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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Realistic depictions of violence & gore with strong impact are depicted.
  • There are several strong scenes of violence in the film, particularly one in the beginning of the film where a man can be seen committing suicide by slashing both his arms with a knife. (The audience sees lines of blood and wounds appear as the man submerges his arms inside the sink causing the water to turn bloody.)
  • Later in the film, a man can be seen trying to commit suicide by hanging himself from a strap attached to a window grill, but his attempt is unsuccessful.
  • Other strong scenes of violence include one in which a man can be seen slashing another mans neck with a razor, with a wound and blood visible as the victim is left to bleed to death, a scene where a man is forced to sever the ear of another man (implied, but atmosphere is tense), a scene where a man in red singlet can be seen stabbing another man in the back with impact and some blood visible, and a scene of a man being shot in the back with a weapon, with intermittent shots of the weapon sticking out of his back as another man tries to rescue him by pulling the weapon out.


  • The utterance of 'Jesus f**king Christ' is voiced in the film.
  • Apart from this, the film also features frequent use of coarse language such as the swear word 'f**k', 'motherf**ker', 'son of a b*tch', 'bastard', 'balls', etc; by the main characters usually for emphasis or out of frustration and anger, with a fair amount of aggression.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drug taking is depicted with some details.
  • There are some shots of the prisoners using drugs, the strongest of which include a scene where a man can be seen snorting cocaine off of a table using a rolled up piece of paper. (Two inmates subsequently follow suit, but the snorting is implied as it takes place off screen and the audience only hears sounds of them snorting the cocaine.)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 'Celda 211' is a prison drama about a man with a pregnant wife who is about to start work as a prison guard. On an informal induction visit to the prison, he gets left behind in a prison cell when a riot unexpectedly breaks out. The man manages to pass himself off as an inmate, even though some of the prisoners are suspicious of him, and has to win over the trust of the prison leader in order to survive the ordeal.
  • Throughout the film, scenes of the prisoners running amok, as well as scenes of a huge crowd rioting outside the prison can be seen, with some shots of the riot police hitting at the crowd with batons.

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