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A call to Christians everywhere
larry-cass19 October 2009
As a Christian, this movie was one of the best messages that anyone who claims to be a Christian could hear. I have always thought of myself as a compassionate person, but Dan Merchant hit the nail on the head with his objective portrayal of what the Culture Wars today need to come to a healthy conclusion. As God says in the OT.."If MY PEOPLE, who are called by my name will humble themselves..... The answer is not to beat people over the head with the truth, but to love them unconditionally. This is the first time, as a conservative believer, that I can look at people who I thought I despised, like Al Franken or Bill Maher, and understand where they are coming from, and not only that but want to engage them in love. This movie gives the church an ear shattering answer from God to the question "What would Jesus do?"
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Conversations are very important
Xavier1208 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The filmmaker makes it clear at the start that he's an evangelical Christian and it is very very pro-Christian. With that said he does point out all the worst parts of Modern Christianity and how it has been hijacked for political motives as well as other reasons. He focuses on how we need to come together to have a conversation about truly important parts of our society. This movie is more of a plea to other Christians to stop judging and condemning and start doing things that Jesus really would do, like help the homeless. I am not a Christian so it was hard to swallow some of the more biased areas of the movie. I would say that Christians would really be inspired by this movie and that non-Christians would get a better understanding that Christianity isn't all about moral values and banning gay marriage.
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smastison22 November 2011
I am generally entertained by the apologetic religious films; however, this was bland and nearly as uninteresting as possible. The narrator is an evangelical Christian, who completely disregarded everything in the Old Testament and Jesus' references to its inherent validity.

The political overtones are tired and unimaginative. It would've been more interesting if there were some developments here. The narrator just kind of says, "Bush is a vocal exponent of Christianity; he started a few wars. Bah! No biggie."

This is a prime example of a Christian who is civil, not because of his religion; but in spite of it. Watch it if you're into these kinds of things--if not, skip it.
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Not very good
hstnaguilar30 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I was hoping to see a Documentary film about a very divisive issue in our culture. Instead I came away feeling like I saw a fluff piece or J Leno's man on the street skit. The title is very misleading. The few times it touched on some of the more outrageous claims made by prominent Televangelist, It seemed to just gloss over them. Why were these Televangelists not interviewed? It had several decent interviews with obscure theologians which were the highlight of the movie. However I had never heard of any of them. It did have clips of interviews with prominent, progressive religious leaders but again no in depth interviews with these leaders. The only time it seemed to get it's hands a little dirty was on the issue of Homosexuality and the church, even then though it just had a fluffy feel to it. Nothing new and insightful in this movie. Wait for the DVD or skip it all together.
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Bold effort, lighthearted delivery
kzenkilla29 December 2010
I think some of the previous reviewers totally missed the point of this film. The filmmaker expresses his own views initially and sporadically throughout the movie, not to persuade anyone that he is right about everything; rather, he wants other Christians to stop acting like they are (by judging and attacking rather than loving). He "gets it". This documentary was not meant to be a hard-hitting expose, but a lighthearted attempt to stimulate discussion about Christianity and show empathy for the anti-Christian sentiment and examine the reasons it exists. I really enjoyed it, and I don't think the title or tag line was misleading at all. It never felt preachy at any time. Great doc.
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gpswenson25 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There is nothing revelatory about this film, but the Christian sales pitch mixed in with some pretty innocuous quotes from religious zealots and activists known primarily for their extremely divisive rhetoric undermines any credibility. To spend so much time glorifying Rick Warren and stating over and over how much money he supposedly doesn't have without mentioning that he raised millions of dollars to destroy the marriages of gay people in California - dividing their homes, and shunning them as unworthy and beneath the contempt of the state - without mentioning how many of the 400 AIDS orphans in Africa also shown might have been saved by that kind of investment is to miss one of the greatest arguments against organized religion and the fundamentalist hate campaigns.

There are not-so-subtle musical interludes encouraging everyone to love "in spite of what you do" with a clear message that these pious Christians are the better-thans who are to be admired if they overcome their true inclination to spit in the face of some lowly sinner. The film-maker is shown "confessing" the sins of the church at a gay pride rally, but he is not the least bit apologetic about the legislation the fundamentalists pass to destroy the lives of those who aren't on his team. His use of that important and symbolic gathering as a recruiting ground for an admitted "love the sinner, hate the sin" brand of Christianity was disrespectful.

Non-Christians aren't trying to enforce legislation to force others to adhere to someone else's lifestyle choice. Non-Christians are minding their own business. This isn't a case of "we have both been wrong." There is nothing wrong with live and let live. I am a Christian, and I am glad for the work some Christians (and I) do to ease suffering and be inclusive and respectful. These deeds are important to show on film, but presenting them without showing the work done by charitable people who do not have a religious affiliation is suggesting you cannot be charitable unless you are a Christian.
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A must-see for viewers of all worldviews; inclusive and smart
YourFamilyExpert25 January 2017
The clever title is accompanied by a clever film. Director (and star) Dan Merchant's fair and thoughtful look at America's "culture wars" is Exhibit A for the case that documentaries can be as moving, funny, and entertaining (if not more so) than mainstream films.

Merchant, a Christian himself, sets out to examine the damage inflicted to the Savior's cause by those who profess belief, but practice hypocrisy and judgment instead of love and service. Equally important, he also investigates how belief in Christ motivates millions to do good and bring healing and hope to others.

Interviewing big names from both the right and the left, using archival footage of famous humanitarians and outspoken celebrities, conducting man-on-the-street interviews organizing a good-natured Family Feud- type contest between believers and secular humanists, and using humorous animation, Lord Save Us From Your Followers invites the viewer to look for the good in those who do not share their beliefs or values.

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is an excellent film to watch with teens and up. Rated PG-13 for mild language and mature themes.
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Bogus...don't accept this.....
jrs9925 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The Easter bunny ...is a co-opted PAGAN symbol the Christmas tree is another Pagan Symbol...If the Director/narrator was the least bit sincere about presenting a balanced view he would be as honest as possible.The Founders of our country were Deist(Thomas Jefferson) not Christian.The film is nothing but sophistry.....And any intelligent person that falls for any of this should be ashamed of them self.IMHO......people have religion because they fear death... get over it ..let people enjoy their life.....We don't live in Iran....The U.S.A IS NOT A THEOCRACY...PEOPLE YOU ARE FREE TO BELIEVE WHAT THEY WANT.THINK FOR YOUR SELF AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION YOU CAN DO IT YOU KNOW WHATS RIGHT....THINK FREE....
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