away. Ronnie and Julien wanted to know who he bought it from. Demetrius Harms, he said.

    Dutch went back to the missing girl's house and she quietly came out. They brought her back to the station. Danny wanted to question the girl, but the girl refused to say where she'd been. Danny asked her why she was so mad if nothing happened to her. Danny told the girl about the incident when the room wasn't cleared and she was nearly strangled to death by the guy who was hiding in there. She explained that she'd never been so scared and mad at the same time. She wanted to kill the guy. The girl suddenly started crying and said, "They raped me."

    The tow truck brought Shane right into the storage facility and the guard left, locking the doors behind him. He found the stash of guns. Vic was waiting outside when Ray Carlson, the ex-cop he hired to watch his family, called with a minor emergency. Vic's son left the house alone and as Ray chased him down the street, the boy hid with a woman who didn't know the Mackeys but wouldn't let Ray go anywhere with the kid. Vic had to leave Shane behind to see what happened. By the time he got to the house, Corrine was being arrested after Cassie, Vic's daughter, had been found drinking beer in her room with a friend. Corrine had been at a parent-teacher conference and left the kids alone in the house. Vic couldn't talk the Sheriff's deputy into letting Corrine go because the parents of Cassie's friend filed a complaint about the alcohol. Vic promised he'd sort it out at the Sheriff's station.

    During all this, Ronnie called Vic for backup on an arrest on Harms, a drug dealer they'd been trying to nab for a few years. Vic said he couldn't go and Ronnie said he'd make it work with Julien.

    The raped girl's brother was upset when Dutch told him she'd been sent to the hospital for a rape test. Meanwhile, Shane called Vic to ask if the coast was clear. Vic explained the situation with Corrine and told Shane he was nowhere near there and Shane would have to handle the rest of the gun robbery himself. Just then, Vic answered his phone and mysteriously said, "It's going down." Shane saw the one guard on the other side of the building, hopped into the Escalade and drove right out of the storage facility apparently unseen.

    Ronnie, Julien and Larry the porn king went to Harms' house, where Larry was quickly attacked and bitten by a pit bull, as was Ronnie. Shane rolled up to meet Rezian in the Escalade packed with the guns. Vic was right behind him and parked so that the gate wouldn't close behind him. As Shane was unloading guns, he acted suspicious that the feds were on their way. He said he heard police radios and insisted on leaving with Shane. He told Rezian he had a choice whether to go with him or stay, and Rezian ditched his men, hopping into Vic's car, which quickly sped away. Seconds later, the feds rolled up and arrested Rezian's crew with all the guns nearby.

    Dutch and Danny went to check out a house that matched the description of the one in which the girl was raped. He asked Danny if the story she told was real and she said she made it up.

    Rezian was suspicious that Vic had the feds following him, and said that if that was the case his and Shane's families would all be killed. Vic said that getting Rezian arrested would be stupid because he knew that Rezian would have nothing to lose in going after his family. He and Shane tried to convince Rezian there was a hole in his organization.

    Vic and Shane took Rezian back to his hideout and "discovered" a bug on his phone (Vic conjured it with some crafty sleight of hand). Vic wanted to know whom Rezian trusted most in his crew so he could "check them out." Vic explained to Shane that he set it up so Rezian would send him a list with his most trusted crew on it. Shane was upset that Vic kept him in the dark on the plan. Shane said he wanted to stand by Vic, but Vic kept cutting him out and punishing him, which was stupid because he was trying to help Vic protect the only thing that really mattered to him.

    Dutch suggested to Wyms that she use Danny to fill an administrative desk job because he thinks Danny is looking to stay out of the line of fire. Dutch questioned a man who was renting the house they were checking. The man said he never touched her, but she had "sexual contact" with two other minors and it wasn't rape. He called it "part of a therapeutic treatment." The girl's brother found out she had been involved in a homosexual relationship. The "treatment" was meant to set her straight, so to speak. The man said he had a contract giving him custody of the girl while she was in his care.

    Julien and Ronnie figured out that Axl, the pawnshop owner/adult film producer, had tipped off Harms before they got to the house. That was why his pit bull was there to greet them and no one else was in the house. Axl said he was happy to give up Larry, but wouldn't give up Harms because "that's like a death sentence." They asked where Harms was.

    Vic went to Corrine's house and got into a heated moment in which Corrine tried to pull Cassie toward her and Cassie pushed Corrine to the floor. Vic grabbed Cassie by the arms and shouted at her not to ever do anything like that again. Once he realized he was hurting her, he let go and Cassie ran back to her room. He wanted to apologize, but Corrine told him to leave. He did.

    Shane went home to find that Mara was packing all alone. He told her it was stupid for her to go talking to Corrine. He grabbed the file that listed all the bad things he'd done with Vic because he wanted to take it to Vic. He assured Mara that he'd made another copy, but he hoped that giving Vic the original would win his trust back. He told her that once this threat to Vic's family was clear, he'd be out of their lives forever.

    Dutch asked Danny if she'd ever considered a desk job and said Wyms could use some help because Wyms was "not doing OK." Dutch placed the teenage girl's brother under arrest for kidnapping and conspiracy to commit rape. Just then, her friend walked in saying she'd been worried about her, and the girl panicked, screaming, "Get away from me!"

    Ronnie came back into the clubhouse, where Vic was waiting. Vic saw the dog bite on Ronnie's arm and Ronnie was upset that they'd gone into the house too quickly and undermanned. Vic said he had no choice but to stick with Shane on the gun robbery. "We all had choices once," Ronnie said. "We made them, and now we've got to live with them." Vic said they'd get out of it, but Ronnie said everything they do to get out of it just drives them down deeper. Ronnie said teaming with Shane would just put their heads under, but Vic said they need Shane right now because of what's at stake. "I'm not gonna drown for Shane," Ronnie said. "Or you."

    Shane walked in with the envelope, handed it to Vic and said there were no copies. Vic told Shane that none of them knew what Lem would have done, but Shane was the only one who saw it. He told Shane he knew now that Shane made the only decision he could have made at the time. "Thank you," Shane said. Vic said they'd all get through it and "come through the other side one day." Shane said, "Yeah," and walked out. Vic just stared at the door and, after a brief moment, sneered and turned away.

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