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Season 1

8 Apr. 2009
Detective Casey Shraeger is a New York City vice cop who gets transfered into the homicide branch of the 2nd Unit, which is a "special unit" of detectives investigating crime and corruption in the city after one of the 2nd Unit detectives is found murdered. She is called in as his replacement to find out if the late detective was dirty. Casey begins to find out some interesting facts about her new co-workers, one of whom includes Det. Walsh, whose partner was the victim.
15 Apr. 2009
Boorland Day
Casey Shraeger and her new partner, James Walsh, try to catch a family of criminals that has the entire 2nd Unit running all over New York until Walsh and Shraeger discover their motive. Meanwhile, Sgt. Brown has Shraeger investigate Walsh's past when it becomes known that her former partner turned out to be a dirty cop. Also, Henry Cole's former partner-in-crime returns, making it even more difficult for Cole to continue to hide his criminal past from the rest of the detectives.
21 Apr. 2009
One Man Band
As Delahoy and Banks investigate a store that helps its customers commit murder, Casey's favor for her financial manager ends up freeing a hit-and-run suspect from jail.
22 Apr. 2009
Crime Slut
Beaumont must keep a secret from Walsh when she loses his watch in a pawnshop robbery Delahoy worries about his future he tracks down a brain tumor victim who escaped from the hospital.
29 Apr. 2009
After Beaumont is injured during an attack on Walsh, Cole decides to deal with Frank Lutz once and for all. Meanwhile, Banks tries to prevent a psychic's prediction of his own death from coming true.
6 May 2009
The Circle Line
Walsh's old cop friend is in danger of being charged with a murder he might not have committed. Meanwhile, Banks and Delahoy are trying to track down a man who has been stealing other people's identities.
27 May 2009
The Tape Delay
Shraeger & Walsh are assigned protective duty of a businessman, but he escapes or is kidnapped while they step away to assist a woman being attacked. Delahoy & Banks deal with a nursing home resident with dementia who goes on a crime spree. Delahoy continues to have symptoms of his brain tumor.
3 Jun. 2009
The Dentist
A pair on con men trick Alvarez and steal important evidence for the drug trial of a dentist. Meanwhile, Bank's locks himself in his apartment due to paranoia and becomes convinced that his neighbor was murdered.
10 Jun. 2009
The Apology Line
The detectives investigate the tape of a confession hot-line and attempt to solve murder of a naked man who was shot while running down the street.
17 Jun. 2009
The E.I.D.
Delahoy and Banks investigate several break-ins that are related to an adult film series. Meanwhile Scraeger attempts to help serial crime accuser who may have been a victim of an attack ten years ago.

 Season 1 

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