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I laughed... I cried!!
sfmallon30 June 2008
This is a wonderful film, it's so funny and touching. It's such a lovely story of finding belongingness (is that a word? I'll ask Stephen Colbert!). Okay, I guess the real term would be a sense of belonging.

No matter who you are, you can relate to that desire to discover a special connection to the people in your life.... what a wonderful gift. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to see this film. It's really very special. You should especially try to see it at a film festival where you can see it with a large audience. I saw it at the San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and the audience was so responsive. It should win every film festival.
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the gift of connection
andiepb21 August 2008
The most endearing thing about this film is that everyone watching it can find something to relate to and feel validated by - whether it is the desire to feel connected to family, the lifelong search for identity, or simply that you too have a "best friend who is a lesbian".

The story is told with humor, grace, and honesty. The photos used to tell the story are similar to those stowed away in many families' photo albums, and it makes you realize that the treasures and secrets of your own family could be right in front of you. Ultimately, Amy has given her viewers a connection to something genuine and human through describing her own journey of finding connections. This is a wonderful gift, indeed.
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See this film!
gale-williams7 July 2008
I've seen this film twice and enjoyed it enormously both times. When I saw it at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco it was one in a series of about 8 films. I overheard comments like: "That was great!" and "That was the best of the bunch!" The applause told me that the rest of the audience loved this film as much as I did. Although this movie was written by a lesbian about her connection to her grandmother, it is relevant to anyone who has ever wondered how they became who they are. The film is very touching. One reviewer said it was filled with "humanity and humor". I agree wholeheartedly. I am looking forward to its release on DVD so I can buy a copy and share it with friends.
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This is a must see!
scottmagness11 July 2008
In this very personal documentary film, Amy Neil offers a touching story of a strong desire to feel more connected to her family. It's a theme that undoubtedly affects many gay and lesbian people. She always felt different as a child and didn't have any immediate family role models to help her understand what it means to be a lesbian...or did she? The film wonderfully unfolds with vintage pictures of her favorite grandmother that were mysteriously hidden until Neil asked questions as adult. They tell a story of love, companionship, and what it must have been like to be a strong woman during a different era. In good documentary fashion, Neil allows the viewer to decide what this all means, but it is clear that she found out more about a favorite relative and a deeper connection to her family. This movie really moved me. I recommend everyone should see it!
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