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tyjamesbush8 November 2022
If you're looking for a terrible use of your time then Survivor's Choice is the way to go. I recently watched this movie and to put it plainly, it was like watching a(n) dog hate. A totally bad experience.

Directed by David Clair-Bennett and starring Eric Roberts, Dan Pena, David Clair-Bennett, Survivor's Choice told a completely bad story.

Survivor's Choice is a(n) not rated movie about characters who embark on a journey of escape room. Despite the obstacles, big and small, the characters in the movie, as well as the viewers, still meet a terrible end. The performances from Eric Roberts, Dan Pena, David Clair-Bennett illustrate the narrative of this movie with such a viable effort. Consequently, this film ended up being as bad as it is.

Survivor's Choice intertwined visuals, audio, and plot in a very bad way.

It was as if David Clair-Bennett combined the characters, the setting, and the valued objects within the film and then threw them into a mixing bowl to create a giant serving of terrible apple. As a viewer, chewing and pondering on the quality of my apple, I couldn't help but think about how bland it tasted. The flavors of the film blended so terrible-ly that I considered getting a(n) dog for emotional support!

This story of escape room is a triumphant effort on David Clair-Bennett's part in making viewers weep with regret.

Overall, I found Survivor's Choice to be bad, bad, and bad! It is a terrible plate of apple, seasoned with the theme of escape room, and sure to leave you with a lingering bland taste in your mouth.
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